Comparison: Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Today, we will be reading about two stupendous models from Sony. That is right. Whether you are a lover of Sony models or not, we can assure you that you would love reading this review. Sony is known for manufacturing excellent headsets that are embedded with terrific features.

A few years ago, they produced smashing headsets like the 1R series. This model came embedded with outstanding features in it. It gave you with a genuinely fantastic headset, producing immense comfort for you.

After the 1R series, they came up with the Mk2 models and finally came to the 1A models. Today, we have the 1am2 model with us. We have been waiting to try this unit for ourselves and see if it is the best in the market.

Users have been very kind about its design & comfort factor. In this post, we will be taking a look at the Sony MDR-1am2 vs Sony MDR-z7 headsets. Though they look and feel the same, they are miles apart regarding pricing, which is literally quite shocking.

However, that is about it because the price point is quite steep, and the lack of most features can make it a daunting task for most of you to choose it. Moving forward, the MDR-1am2 unit is a closed-back model that comes infused with outstanding features in it.

Almost every 3 years now, we have seen a new development from Sony. The headset comes with stunning design and comfort capabilities. Though the earlier models were received well by most consumers, the MDR-1am2 has to push up itself to fill in the gap as of now.

Similarly, the Sony MDR-z7 headset is an expensive unit that is produced from them. We, at times, don’t understand the logic of some models ridiculously priced at above $600. However, we have reviewed models that are priced at $50 and above $700, so no worries about that.

This model is nicely designed and comfortable. Probably, it could be one of the best in that price range. It comes with terrific comfort features in them. Besides, the sound quality was quite wealthy and straightforward.

But we can always expect more from the headphone if that is alright. They have been able to make some incredible models. For now, they are decreasing the number of models made for the market.

Most of the units are able to go head-to-head with top-end models of most makers. The appearance is there, and so is the sound quality, at more than average for the price range. Let us read the review without wasting any further time and find out which is better.

Sony MDR-1AM2Sony MDR-Z7
Sony MDR-1AM2Sony MDR-Z7
The model is exceptional in design.

The unit comes infused with extraordinary comfort abilities.

It offers you with fantastic detail retrieval.

It comes with a balanced tonality.

The bass sound performance for you is clean and terrific.
The unit is one of the most comfortable headphones you will get from the maker.

The model comes with a spectacular build design quality.

It provides you with exceptional mids for sound performance.

It is incredibly stylish and has an elegant appearance to it.

The soundstage is wide for the closed-back design.
It comes with a harsh treble.Users have complained that they did not receive a case with it.
Name1AM2 Wired Over-the-Ear Hi-Res HeadphonesMDR-Z7 Wired Over-the-Ear Hi-Res Headphones
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWiredWired
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseYesNo
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Warranty1 Year90 days

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Design & Comfort

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The Sony MDR-1am2 headset is one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones you can purchase from the market. The balance of the weight of the unit on your head is breathtaking. You hardly feel anything on your head, and that is a good sign.

Its earpads make sure that the headband is light on your ears. It is neither tight nor loose. There is the right fit of the clamp. The headset is quite firm and secure. You can use them for walking or light exercises.

We may not recommend them for brisk physical activities as they may fall off. That is a normal thing faced in several headsets. The maker has designed earpads that become soft once it touches your skin.

As you place them on your head, the earpads tend to move in nicely, offering immense comfort. Users have commended the headphone for that. They will take the shape of your ears without much of a hassle.

We also liked the sealing of the earpads. It is splendid and ensures that you do not feel uncomfortable at all. We can easily say that it can be rated better than the Bose or the Sennheiser models.

The comfort & design is definitely scoring full marks without a doubt. The Sony MDR-z7 headphone comes with a sublime design pattern. However, when you look at it for the first time, you may not be convinced about it, just like we did.

But the moment you wear them, you are taken to a different world altogether. It is that good in the comfort department. It is due to the large earcups that can easily cover the largest of the ears.

So, if you have large ears, then the MDR-z7 unit has your back. Additionally, you will be amazed to know that the headphone comes with massive 70mm drivers. This is common in most of the top-end models that are priced under $700.

However, the size of the earcups and the sturdiness of the headband is simply astonishing. We would rate them much higher than the MDR-1am2 model. The padding is thick and lustrous. We felt that it was quite luxurious and premium in appearance.

When you want to make a mark in your office or inside the subway, the looks of the Sony MDR-z7 unit can help. Coming to the clamping, it is just fine and won’t hurt at all. They are not firm or tight.

It is perfect for even large ears, which was tremendous. Additionally, the headphone is relatively light. You can wear them for prolonged hours without feeling any discomfort. Our tester thought that they might weigh too much, but alas, they did not.

We were pretty satisfied with the weight and the design pattern of the headphone. We feel that the maker has done a splendid job with this model. The design of both MDR-1am2 and the MDR-z7 models is excellent, and users will be delighted wearing these top-end models.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Build Quality

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The build quality of both models is exceptional. This aspect should be standard, keeping in mind that they are priced under $700. The Sony MDR-1ama2 model is produced from plastic that giving it a cheap feeling.

