Amazon Echo Buds 3rd gen vs 2nd gen – Should be Upgrade?

Presenting the latest development in audio generation, The Amazon True Wireless Earbuds which provides the best comfort and audio as per the need and you can use them for multiple purpose, providing good audo and connectivity. Crafted to blend into our present day manner of living results, these contemporary earbuds provide a cord-unfastened and fascinating auditory stumble upon, granting people the potential to savour of their favored melodies, podcasts, and conversations with unrivaled liberation and precision. Setting a new benchmark for comfort, consolation, and audio excellence in wireless earbud generation, the Amazon True Wireless Earbuds prioritize current capabilities like noise cancellation, personalised fits, and intelligent voice integration.

For most functions, the Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2021 (2nd Generation) outperforms the Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2023 (third Generation). The buds of 2021 offer enhanced noise cancellation capabilities and improved microphone capability. The stability of their health stage is quite incredible, making it ideal for exercise periods. If you are not keen on a snug in shape to your ears or preference earbuds that allow ambient sounds, 2023 can be greater on your liking. In addition to supporting multi-tool pairing, the 2023 edition affords seamless connectivity with iOS and Android devices, ensuring minimum audio postpone at some stage in video playback.

In this post, we have descibe various factors that will assist you in choosing the earphones according to your need. Which option is superior: Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 3rd Generation or Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2nd Generation?

Amazon Echo Buds 3rd Gen

The 2023 Amazon Echo Buds offer a high-quality experience with their balanced sound first-class. Due to the underemphasis of their bass response, your mixes want extra deep thump and rumble of low-bass frequencies. Nevertheless, a moderate exaggeration inside the higher bass frequencies adds a hint of impact to the audio, ensuing in clean and wonderful voices and devices. Regardless, the absence of articulation and intricate nuances in those additives consequences in a lackluster fine of sibilants. One gain is that their soundstage seems to be more expansive in comparison to severa closed-lower back earbuds, and the accompanying software capabilities a visible equalizer that permits for sound customization.

The workplace-pleasant capability of the Amazon Echo Buds 2023 is totally pleasant. It’s convenient to have multi-tool pairing guide, specially when you have to wait cellphone calls and be part of video meetings all through the day. The microphone complements the readability and naturalness of your voice. Although their battery life is limited, their case can offer 3 extra fees for handy recharging. Nevertheless, they excel in tranquil work environments as they scarcely impede noise. The microphone additionally faces difficulty distinguishing your voice from the surrounding noise, causing capacity challenges in hearing your phone communique whilst others nearby engage in verbal exchange.

Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The sound neutrality of the Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 is satisfactory. Their mid and treble response is adequately balanced, resulting in a clear and present representation of instruments and vocals, albeit with a slight veil. Nonetheless, their pre-set audio configuration is deficient in the bass, resulting in mixes that lack deep resonance, impact, and coziness. Delivering sound consistently, they possess a subpar passive soundstage, a common characteristic among closed-back, in-ear headphones. Fortunately, you can use graphical equalization in the included application to customize your audio experience.

The office-friendly performance of the Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 is satisfactory. These headphones provide a snug healthy and efficaciously block out ambient workplace sounds, such as background conversations. The battery life of approximately five hours is insufficient to endure a standard 9-5 workday, but they are accompanied by a case capable of providing two additional charges. While one earbud is charging, you can utilize the other one. Regrettably, they do not support multi-device pairing, making them less than ideal for individuals who frequently alternate between their phone and computer while at work.

Echo Buds 3rd GenEcho Buds 2nd Gen
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Alexa integration.

Customizable touch controls.

Voice passthrough.
Active Noise Reduction.

Good sound quality.

Sweat-resistant design.

Customizable touch controls.
Sound leakage at higher volumes.

Relatively expensive.
Relatively short battery life.

Fit issues for some ear shapes.

Design and Comfort

Echo Buds 3rd Gen

The 2023 edition of the Amazon Echo Buds functions a sleek, curved design with a prolonged stem. The method of those Echo Buds is incredibly one-of-a-kind from preceding versions, including the 2021 model. Unlike their stem-much less counterparts, those buds feature smaller recommendations that protrude from the principle body and securely healthy into your ear canal. Similar to the preceding iteration, they’re available in two coloration options: ‘Black’ or ‘Glacier White.’

