Comparison: LG 32GP850 vs LG 32GP83B

If you are in search of a top-quality gaming monitor, then look no further because today, we will be reading about two sublime models in this post. They are the LG 32GP850 vs LG 32GP83B gaming monitors.

As the name implies, they are a product from the makers of LG. Though the manufacturer is not really trying hard to make huge inroads like how Apple has done in the gaming headset category or Asus in the gaming laptop market, LG is slowly but steadily making headway into it.

The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor is a stunning unit that comes infused with powerful features. This model forms part of the UltraGear gaming monitor products from LG. It comes with an exceptional refresh rate, a splendid response time at 60Hz, and magnificent low input lag.

It is able to support the AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR). You will be delighted to know that it works on the G-SYNC on Nvidia cards. This is because it is also certified by NVIDIA. When you are not playing games, the wide viewing angles, phenomenal reflection handling, and high peak brightness make it a good option for working on projects.

We were quite pleased with the color gamut and remarkable gradient handling. You can work on content creation projects sublimely. Sadly, the IPS panel may not be the ideal model for working in dark rooms because some of you may find the pixel density on the lower side.

Similarly, we also have the LG 32GP83B gaming monitor that comes with some fantastic features infused in it. The model is a midrange 32” IPS gaming monitor that is based on the 32GP850.

There is no integrated USB hub present in it. However, you can make use of your work and entertainment purposes. The features and specifications are quite similar to the counterpart discussed here in this comparison.

We did find plenty of similarities in them. However, this unit makes use of the latest Nano IPS panel delivering a response time of 1ms. You can make use of the refresh rate of 165Hz. The monitor covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space.

It is able to provide support for both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. You will be delighted with the QHD resolution that comes with a 3-sided nano-edge design. It provides you with an immersive visual experience.

It also comes with an ergonomic stand giving you pivot, tilt, and height adjustments. Let us read on to find out more about these two fantastic models and how they can help your visual requirements.

LG 32GP850LG 32GP83B
LG 32GP850LG 32GP83B
The design of the unit is sleek.

The images are splendid for work and entertainment purposes.

It offers you images that have exceptional gray uniformity.

This model is feature-rich.

It comes with several connectivity ports.
The viewing angles on the monitor are stupendous.

Excellent gray uniformity.

The design of the model is eloquent.

It has stunning ergonomic elements in it.

It is cheaper than most of the units in the market.
It has low contrast.It comes with limited connectivity ports.
Tilt / Swivel / PivotYes / / YesYes / / Yes
VESA Mount100 x 100 mm100 x 100 mm
Size | Depth2.0″ w/o stand2.0″ w/o stand
Size | Height16.9″ w/o stand16.9″ w/o stand
Size | Width28.1″28.1″
Weight10.6 lbs w/o stand10.6 lbs w/o stand
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Contrast Ratio350 nits (typical) / 280 nits (min)400 nits (typical) / 320 nits (min)
Display Color Depth700:1 (min) / 1000:1 (typical)700:1 (min) / 1000:1 (typical)
Display Diagonal1.07 Billion (10-bit)1.07 Billion (10-bit)
Display Type32 inch32 inch
GamutNano IPS, matteNano IPS, matte
Pixel Pitch98% DCI-P398% DCI-P3
Refresh Rate0.2724 x 0.2724 mm0.2724 x 0.2724 mm
Resolution165 Hz165 Hz
Response TimeQHD (2560×1440)QHD (2560×1440)
Viewing Angle1 ms1 ms
PortsAV2x HDMI + 1x DisplayPort 1.4 + 1x Headphone2x HDMI + 1x DisplayPort 1.4 + 1x Headphone
Variable FramerateData3x USB 3.0 (1x upstream, 2x downstream)NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium


The image quality of the gaming monitor is the most crucial aspect. Unless the model comes with spectacular image quality, it may not offer you with excellent image quality. The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor comes with a 32” screen and 1440p resolution.

The refresh rate is also relatively high, and you can find the VA panel display on it. That means that the slow pixel response times. You can also notice that it comes with the VRR brightness flickering.

It comes infused with the nano IPS panel that has a wide 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. You would want to know that it is equivalent to the 135% sRGB feature. You understand that the picture & image provided on the unit are stupendous.

