Comparison: Das Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q – Which One Better?

If you have worked on a PC before, then you would agree that a keyboard is essential. It is incredible to find out that this aspect of the PC has not changed for more than 60 years now. The keyboard has been going strong.

In fact, today, you can find makers vying with each other for attention in the market. What is so special about them? Nothing much. But they are almost the same as what they were present in the electronic segment.

You can find them coming with RGB lighting, large size, and made from sturdy material. However, the function is the same. Today, we are going to see about the mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has been around for quite a while.

They come in larger in size, they come infused with tremendous technology, and are elegantly designed. Sadly, you do not get much from them. Let us find out if the units we are reviewing today are embedded with the remarkable features you want.

Das Keyboard has been a manufacturer of keyboards for several years now. They have managed to design stupendous products over the years & continue to do so. A few months ago, they released the cloud-based mechanical keyboard in the market.

They are the Das keyboard 4Q vs 5Q units that we are going to be discussing about. The 4Q model is a mechanical keyboard that comes with several features infused in them. You can connect with many cloud features like Trello, Gmail, and GitHub if you want.

You can do a lot more using it. While most of the features may not actually be required, you will find them fantastic to use. Gamers have commended the keyboard for its typing and gaming abilities.

The 5Q too is a fantastic unit that comes infused with cloud-based services. This mechanical keyboard amply offers support to IFTTT. That means If This Then That. This is a free cloud internet-based service.

You can connect on several devices without much hassle. Users can make use of the cloud-based features that they want. You can set them as you prefer to. It is a lengthy process. Unless you are patient, you may not get all that done in a day.

Having said that, why should you get yourself a mechanical keyboard? Find out who the winner is.

Das Keyboard 4QDas Keyboard 5Q
Das Keyboard 4QDas Keyboard 5Q
The keyboard has a durable aluminum design.

The unit has cherry MX blue/brown keys.

It comes with RGB lighting that is customizable.

It has helpful notification alerts.

The model has a dedicated media keys/volume knob.
The build quality is impressive.

There is RGB lighting for you.

It comes with a massive keyboard panel.

It has spectacular customization features.

The cloud function has numerous functionalities.
It has no palm rest.The command center is almost worthless.

Das Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q: Keyboard Specifications

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

First, we will talk about the packaging. For any product, for that matter, the packaging tells a great deal about them. Das Keyboard provides the keyboards in a cardboard box. The cover is orange in color and looks quite attractive.

The outer package comes with some exciting artwork about the keyboard. You can find the details about the unit exquisitely. When you remove the package, you see black cardboard. The box inside has ample protection from outer elements.

We were pretty stunned to see that in them. Then you can find stickers, the guide, and the keycap puller. Overall, the packaging of the Das Keyboard is one of the best we have seen to date for a keyboard.

You know that your top-end model will arrive in your hands safely without damage. Moving on, we will talk about the design & build quality of the keyboard. We will read about Das keyboard 4Q first.

The Das Keyboard 4Q is a superb mechanical keyboard. It comes infused with stunning features that make it second to none. Consumers will be glad to know that it comes with a robust frame embedded with Cherry MX Brown keys.

They also come with RGB lights. You can now make use of media controls that are dedicated. There are alerts that come to you through the keyboard, thanks to cloud-based. Users can directly link the model to IFTTT to have it opulent in look.

It comes in many configurations if you look at it. You can make use of the MX Brown or the Cherry MX Blue switch. There is also RGB lighting on all keys. When you want a more elegant look, you can choose a unit that comes without the inscribed keys.

The unit with MX Brown keys and RGB lighting is priced under $200. Without the RGB lights, it comes priced at $44 lesser. The build quality of the unit is amazingly stunning. You can quickly notice that it comes with a robust anodized aluminum top plate.

Anyways, the MX Brown keys come smooth. We found them to be highly responsive. That is something that you would expect from a premium unit in this segment. They are also quiet when you type on them.

Our tester suggests that you might want to opt for MX Brown if it is your first time using a mechanical keyboard. There is excellent control with the full n-key rollover (NKRO), you can see. Users can also notice dedicated media controls and the visible volume knob.

We liked the USB 2.0 ports located at the rear of the keyboard. Sadly, we did not find the RGB lighting as they were supposed to be. The intensity of the RGB light can be set with the button that is located along with the media controls.

You can find 9 illumination levels, and when you do not require RGB lighting, then you can have them switched off completely. There are also RGB profiles that you can set up as you like & prefer using the 4Q software that is present on the keyboard.

The Das Keyboard is the first manufacturer to provide you with Omron’s new Gamma Zulu mechanical switches. This feature in it makes an exceptional keyboard. Das keyboards have been known for one thing, their sublime appearance.

Similarly, the Das Keyboard 5Q has a good texture and look to it. They have concentrated mainly on professional users & gamers. For some reason, we were not keen on the volume knob & 3 flat buttons.

It just saddened the otherwise unique looks and build quality of the keyboard. However, if it were not for them, you may not be able to tell the difference between the traditional and the mechanical keyboard.

