Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset – Which one is Better?

If you look at the gaming headset market, it comes with an abundance of choices. Consumers can find a wide range of budget to top-end models that are priced in different categories. Depending on your taste and requirements, you can choose them.

Only a handful provide you with opulent features and a reasonable quote. Today, we will be reading about them in our comparison review. Today, we have lined up for you the Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S gaming headsets.

The Asus Rog Delta is an exceptional model coming infused with stunning features like solid build, comfortable design, and Quad-DAC enhancing audio performance. Besides, it also comes with RGB light.

The Rog Delta is a sublime option for those of you looking for an immersive gaming experience, users who require outstanding sound quality, those who need a robust designed device, and fans of the Rog community.

Asus has managed to seal its place in the gaming headset segment thanks due to models like these. They come with Quad-DAC, significantly build and comfortable, have a USB Type-C port, along with USB Type-A, and compatible with PC, smartphone, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

On the other hand, we have the Asus Rog Delta S model. This is another exciting headset from Asus. It won’t be fair to say that this model is just an extension of the Delta headset. It looks and feels like the Delta model but comes with superior features than it.

You can call it the whole package, right from the sound quality to the comfort of wearing it for long hours and the RGB lighting. It was able to attract us with those specifications infused in it. The sound is crisp.

The earcups come with eloquent RGB lighting that gives them a stunning appearance. We found that the headset is easy and straightforward to wear. You feel that you are handling a premium model when you are wearing it.

Besides, it comes with additional features like rendering support and sublime design. Why don’t you read the complete review to find out more about these top-notch models? We have also mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Asus Rog DeltaAsus Rog Delta S
The design is quite sleek and elegant to look at.

The earcups are very comfortable to wear for prolonged usage.

It has a hi-res ESS quad-DAC for opulent audio performance.

It comes with RGB lighting lets you play your games in style.

The ergonomically shaped earcups enable you to use them.
The unit has a comfortable design and fit.

The model has a solid build feature.

It comes with a stunning audio performance.

It has eloquent RGB lights that appear friendly.

The product comes with premium features infused in it for the price.
The recordings sound very bugged.The model has a very short cable.
NameROG Delta RGB Wired Stereo Gaming HeadsetASUS ROG Delta S Gaming Headset
Connection TypeWiredWired
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Microphone FeaturesDetachable, Retractable
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Compatible Platform(s)Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, WindowsMac / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Windows / Xbox One
Warranty1 Year1 Year


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

The design & comfort of the Asus Rog Delta gaming headset is genuinely magnificent. When you take a look at the packaging, it comes carefully sealed in a box. Our product was the black model that was opulent to look at.

You will be delighted to know that it received the IF Design Award in 2019. That was not surprising because this is an Asus model. At the back, you can find the instructions about the model.

The large D shape earcups come with RGB lighting that gets switched on when using the headset. They look quite captivating with the lighting on them. If you look closely, they come with few rainbow effects.

It is due to the LED strip, which is the first in the world of models from Asus. The earcups are magnificent in terms of comfort. Our tester had a sublime experience with the circular earcups. These come big enough to cover your ears to prevent too much clamping force on them.

The gaming headset is mounted using faux leather cushions. You can make use of a pair of another set of earcups that come covered in fabric mesh. The earcups are much bigger than the pre-mounted faux leather.

It enables to offer you with excellent breathing space for your ears. We also liked the headband that comes with an exceptional design on it. The headband is made from metal material. This enables it to remain in place.

The headband has soft material infused in it. Our tester found it quite comfortable to wear. Besides, the metallic strap is easy to set in terms of length due to graves. This is another exceptional feature that the maker has provided for users.

Likewise, the Asus Rog Delta S gaming headset comes with stunning design & comfort features embedded in it. The unit is quite large when compared to most of the models in the market. It is quite similar to most Rog units.

The unit has the D shape earcups. You can find it coming with the logos and RGB light. When the light is switched off, you can see that the headset feels awesome to stand out. The headset is designed using plastic and has a black tone throughout the unit.

It gives the entire frame a sublime appearance. The top part of the headset is furnished with black on it. You can find the ROG logo printed on the headband. If you look, the forks connect the bases sublimely.