The most content you may want to view would be content creation, 3D designs, browsing, and other kinds of material. Because of the sRGB emulation mode, it is able to restrict the default gamut to the 100% sRGB for accurate output.

Users can adjust the brightness according to their liking. They can make use of the brightness as they want based on the viewing angle. You will be delighted with the IPS technology that provides you with 178degree wide viewing angles.

This enables you to change the brightness, gamma, and contrast. You can also change the color of the model if you look at it from skewed angles. It helps you get incredible coverage from both sRGB and DCI-P3 color spaces.

We liked the way in which the colors are spread around the monitor. You would be glad to see them and use the monitor. It also comes with a good peak brightness of 350-nits, ensuring that you can receive more color from normal lighting conditions.

You may want to note the contrast ratio comes from 700:1 to 1,000:1. This ensures that you may not receive the deep blacks found on most VA units, but other benefits are received. You can use the IPS technology offered on them.

The main issue with the IPS unit is the glow that comes out of it. They are known as the corners visible glowing found on the unit. It can be seen if you watch the dark scene in a dark room using high brightness settings.

The intensity of the monitor can be different on several units, and hence the mileage may vary. When you receive a bag model, these things can be managed. The LG 32GP83B gaming monitor also comes with a similar kind of image quality.


The performance of the LG 32GP850 is quite good. You can expect to see exceptional picture quality from them. It comes with a 4K UHD resolution that appears to provide crisp images on the 32” monitor.

Its 1440p is suitable for driving, offering you a reasonable frame rate for the mid-range graphics card. The unit appears good. The image got from them comes with a pixel density of 93 PPI (pixels per inch) that is the same as a 24″ 1080p monitor.

Since it is a large monitor, you will be seated quite away from it. The individual pixels can’t be seen because they are found on the 24″ 1080p displays. The monitor input lag comes around 4ms, which offers an imperceptible delay. A 1ms GtG pixel response time is ideal for ghosting.

You can notice that it comes with 4 response time modes: off, normal, fast, and faster. You will want to know that the off mode is not very fast. When overclocked at 165hz or 180hz, that fast mode provides you with optimum performance with minimal ghosting.

If you plan to use a variable refresh rate (VRR) and the frame rate is much less than the 100FPS, you might want to dial back the overdrive setting to normal for lesser overshoot. The monitor has AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-SYNC feature for tear-free up to 180FPS.

The monitor comes with able support for MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) at 120Hz. Users would use the refresh rates of 144hz or 165hz. It uses backlight strobing to reduce the perceived motion blur at a decreased picture brightness.

The performance of the LG 32GP83B gaming monitor is almost on par with the other unit that we were discussing here. We did not notice much of a difference; hence there is nothing else to add to it.


The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor comes with a wide range of features like the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu. We were highly impressed with the unit because it is extremely organized and simple to use because of the directional joystick present under the bottom bezel of the unit.

We may want to mention a notable feature like the black stabilizer. This element of it immensely enhances the visibility when you see the images in a dark environment. It is possible because the gamma curvature is adjusted, refresh rate tracker, and image presets like the RTS, FPS, and customizable profiles.

You can also make use of the features like image adjustment tools. Few of them include brightness, sharpness, contrast, four gamma presets, and the color temperature. The auto input switch can be supported when you can make use of it on several devices.

It changes the input source on the detected signal. The LG 32GP850 is able to support HDR10 but lacks a high brightness and contrast ratio. It does not come with sufficient brightness and color infusion for a good HDR viewing experience.

There is also the HDR effect feature that is able to stimulate HDR but does not give you the right HDR image. The LG 32GP83B gaming monitor has a barrage of features, including Black Stabilizer, Color Calibrated, and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible.

These can be used for adjusting to the kind of picture that you want to see. You can also notice that it has Dynamic Action Sync, HDR Effect, and Wide Color Gamut. They are ideal for the effects that you want when you are working on 3D design projects.

The Reader Mode, Flicker-free technology, Crosshair, and 3-side Virtually Borderless Design offer you stupendous pictures. This model has one of the best image quality. You can also find the Smart Energy Saving, Low Blue Light, AMD FreeSync Premium, and Nano IPS, providing opulent image quality for your viewing.