The majority of people find them to be pretty snug. These earbuds are fantastically lightweight and do no longer go inside your ear canal, not like previous generations that have been in-ear fashion and had a extra snug match. In maximum instances, the stems do not commonly result in any soreness. However, they will exert pressure to your ears whilst you are reclining with the earbuds on or intervene with greater outsized rings. However, in evaluation to the Gen 2 buds, which feature smaller silicone hints that in shape snugly into your ear canal, these buds have a normally more rounded form. The consolation of the earbuds is determined with the aid of how nicely they agree to the form of your ears, much like the Apple AirPods (second Generation) Truly Wireless or the Nothing Ear (stick) Truly Wireless. Nevertheless, much like numerous in-ear headphones are observed with the aid of an collection of ear recommendations in diverse dimensions, they’re additionally equipped with a handful of silicone covers designed to be located over the earbuds, helping in customizing the suit. Consequently, they can simplest be taken into consideration universally fitting for a few customers.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The 2nd Generation of Amazon Echo Buds is characterized by way of their compact, round design and the inclusion of small silicone ear tips. The appearance of these earpieces is as an alternative unremarkable, and that they do no longer make bigger quite out of your ears. The layout of the present day Generation functions a swish, all-black, and matte finish, with out any smooth accents visible inside the previous generation. Each earbud is embellished with a subtle Amazon smile brand, while the headphones are available in either the sleek ‘Black’ or the pristine ‘Glacier White’ shade options.

The 2nd Generation of Amazon Echo Buds affords a snug listening revel in. These are light in weight and are ready with hints and stability fins available in numerous sizes. The grades are color-coded for each length, making them easy to distinguish. The earbuds cross pretty deep into your ear canal, which can be uncomfortable for particular individuals. Still, they do not penetrate as extensively into your ear as the sooner iteration of Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2019 (1st Generation).


Echo Buds 3rd Gen

By default, their controls are limited. Their control scheme does no longer consist of extent or microphone control, that’s quite unconventional. You can replace any command with a desire: increase quantity, decrease volume, mute/unmute microphone, or trigger a voice assistant aside from Alexa. Nevertheless, in case you continue with that movement, the modern-day capability can be forfeited. Accidentally registering a tap command can also arise while readjusting the earbuds or putting off them out of your ears. Luckily, you will get hold of auditory affirmation for every recorded faucet, making it easy to decide whether or not you have successfully finished a double or triple tap. If you decide on totally utilising your tool or voice-activated Alexa, you furthermore may have the choice to deactivate the contact controls.

On either earbud:

Single tap: Plays and pauses audio.
Double tap: Skips to the next track.
Triple tap: Skips to the previous track.
Long hold: Activates Alexa.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The controls of the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Buds are common. The prone surfaces on every earbud are pretty responsive, bearing in mind effortless registration of commands. On the alternative hand, it could once in a while be bothersome as there may be a possibility of inadvertently triggering an order. Nevertheless, if desired, you can flip off the contact controls in the utility.

To play and pause tune, tap one earbud; for skipping forward a song, tap twice; and for reducing backward, faucet 3 instances. By default, a two-2d press and keep on either earbud will alternate between the ANC and ‘Pass-thru’ modes. Nevertheless, in case you choice to disable ANC and ‘Pass-via,’ you need to accomplish this venture inside the software. By default, there are no integrated extent controls on board. However, you could customize the clicking-and-preserve feature to modify the volume, set off the voice assistant, or manipulate Spotify. Distinct beeping sounds are applied to indicate diverse instructions without verbal audio cues.

Bass Accuracy

Echo Buds 3rd Gen

The sound profile of the Amazon Echo Buds 2023 is fairly heat. Their capacity to reproduce low-bass frequencies is restricted, and although devices and voices are discernible, they own a slightly obscured and lackluster exceptional.

Their bass accuracy is respectable. Their low-bass reaction is quite understated, meaning you may not revel in the typical deep thump and rumble frequently located in genres including EDM and hip-hop. Additionally, there’s a slight deficiency in mid-bass frequencies, ensuing in a less mentioned fullness in mixes. Nevertheless, incorporating a moderate growth inside the decrease frequencies infuses your audio with added impact and resonance.