The top area has metal used in it. Hence, it is slightly heavier than the rest of the models in the market. We also liked the wrist rest present on the keyboard. You can now place your wrists on them during work or games.

It is removable when not in use. You can connect it quickly as it is magnetic. However, we noticed that the dust could stick on the top layer of the keyboard. The manufacturer does not like using floating keycaps designs that most of the other producers make use of.

The unit has moved the indicator LEDs on the arrow key. We did like the fact that it came with the ability to light up slowly. When you are working in a dimly lit room, then this effect would seem phenomenal.

This makes it a good product and top-of-the-line unit. When you are particular about using something that meets your typing requirements quality-wise, it has got to be this unit. The Das keyboard 4q is no slouch either and comes with decent specifications that are nicely done.

Das Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q: Typing Abilities

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

Obviously, the main feature of any keyboard is typing abilities. Unless you can type well using your keyboard, you may not want to use it in the first place. The Das Keyboard 4Q comes infused with 4 rubber pads at the bottom area.

This feature is quite handy because it ensures that the unit does not move when you are using it. However, you can use a red ruler that can be attached to the back of the unit. Then you can have a 4-degree incline for the model.

We did not like the ergonomic feature on the keyboard. But the feet closed design is much better on this unit. However, we might let you know that it takes some time to get used to the model’s design.

Now for the innovative features embedded into it. The model can be configured using the Q software. You can make use of some apps like GitHub, weather forecast, and Gmail. There is another exciting feature called the hydration reminder telling you to drink water in 1 hour.

As we read in the earlier part of the review about IFTTT, you can now connect the keyboard using the feature. This enables you to unlock a wide range of capabilities. In fact, the true abilities of the unit come to life when you make use of the IFTTT.

Alerts can be preset for anything like a new stream on Twitch, YouTube video notification, and even alerts for news. The IFTTT can be set up for low battery on your model. The main difference between the 4Q and 5Q is that the former does not have the wrist rest.

The keyboard capabilities of the Das keyboard 5Q are good. Our tester was able to perform around 90 words in a single minute. That is a good figure. You can type fast and quickly. The keyboard is responsive.

We felt that the keys could take any amount of pressure on them. This is something that we liked a lot about the keyboard. Besides, typing speed enhances your typing capabilities, and at the end of the day, your hands do not feel stressed at all.

That is a nice thing to know about any keyboard. It is ideal for typing and some gaming. Additionally, our tester found the unit slightly inconvenient when typing. We noticed that the travel is shorter than what is present on the 4Q model.

This immensely decreases the reset time & and the key travel of the model. It is crucial for gamers who want tremendous performance from their keyboards. These tiny milliseconds of differences prove costly in the end.

All in all, the keyboard typing abilities in both of them were exceptional. We felt that the Das keyboard 5Q held the advantage because of their wrist rest coming on it. There is no doubt in that, keeping in mind that they are mechanical keyboards you can work on.

Das Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q: Price

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

as Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q

The Das Keyboard 4Q is priced under $200. When you are not particular about using the smart features that come with the keyboard, you can choose the Das keyboard 4. It is priced under $150.

That comes close to $50 lesser than the 4Q. Of course, you do not want to find yourself without using the innovative features that come in handy often. Though the design is the same as Cherry MX Brown keys.

However, it does not come with the Q cloud features that come infused with the RGB lights. The Das Keyboard 5Q is priced under $250. The typing on the unit is flawless. You can find cloud-based helpful feedback.

Our tester thought that handy features like remapping & key programming would have been better. We also felt that the visual notification on the keyboard was not a very useful thing. However, it comes with tremendous specifications that make it undeniably fantastic to work.

Das Keyboard 4Q vs 5Q: Verdict

We have come to the end of our review on the Das Keyboard 4Q vs Das keyboard 5Q that work well for professional gamers & users alike. You can use them for gaming and programming tasks.

The Das Keyboard 4Q is second to none. The keyboard comes with powerful features & incredible specifications. For example, the design and the build quality were sublime. You may not find this kind of quality at the same price point.

That is because the RGB light present on it is top-notch, offering you an extraordinary quality. Few users felt that notifications were not that handy. Like Gmail was not required because most of them are notified on their PC or laptop.

But the alert showed up on the keyboard. All in all, it comes with the best mechanical powers that you can find for the price point. It has a blend of fantastic design; the Cherry MX keys and the cloud-based features are simply awesome to lay your hands on.

When you are alright with the fact that it comes with no palm rest (which should be a basic feature in any keyboard, for that matter), and it has software compatibility issues. Likewise, the Das Keyboard 5Q has splendid features on it.

You will be delighted to use the first cloud-based unit that uses mechanical keys on it. The maker has succeeded in the way of producing a fantastic product. It comes nicely designed with those nifty minor features and is slightly better than the 4Q from it.

Quality-wise this model has it all; you cannot find any complaint on it whatsoever. The keys on it are responsive and quick. That is what you will be wanting after spending $250. They come with short travel too.
Our winner in this comparison review between the Das keyboard 4Q vs Das keyboard 5Q is the 5Q. It has impressive specifications in it. The cloud features are phenomenal and cover you with a barrage of notification features.

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