ASUS AX6000 vs AX3000 Router – Full Comparison Review

Are you in search of dual-band gigabit wireless internet routers? You are reading the right post because today, we will review two awesome models. They are the ASUS AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router (RT-AX88U) vs the ASUS Wi-Fi 6 Router (RT-AX3000).

ASUS has been on a roll for the last 5 years or so. The Taiwanese manufacturers seem to have got everything right about their products. Their keyboards, mice, and even wireless routers are not in great demand.

You can be assured about the quality of their products. They are top-notch and come with remarkable features. A distinct feature of most of the Asus models is the design and build quality.

They are luxuriously done and have an amazing appearance that is also attractive. The ASUS AX6000 wireless router was released in the market in 2019 itself. It was one of the first models that were based on the Wi-Fi 6 technology.

It comes embedded with the 802.11ax technology that enables you to eloquent data transfer. Yes, it is a bit expensive, priced above $300, but if you can afford it, then you will want to know that it is a second to none model in the market even today.

Though it supports the 802.11ax technology, it works just fine with other technologies as well. The model is an update of the ASUS RT-AC88U wireless router. It has powerful features like the 8 gigabit LAN ports, link aggregation, and a built-in game accelerator for quick connection speeds.

The ASUS AX3000 wireless router is another compatible model with the Wi-Fi 6 technology. You will be glad to know that it works sublimely for gaming, live streaming, UHD content, and general browsing as well.

It has a nice design feature, and the appearance of almost on par with a wireless router. However, you can see that it comes with 4 exterior antennae that are non-removable. Using this wireless model, you can offer outstanding connectivity to your devices at home.

The unit is ideal for business establishments, homes, and other small areas. Unfortunately, you cannot expect it to work like a top-end model, ASUS ZenWifi AX mesh unit that would be a sure care overkill.

The best part about using this router is that even older devices can work on it seamlessly. It can work with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The model comes at a cheap price of under $200 that can be affordable for a wide range of users.

The businesses and homes connected with Wi-Fi stand to benefit from this device. Let us read and find out more about wireless routers. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

The wireless router is quite fast.
The unit is easy to install and has 8 LAN ports.
It comes with a decent 802.11ac performance.
It uses the latest 802.11ax technology.
The product comes with remarkable QoS settings.
The model has an easy setup and installation process.
The unit comes with a complete web interface and a well-designed mobile app.
It provides you with exceptional Wi-Fi 6 performance.
It comes with sturdy Wi-Fi coverage even in areas with weak signals.
The wireless router is available at an affordable price.
The wireless router comes with only the dual-band.The wireless router comes with only 1 USB port.

ASUS AX6000 vs AX3000: Design and Features

The design and features of a wireless router are its most essential aspect. The ASUS AX6000 wireless router is an update to the previous RT-AC88U model. You can easily see that its design is more or less the same.

It has an angular and flat body shape with a row of indicator LEDs across the front. You can also find that it has a large grill engraved with the ASUS logo on it at the top. There is another grill present on the front to enable heat dissipation.

You can also find two large buttons on the wireless router. The first button is used to switch the LED lights on and off. The second button enables you to manually turn on or off the Wi-Fi network.

You can also find a flip-down cover having a USB 3.1 port. A small but nifty little feature provided to you by the maker. At the back, you can find the rest of the ports. Some of them include a port to connect to the modem, 8 LAN ports, a USB 3.1 port to connect to the devices.

The model is a 4-antenna router that comes with 2 antennas present on the back, and then there are 2 antennas at the sides. You can use them to connect the device along with the screw-on connectors.

Otherwise, the design is almost the same as you can find on the previous model of the ASUS RT-AC88U. But you can notice that the model comes with gold highlights and not the red color. The unit has a beveled top, matte black finish, and angular front and sides.

The router is small and compact in design, measuring 2.4 x 11.8 x 7.4 inches (HWD). You can make use of the 4 removable antennas that are present on the back and sides as well. You can find some buttons on the rear panel, including 8 gigabit LAN ports, a secondary USB 3.1 port, a WAN port, and a power jack.

