Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Fit Pro – which one is best ?

Beats earphones, famous for their precise combination of stylish aesthetics and first rate sound satisfactory, have firmly established themselves as a main contender inside the field of private audio era. Through Beats by Dre, Apple Inc. partially developed, the headphones are known for their vibrant audio and are highly praised in the music-like industry. Boasting a numerous selection of models that cater to a big selection of preferences and applications, Beats earphones have set up themselves because the epitome of imparting a seamless blend of elegant aesthetics and unheard of audio pleasant to individuals throughout the globe.

Thе еvaluation among thе Bеats Studio Buds Plus and thе Fit Pro highlights two prеcisе procеssеs to wi-fi еarphonеs, attractivе to customеrs’ vеrsatility and wishеs. Thе Bеats Studio Buds Plus, a crеation of thе wеll-known Bеats by Drе brand ownеd by Applе Inc. , prеsеnts an еnticing blеnd of top-notch sound pеrformancе and a stylish aеsthеtic. Howеvеr, thе Fit Pro, a product that is probably linkеd to fitnеss-oriеntеd capabilitiеs, highlights charactеristics that еnhancе dynamic lifеstylеs whilе providing an еngaging auditory еncountеr. Examining thе distinctions bеtwееn thеsе two modеls illuminatеs thе contrasting prеfеrеncеs of audio еnthusiasts and fitnеss еnthusiasts alikе.

The Beats Fit Pro True Wireless offer a slight advantage compared to the Beats Studio Buds + True Wireless. The Fit Pro offers a first-rate deal of safety, and permits you to completely revel in Apple’s Spatial Audio characteristic for an incredibly immersive audio revel in. In addition, it provide noise isolation which has been expected from this device. Additionally, their H1 chip ensures effortless connectivity with all your Apple devices. On the other hand, the Studio Buds + offer enhanced comfort and superior battery performance.

In this articlе, The Beats Studio Buds Plus true Wireless and the Beats Fit Pro true Wireless go hеad-to-hеad in an intеnsе audio showdown. Wе dеlvе into thе clash bеtwееn еxcеptional audio capabilitiеs and fеaturеs focusеd on gaming, еmpowеring еnthusiasts to makе an еducatеd dеcision that aligns with thеir pеrsonal audio and gaming prеfеrеncеs. In this articlе , wе will еxaminе various еlеmеnts that can assist in choosing thе most appropriatе solution for your nееds. Which Earphones arе bеttеr : The Beats Studio Buds Plus true Wireless and the Beats Fit Pro true Wireless ?

Beats Studio Buds Plus True Wireless

The Beats Studio Buds Plus offer a balanced sound profile. Their sound profile is moderately balanced, featuring a subtle boost in treble and satisfactory bass. Nevertheless, the excessive focus on the upper-midrange and high frequencies results in a harsh and unpleasant sound for both vocals and instruments. There are no sound customization options available to assist in adjusting the sound according to your preferences. Due to their design as in-ear headphones, they produce a passive soundstage that lacks a truly immersive experience.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus are suitable for office use.These premium earbuds have the ability to effectively quiet chattering colleagues, all thanks to their advanced ANC technology. When the ANC feature is activated, they have a battery life of 7.5 hours without interruption. This duration might not be sufficient to last you throughout the entire day; however, their accompanying case can provide three additional charges if necessary. Unfortunately, these earbuds lack the potential to hook up with a couple of devices right away, that means you might not be able to stay concurrently connected to each your PC and phone.

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless

The Beats Fit Pro provide a decent experience with their neutral sound. The sound profile of their slightly v-shaped is perfectly suited for genres such as rock and pop, which greatly appreciate a hint of additional thump and punch. The vocals and instruments have a bright and clear sound, although a few users might perceive the treble as slightly harsh. Regrettably, their application lacks an EQ or presets feature that would assist in personalizing the audio experience. That being mentioned, the Spatial Audio feature provided by Apple can be accessed while connected to an iOS device, incorporating head tracking to enhance the overall immersion.

The Beats Fit Pro are suitable for office use. Although these sturdy earbuds come with noise cancellation to eliminate background conversations, their 5.2-hour uninterrupted playback duration might not suffice for your entire work shift unless you remember to recharge them.Additionally, they do not provide the capability to pair with multiple gadgets, which means that you will not be capable of maintain a reference to each your personal computer and smartphone on the identical time.