Their mid-accuracy is super. The comments stays constant during the spectrum, resulting in distinct and transparent vocals and instrumentals. The drivers on our unit aren’t aligned well, inflicting a discrepancy between the left and proper channels. As a result, positive factors, along with voices, are barely pushed toward the rear inside the proper earbud as compared to the left. Nevertheless, this unique issue would possibly simplest effect some of the devices.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The default sound profile of the 2d Generation Amazon Echo Buds is quite balanced, however it would not have the deep bass and impactful punch that might make it ideal for genres like EDM and hip-hop. The vocals and lead contraptions also are audible and awesome, although they possess a slightly obscured excellent. You can customize it the usage of a photograph equalizer inside the accompanying software. The bass accuracy of the second one-generation Amazon Echo Buds is pleasant. The complete spectrum needs to accept more importance, ensuing in mixes that lack effect, power, and coziness.

The mid-accuracy of the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Buds is quite awesome. There needs to be more emphasis on the low-mid variety, decreasing the essential elements of vocals and lead instruments. Nonetheless, the mid-range and higher mid-variety frequencies showcase a remarkably independent and harmonious nature, resulting in vocals and prominent instruments preserving their awesome presence and clarity.

Specs ComparisonEcho Buds 3rd GenEcho Buds 2nd Gen
Noise Cancelling (Active)YesYes
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
True WirelessYesYes
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseYesYes
Headphone FitIn-EarIn-Ear
Sound IsolatingYesNo
Environmental Noise ControlYesYes
Bluetooth Version5.25.0
In The BoxEcho Buds 3rd Gen.

Charging case.

2 pairs of silicone earbud covers.

USB-C cable

Quick Start Guide.
Echo Buds 2nd Gen.

Charging case.

4 pairs of ear tips.

2 pairs of wing tips.

USB-C cable.

Quick Start Guide.
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Noise Isolation

Echo Buds 3rd Gen

Their noise isolation is not sound. ANC isn’t always available on those, and that they do no longer provide widespread passive noise isolation due to the absence of a steady in-ear seal. They do not do away with low-frequency noise, which includes engine rumbling, or middle-frequency noise, which include background conversations. They carry out greater efficiently with high-pitched sounds like buzzing air con units. Still, in-ear headphones like the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Truly Wireless provide superior passive noise cancellation. Nevertheless, you could pick these to allow you to perceive a more extent of your environment.

The leakage performance of the Amazon Echo Buds 2023 is high-quality. Although there is a moderate audio leakage that may be heard by individuals within the region, particularly in moderately noisy environments along with an workplace, the bulk of the sound is frequently centered on the higher frequency variety, resulting in a thin and steel tone.

The overall performance of the microphone’s noise coping with is underneath average. While it may lessen slight background noise, it struggles to efficiently differentiate between your voice and the encircling noise, ensuing in the tough project of distinguishing among the 2. The sound of a train zooming past or a truck rumbling by means of can without difficulty overpower and silence your voice.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The noise isolation overall performance of the 2d Generation Amazon Echo Buds is high-quality. In contrast to the initial release of Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2019 (1st Generation), the state-of-the-art version incorporates Amazon’s proprietary active noise canceling (ANC) era rather than Boses’ energetic noise discount (ANR) system. Regrettably, their ability to reduce noise is considerably decrease than that of the preceding new release.

Although the ANC does provide a better opportunity to passive noise isolation in terms of reducing bass-variety sounds, along with the noise from buses and airplanes, it still falls short in efficiently blocking out these forms of noises. Nevertheless, no matter whether ANC is activated, these headphones are fairly green in attenuating noises which include ambient discussions.Additionally, they lessen louder sounds with higher frequencies, together with the humming of an aircon tool.

The leakage performance of the second Generation Amazon Echo Buds is incredible. The sound that escapes is thin and tinny, however it leaks substantially more sound than its predecessors. If you play your music at loud volumes inside the place of business, it is probably viable for those near to hear it.

The noise dealing with performance of the 2d Generation Amazon Echo Buds’ microphone is average. Due to the task of distinguishing your voice amidst loud history noise, those headphones won’t be the maximum suitable desire for carrying out cellphone calls in noisy settings consisting of bustling streets or crowded subway stations.


Echo Buds 3rd Gen

The battery overall performance of the Amazon Echo Buds 2023 is nice. The maker promotes a battery life of five hours without interruption, and our evaluation yielded a similar length of four.5 hours, which is short. Nevertheless, their scenario encompasses about 3 supplementary prices, allowing you to insert both one or both earbuds into the case for a recharge. The manufacturer moreover promotes them by using supplying hours for playback after a brief 15-minute charge, and the earbuds completely charge within a single hour. Please take into account that real battery performance may also differ primarily based on actual-global utilization.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The battery overall performance of the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Buds is respectable. Similar to the Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 2019 (1st Generation), they are marketed as having a battery existence of five hours for uninterrupted playback. Our trying out yielded a similar outcome. The manufacturer has decreased the number of extra costs inside the case, going from 5 to 2. One advantage is they absolutely recharge in beneath an hour, and Amazon claims that simply 5 minutes of charging can offer two hours of uninterrupted playback. However, we have now not personally proven this claim. Additionally, the battery’s performance is contingent upon how it’s far utilized in everyday conditions, and your private stumble upon with it could range.

