Comparison: Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

In the market, you can find a ton of gaming headsets that makes you ponder about them. Each of them is different and are unique features and special about them. While it is not necessary that they must be suitable for your needs.

Today we will be reading about two top-end models that are sold in the market. They are the Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650 gaming headsets. They are top-rated brands today. You can find a pair of these sets with professional gamers.

They swear by these models because of their intense capabilities and elements in them that make them indispensable. To get better about them, we are going to compare some features. The Oppo PM-3 gaming headset is powerful and comes with a closed design.

It is suitable for use outdoors. For example, if you are more of an outdoor person, this high-end model would be ideal. This unit soaks up all the noise in the coffee shop, subway, and even the library.

The unit is extremely comfortable, and the audio sublime. However, the price point of the model may not be everybody’s cup of tea. It is under $500 that is quite expensive. But when you are looking for a quality gaming headset, then you might want to go with it.

You will want to know that the planar magnetic drivers are in great demand in today’s market. That is because they can provide you with fantastic sound quality with low harmonic distortion. It also has a massive dynamic range and exceptional clarity in detail for your audio needs.

This model provides you with a planar technology, has a decent look, a sturdy design, and comes having exemplary functional design. On the other hand, the Sennheiser HD650 model comes with distinctive features that are infused in it.

If you have researched on a top-end headset, then you most likely would have chanced upon it. That is because it comes with several positive reviews from users. Sennheiser is a brand that has a good reputation in the market.

When you see a unit with a magnificent design and high-tech styling, along with an outstanding bass response, it is the one. It is able to translate a neutral sound from speakers to the headsets.

Read on to know more about these two fantastic gaming models and the winner in the end.

Oppo PM-3Sennheiser HD650
Oppo PM-3Sennheiser HD650
The unit has high sensitivity and a very comfortable fitting.

The design of the model is quite elegant.

It comes with a 1.2-meter portable cable.

It comes with a closed-back design for exceptional noise isolation.

The sound quality is exquisite due to the planar magnetic drivers.
The model is produced from aluminum voice coils.

The unit is designed for acoustic silk with precision damping.

Its frequency response is 10 – 39,500 Hz (-10 dB).

It comes with a hand-selected matched driver element.

The product has high-power neodymium magnets offering maximum efficiency.
The unit is costly at $500.It is not a durable headset available in the market.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

As you may have read from the above segment, they both come with different design patterns. Is that going to play a crucial role in the design & comfort of the gaming headsets? The Oppo PM-3 unit has a closed design, while the Sennheiser model comes with an open-back design.

The Oppo PM-3 is a stylish model and comes with a beautiful pattern. Of course, you may not want to compare them to other top-end models like the Bose or the Apple variants. They are decently built and designed.

Its closed design provides you with a stunning performance. Likewise, we have the Sennheiser HD650 unit. You can get the model in 3 colors black, white, and steel blue, and it comes with a premium appearance.

Our tester felt that it is produced from metal and does not look pretty flashy. There is an aluminum finish on the earcups, and the padding is stupendous. It makes use of faux leather than the padding present on the headset.

The model is into the category of top-end models thanks to the titanium silver finish. It is quite large and comes heavy, weighing 9 ounces, and big earcups come padded with suede material on it.

This feature gives it a better look, and the unit has a similar pattern to that of the Sennheiser HD600 unit here. Our tester felt that the model is highly comfortable, and you can make use of it for prolonged hours.

Since it comes with massive earcups, you can now enjoy and listen to the songs blended using the padding that is produced from suede-like fabric. As it comes with an open-back product design, the unit is not very tight.

Your ears remain cool, and the clamping force is just fine. You do not feel too hot as the earpads, and the headband comes with memory foam covered by velour material. We felt that the earpads are soft on your head and let in airflow that is important when using the headphone for several hours.

It also comes with cushioning materials that immensely reduce the pressure on your head. Overall, the design of the Oppo PM-3 and the Sennheiser HD650 units are pretty good. They come with a good design pattern.

Though they are different in the design, it does not affect their comfort provided to you.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

The build quality of the Oppo PM-3 is truly genuine and decent. They come built from aluminum material and the usual leather cushions. It provides you with the kind of sophistication that you are looking for infused with proper ergonomics and excellent ambient noise isolation.