Beats Studio Buds PlusBeats Fit Pro
Excellent Battery Life.

Platform compatibility.

Comfortable fit.

USB-C case with fast charging.
Android and iOS compatibility.

Noise canceling/Transparency.

IPX4 rating.

USB-C case with fast charging.
Limited app function.

Physical buttons.
Fairly large case.

Relatively Expensive.

Design and Comfort

Beats Studio Buds Plus

Beats Studio Buds Plus noise canceling talent, the Beats Studio Buds are the latest generation of True Wireless Earbuds. The tail design is minimalistic, offering the manufacturer’s logo. Compared to their disdain, they have three wind chimes to help improve their sound accuracy. The shade choices in these collections are varied, and have a distinctly unfashionable unique style.

Thеir еar plugs arе powеrful and vеry comfortablе. For ultimatе comfort, thеsе еarphonеs arе еquippеd with four еar plugs and minimizе strain on your еars. Using thе controls now doеsn’t arguе about thе еxtra buds you havе to put in your еars, anyway. Having said that, еarplugs barеly comе out of your еars.

Beats Fit Pro

The appearance of these earbuds is sleek and in-ear, bearing a resemblance to the True Wireless Beats Studio Buds. Nevertheless, these stability fins are designed to be permanently attached and can be adjusted to conform more comfortably to the shape of your ear. Each bud’s button proudly displays the distinct logo of the manufacturer, and they are available in four primary color options: ‘Beats Black’, ‘Beats White’, ‘Sage Gray’, and ‘Stone Purple’. The buds are also available for purchase in the exclusive Kim K Special Edition color options, which include shades like ‘Moon’, ‘Dune’, and ‘Earth’, all of which are designed to match various skin tones.

The fit of these earbuds is relatively comfortable and lightweight, although they lack the same level of in-ear comfort as the Beats Studio Buds True Wireless. The bud shape they offer is a universal fit, but it’s slightly bulky. Therefore, if you have petite ears, they might appear oversized. A few individuals have mentioned that they find the fit to be less than ideal and have experienced discomfort due to the plastic body of the earbuds, particularly if their ear shape differs. Over time, the stability fins can become less comfortable, particularly due to their non-removable nature.

Build Quality

Beats Studio Buds Plus

The build nice of the Beats Studio Buds Plus is incredible. The fabric used for his or her production is plastic, and the particular color option we tested is transparent, offering a clear view of the inner circuitry. In addition, they have received IPX4 certification to make certain protection towards water splashes. Nonetheless, the case does no longer own an IP rating and will potentially maintain harm if it comes into contact with any quantity of water.

Beats Fit Pro

The construct exceptional of those buds is astounding. The design of the Beats Powerbeats Pro Truly Wireless and Beats Studio Buds True Wireless is pretty comparable, both presenting a predominantly plastic production. Additionally, they have got an IPX4 rating, because of this they are designed to resist splashes of water. Although they consider they could undergo a few unintentional falls without maintaining enormous harm, the recommendations and fins appear susceptible to tearing over an prolonged period.


Beats Studio Buds Plus

The physical controls of these buds are easy to use. Commands can be registered by pressing the manufacturer’s logo on the stem of each bud. The button’s appearance is not as prominent as that of its forerunner, and it emits a gentle click to indicate successful command registration. Additionally, there are various tones that indicate the transition between ANC enabled, disabled, and transparency mode. Nevertheless, the absence of volume controls is a default feature, necessitating the use of the companion app to incorporate this functionality. By not doing this, you’ll miss out on ANC controls.

Beats Fit Pro

The controls at the Beats Fit Pro are pretty intuitive. Each earpiece is prepared with a particular button, and the person interface is intuitive, as each the left and right buttons paintings the identical manner. The buttons offer tactile comments to indicate whilst a button has been pressed, and an audio signal indicating that the command has been a success. However, voice activates are glaringly lacking. While it need to be referred to that it does no longer have integrated voice control, you have the option to remap the usage of the accomplice app. You can use controls to elevate or lower the quantity on the left or right ear. However, in case you remap the extent controls, your ANC will don’t have any manage.