They weigh less than 300 grams, making them ideal for placing on the head. Our tester felt that it was the ideal weight. The clamping force was just right, and you can hear great passive audio coming from the unit.


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

As we read in the design & comfort section, the Asus Rog Delta gaming headset is completely made from plastic. The headband is produced from metal. That gives the overall frame of the unit a solid and comfortable feel.

We strongly feel that it can withstand those accidental falls seamlessly. The padding on the earcups and the cushioning is more than sufficient. Thoroughly Asus has done a fabulous job. Besides, the model is relatively light, weighing at 387grams.

We liked the black tone on it. It is a bulky and quite huge device giving you a good feel and comfort. The materials used to make it is splendid. Its earcups come with the D shape providing the unit with stability.

On the other hand, the Asus Rog Delta S gaming headset has a clean built quality. The unit is a notch above the Delta gaming headset. Besides the premium finish of it, the plastic material that is found on the body is top-notch.

The bottom part of the device comes with thick plastic material to give flex to it. On the top of the unit, it comes with the ROG logo on top, like the Delta device. The foam covered on the headband is adequate with it.

You can see that the forks offer you with metal extension, letting you wear with the proper clamping. Our tester noticed that it came with no wired exposed at all. We like this sort of feature implemented on most gaming headsets.

It gives it a smooth appeal. We also noticed that the leatherette ear cushions are thin. It means you do not sweat during the hot season. You can find the controls on the left side of the headset. The switch on the top comes in a 3-stage toggle for RGB.

All in all, both the units come with a robust and sturdy feel. You do not get awkward at any moment using it. The Taiwanese manufacturer insists on producing gaming headsets with sublime materials.


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

The Asus Rog Delta and the Asus Rog Delta S gaming headsets come with solid audio quality. This ensures that they both are worthy contenders for PC gaming headsets. However, personal taste can vary depending on the user.

A high-frequency response is more than what is found in the market in the Asus Rog Delta unit. Most of them hover in the 20000Hz figure. The distinct feature is that the headset comes with the ESS 9218 Quad-DAC.

Our tester found this weird for a gaming headset. That is because they are usually meant for the Hi-Fi headphones produced for intense sound quality. Likewise, the Quad-DAC, which is found on the headset, comes with 4 DACs, each for a different frequency range.

You can instantly notice the drivers of the headset that are done using neodymium magnets. They come with a 50mm diameter. The unit has an impedance of 32 Ohms and a frequency response of 20 and 40000Hz.

Our tester worked on games and music. It is safe to say that his experience was splendid. We felt that it was sublime and genuine quality. The in-game sound provided by it is truly unique.

You can notice that the surround sound features allow you to find out how the bullets or enemy approaches you. It helps you take evasive action. The unit also highly impresses us with the quality of music levels never heard of in a under $200 headset.

Due to the Quad-DAC, the sound quality was much better. It comes with an SNR of 127 dB, and the single-DAC devices have 90 to 100 dB. Its Hi-Res audio unit is produced with invigorating audio performance.

We were highly impressed with the fact that it comes with a built-in MQA renderer. Using it, you can now let the unit to decode the MQA audio file. The files allow you to stream to 9,216 kilobits per second (Kbps), and the Hi-Res is around 1,411 Kbps.

The music quality in the headset is second to none. You can effortlessly listen to the element of the song opulently. The bass, treble, and mids can be heard very crisply. We found that the vocals were much better than the other elements found in them.

The unit has 7.1 virtual sound offering you with robust audio. Our tester found playing games like Call of Duty immensely simple due to the positional sound effects. This is something that cannot be found in a under $200 headset.


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

The microphone on the Asus Rog Delta gaming headset is a splendid feature on it. The microphone is detachable, and you can remove it when you are not using it. This is an attractive feature, and we highly recommend this on all headsets.

The microphone is designed such that you can make use of it for comminating when playing games or chatting with somebody. Now, it is a unidirectional boom microphone. We were delighted to know that it is certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak.

A notable feature of the microphone is that it comes with a status indicator. That means when you are not using it, the red color sprouts out. At the left side of the earcup, you can find the switch that turns the light on or off for the RGB light.

You can find a volume rocker switch that presents itself as a mute button for the microphone. Gamers will like the button placement as it is way better than most of the in-line controls found on many gaming headsets.

