Comparison: Razer Lancehead vs Viper – Which Keyboard Perform Better?

Razer is a known brand in the world of gamers. They are aware of the sublime products that the manufacture has produced over the years. Be it laptops, keyboards, and mice. You can even swear on their headsets.

With their trademark neon green Boomslang snake logo, they wanted to dominate the gaming industry. Despite the competition, it is safe to say that they indeed have done it in such a short while.

Today, we will see two unique products in the form of Razer Lancehead vs Viper mice. These two products come with their own unique specifications in them. There is always something enchanting about comparing two products of the same manufacturer.

Since they most likely come with similar features, choosing the best can be strenuous in the end. But we have our task cut out. The Razer Lancehead is a stunning gaming mouse that has an ambidextrous design.

It was released in the market 2 years ago, in 2019, and has been doing quite well. Users instantly liked it because of the lightweight and responsive gaming capabilities of the mouse. Besides, the mouse is able to fit inside your hands relatively steady.

That is something that you do not usually notice in many gaming mice. They do not fit well. The mouse comes with a tremendous ability to work well in several applications, which is a good thing.

Compared to the Viper, the Lancehead comes with a stunning appearance. You can be assured that the unit looks fantastic. It comes with a dazzling battery life too that can work for close to 60-80 hours, depending on the usage.

Of course, you will need to make use of the battery. These details can be found in the package. Razer had a famous mouse in the form of the DeathAdder that they have updated numerous times.

It was released in the market more than 17 years ago. However, it is one of their prized processions and has been giving them good sales too. Probably, this is why the maker swears by it.

But the Razer Viper can easily give good competition to its older cousin. It comes infused with terrific features in it. The mouse is light, quite nibble to work (something that most users like), and comes with several options to enable you to improve your work & game.

Let us find out the model that could be the best by reading the entire post, shall we?

Razer LanceheadRazer Viper
Razer LanceheadRazer Viper
The DPI optical sensor is powerful for gaming and working purpose.

The design is splendid for easy hold and working abilities.

It comes with a wide range of chroma RGB, having 16.8 million colors.

It comes with a rubberized scroll wheel that offers a good grip.

Several programmable buttons can be used with the Razer Synapse.
The mouse will be ranked as the best-selling gaming peripheral in America in 2021.

The unit is the lightest gaming mouse weighing at 69grams.

It comes with a 16000 DPI optical sensor for work and gaming use.

It has chroma RGB color profiles that have 16.8 million color combinations with presets.

The model has 8 programmable buttons that can work using the Razer Synapse 3.
It is expensive compared to the other model.It is the mouse side buttons that can make control difficult to use.
SPECIFICATIONSRazer LanceheadRazer Viper
NameLancehead Tournament Edition Wired Optical Gaming MouseViper Ultimate Ultralight Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse
Lighting TypeRGBRGB
Maximum Sensitivity16000 dots per inch20000 dots per inch
Mouse TypeGamingGaming
Customizable LightingYesYes
Mouse OperationButton(s), Scroll wheelScroll wheel, Button(s)
Tracking MethodOpticalOptical
Warranty2 Years2 years

Razer Lancehead vs Viper: Design & Comfort

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

The design of the Razer Lancehead is stunning. It is light, easy to fit your hands, and offers you with incredible movements. It comes with unique features that make you drool. The unit comes with an ambidextrous design, and if you look closely, you can see the sides are symmetrical.

You can be a right-handed user or a left-handed user; it will fit you quite well. The logo of the company is found on the top of the product. It was expected from them. They like their users knowing about them.

You can also note that the finish with plastic is relatively smooth and top-notch in design. There are also thick rubber sides, offering you with a decent level of grip. We noticed that the buttons present on the model are suitable too.

At the side, you can find 2 buttons that come pre-configured in the back as well as the front. The top of the unit has 2 buttons for changing the settings if you want. There are the scroll wheel and the left & right clicks.

It is known as the mechanical switches that come with a short travel distance. They provide fantastic operations for you. Though you can notice that the scroll wheel is good, it does not come with the one got on the Logitech G900 gaming mouse.

To work on the Lancehead, you need the USB cable. Using that, you can do your mouse work. The unit can be placed at the base of the model when you are not using it. The USB cable is also used for wired operation and the adapter block for having it close to your table.

The mouse weighs close to 100grams that is quite heavy to say for a gaming mouse. Those of you who like to have the feel of the unit might enjoy the feel of it. The unit is ergonomic as well. However, the weight can be felt at the front of the gaming mouse.

Likewise, there is the other model, the Razer Viper gaming mouse. The maker has done plenty of experiments on their gaming mice to ensure that users only get top-notch products. But we were quite surprised to note that they haven’t done anything special on the Viper.

That was really astounding. Perhaps, they wanted to do something like another amazing product, the Zowie FK1. It is quite small in size and lightweight, too, around 70grams. That is really light compared to the Lancehead gaming mouse.

You can note similar design features to that of the FK1 gaming mouse. The low-profile design goes down at the front. This enables a better grip on the mouse for users of all ages and sizes. The maker has enhanced the textured grips produced from rubber on both sides.

