Comparison: Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate

The pandemic has caused a massive surge in the sales of computer peripherals like keyboards and mice. The gaming mouse is one of the most sought-after products in the market. They are used not only by professional gamers but also by office goers.

With the work from home concept gaining prominence, gaming mice are in great demand because of their reliability and durability. Gone are the days when gaming products were chosen only by gamers or high-end users.

Today, they are available for under $100 and $200. In the review, we will read about the Logitech – G PRO Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting vs Razer – Viper Ultimate Ultralight Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse.

These two brands have created fantastic products over the years. They are no strangers to the market of gaming mice. Besides, they manufacture other products like headsets, keyboards, etc.

They know and understand the consumers very well. With the advancements made in technology, these top-end gaming mice come infused with high-end sensors and wireless. The Logitech G PRO gaming mouse is a versatile product.

It can be used for gaming and work purposes. Logitech products are always lightweight and easy to use. The same can be said here. The model’s performance is tremendous, and you can also utilize it for its movements.

You can make it customizable with the help of the companion app. The shape and the elegant size of the unit are ideal for any hand. However, smaller hands might find it challenging. The ambidextrous design and the low click latency make it an excellent option.

You can use it both wirelessly and wired if you want. However, using the cable on it makes the unit have little drag. Sadly, it comes with two additional buttons on each side. Not very ideal for professional gaming.

The Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse is an incredible product. You can use the product both wired or wirelessly. There is an ambidextrous design offering several programmable options to you.

A notable feature is a charging station that is like a receiver range extender. It allows the product to work effortlessly, even in competitive gaming. The mouse is quite lightweight and consistent when you move it at extreme speeds.

Let us read on to find out more about them and find out the winner given at the end.

Logitech G PRORazer Viper Ultimate
Logitech G PRORazer Viper Ultimate
It is lightweight and portable to play games and work.

It has an exceptional build quality.

The G HUB software is fantastic to use and work with.

The mouse is comfortable to use.

The unit has a low click latency.
It is an extremely lightweight gaming mouse that weighs only 75grams.

It comes with a 20000 DPI sensitivity, 650 IPS tracking speed, and 99.6% resolution.

The response time is 0.2ms, which is phenomenal for games and work.

The battery life can go up to 70 hours.

The Razer Synapse 3 Software can easily support macro, profile, and customization.
It may not be ideal for small hands using the fingertip grip.The gaming mouse is suitable for small and medium hands using the palm grip.

Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate: Design & Comfort

The Logitech G PRO gaming mouse is quite simple in looks like most gaming mouse from Logitech. This aspect is something that most users would know if they have seen or used a Logitech keyboard or mouse before.

They are sober in appearance but deliver the goods. That is more important. Coming to this gaming mouse, it has a single RGB zone. The logo is at the back of the mouse. The product is made from matte plastic that appears quite nice.

You may not get the feel of a typical gaming mouse. But the moment you use the unit, you are highly impressed with the qualities of the mouse. It is not always necessary for users to get a mouse solely for gaming purposes.

It has excellent portability. The cable is detachable, and you can place it inside your backpack comfortably with hindrance. That is a good thing because larger models need more space to be placed inside a bag.

You can also find receiver storage on the underside of the mouse. Users have commended the model for the lightweight when used wirelessly. We suggest that you use it wirelessly too if you prefer.

But it should not be much of a headache using the model in the wired version also. As we mentioned, the cable can be removed as required. However, they are not ultra-light models. One more thing, you do not have any weight customization optimization feature.

The feet of the mouse is firm and help you to move well. Users can switch the side buttons from the left or to the right side as and when they want. You can make use of all four buttons together if you wish.

Our tester noticed that the left and right buttons shake slightly when used vigorously. We may suggest that you do not do so often. If you have small hands, you may find it that the grip may not be too tight.

The forward side button can also be slightly difficult to reach without moving the entire hand position. A notable feature in the unit would be the auto-off timer of five minutes that helps you to save the battery.

We noted that the cable is sturdy and grips on your table. But you can find some drag on it. Please make sure that you have a minimal distance between the receiver and the unit. The feet are somewhat thin but can immensely reduce the friction.

The Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse comes with a fairly aggressive style. It also has a beautiful and elegant feel to it. You can find the logo at the back of the mouse. The model has an ambidextrous design that is embedded having a low back.

There is a proprietary charging cradle at the base of the model. Users can set the logo and make use of similar lighting. You can also use software for individually assigning them. The unit is quite portable.

There is a receiver storing slot that can be found underneath the model. You can make use of it without causing much mess on your table. When you use the mouse without the cable, then the model feels quite lightweight.

You do not find any honeycomb pattern design on the gaming mouse. It is lightweight and weighs 74grams. It is second to none in this aspect because it is among the light gaming models.

The build quality is fabulous and comes produced from plastic. Our tester felt that the buttons found on the mouse could make some noise when pressed. However, the clicks on the mouse felt quite firm and nice.

It could be due to the optical switches. It is comfortable to use thanks to the elegant ambidextrous design. It has two side buttons found on each side of the gaming mouse. The unit does not have a high back.

So, you may want to use the fingertip grip for easy use. While smaller hands will find it simple and flamboyant to work with, larger hands may struggle with the palm grip. Otherwise, you can use the claw grip.

There is a dedicated USB receiver for connecting to your PC or laptop wirelessly. You can do that by putting it inside the cradle that is the extender. You can also plug it directly into your laptop as well.