It comes powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processer. Additionally, there is 1GB of RAM and 256MB of flash memory for use. The model offers you with data-transfer rates of 1,148Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 4,804Mbps on the 5GHz band.

This speed was for the Wi-Fi 6 technology. The router supports the Wi-Fi 6 technology and supports 160MHz channel bandwidth and MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming. You can find the Smart Connect feature that allows it to select the best radio band for splendid throughput automatically.

With the Asus AiMesh technology, you can connect to several models for usage in a large home effortlessly using one network ID. Similarly, the ASUS AX3000 wireless router comes with an amazing design.

Like most routers, it is compact and quite sleek. It can be placed anywhere you want to on the desk without much hassle. That is a good feature of a model. You can notice that close to 4 black antennae are present on the back of the router.

Besides, the angles of the antenna can be set depending on the coverage and the signal present in your area. Different areas and locations require a different setup. This aspect of it ensures that your home or business gets the right Wi-Fi signal.

The model measures only 224mm in width and is quite low-profile. Please do note that the router does not come with a modem. You have to connect it using your current modem for connecting to the internet.

You can also find a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port. It can be used for the internet connection. There are also 4 additional Ethernet ports suitable to connect to devices requiring a wired connection.

Users can have the USB 3.1 port for sharing USB storage devices. The design of the router is quite straightforward. You can notice that the model has a golden color ASUS logo and that perhaps is a distinct feature of it.

It supports the Wireless AX or Wi-Fi 6 technology, ensuring you the best connectivity. Users will be glad to know that using this kind of technology, the speeds of the internet are massively increased.

When you find yourself in a situation where there are more than 20 users who require to use the internet at the same time, then this kind of router is helpful. We may recommend that you use compactible devices with the Wi-Fi 6 technology.

It helps you to experience better connection options. Not to mention, it helps the earlier Wireless AC devices with better speed and coverage. This feature comes in handy when you are upgrading from an older router to the new model.

It is safe to say that the design and features present on both these ASUS models are fantastic. When you are using the ASUS model, you know that it is well-designed, and there are going to be amazing features infused in it, which is apparent from the above.

ASUS AX6000 vs AX3000: Setup and Performance

The ASUS AX6000 wireless router has a fantastic setup and performance. You would be delighted to know that controlling the router using your smartphone app or web console is the easiest thing to do.

The main screen on the web console comes with the network map. You can find anything you want using the network map. There are also the general and advanced settings that are found on the screen.

Additionally, you can also find a guest networking feature, USB storage settings, and a traffic analyzer. It also has the Adaptive QoS and AiCloud settings. Using the Adaptive QoS settings, users can use both the automatic and manual bandwidth thresholds.

With the help of the advanced wireless settings, you can now seamlessly edit the wireless security, change the channels’ width, and rename the SSIDs. You can use the professional settings, including Airtime Fairness, Beacon Intervals, and RADIUS settings.

It also comes with the Tx power adjustments. You can enable or disable MU-MIMO and beamforming. Some of the other advanced features would include Firewall controls, LAN, and WAN.

Using the VPN Server and the VPN Client settings, you can enable guest networking. Using the voice commands, you can now pause them if you want. You can easily update the firmware and configure the router as a media bridge or a repeater with the administration menu.

It gives you exceptional software. We are not sure why some users are complaining about the software. It is simple to use. You can now control the wireless router through a web-based interface or a smartphone app.

The software is quite modern and easy to work with, which is what our tester preferred. The best way to find the advanced controls would be to research on the web interface. It is quite the same as the one that ASUS has been using for many years now.

Those of you who have previously owned the ASUS model will find your way. However, the problem is that the web interface comes with nested menus and is complicated when you want to navigate your way around.

Likewise, the ASUS AX3000 wireless router has a simple setup and installation process that you can get through within 10 minutes. The installation process is quite simple, and the maker has ensured that you can get it done shortly, whether you are a beginner or advanced user.

