Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense

It might be easy to point the Samsung, Apple, Noise, and Garmin models if it comes to getting a new smartwatch. However, Fitbit models have been in contention, too, and you can find some exceptional devices from them.

Fitbit has been in the market for quite some time and knows what they are doing. It is safe to say they produce opulent models. However, the manufacturer has been acquired by Google now.

We can only hope that we get to see some powerful smartwatches from them. We know that they can do so. With the powerful Google OS present on Fitbit models, they can be a force to reckon with.

Today, we will be reviewing the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch vs Fitbit Sense smartwatch. They are fantastic models that come with their features and capabilities. However, we will analyze both units in-depth to learn more about them.

The Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch is a popular model from the Cupertino-based manufacturer. It comes with a wide range of features infused in it. We are not at all surprised to note that.

The primary benefit of owning the Apple smartwatches is that they are very accurate in producing data. You may have read about the earlier models coming with superb capabilities. They can help monitor your health carefully with the help of the correct data.

It can even provide emergency calls to the first responders when you have had a fall or accident. You will be delighted to use the smartwatch because of the Always-On Retina display with a 2.5x brighter outdoors if your wrist is down.

You would also be glad to use the S6 SiP, which is up to 20% quicker than what is on the Series 5. The 5GHz Wi-Fi and U1 ultra-wideband chip can benefit you too with its magnificent performance.

The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is an exceptional device to own. The wearable technology provided in the model is second to none. It is safe to say that it is a worthy contender to the Series 6 model.

Its features are almost on par and offer you a good battery working life. Though the Apple unit comes with more features and accurate data, they are the expensive model here. You may want to read our comprehensive post to decide on the model that can help you.

Let us delve into the post and learn more about these two amazing smartwatches. We have given the winner at the end of the review.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense: Design & Features

The design and features of a smartwatch are crucial because it is the calling sign for consumers. The Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch comes with a good design on it. The model comes with a square design that is mainly found on smartwatches.

It is nothing unique or special. But the unit conforms to the regular smartwatch design. The model comes wrapped in a metal case. Moreover, you can find that it comes with a sporty rubber strap.

The Apple watch is slightly larger than the Fitbit Sense model. That is a good thing because you can now easily see the readings even outdoors effortlessly. There is no need for you to strain your eyes to view the data shown on the devices.

This aspect is something that most other brands will have to work on quickly. Coming to the model’s strap, you can use several of them to your convenience. You can find a comprehensive collection from the maker itself.

Some of the fantastic features of the model include letting you measure the blood oxygen level. You can measure the oxygen levels using a new sensor and app. This is useful for those of you having breathing problems.

You can take your reading and call medical assistance if you need some help. A revolutionary feature in this Series model would be taking the ECG. That is right. You can take an ECG from the comfort of your home, car, or office.

When you feel some discomfort or are not sure about your heart condition, the ECG reading shown on the Apple model is remarkably accurate to that of medical equipment. However, we do not recommend that you trust this model alone.

If you have a heart condition, please visit your doctor and get treated regularly. You can also use the device to measure your metrics on it. This feature is the Always-On Retina display that shines even under the sunlight.

Using the cellular service, you can even move outside without your smartphone because you can now attend calls and receive messages through your smartwatch itself. How thoughtful of Apple to come up with such immensely needed features.

It also comes with a storage space of 32GB, which is sufficient for storing several files on it. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch comes with an opulent design and intense features. You can note that the model is smaller than the Apple watch.

But it comes with a sturdy build quality that ensures it does not break if it falls down a few times. It is possible due to the stainless-steel case that comes with it. The model is available in two color options.

One is a carbon strap that has a graphite case. The other unit comes having a white-colored strap and a gold case. The unit has a standard diameter of 40.5mm that should easily fit on any wrist.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, it should not be a problem. Having said that, when you have a large wrist, you can opt for the Apple model as it comes with a 44mm diameter. But the Fitbit model with several features like the EDA scans and ECG monitoring.

They can aid you in monitoring your health. They are almost on par with the accuracy of Apple models. Besides, when you want to use advanced navigation, this model makes perfect sense. We are delighted to note that it happens to be the best model released from Fitbit.

It comes with the most advanced sensors. Of course, the navigation system may not be as good as the Series 6 model, but you can find the built-in GPS. It helps you keep track of your running tracks.

Moreover, you can also use the active zone minutes that buzz when your heart rate zones are achieved. Besides, you can also note how your heart rate changes. There is also the daily readiness score based on your regular activities.

The number of hours you sleep, work out, and data on your heart rate. It is pretty decent. We do not have to remind you that the Apple device is priced way higher than the Fitbit Sense. So, keeping this in mind, the Fitbit model is a stunning device.

Those who like music would like the play and store music feature. You can make use of Pandora and control Spotify as well. But there is a storage space of 4GB on the model. Overall, they both are evenly matched to say.

Our tester felt that the Apple Watch was slightly better in design and visibility. That is what matters at the end of the day. You want to be wearing a large smartwatch that offers you visible data when you are outside.