However, the earpads are produced from leather that is quite nice looking and feels sturdy. Besides, the headphone feels quite robust in looks. Not to mention, the headband comes produced from synthetic leather, which gives it a solid appearance.

Though the material options are quite decent, they are nicely done and produced. A notable feature of the headset is that the hinge that connects the unit to the headband does not make any noise if you rotate it.

This has been mentioned in the manual because several users have raised the issue with them. You can also notice the fact that the extension of the headband is very smooth when you plan on using it for listening purposes.

For a $400 headphone, we felt that these minor things were quite nice on their part. We noticed that the frame of the headphone is relatively light but robust in design. They can withstand a few accidental falls if at all they happen.

However, the earpads can take in the heat as and when they come. This aspect might not suit gamers who may want to wear them for lengthy periods of time. The earpads did touch the grille after wearing them for a few hours, and you may want to remove them for 30 minutes.

The build quality of the MDR-1am2 headphone could have been slightly improved. It is alright to wear for mild activities like a brisk walk or small jog. Otherwise, we would not suggest that you wear them when performing strenuous exercises cause they will drop off without warning.

Sony has provided you with 2 sets of cables inside it. The pouch comes with a separate compartment, where you can store different cables, which is an excellent thing. Similarly, the build and design quality of the Sony MDR-z7 headset is fantastic.

It comes produced with decent materials on par with top-end models from Bose and Sennheiser. Sony has always produced its models with utmost care and credibility. Their models are famous because of their extraordinary build quality.

The MDR-z7 headphone comes with premium leather and metal found in it. The metal design present enables to decrease the vibration that can occur inside it unwantedly. It helps to ensure that the sound is quite decent for your ears.

Because of the build quality, you can now hear better mids and highs. Not to mention, the frequency sounds are opulent. The earcups are produced from leather. You can notice that there is an inner band made from metal that can be flexible.

It does not lose its shape, and the headband is made from metal. The comfort and the clamping of the model are one-of-a-kinds. We did not find any control buttons or the cable on both the earcups.

Now, you can seamlessly make use of the headphones. Our tester was pleased to use it. Sometimes, when you have a remarkably designed model in your hands, you feel elated. As we said before, the headphone can easily fit on large heads.

So, if you have a large head, just go for this one. On the whole, the models are produced from premium materials. You will not find them cheap or slim in looks. The appearance of them is elegant to say.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Audio Performance

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The Sony MDR-1am2 headset comes with opulent sound performance. You can effortlessly hear what you want and listen to the vocals quite opulently. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sound detail that was provided from the headphone.

The term detail retrieval is not commonly used in our reviews. If you would read them, then you would undoubtedly agree with us on that. The noise blockage was also excellent and splendid. Users will be happy to know that the maker has provided a 4.4mm pentaconn cable.

It can help you enhance the amplification a bit. However, we may not recommend it because the unit is quite sensitive. The volume is reasonably sufficient for most audiophiles if you consider yourself one of them.
So, there is no point in using it. Otherwise, the volume can go high to crazy levels that can cause a lot of disruption to you. The frequency response is quite good. Our tester thought that the tuning of the headset could have been improved a bit.

Like Sony always does to its models, the bass is on the higher side. But not all of us have to like it that way. You can make use of the treble and the mids too. It is okay if you want to listen to pop music, but you might want to use something different, like less bass for other genres.

This was our view; it does not have to be the same as yours. Those who want to use it to watch YouTube videos or live streaming can consider it. However, for music, you may feel the lack of treble for good.

The Sony MDR-z7 comes with a magnificent DAQ. When you are a user who often works on a PC or tablet, then it is where the model actually shines a lot. We usually do not say this on our reviews because of even top-end models under $500 struggle with the vocals.

When you own a smartphone that comes with DAQ in it, then you might want to try it out and see what we mean by it. The soundstage and the clarity are quite good. You can feel the highs and the mids coming out well from it.

Yes, the bass is right there. You can easily make out the presence of the 70mm driver that is present in there. The frequency response is good at 4 – 100,000Hz. You would like to make use of the headphone for pop and rock music.

We did not feel convinced with the acoustic and classical genres. But that is acceptable because all units do not work on everything. Even the top-end models from Bose & Sennheiser fault. There are aspects where you may have to think about.

It felt pretty heavy because of the immense bass in it. That is not a bad thing but nicely done to say. Due to the size, the music quality is stunning and reduces the loss of sound. In 100kHz, you can now enjoy the vocals and the harmony given the tonality of the model.

To understand what we mean by that, you might want to hear your favorite song a few times using these headphones. Little details that you may have missed out on using other models are glaringly audible in this model.