Using the dock, you can gather more information on the mouse battery. We do want to mention about the cable of this mouse. It is much better than the previous models. It is robust in design and durable.

More importantly, there is no drag when you move it around. The feet of the gaming mouse come nicely designed. That is because they are produced from the PTFE material, offering very opulent movements.

They are ideal for working and gaming. You can use them on your table or mousepad as well without much hassle. Our tester noticed that the thickness of the mouse is quite standard found in most models in the market.

Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate: Mouse Performance

So, how do the gaming mice perform? Let us read and find out. The Logitech G PRO gaming mouse comes with a wide CPI range that you can adjust using the companion software. The movement of the cursor is smooth when you glide the unit.

There are 4 side buttons that you can all easily program. Besides, the profile switching can be programmed, and you can make use of the CPI changing button. The G-Shift button present on the mouse can be programmed accordingly.

It provides you with a second layer of programmable inputs. The gaming mouse has extra side buttons that do not stick out but sit inside the mouse’s body. The wheel is standard. Please understand that it cannot be unlocked when you want infinite scrolling.

Its click latency is superb. You can plug the receiver into the USB adapter. It lets you place the receiver on your table and not on the laptop. This aspect of it enables you to use the mouse’s better performance.

The Logitech G HUB software exceptionally enables you to perform gaming and other uses. Besides, it comes with remarkable customization features for buttons, lighting, and performance.

There are plenty of compatibility options which is splendid. You can use it on both Windows and macOS. The Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse comes with a wide CPI range, and the sensitivity can be adjusted likewise.

You can adjust the polling rate smoothly from 125Hz or 500Hz. It can be adjusted to 1000Hz. Several buttons are present on the gaming mouse and two additional on each side. Consumers can reprogram each of the buttons depending on what they like.

Users can scroll up or down. The scroll wheel is standard, and the design provides you with immense feedback. But you may not want to use it when scrolling documents. The clicks are quite loud and need not disturb those around you. The Razer Synapse 3 software is outstanding and user-friendly. Users can customize most aspects of the model through it. You can save the settings with the onboard memory on Windows devices.

This feature cannot be used on macOS devices. The rest of the buttons can be set to their default settings. The mouse can be reprogrammed based on your requirement. The Hyper Shift button can be used to create a second layer of customized inputs when needed.

This feature may be small, but it is significant for the gaming mouse. The shape is slightly different from other units, as it is not round and smooth. Besides, we were not happy that they came with no additional feet in the box.

Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate: Price

The Logitech – G PRO Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting is priced under $130. The model has a customizable LIGHTSYNC RGB that allows you to use 16.8 million colors. There are also 4-6 programmable buttons found on the onboard memory.

The buttons found on the mouse can be customized too using the G HUB software. Using the onboard memory, you can save the preferences on the model for easy use. The battery life comes to 60 hours of use on a single charge.

The Razer – Viper Ultimate Ultralight Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse is priced under $130. However, you can get at a discount of $80 right now. You may want to place your order today itself if you are keen on using one of them. You can also get a gaming mouse under $50.

Hyper Speed wireless technology has high-speed transmission, low latency, and seamless frequency switching. The optical sensor is one of the best in the market at the moment.

It comes with a 20,000 DPI sensor providing you with 99.6% resolution accuracy. You can now make use of it for both working and gaming purposes with ease, coming with precision and sublime movement.

The gaming mouse gives you an acute level of accuracy for making winning headshots. Besides, you can also create highly elusive maneuvers. The battery working life is another reason you might want to consider keeping the unit with you, as it works for 70 hours.

Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate: Verdict

We have come to the end of the comparison review between the Logitech – G PRO Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting vs Razer – Viper Ultimate Ultralight Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse.

We hope that you liked what you read. They both are exceptional gaming mice having several outstanding features embedded in them. The Logitech G PRO gaming mouse is good for FPS gaming and works.

Users can work on it both wired and wirelessly as it has a very low click latency. It is a good feature for gamers. The size of your hands should not be a major problem with this mouse. Large hands should find no issues at all because they can use them with any grip.

Likewise, those with small hands can also consider using them with the claw grip. The fingertip grip may not be a good idea for the unit. The unit is quite lightweight, enabling you to use it wirelessly, and the cable may cause some drag if connected.

It is a good choice for office purposes. The unit comes with an ambidextrous design along with exquisite build quality and has close to 15 programmable inputs. These features make it fantastic for work purposes.

The gaming mouse comes with a Bluetooth connection. On the other hand, the Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse is an outstanding model that is quite versatile and performs quite well. The latency is quite low, and you can use it wired or wirelessly.

The design is ambidextrous, and it has two side buttons offering you with plenty of programmable options. The mouse is quite comfortable and robust in build. It comes with a low back and small body that is ideal for small hands.

It is a superb choice for office purposes because it is quite comfortable and nicely designed. Users will not become exhausted if they work on it for several days. A dedicated USB receiver can operate similarly to the charging dock.

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a second to none model. It has many programmable buttons, although not as many as some dedicated MMO mice, with a full side panel. Nevertheless, it has an awesome performance and options for customizations.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech G PRO vs Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mice would be the Viper Ultimate. That is because it comes with some more programmable buttons, the cable can come wired.

It is much lighter and hassle-free to use on your desk if used that way. The design of the Razer mouse is also quite comfortable, and movements are seamless to perform. Likewise, the Logitech G PRO mouse is fully compatible with macOS that the Ultimate cannot do.

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