It comes with excellent portable listening privacy. You can place the Oppo PM-3 models on your head using the wide adjustable fitting. It is also additionally soft that comes with a good earcup padding.

The moment you place it on your head, you can feel secure and stable. It is more efficient than most of the planar magnetic bear that provides you with an average performance. The headphone amp may be a good idea, but the headset offers you with robust un-amped music.

The price point can be questionable as they have made the product lower than most others. This model comes with a fine metal mesh that can damp the drivers to decrease the resonance and improve the magnet structure placed on it to lower its distortion.

Likewise, the Sennheiser HD650 gaming headset has a high frequency that comes provided along using an aluminum voice coil. Most of you would know by that the build quality is sublime. The audio produced in there can help flatter the music from the headphone.

When you are listening to the music, you can note the detail of the frequencies. They are a comfortable pair of headsets that is lightweight, fitting very well. Whether you have a large or small head size, it does not matter as they work quite well.

At times, you may find the clamping force on the headset slightly a botheration. When you keep using it often, it loosens up a bit. Hence, the headset’s comfort is retained, and those of you with large heads should not face any problem.

The headsets are an excellent option for extensive mixing sessions. The HD650 unit comes with a huge size than the PPM-3 headset. We were surprised to note that the PM-3 has more metal infused in it than the HD650 unit.

It is still similar with several practical aspects infused in it and delves into the high-frequency coloration. But it becomes less evident if you compare them to the sound of the warm bass that may not sound exaggerating.

The headset’s open earcup lets you blend in with the environment providing you with a natural width. You can identify the direction of sounds that can help with the immersion. Our tester found that the headset may become looser to use, and the earpads need replacement.

All in all, Oppo PM-3 and the Sennheiser HD650 models come with good audio performance.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

The Oppo PM-3 gaming headset has an excellent audio performance. They are positioned as portable headsets and come under the heavy planar magnetic segment. It is the perfect option if you are somebody who does not want to sacrifice comfort for the audio.

They work quite splendidly on any home system or device. Our tester found that the treble is quite detailed and does not come with the tone you would expect from it when listening on the high frequencies.

If you see, the mids are just perfect and not very rich. The bass comes with a good punch and is not too powerful. Our tester thought that the performance is not up to the mark and may not beat the PM-1 unit that is much better.

The headset provides you with an ample definition of the entire soundscape. You can hear the excellent detail found on the midrange that is often low. The audio performance is often combined using natural but sleek highs.

Most of the rivals tend to have an artificially dial-up bass or treble. Sometimes it also comes with an attempt to cover the midrange that appears feeble at times. This feature has to work out with poor isolation.

Due to the combination of planar magnetic drivers and the closed-back design, you will find yourself in a situation where they provide better isolation. The ambient noise gives you that crisp audio that is perfect for listening to the temporal lobe.

The audio quality of the headset is the most vital part of it. You will want to know that it is an open-back model. It simply means that the back part of the earcups is not covered for allowing air to pass through.

It allows the air to infuse along with the audio components inside. Compared to the closed-back design, it can produce a better natural sound than found on the typical closed-back design. The sound signature is almost neutral and comes with little emphasis on the low frequencies.

You will want to know that the bass is quite forward, coming with a good punch and tightness. Sounds of the explosions come with a good rumble that does not power the other frequencies. The mids are clear and offer you additional body to the audio performance that is provided to it.

The dialogues in the game can be heard loud and audible. Though the highs come with good clarity, they are not forward at all; this decreases the harshness. On the whole, the audio performance of both the headsets was excellent and sublime.

They justify the price point that is under $500. Some improvements could have been there, but unfortunately, they do not come.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

The Oppo PM-3 gaming headset comes with an inline microphone. This feature makes it convenient for listening to music and attending your phone calls. It comes with a 3-meter main cable and a 1.2-meter cable that is portable.

Its inline microphone offers average performance. Your recorded audio sounds thin, and there is a lack of natural tone. However, they are quite audible, to say the least. The performance is mainly average in loud environments.

For example, if you are using it in a market or cafeteria, you may not effectively separate the speech from the ambient noise. They are wired and do not come with a Bluetooth connection.