The headphones additionally come with a standby characteristic that automatically pauses your audio while you remove the earbuds out of your ears. However, it is able to be slightly bothersome as there is no preference however to show it off.


Echo Buds 3rd Gen

While undertaking checks, we encountered severa demanding situations beginning the Bluetooth pairing mode for the earbuds. Occasionally, they set up a connection again after being inserted and brought out of the case a couple of times. During a particular incidence, we have been unable to clear up the hassle even after waiting, placing the earbuds within the case, turning them on and rancid, and performing a manufacturing unit reset. After being inserted into the matter and taken out separately more than one times, the earbuds sooner or later activated the pairing mode. The reason of the difficulty and the particular steps to clear up it want to be certainly described. Regrettably, numerous people have shared their stories of encountering a similar issue with the 2019 or 2021 Echo Buds. Consequently, this chronic trouble stays unresolved by way of the producer of their maximum latest version. If you encounter a comparable trouble together with your earbuds, please tell us through the forums.

Setting that depend aside, they offer the benefit of multi-device pairing, which turned into unavailable within the previous iteration. This allows you to keep connectivity with both your telephone and laptop simultaneously. Although PCs might also exhibit high latency, Android and iOS devices, along with Bluetooth earbuds, provide low latency. This enables seamless video watching for your phone without any audio lag. Specific programs account for latency, however. The 2023 edition of Amazon Echo Buds is a couple of wireless earbuds that solely operate through Bluetooth and do no longer aid wired connections. In assessment to most surely wireless earbuds, these do not include the important USB-C cable for charging the case.

Echo Buds 2nd Gen

The headphones were upgraded to Test Bench 1.Five, resulting in altered latency values. In our previous analysis of Test Bench 1.Four, we recorded a ‘PC Latency’ of 345 ms, ‘iOS Latency’ of 118 ms, and ‘Android Latency’ of 156 ms. However, with our updated test bench, we now take an average of 3 measurements in place of just one. As a result, we found a latency of 348 ms on PC, one hundred fifty five ms on iOS, and 213 ms on Android. In mild of this, we’ve revised our text to extra accurately constitute the measurements of test bench 1.5.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Generation is adequate. They do not permit NFC pairing and can not be connected to many devices concurrently. Their PCs’ latency may be milder for top-rated video streaming for your laptop. Because the latency on iOS and Android devices is quite large, mild delays among audio and images might also arise. Please keep in mind that one of a kind devices and programs may additionally have extra latency compensation, resulting in one-of-a-kind user studies. The Amazon Echo Buds 2d Generation are Bluetooth-handiest and do not assist stressed connections. They encompass a charging connection that connects USB-C to USB-A in their case.


The assessment between the Amazon Echo Buds True Wireless 3rd Generation and the second Generation unveils an intriguing progression in wireless audio era. The Echo Buds of the 3rd Generation introduce super improvements in audio overall performance, comfort, and wise functionalities, setting up a fresh benchmark for wi-fi earbuds. The third Generation Echo Buds offers an more suitable audio revel in with upgraded drivers, supplying a charming and dynamic listening adventure that appeals to people obsessed on super sound and song. The progressed healthy and personalised alternatives assure a snug and fine experience, perfect for prolonged use at some point of distinctive tasks. Additionally, the built-in modern intelligent functionality provides convenience, connectivity and enables easy communication with various devices with voice assistants This edition demonstrates Amazon’s dedication to enhance the earbud era and uplift personal stories.

However, the Amazon Echo Buds of the 2nd Generation stay a dependable desire for people trying to find constant wireless audio without the maximum recent additional functions.These earphones provide extremely good sound and first rate noise canceling abilities, making them best for everyday use. Although they may not offer the equal degree of advancements because the 3rd Generation, these alternatives provide a value-powerful option that also gives you a first-rate audio experience. The comparison between those two generations emphasizes the evolution of wireless audio innovation as the third Generation demonstrates the today’s improvements. In evaluation, the 2nd Generation remains a dependable option for ordinary audio necessities.

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