Comparison: Logitech K845 vs Logitech G413

The keyboard is an essential part of any PC setup. What can you do without the keyboard? It comes as no surprise to know that the keyboard segment is moving ahead. Though many consumers prefer using the laptop, the demand for a PC at home is not dying out any sooner.

Many firms and organizations encourage their staff to work from home almost permanently. This aspect has to lead them to choose a sturdy wired mechanical keyboard for them. Today, we will discuss two splendid models from a popular brand in this post.

They are the Logitech – K845 Full-size Wired Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Clicky Switch Keyboard vs the Logitech – G413 Full-size Wired Mechanical Romer-G Switch Tactile Gaming Keyboard. Logitech has always been in the news for the right things over the years.

They have been producing top-notch products for the market for quite a while now. You can find some of their products like keyboards, mice, headsets, and so on come in sublime touch. Besides, they are quite reliable too.

The Logitech K845 wired mechanical keyboard is a splendid choice for office use. The model comes a full-size that is elegantly designed. It is also nicely built and makes use of the Cherry MX Blues.

Of course, you can choose the kind of switches that you would prefer for your work use. Though they type quite well, they can be slightly loud that can cause minor disturbance around. It provides good tactile feedback.

The extra features are quite less, which is not very appealing either. There is no software for customization if you want to. This aspect of it was another drawback of it. The keyboard latency is also quite high for a wired model that might annoy some users.

It is a nice choice for gaming because it is lightweight and quite responsive. That is due to the short pre-travel distance. The white backlighting present on it is simple, and you can customize it using the hotkeys.

The Logitech G413 wired mechanical keyboard is a very straightforward model. The model comes with the tactile Romer-G switches providing you with a smooth bump. Its typing quality is also fantastic and amazing.

But the keyboard can work only in the red light, which is quite annoying for some users. This model is for those of you who want to make use of the full RGB lighting. The keyboard is nicely built and compatible with G HUB software allowing lots of customization settings.

You can make use of the macros on function keys. You can also consider it if you are a programmer because of the quiet typing speed. It is quite durable and can last many years. You can use it without the wrist rest and set macros using the function keys as it has a low profile.

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Logitech K845Logitech G413
Logitech K845Logitech G413
The model is quite lightweight and compact in design.

The unit comes with the exceptional build quality.

It can provide a responsive typing experience.

It has a customizable backlighting feature that is present in it.

Using the adjustable tilt legs, you can place the keyboard likewise.
The aluminum design on the model is elegant in appearance.

The model has backlit keys that are individually lit.

It provides you with exceptional typing experience.

It offers you with responsive switches.

The precision key lighting provides better visibility.
The keyboard comes with no macro-programmable keys.The keyboard has only red backlighting.

Logitech K845 vs G413: Keyboard Specifications

The Logitech K845 wired mechanical keyboard has tremendous specifications. It is a large model that can take up a lot of space when placed on your table. So, if you are looking for a sleek unit, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Having a keyboard that is quite large is a good thing. It sort of completes the look of your PC setup. This unit is the same as in the size of the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard. The design of the keyboard is nicely done.

It appears quite elegant too and feels premium for the price point. There is plenty of plastic found on the body of the keyboard. This feature is something that is commonly found and used on most keyboards.

But you can find an aluminum top plate. It gives a solid and nice feeling to the keyboard. There is some flex to the body, but not always noticeable when you are typing. You can notice that the ABS keycaps come with a rough texture.

It is because of having a better grip. Here some of the keys can wobble when you press them. Some of the keys include Backspace, Enter, Shift, and Spacebar keys. You can find 5 rubber feet that are present at the bottom, ensuring that the model does not slide when you use the unit.

The ergonomics of the keyboard are just about fine. The spacing of the keys is quite nice, and you do not feel tired when you are typing on it. The keyboard does not come with a wrist rest.

The backlighting present on the model is splendid. Users can control the brightness and cycle between 5 lighting effects with the help of the function keys. You will find that the secondary functions on the F keys, like the brightness and media controls, are printed on the keys.

They may not light up, and so it may be difficult for you to see them in them in poor lighting conditions. The cable of the keyboard is rubber-coated. You cannot use the keyboard wirelessly.

The Logitech G413 wired mechanical keyboard is a large unit. It can take a lot of space on your table because of the NumPad. The model is similar in build to the K845 unit that comes with plenty of plastic on it and aluminum found on it.

It feels quite solid and has no flex found on it. The keyboard’s feet are rubbery and provide you with plenty of grips. It prevents the keyboard from sliding around on the table. Our tester found that the incline feet were a bit loose.

At times, the keys can wobble, but not very noticeable when you type. Sadly, the double shot ABS keycaps don’t appear premium. They can shine when regular use. Users have commented that they appear to be crooked and not aligned well.

The ergonomics are good, and it comes with a fairly low profile. You can type on it very comfortably without using the wrist rest. But it comes with a single incline setting. It comes with a backlight that is red in color.

The keys come individually lit, and you can have some effects using the software. You can control the keyboard’s brightness using 5 different levels found on it. The keyboard cannot be used wirelessly.

It comes with stunning features like a USB and media hotkeys. Users can easily lock the Windows button for preventing the games from getting minimized accidentally. The Logitech K845 keyboard comes with a clean and simple design.

It has awesome features that any gamer would love to have on the keyboard. The Logitech G413 keyboard is quite durable thanks because of the fact that it is produced from aluminum alloy.

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Logitech K845 vs G413: Typing Abilities

The Logitech K845 wired mechanical keyboard makes use of the Cherry MX Blue switches. These also come with other kinds of switches if you prefer them. However, they can provide users with a unique and satisfactory typing experience.