You can choose it according to your convenience. This aspect depends on the kind of device that you are using. In this sense, if you are using the iOS or Android smartphone. You will want to know that the microphone quality is exceptional.

The voice sound clear and has good volume. It comes with an engaging noise clarity that makes delivery both insightful and layered. Its edges are tonal and smooth. They also come round that is a trait very clear when you are listening to songs.

The microphone capability of the Sennheiser HD650 headset is good too. You can make use of it to attend calls and listen to music. It comes with a built-in universal microphone. The microphone can work with most of the devices.

This model is ear-canal that comes infused with bass-driven stereo sound and exceptional noise isolation features. All in all, the microphone capabilities of the headsets are excellent and ideal.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

The cable connectors are proprietary; you can remove them as and when you want with a firm tug. As these gaming headsets are very popular, you will want to know that plenty of aftermarket cables can be purchased.

It can lack volume when you plug it on your smartphone. This aspect is quite true when you are making use of the Sonarworks calibration, and safe headroom enabled. You can also make use of the audio interface that enables the unit to bring clear audio.

It has a sensitivity of 102 dB that ensures you can hear the audio loudly. Besides, they require very powerful amplifiers to enhance the music. The model allows it to be easily used with smartphones.

The low impedance is suitable with a smartphone that comes with low impedance earbuds. Gamers will also want to know that the selvedge denim carrying case with the OPPO headset is produced by a boutique clothing brand that is headquartered in Japan and Europe.

Its material is quite stylish, top-end fabric, and is a prized possession known for its capability of withstanding damage easily. The unit also comes with a sleek design that blends perfectly to the headset fold flat, enabling them to fit quickly inside a bag.

The Sennheiser HD650 gaming headset has a 3 audio cable using the no inline remote. That means you can hear the sound once you are connected with the Xbox One and other consoles. But you will not be able to use the microphone for doing voice chat.

It has no latency as they are a wired design. That also means they are limited due to the lower range offered by the cables. On the whole, the compatibility of the gaming headsets comes with excellent performance enabling you to connect with PC, laptop, smartphone, and console.


Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650

The Oppo PM-3 gaming headset is priced under $500. The unit comes with decent features. The Sennheiser HD650 gaming headset is priced under $500. Yes, the quote cannot be termed as low, but that is what you got to pay for when needing sublime headsets.

The sound quality is relatively flat and comes with a specific audio performance. Its design, comfort, audio quality, and compatibility abilities are quite over the moon. We really cannot ask for more.

Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650: Verdict

We have come to the end of our discussion on top-end gaming headsets. Hope you were able to make up your mind about the units. As you can see, top-end gaming headsets that are priced within the $500 price point offer you stunning performance.

The Oppo PM-3 vs Sennheiser HD650 gaming headsets are high-quality units. When you want features like travel-friendly design, good audio quality, and microphone smartphone cables, then you might want to choose the Oppo PM-3 model.

If you want a unit that can provide you with a reference-type sound quality, it is this. The model also has the planar magnetic infused in it. If you travel constantly, you must consider using the PM-3 models for comfort, top-notch isolation, and audio performance.

The Sennheiser HD650 gaming headset comes with great features. We noticed the headset has a weak bass response. When you calibrate the unit, this model provides everything you want from production, mixing, and mastering studio headphones.

You would want to remember that the headset comes with virtually no sound isolation. The outside sound will leak from the model. When you are worried about the open back design, then you can choose the counterpart; otherwise, you can opt for it.

The Oppo PM-3 model is better than the Sennheiser HD650 model because it has passive noise reduction, 9000Hz higher high-frequency, 274 Ohms lower impedance, and can be used headset.

You can fold it if you want to travel, there is a travel case provided with it, and the unit comes with an inline control panel. The Sennheiser HD650 gaming headset is a better model because it comes with a 1dB/mW higher sound pressure level, is 60g lighter, and comes with a 1-year more warranty than the other unit.

It also has an open-back design on it. Our winner in the post is the Sennheiser HD650 model. Both the headsets are excellent units depending on what you are looking for. The price point for them is similar, and they come with magnificent features infused in them.


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