If you sweat a lot like most of us, the additional grips offer you a fantastic grip for using it. Its ambidextrous shape is ideal for the claw hold. You can also use the palm mode. There is the Speed Flex braided cable.

If you still don’t own it, we thought of mentioning a reason for considering the Razer product. A particular user from America had an issue with her gaming mouse a few years ago. The user complained directly to the company; they replaced it with a new model.

The old model was no longer in production. All this, even though the user did not have a valid receipt of the product. It is quite rare that we come across this kind of dedicated customer support from makers in today’s competitive world.

Razer Lancehead vs Viper: Mouse Performance

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

For most users, a gaming mouse may not sound perfect for gaming. But you may be surprised knowing that professional gamers prefer to use them because of their comfort and flexibility. You have no wire or cable to think of.

Moreover, your movements are smooth & flexible to help you perform better in your games. After all, that should be the main purpose of using the gaming mouse in the first place, is it not? Razer Lancehead offers optimum performance.

It is slim in design, making it simple to use. You may want to make sure that the transmitter is present on the table for a splendid performance. If you plug it into the PC, it can fall out. There are multiple high-resolution displays on offer for you.

Our tester found that it excels in FPS games immensely. It was able to track everything smoothly. The flick shot was tremendous to do on this mouse. However, you may want to charge it often as it cannot run longer.

We felt that the system found on Logitech was slightly better than this one. As you know, the software found Razer products; Razer Synapse, is a sublime option. It provides you with immense capability and options to do.

The DPI and the buttons can be reassigned if you want. Besides, you can also change the RGB lights too. Not to mention, you can adjust the sensitivity and also assign macros. It can be tremendously done using the Windows shortcut.

There is the hyper shift mode, where you can assign additional functions for a button. You can also make use of the visual customization present in there. It has 4 light zones, and the mouse felt slightly under-featured compared to models from Asus & Corsair.

The Razer Viper gaming mouse is a lot similar to the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard. You can find the optical switches. You can see that the traditional mechanical switches require you to make contact for a click. Here is make use of the lighting.

It is quicker than most mechanical switches, and the maker says it is almost 3 times faster. That is a good thing. Its buttons feel comfortable to use, and it comes with a firm click on them. However, the buttons found on the Zowie and Logitech feel better.

You can find the dedicated DPI button at the bottom. It can be used for 5 DPI settings. Each of them comes in a single color. The area may not be the best place to have it. However, the maker says that the DPI button won’t come in when you play the game.

It comes with a DPI of 16000 optical sensors that are found on the Lancehead gaming mouse also. Because of that, they are thought of as being the best in the market as of now. Surprisingly, the mouse track is smooth and is responsive to slow movements without a spinout problem.

Razer Lancehead vs Viper: Price

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

Razer Lancehead vs Viper

The Razer Lancehead is priced under $118. Is it worth the price? Yes, the mouse does come with exceptional qualities like a 16,000 DPI optical sensor for gaming & doing some creative work.

You have an ambidextrous design on it that enables both left and right-handed people to work. It provides them with programmable buttons on both sides that are easy to use and are accessible.

The Razer Viper is priced under $80. That makes a difference of almost of $40, which is quite an amount. Our tester was not convinced of the abilities and performance of the Lancehead, though it is a stunning mouse to own for gaming & working.

You can do a host of work using it, like scrolling, moving around your monitor. It is ideal for stockbrokers, analysts, writers & gamers as well. You might want to consider the fact that the Razer Viper gaming mouse is the newer unit of the company.

Razer Lancehead vs Viper: Verdict

After comparing the Razer Lancehead vs Razer Viper gaming mice, we noticed some noticeable differences. Of course, there are the pros & cons too that give you an idea. These mice are stupendous products; there can be only one winner at the end of the day.

The Razer Lancehead gaming mouse comes with several features that gets it going beautifully. It comes with a slim design that makes it simple to hold and work or play as you prefer. The flexibility of the gaming mouse is something that is appreciable in it.

The price point was slightly disappointing in the end. We did not at all feel that it was worth more than $100, but that is what it is. You can easily find a mouse sans the RGB lighting that can perform almost the same thing.

Probably the manufacture thinks it otherwise. There is a good amount of precision with it; that is something that you can expect from any mouse. The RGB lighting was also something to talk about in the mouse.

Users do not have to be near the PC or laptop to obtain the best results from it. Perhaps, that is one of the main reasons why people tend to prefer it over others. When you are keen on experiencing this speed and performance, willing to spend that kind of money, then go ahead.

It is an expensive unit, but it is able to deliver in an eloquent when it matters the most. On the other hand, we have the Razer Viper gaming mouse. The first thing that instantly hit us when we reviewed them is that this model was released 2 years after the Lancehead.

That itself gives a head start to the Viper model. Though the RGB lighting was not as good as compared to the Lancehead, it was manageable. It comes with a slim, ambidextrous, and comfortable shape that makes it suitable for users of all ages.

That is a good thing. It provides you with a better design, cable, and memory onboard that you can use there. Our winner in this review between the Razer Lancehead vs Razer Viper mice is the Viper, without a doubt. That is because it comes with the latest technology and sublime performance making it ideal for users of all kinds & purposes.

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