The microphone was tested on games like League of Legends. However, few times, they said they heard some buzzing kind of noise coming from our end. There was no such thing from our end.

Probably, it had to do with the heavy breathing or something wrong with the microphone. The makers may want to pay some attention to the firmware of the model. The microphone of the Asus Rog Delta S gaming headset has a detachable boom arm.

It plugs itself close to the wired connector. This is a unidirectional microphone that comes with several features on it along with AI noise-canceling technology. You can seamlessly move the microphone to the correct position that you want.

Besides, it also comes with a red LED light present so that you know when it is in mute. Sometimes you can get fooled by the traditional look of the microphone. We were surprised by the exceptional features that it came infused.

The sound quality was crisp and came with the highest standard than the Delta model. You also felt that the unwanted sound was kept out immensely. Our tester thought that the construction of the microphone was not up to the mark.

That is because it came with a flexible arm with plastic that is not simple to bend. Hence, you cannot find the ideal spot to place near your mouth. At times, the voice clarity should have been improved due to that.

The microphone seems to have popped from the audio jack not working when using it, and he had to adjust it. This also led to unwanted complications in the operations. Quality-wise, this is a great microphone found on top-end models priced above $400 or $500.


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

The Asus Rog Delta intelligently connects to your PC, smartphone, and gaming consoles, with the help of the USB Type-C connector. You can also find extension USB Type-C and Type-A cables for connecting with your PC or other devices seamlessly.

It comes with a USB Type-C cable that is close to 1.5meters. Besides, there is rubberized plastic. Users can adjust the bitrate, switch the virtual surround sound, and also alter equalizer settings. With the software, you can change the presets for the various kinds of audio.

On the Delta S unit, you can find the USB-C cable. It is less than 5 feet meaning that you cannot reach where you want quickly. This was a major drawback from an otherwise sublime unit. Gamers can also adjust the audio and RGB settings using configuration software, the Armoury Crate.

You can do a barrage of things like set the bass boost, voice clarity, alter EQ settings, and also adjust the virtual 7.1 surround sound. Details provided on the Dead by Daylight and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the clearest we have heard.


Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S Headset

The stakes go high when comparing the price of two gaming headsets of the same brand. Asus has been in this industry long enough to know how to deal with and handle things. The Asus Rog Delta is priced under $160.

The Asus Rog Delta S gaming headset is priced under $200. It gives a $40 difference in the pricing range. We do realize it is not cheap but provides better value than most competitors. Besides, it provides you with an appealing level of how much you can get in return for it.


We have reached the end of our comparison review between the Asus Rog Delta vs Asus Rog Delta S gaming headsets. Hope you enjoyed reading it and have made up your mind. To be honest, there is not much of a difference between the two models.

The Asus Rog Delta unit is a lovely, sturdy, and nicely designed headset. The unit provides gamers with exceptional quality, crisp sound; the Quad-DAC embedded in it allows for you with stunning audio quality.

We felt that it is priced reasonably well. The unit is also very comfortable to wear. Unlike most models available in the market, this one takes the spotlight with its truly genuine capabilities. The Asus Rog Delta gaming headset comes with free cable and voice commands.

Do you feel the same about the Asus Rog Delta unit? This sublime unit comes with a beautiful appearance, robust build, and extremely comfortable to wear. Likewise, the Asus Rog Delta S gaming headset has a 3.5mm male connector, active noise cancellation, and light by 80grams.

These features may not be sufficient to draw your attention to it. But this an exceptional designed unit that comes with a robust multi-platform capability. It can deliver you with ideal audio on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch with access to a configuration suite.

It is priced reasonably at $200 and is definitely worth your money. This may not be for those who are mainly concentrated on headsets for cheaper rates. When you want quality with extreme comfort, then this is your best option.

The audio quality is truly remarkable, with a 127dB Signal to noise ratio and 50-millimeter essence drivers. It also comes with an airtight chamber design for providing you with detailed audio. Gamers will truly enjoy the sound coming from the Delta S unit.

Our winner, based on the review, was the Asus Rog Delta S. The Delta model was a worthy contender. It is evident that Asus produced the Delta S incorporating more features and sound effects.

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