It has a manual that offers you how to set it up. Besides, you can make use of the options that are provided in there. When you know the networking technology, you can utilize the Ethernet cable for connecting the router to a laptop or PC to configure the network settings.

Many of you might want to use the Asus Router app on Android and iOS devices. You will want to know that you can create a single network that is able to combine 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. Additionally, you can also set two separate networks with different passwords.

ASUS AX6000 vs AX3000: Price

The ASUS AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router (RT-AX88U) is priced under $340. We agree it is quite expensive for a wireless router. But that is the way things stand for now. Perhaps, you can watch out for the discounts provided during the sales period.

You have to pay for using the Wi-Fi 6 technology that has been around for a few years now. When you own a small business or firm, then it is a must to have these kinds of routers in your establishment.

Though you may be using devices compatible with Wi-Fi 6 technology, it is wise to invest in a router that can provide you with it. The model comes with a wide range of features like wider usage and 4 antennas with 8 LAN ports.

They can support more clients at the same time. It provides you with the commercial-grade security feature of AiProtection that Trend Micro powers. It blocks the viruses and malware that can affect your devices.

It works exceptionally with the mesh system and is compatible with the AiMesh Wi-Fi system. This means that it can provide coverage for your entire independent home or several users without any hassle.

Besides, it works flawlessly on both Windows and macOS devices. Now, you can work with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC without disturbance. The ASUS Wi-Fi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) is priced under $180.

There is a price difference of almost $160. That is a lot of money, and you can, in fact, purchase a new wireless router. But you may not be getting these features on your model. However, that depends on the budget and your preference. Sometimes router under $100 can provide you the feature which you required.

It comes infused with Next-Gen Wi-Fi standards. You would be delighted to know that it comes with more than 2. 7x faster speed than most Wi-Fi wireless routers. It also comes with the OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology.

The model also supports 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM, coming with a total network speed of 3000 Mbps – 575Mbps on the 2. 4GHz band. It is considered the most powerful mesh system with the AiMesh technology for having a sturdy mesh Wi-Fi system.

Now you can connect with other ASUS AiMesh compatible routers. Using this model, users can connect to having stable coverage in the entire home. Additionally, they can also benefit because of the fact that it works with several devices.

ASUS AX6000 vs AX3000: Verdict

We have concluded our comparison review between the ASUS AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router (RT-AX88U) vs the ASUS Wi-Fi 6 Router (RT-AX3000). The ASUS AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 gaming router is an exceptional model that can ensure your business or home network is good.

Though you have several devices that require Wi-Fi 6 technology that can work on it effortlessly, the model is a dual-band router. It offers you a higher data transfer possibility than the Wi-Fi 6 technology.

When most devices are using 802.11ax and not 802.11ac technology, it comes with astonishing features infused in it. The wireless router is capable of having several of management software.

Suppose you are using 802.11ac clients that support the 160MHz channel bandwidth. Using that, users can now enjoy an amazing 5GHz data transfer through an awesome performance. When compiled with an exemplary operating system and a sturdy software security, it is a must.

We highly recommend the unit when you can afford the wireless router. The ASUS AX3000 wireless router offers you an amazing 3000Mbps performance. It comes with phenomenal speeds and is quicker than most services.

Users can use it for streaming videos, gaming purposes, and listening to music. When you require to work on several gadgets, then the Wi-Fi 6 technology is simply awesome. You can immensely stream plenty of data on several devices together.

When you have a business establishment or a home with several devices, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, then you can trust that the model will provide for your needs. Unfortunately, it is not produced for using in big homes.

It is a fantastic piece of equipment that comes with good Wi-Fi performance. You will be delighted with the splendid Wi-Fi speed and coverage. Unlike the counterpart discussed here, it is affordable.

You can also customize the features in them. You can easily connect other ASUS AiMesh routers on the network to enhance Wi-Fi coverage in your area. It is a top-notch wireless router that will not let you down.

Our winner in the comparison review between the ASUS AX6000 wireless router vs AX3000 wireless router is the AX6000 model. It comes with a good set of features, the data transfer is excellent, the network coverage is fantastic, but it is slightly expensive.

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