Beats Studio Buds Plus

The battery overall performance of the Beats Studio Buds Plus is first-class. According to the manufacturer’s claims, these headphones are designed to offer a continuous six-hour battery lifestyles when the usage of lively noise cancellation (ANC) and keeping a extent level of 50%. ANC become enabled at some stage in our dimension, resulting in a period of greater than seven hours. However, the battery’s lifespan can also vary based on usage and quantity ranges. In case making a decision to disable the ANC characteristic, the producer claims that the headphones can undergo for a maximum of nine hours. This can be pretty beneficial if you’re aiming to preserve your battery power as lots as possible. The wearing case comes with a further three prices, have to you require them. While one bud prices, you have the choice to utilize the alternative.

Beats Fit Pro

The battery overall performance of those buds is average. The producer claims that they could closing for a non-stop six-hour duration, however our measurements showed a slightly shorter length of simply over five hours. The period of battery performance differs based totally on utilization patterns. Fortunately, their shielding case affords an additional 3 fees. Additionally, they offer a fast five-minute price that provides an hour of playtime in situations in which the battery is going for walks low. Furthermore, it is feasible to make use of one earbud whilst the other is being charged. If you prioritize an prolonged uninterrupted battery lifespan, do not forget exploring the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless three as an opportunity.

BatteryBeats Studio Buds PlusBeats Fit Pro
Battery TypeRechargeableRechargeable
Continuous Battery Life7.5 Hours5.2 Hours
Total Battery Life30 Hours20.8 Hours
Charge Time0.9 Hours1.3 Hours
Power-Saving FeatureNoNo
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C
Passive PlaybackNoNo
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Noise Isolation

Beats Studio Buds Plus

The noise isolation performance of the Beats Studio Buds Plus True Wireless is impressive. Similar to their forerunner, they possess active noise cancellation (ANC). However, the Beats Studio Buds True Wireless falls short in effectively canceling out ambient sounds compared to their counterparts. The low rumble of bus engines, ambient chatter, and the hum of AC units can be reduced by them.

Beats Fit Pro

During our initial checking out of these headphones, we faced challenges in retaining the ANC functionality, leading to an effect on our noise isolation findings. Once the sensors were activated the usage of silicone, we were able to continue with retesting this unique functionality. The earbuds own an advanced noise cancelling feature that intelligently adapts to the encircling soundscape, making sure highest quality performance. Consequently, they have got the capacity to efficaciously do away with a enormous degree of historical past noise, which include the diffused hum of bus automobiles. In addition, they have the potential to address heritage conversations and the buzzing sound produced with the aid of computer fanatics. There is a moderate quantity of strain inside the cabin, along side a heritage noise that can be truly bothersome. While the transparency mode in their product won’t reflect the herbal feel of Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless, it still effectively permits you to understand your surroundings with clarity.

Noise Handling

Beats Studio Buds Plus

I am not satisfied with the noise handling performance of the microphone. When you’re engaged in a phone conversation in a loud setting, the surrounding noise will inevitably be audible and cause distractions while you speak. Noises of high volume, such as a train whizzing by, can overpower your vocalizations, causing difficulties in comprehending your speech.

Beats Fit Pro

The noise handling performance of the integrated mic on the Beats Fit Pro is decent. It faces difficulty distinguishing your voice from the moderate background noise surrounding you. If you find yourself needing to answer a phone call while on a bustling street, there’s a chance that your voice could become completely overshadowed.


Beats Studio Buds Plus

The performance of the leakage is outstanding. The majority of leakage is primarily focused on the higher frequencies and produces a thin sound. By cranking up the volume on your preferred melodies, you can enjoy them without causing any inconvenience to those in your vicinity.

Beats Fit Pro

The leakage performance of these buds is outstanding. The majority of their sound leakage is focused on the higher frequencies and has a thin quality. Having said that, in the event that you are enjoying audio at elevated volumes, it is improbable that those in your vicinity will perceive it.


The contrast a few of the Beats Studio Buds Plus and the Fit Pro highlights wonderful strategies for wireless earphones, appealing to a large variety of user options and desires. The Beats Studio Buds Plus, a advent of the well-known Beats by using Dre brand owned by means of Apple Inc., presents an engaging combo of pinnacle-notch sound overall performance and a stylish aesthetic. In contrast, the Fit Pro, a product that is probably related to health-oriented capability, highlights traits that enhance dynamic life at the same time as supplying an interesting auditory come across. Examining the distinctions among those models illuminates the contrasting choices of audio lovers and health lovers alike.

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