Comparison: Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X – Which One is Better?

Are you searching for an exotic model in the market? Something unique in its own features and appearance, you have come to the right article. In today’s review, we will discuss the Grado headphones.

In fact, many users may not have heard of it before. But that does not mean they are not popular or unheard of. They do have a strong presence in the United States of America and globally as well.

Grado Labs is not a new name in the headphone market. They have been in the industry for several years. They were involved in the timber business during the 1950s and then slowly decided to move into headphones produced from maple wood.

They also specialize in the manufacture of hemp wood. This Brooklyn-based manufacture has shown that it is capable of doing well in the market. It is not showing any sign of slowing down. If you reside in America, New York, you can visit their factory in Brooklyn.

The maker wanted to explore the vinyl revolution and personal audio explosion. This encouraged them to expand their product lineup in the market. We are going to look at the Grado RS2x vs SR325X Stereo Headphones.

It is the new Reference Series that consists of the fourth-generation X Drivers. The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones blend with hemp, cocobolo, and maple wood. It is the fourth generation of drivers of the Brooklyn company.

You will be amazed to know that the first Grado headphone was released in the market in 1991. The comfort and design of the RS2x are splendid. Besides, its sound quality and the specifications are fantastic.

The design has remained almost unchanged since the time they have released their models in the market. They have preserved the traditions in the sound and appearance. Likewise, the Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones comes with their unique features and capabilities.

The headphones’ comfort and fitting feel the same as the RS2x model. Since the design aspect of it hasn’t changed much, you cannot handle too many changes. But the audio quality differs slightly.

It has a notable feature when it comes to sound, and that is, it is linear in audio. The audio maker has done its best to ensure that the unit is able to satisfy the needs of several users. We do want to point out that there is a price difference between the two models.

You can find out more about that as you read the review. We have given the winner at the end.

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325XGrado RS2X vs Grado SR325X
Grado RS2XGrado SR325X
It is produced entirely from wood.

There is a durable 8 conductor cable.

It comes with an L cushion.

The headphone comes with a white-stitched leather headband.

It has a de-stressed driver.
The model comes with a rugged build and design.

It is extremely comfortable to wear for long hours.

It has exceptional detail and dynamics.

The sound performance is much better than earlier models.

The maker has provided you with a 1-year warranty in America.
We are not sure about the durability of the model.The open-back design leaks sound.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Design & Comfort

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

The design & comfort of any headphone becomes the most crucial factor. How do they fare with the maple and hemp wood infused on them? The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones are not that heavy, and you may not be able to adjust them according to the size of your head.

So, if you have a large head, you might struggle with it and if you have a small head, things can get slightly worrying. Nothing to be concerned about here. However, not everyone would like to use the new foam present on the earpads found on the headphones.

The thing is, they have a piece of foam on the wood. It is very rustic and awkwardly designed, if one may say that. The moment you place them on your heads, it takes some time to get used to them.

Users have commended the styling and classic model of the headphone. It can remind you of these units found during the 1970s or 1980s. Nothing else. However, it is worth persisting with. Currently, the makers have focused on the comfort aspect of the headphone.

It is more authoritative in the bass having the new design. The sonic changes are consistent. There is a more direct presentation that comes with immense refinement. Users can also notice that it has an improved low-end solidity.

The Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones comes with an opulent design. We are not sure about the comfort factor because the design and texture are almost on par with the RS2x model. However, the design of this unit is slightly elegant and modern.

You can find that most headphones make use of flat foam earpads. These are slightly thicker and come with an updated cable. There is lighter colored stitching found on the padded headband.

We sort of liked the SR325X design as it appeared modern and contemporary. But then again, this can be a personal choice at the end of the day. You can find a 44mm drive unit that has changed considerably using a new motor system.

You can also notice a new diaphragm and coil that is quite updated. The maker wants to reduce the distortion and enhance the efficiency of this model. Similarly, the new 8-connector cable uses an annealed copper that offers you with eloquent sound quality.

It has a metal bowl body and is quite a rare sight of metal units. They are mostly provided with plastic and aluminium at the most. Leave alone the use of wood and metal-infused together in it.

A notable feature of the headphone would be the headband that comes stitched in leather. There is also white thread used to give the contrast looks. Most of the headphone models come with the use of leatherette.

There is a copper cable 8-core that is quite rigid and comes covered with a braided sheath. It ensures that the headphone is durable. The cushions found on the ears are somewhat flat but a little thick and reliable.

All in all, if you have used or seen Grado models before, then you might be aware that they are not exactly comfortable. The same can be said about the RS2x and the SR325X models. It is a continuation of the earlier tradition of manufacturing classic models with fewer changes.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Build Quality

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

How long does a headphone that is produced from wood and metal last? Well, the answer to that question is very long. Grado models are known to last their time. If you use them carefully, they can easily go for a decade or even more.

Some users who are addicted to the models have had them for several decades now and are still proud owners. So, how did the Grado models do? The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones come manufactured from hemp and maple wood.

The earcups are produced from wood, and there is a sponge sort of a structure that is stuck on it. However, unlike traditional headphones, the earcups are not always sturdy, and there have been cases where the foam has come off.

This is quite true for usage in tropical regions. Due to excessive sweating, the foam tends to get wet quicker, affecting the sound quality and durability. To some extent, the materials used in this model are unique.