Besides, the Apple model comes with tremendous potential for outdoor activities. You do not have to be a fitness enthusiast to decide on the activities you want to keep track of. But the Fitbit model is elegantly designed and comes with breathtaking features.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense: Setup & Performance

The Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch has a simple setup and excellent performance. The model features watch faces, apps, and interchangeable bands that can be customized. However, you can find more options in the Series 6 model.

If you are particular about the material and color of the strap and case, then you can find the Series 6 unit an attractive option. It offers you a battery life of 18 hours. The battery usage depends on the kind of activities you use the watch for.

If you use it to listen to music and perform workouts, battery life will last less. We recommend that you do a recharge every 24 hours. The model provides you with an advanced navigation system.

It comes embedded with the Glonass, A-GPS, QZSS, and Galileo. Using them, you can be able to pinpoint any location globally. You will be delighted to know that the Maps app is already downloaded on the model, and you can use it.

When trekking or hiking, you can follow the directions shown on your smartwatch. The Series 6 unit comes with a safety tracking. When you have fallen or met with an accident, the watch connects emergency services by itself.

The Fitbit Sense comes with a phenomenal setup and offers you a terrific performance. The Sense comes with a limited number of casing and band choices. It has only 3, to be precise, which is less compared to the Apple model.

We want to bring the battery life here into consideration. As we saw, the Apple Series 6 model provides you with 18 hours; the Sense can provide you with 6 days of battery working life. You can use an always-on display; it may work for a lower period.

Additionally, Sense has quick charging. Users can use 24 hours of use in less than 15 minutes. It is extremely valuable for somebody who is constantly on the run. The Sense also comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

You can also make use of the NFC for contactless payments. We found this quite exceptional from both the makers who have provided you with this feature. However, the Fitbit Sense can work on both iPhones and Android devices.
Unfortunately, the Series 6 model can work only on iPhones. We see this as a major block for Apple models surging past many users. All in all, the setup & performance are smooth on both models.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the best unit here. The performance of the Sense is perfect and ideal for a regular user who wants to keep track of their health. But the Apple Series unit goes a notch higher with the performance.

The data offered to you is accurate. It is instrumental outdoors because you don’t have to be having your iPhone with you if you are wearing the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense: Price

The Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch is priced under $400. However, if you can push your wallet deeper, you can opt for the (GPS + Cellular) 44mm Gold Stainless Steel Case with Gold Milanese Loop – Gold (Verizon) that will set you back by $800.

The model comes with a wide range of features that can be found. It allows you to make payments instantly and securely through Apple Pay. With the aid of the family set up, you can now set the smartwatch for family members who do not own an iPhone.

You can find high and low heart rate notifications. It also comes with the irregular heart rhythm notification, built-in compass, and real-time elevation readings. You can detect if you have had a fall and automatically contact emergency services.

You can also perform international emergency calling from your watch. It is designed opulently with a new aluminum and stainless-steel case. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is priced under $300. Yes, the Apple device is expensive.

That was expected in a way. As we mentioned in the first part of the review, only Samsung devices are now on par with the pricing & features of Apple. But does the price of the Apple watch come justified?

So far, so good. The Sense model comes with the EDA Scan app to detect electrodermal activity. Based on your skin temperature, the watch indicates any notion of stress. Please find out if the Fitbit ECG app works in your country.

It works in America. There is also an on-wrist skin temperature sensor that can track your body temperature at night. Users can also see their blood oxygen levels. There is also a radio transceiver that operates with the help of Bluetooth 5.0.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review between the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch vs Fitbit Sense smartwatch. Both are different in their ways and come with unique features in them.

You cannot go wrong with any of the models. However, there can be only a single winner. Is it not? The Apple Watch Series 6 model is more expensive than the Fitbit model. However, you can find a barrage of fitness monitoring features.

The model includes preloaded maps, advanced navigation, an optional built-in cellular system, and safety tracking. You would be delighted to know that it offers you close to 18 hours of battery working life on a full charge.

It is a second to none product from the manufacturer. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch comes with smashing features that are infused into it. Some of the most advanced health features are present.

You can use the health metrics to manage stress, sleep, and activity features. The battery life is much better than the Apple 6 Series; moreover, it comes with quick charging abilities. The Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch could be the better model as it comes with powerful battery power, a higher resolution, and a compass.

Additionally, the unit comes with a bigger screen; it is slimmer and infused with wireless charging. It has a higher pixel density and a cellular module. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is the ideal model because it has a branded damage-resistant glass, a longer battery life, and a temperature sensor.

You can use it on most Android devices; it comes with a smart alarm and weight tracking. There is a lengthier battery working life and lower time to charge the model. Our winner in the comparison review between the Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit Sense models is the Series 6.

It was a close fight, and the winner was solely chosen because of the intense features and internal storage space. Otherwise, the Sense model makes plenty of Sense to get it. You see, it is much cheaper, comes with several features, and has phenomenal battery life.

You may want to choose the model that fits your compatibility, budget, and preferences. Consumers who love to work on Android devices can use advanced navigation and safety tracking in the Fitbit Sense model.

If you are somebody who travels often, is a fitness enthusiast, or perhaps wants to keep track of your health, it is the Series 6 model. The features of safety tracking and built-in cellular help you stay connected with loved ones, and it is an exceptional smartwatch for monitoring health.

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