It offers good tactile feedback. The keys are quite clicky. That means you can feel the keys hit down completely. Besides, they come with a short pre-travel distance. You need to make use of some force on them for actuation.

However, the overall feeling remains quite light and nice for typing. The quality of the typing that it got is exceptional. The switches are able to provide you with nice responsive feedback, and you do not feel fatigued after using them.

The ABS keycaps come with a rough texture on them. It offers them with sufficient grip to type. You can notice that the standard spacing found on the keys is simple to adapt to. When you are not fond of using the Cherry MX Blue switches, you can also use other switches.

It is quite loud, meaning that those who are seated around you in the office can get disturbed. Any mechanical switch, for that matter, is loud and audible. However, you can use different switches to make them quieter to type if you want.

Its latency is quite high for a wired model. The unit is alright for general work and even some gaming. We do not suggest that you make use of it for professional gaming. It is designed specifically for office purposes only.

It does not work with most of the G HUB software. Hence, customization is not possible using the keyboard. You will want to know that it is compatible with both Windows and Linux. However, some keys will not work on the macOS.

So, you might want to think likewise. The unit comes in black tone in only one size. But users can find the model in several switches, including Logitech GX Red, Blue, and Cherry MX Blue. You can also find it in Cherry MX Red and Brown.

Any drawbacks? Well, the keyboard does not come with a wrist rest, which was quite disappointing. It is a must for any budget wired mechanical unit. Besides, it did not work quite well on the Logitech software.

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The Logitech G413 wired mechanical keyboard makes use of the Romer-G Tactile switches. You can notice a small bump before the actuation point. This feature is quite commonly found on most of wired mechanical keyboards.

It has a short pre-travel distance. The keys are quick to actuate and feel quite responsive for working and also a gaming. But you can find yourself making some typos as well. This happens when you tend to type quickly using the unit.

It comes with a superb typing quality. When you type for a while, you can feel stressed. The ABS keycaps do not wobble and feel premium. When you type on the model, you do not get to hear much noise.

That is a good sign. You can consider having it for an open office surrounding without any disturbance to your colleagues or those seated beside you. The latency of the keyboard is splendid, and you will not find any delay when you are gaming.

To set the key to macros, you need to make use of the function keys. It may not be very suitable for users. The tactile switches are smooth quiet, which must not disturb those sitting around. This unit does not come with a wrist rest, but you can work with it because of the low profile.

The compatibility with the G HUB software is fantastic. You can find plenty of customization. But you cannot save the custom profiles directly onto the keyboard. Besides, it lacks onboard memory.

However, you can make use of the backlighting even if it comes with a single color. You can still apply effects. Though the keyboard is compatible using Windows, the software does not work well on Linux.

You cannot customize it according to your preference. Some keys like the Scroll Lock and Pause do not work on macOS. We really cannot point out a notable feature on the keyboard. The unit comes infused with several features that are found on most budget units.

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Logitech K845 vs G413: Price

The Logitech – K845 Full-size Wired Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Clicky Switch Keyboard is priced under $80. This model is a full-size design and is quite sleek in appearance. You will be amazed knowing that all the keys are provided in a compact size.

Users can make use of the adjustable tilt legs for their preferred position. You can adjust the keyboard between 4-degree and 8-degree angles. It comes having a durable construction from an aluminum top case.

The unit is light and portable as well. The Logitech – G413 Full-size Wired Mechanical Romer-G Switch Tactile Gaming Keyboard is priced under $70. A price difference of $10 should not make much of a hassle for buyers between choosing this one and the other model.

The G413 comes with the Romer-G mechanical switches. They are ideal and practical for professional gamers. If you are a professional gamer, heavy user, or a voracious browser, then you might consider using this unit.

The Romer-G is preferred among most users in the world for enabling it to move around the keyboard quickly. You can also make use of the key lighting feature that is available on the keyboard.

All the keycaps are lit, ensuring that they are visible during all times. These help you work or game well. Full function keys help you control play and pause, volume, skip track, toggle lighting, and mute.

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Logitech K845 vs G413: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review on the Logitech – K845 Full-size Wired Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Clicky Switch Keyboard vs the Logitech – G413 Full-size Wired Mechanical Romer-G Switch Tactile Gaming Keyboard.

The Logitech K845 wired mechanical keyboard is an exceptional model for gaming and office. You can find that the Cherry MX Blue switches on the model come with a light operating force. Not to mention, the pre-travel distance is quite short.

It provides you with a quick and responsive gaming experience. But the latency is quite high for a wired keyboard. This feature can disappoint professional gamers. Sadly, there is no software that can be used for customization purposes.

You may not be able to set the macros for any of those keys. The typing experience is exceptional and can be a bit loud at times. It can disturb those around you. We also felt that it must have a wrist rest.

The keyboard is fully compatible with Windows. However, a few keys do not work on macOS. The Logitech G413 wired mechanical keyboard has macro-programmable keys. But is limited to the function keys only.

It is also a fantastic gaming model. The unit comes with Romer-G switches that have a very smooth bump. It is suitable for tactile feedback and comes with an actuation point. We also noticed that the unit is robust and comes with red backlighting.

Our winner between the Logitech K845 wired model and the Logitech G413 wired model is the K845 unit. That is because they are designed exceptionally well. You can use it for gaming as well as office purpose.

The Logitech K845 has the Logitech GX and Cherry MX switch options. You can find the G413 unit comes with the Romer-G Tactile switches. It also has lower latency. You can make use of the G413 on the G HUB software seamlessly.

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