We feel that the maker has done a fabulous job here. However, you cannot compare them to the likes of the Apple or Sennheiser models priced under $500. They offer decent clarity and enable you to hear things in a better aspect of things.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Microphone Performance

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The Sony MDR-1am2 headset comes with a stunning microphone. You might have read that the model comes with a fantastic frequency range 3Hz to 100kHz. These can be used for listening and speaking clearly to your audience.

There is no sound distortion when you talk. That is an excellent thing to note. Besides, it gives your voice realism and a lot of life to it. A notable feature here is the grille design that comes like the Fibonacci sequence for making sure that no frequency is removed.

It makes use of oxygen-free copper cables. This reduces the resistance and signal loss drastically. Likewise, the Sony MDR-z7 headset has a great microphone that provides astonishing audio performance.

You can use the microphone and speak clearly to your audience. Besides, the fitting is also good, helping you to talk well with the person on the other side of the line. You will enjoy using the unit without fail.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Compatibility

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The compatibility of both the models is quite good. The Sony MDR-1am2 headset comes with a 3.5mm detachable silver-coated OFC with a length of 47-1/4”. You can also make use of the gold-plated L-shaped plug that is 4.4mm balanced.

You can connect it with your smartphone if you want to with the in-line remote cord present. There is also a heavyweight bass coming infused with the beat response control. The connectivity has a frequency response of 3Hz –100000Hz, and an impedance of 16 ohms.

The Sony MDR-z7 headphone comes with an audio cable of almost 9.8 feet. There is also the 1/4″ adapter and balanced audio cable 6.5 feet. They are ideal for connecting on several devices if you want. The frequency range is 4-100000Hz and has a unique 70mm driver unit, offering you with unparalleled comfort & stability.

You can find the Φ4.4 balanced standard plug. There is also the Uni-match plug adaptor. There is also documentation present in the package. You can make use of the warranty card to ensure that you make use of it when you need it.

All in all, the compatibility of both the units is sublime, offering you adequate compatibility.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Price

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7

The Sony MDR-1am2 headphone is priced under $299. However, the pricing is quite reasonable when you compared to some of the other models that the maker has released, like the MDR-z1r headset priced at $2600, though available for $1789 at the time of writing.

Of course, this model cannot be placed in front of the MDR-z1r unit. Likewise, you have the Sony MDR-z7 headset that is priced under $700. It is priced at $600 for now in 2021. Besides, you can always find them priced cheaper on other online retail websites closer to $500.

While some users might think twice before shelling out that kind of money, however, it can be called a value for a product with decent comfort and elegance. The sound quality could have been improved immensely.

We are quite sorry about the fact that they did not provide you with the case. Additionally, the high price might not suit everybody’s pocket. But when you are alright with that and ready to spend that kind of an amount, then it is fine all-round.

Sony MDR-1AM2 vs Sony MDR-Z7: Verdict

We have concluded our review between the Sony MDR-1am2 vs Sony MDR-z7 headphones. The Sony MDR-1am2 headphone is quite a decent model that comes with tremendous powers. However, do you want to go ahead with it when it comes to below-par sound quality?

The headset is exceptionally well designed and very comfortable to wear for several hours. Multimedia applications come in handy for the unit. They are lightweight too. You can easily pack them inside your backpack and take them quickly.

However, we are not sure about using it the headphone as a regular audiophile device for you. Today, you can find tons of headsets from Sony, like its popular model, Sony WH-1000XM3. Users may prefer to choose a wireless device than using a wired model like this.

The price point is something that the maker may want to think about. Those of you who are particular about using the wired device might want to consider it. All in all, it is an extraordinary device that is nicely portable for you to use during travel.

It is designed quite well, and the comfort is superb. Besides, you can listen to them the whole day without complaints. The sound quality is average and quite eloquent to say. When you are specific about using a good headset, this model might come in handy.

The Sony MDR-z7 headphone has managed to make the audio with more clarity. The model comes with a spectacular design, comfort, and build quality. We could not find a single poor quality about this great headset.

We do not sound too hard on it. But the pricing also needs a rethink. There are tons of alternatives in the form of Sony models that would consider in the blink of an eye. The Sony MDR-1am2 headphone could be the better choice because it comes infused with the 1Hz lower low-frequency, 54 ohms lower impedance, and can be used as a headset.

The headphone is close to 148 grams lighter than the counterpart in this review; it has a travel bag for convenience and an in-line control panel. The headphone comes with a 1.4m lengthier cable and has an L-shape plug that is useful for enabling you to get it charged.

The Sony MDR-z7 headphone could be the better option because it has a passive noise reduction, 4dB/mW higher sound pressure level, and comes with a 30.1mm bigger driver unit. Our winner in this comparison review between the Sony MDR-1am2 vs Sony MDR-z7 headphones would be the MDR-1am2 headphone without a doubt.

The Sony MDR-z7 headphone is good, but the high pricing can be a downer. Not all users can afford that kind of money consistently. But when you want to use those fantastic drivers, then you might want to think again?

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