The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor comes with a nice, sleek, and fantastic design. You can notice that it has slim bezels and red accents on the sides of the gaming monitor. The unit appears the same as most of the LG UltraGear gaming monitors.

Our tester felt that it has a chevron-shaped stand that is found on LG models in the market. You will want to know that the stand cannot be laid flat on the table. That is because it comes attached on the front side and not at the side that is found on most of the units.

It is lightweight, and the stand does a fabulous job in ensuring that the model is able to withstand it easily. There is no shaking or wobbling around, unlike some models sold in the market for you.

The unit is designed from plastic, and you can find some parts made from steel. Though the cables were designed cheaply, it is durable, and you can make use of it without much hassle. We do not think you will have to any problems associated with it.

You can set the ergonomic stand to a height adjustment of 110mm that is quite good. Its tilt and pivot are also similar, coming in at -5degree/15tilt degrees and 90degree. It has a VESA mount compatibility standing at 100x100mm without any swivel on it.

The unit comes with a variable framerate of NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium. The connectivity options on the 32GP850 unit are 2 HDMI 2.0, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 3.5 mm Audio Out, 1 USB 3.2 (Type-B; upstream), and 2 USB 3.2 (Type-A; downstream).

The connectivity option on the 32GP83B is 1 3.5 mm Audio Out, 2 HDMI 2.0, and 1 DisplayPort 1.4. As you can see, the former has more connectivity ports than the other one. This is the LG 32GP850 gaming monitor that comes with several options for your capability.

Though the LG 32GP83B model has them, the lack of USB Type-A and Type-B will cause a minor problem. The LG 32GP83B has a variable framerate of NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium. Of course, it is priced a little higher than most models that you can get under $500.

But when you are asking for immense performance, then this is one unit that has it all.


The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor is priced under $600. Our tester thought that the unit is priced quite aggressively as it comes with several features that you can benefit from. When you notice the performance and features, it is quite good for the price point.

The LG 32GP83B gaming monitor is priced under $500. Though the former model is priced close to $100 more than this unit, it comes with features like the MBR, USB ports, and 180Hz overclocking (165Hz maximum).

We do want to point out that for the same price range, you can purchase the Gigabyte M32Q. This model comes with a 165Hz (170Hz OC), and the response time is quite similar. Besides, the wide color gamut comes to 94% DCI-P3.

The unit comes with built-in speakers, a USB hub, USB-C, and a KVM switch. You can find the Aim Stabilizer Sync. When you want a better performance model, then you can check out the ASUS PG329Q.

LG 32GP850 vs LG 32GP83B – Verdict

We have ended our comparison on the LG 32GP850 vs LG 32GP83B gaming monitors. Hope you were able to enjoy the post and have made up your mind on the unit that you would like to choose for yourself.

The LG 32GP850 gaming monitor comes with decent features and design infused in it. We felt that the unit was most suitable for gamers and other users alike. The refresh rate is reasonable, the image quality is stunning, and the ergonomic features are eloquent.

This model is quite good and has a low input tag. A notable feature would be the refresh rate. Its ability to provide the user with (VRR) support is worth noting. The wide viewing angles are good, the reflection handling is spectacular, and high peak brightness brings a lot of value.

You can use it in a bright or dark room depending on your needs and requirement. The wide color gamut provides you with immense ability to making it a good choice for content creation. We can say that a model is an exceptional unit that comes with amazing viewing abilities.

Similarly, the LG 32GP83B gaming monitor is another exciting model with the features found on the former unit. The low input lag and response time that is quite top-notch is exceptional in its own way.

We felt that the gaming monitor has ideal handling capabilities, and you can make use of the color gamut that enables you to use it as you want. It comes with fantastic gradient handling, and a wide color gamut allows you to use it for content creation purposes too.

The bright setting and the stupendous reflection handling make it a sublime choice for you. Though it can be improved when placed in a dark room, you might want to know that the lower contrast ratio and black uniformity do not do any good for your usage.

In the comparison of LG 32GP850 vs LG 32GP83B gaming monitors, our winner would be the LG 32GP850 model. It comes with a wide range of features, immersive experience and offers you with amazing responsiveness.

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