It is much less plastic; hardly any plastic is found on the headphone. You can find maple and hemp wood. Then there is the foam provided on the earcups. That is about it. The headband is leather stitched in a thick white thread offering a durable look.

The Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones comes uniquely built and also designed. The manufacturer has always ensured that it takes some evolutionary steps. There is no sign of abating now, and they will follow the same ritual for years to come.

Its SR325e model is one of the most robustly designed models sold in the market. It comes with flatter foam earpads, cable, and also light stitching on the headband. It is mostly the same as found on the RS2x headphone.

You can say that they are similar to the models used by the air traffic control tower operators during the 1950s. Perhaps, that is the best we can do for the moment. As you would know, they are an open-backed design and leak sound.

A bit about the packaging here. The headphone is provided to you with a basic cardboard box. Users can also find the coarse foam that is used to produce thinner earpads. When you want top-end headphone packaging, then you are definitely not going to get it here.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Audio Performance

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones provide outstanding audio quality. At times, you feel that the quality of the earpads could have been done better. You can listen to any sort of music that you want and enjoy.

The headphone has provided you with sublime audio performance. They are quite detailed and fantastic in their performance. The X generation sounds a bit more precise and gives you depth. You can make use of the low-level instrumental sound quality.

Besides, the tones provided to you are quite eloquent in detail. The Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones offer you with decent sound quality. They are more than just earpads. You can instantly notice the changes due to the drive unit on them.

The open-backed design offers you with expressive music dynamically. It can sound a little bassy, which is a small sacrifice that one has to make, given the other benefits. We can say changing the ear cushions and enhancing the driver has positively affected the audio quality.

Most of the models these days do have the ability to emphasize their capability to listen to music. There are also vocals that you can enjoy without much stress or problem. The manufacture is able to show immense detail to the material and the path that it can offer to you.

Besides, the phenomenal sound quality, durability, and rugged features of the model are too hard to ignore. We mentioned users who utilized the headphone before knowing about their ruggedness, and it lasted for several years with ease.

The earpads may not last long, but you can get them replaced. They should not cost you much. As you can see, the basic structure of the headphone and the materials chosen to produce them are highly impressive for day-to-day usage.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Microphone Performance

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones do not come with a microphone. We were not able to verify the sound quality of the model. Besides, we could not check the recording performance of it.

Likewise, the Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones do not come with a microphone on them. We were not able to verify the sound quality of the unit. Additionally, we were not able to check the recording capability of the model.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Compatibility

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones are also compatible with your smartphones and laptops. You can even plug it on your PC if you want to and enjoy the music. Not sure about other devices because we did not verify them.

Similarly, the Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones can be used on laptops, smartphones, and PCs. You can listen to your favorite music henceforth. We did not verify with other gaming consoles and devices.

Both the headphones sound acceptable using them on these devices. However, you may want to make use of some power amplifiers. Maybe something like the Astell & Kern’s A&norma SR25 music player.

They provide you with the true capabilities of the headphones. You can use them to listen to some amazing tunes, and they have the ability to please you. The kind of music you want to listen to does not matter because these headphones sound the way they have to.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Price

Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X Grado RS2X vs Grado SR325X

The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones is priced under $550. It has a luxurious design. The unit has been hand-built in Brooklyn, America. The Maple and Hemp woods have been used in producing the headphones.

It comes with a durable 8 conductor cable and has an L-cushion shape. A white-stitched leather headband also comes with a de-stressed driver on it. The drivers can be matched at .05dB.

The Grado SRSR325X Stereo Headphones is priced under $296. There is a price difference of more than $200 between the models. This model is a 4th generation headphone that is tuned with 44mm drivers.

It is easy to drive 38ohm. The headphone has been infused with a braided cable that completely removes the need for any twisting of the wires. There are 8 conductors of super annealed copper wiring that can be found on the headphone.

Grado RS2x vs SR325X: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review on the Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones vs the Grado SRSR325X Stereo Headphones. We hope you liked what you read and have made up your decision. If you haven’t, then we might suggest that you read through the review again.

The Grado RS2x Stereo Headphones are definitely not your traditional headphones. When you are in search of a Boat or Bose, then these are not for you. However, they come with decent specifications.

The makers have done a fantastic job designing these models for the modern consumer. They have ensured that the users are able to utilize something that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

It comes with superb comfort, the sound quality is good, and so is the durability. The unit comes infused with its own charm and features. Once you get its hang, you will definitely enjoy using it.

They are not priced ridiculously expensive like the Focal units at $2000 above. But it comes with a price point of $550, which is expensive but affordable for most users. We are not sure about the kind of target audience they want here.

It can be used just about by anybody. On the other hand, the Grado SR325X Stereo Headphones may not be your kind of model. The comfort and the features are almost on par with the counterpart model we discussed.

The model comes designed with fantastic usage of material. There is ample space. Because of the driver changes, they will not be of many appeals to the audience when you like to use the vintage looks of the headphone to your advantage; who will stop you.

Our winner in this review between the Grade RS2x Stereo Headphone vs SR325X Stereo Headphone would be the RS2x model. The unit has a low frequency, phenomenal driver unit size, and fantastic diaphragm size.

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