Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro – Which One Perform Better?

Corsair is a famous brand that has produced gaming products for many years now. They manufacture keyboards, PC cases, RAM, power supplies, and the like. Though they have yet to establish their name in the market, they have produced some iconic products.

One of their popular products is gaming mice. They specialize in producing refined products. Today, we are going to read about their popular gaming mice. They are the Corsair Glaive RGB vs Pro.

The Corsair RGB and Pro are similar in design & build quality but come with different features and price points. It comes designed with exceptional customization features. Our tester appreciated the fact that it has opulent ergonomics & aesthetics.

You can notice that it has interchangeable thumb grips present in it. That provides you with the ability to change it as & when you want. It provides you with the best grip that is present in the market.

Besides, there is the RGB lighting that is also there. The unit comes priced higher than $100, making it costlier than the Razer DeathAdder Elite. Besides, you also have the liked mouse in the form of the Logitech gaming mouse.

It comes with exceptional sensitive optical sensors. But we did notice that the model cannot live up to the expectations of other gaming mice that the maker has produced. You have the M65 Pro RGB.

That comes with stunning features & powers. All in the Glaive RGB gaming mouse is enjoyable to use and work with. It comes with RGB lighting that makes it glow well. Besides, you can always bet on the Corsair software that is a joy to utilize.

Likewise, you have the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse. This was released later. You can always expect some massive changes in the model. You can see a modular side panel design having a lightweight.

But the optical sensor is way better than most others. You can notice that it comes with 3 zones of RGB lighting infused with 50 million clicks. Some buttons can be programmed, and the onboard memory with customizations features can be done using iCUE software.

Let us read and find out more about these spectacular models and find the winner in the end.

Corsair Glaive RGBCorsair Glaive Pro
Corsair GlaiveCorsair Glaive Pro
It feels comfortable to use for a prolonged period.

It has good tracking and motion features.

The unit comes with thumb grips that can be interchanged.

The RGB lighting in the mouse is beautifully implemented.

The DPI sensor and Omron switches are opulent.
The design is opulent and sublime.

The sensor performance is top-notch.

It comes with exceptional buttons and a scroll wheel feature.

It has modular side panels that provide you with stunning variations in shape.

The unit provides a good palm grip for hands.
It is quite expensive for a wired mouse.The unit has performance issues when the RGB lighting is on.
SPECIFICATIONSCorsair GlaiveCorsair Glaive Pro
NameGLAIVE Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB LightingGLAIVE RGB PRO FPS/MOBA Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
Lighting TypeRGBSingle color
Maximum Sensitivity16000 dots per inch18000 dots per inch
Number of Buttons67
Mouse TypeGamingGaming
Customizable LightingYes
Mouse OperationButton(s), Scroll wheelButtons
Mouse Grip StylePalm grip, ContouredContoured
HandednessRight-handed Right-handed
Tracking MethodOpticalOptical
Warranty2 Years2 years

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro: Design & Comfort

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse is a large unit. It has a measurement of 3.6 x 4.95 x 1.75 inches, and when you have large hands, there should be no reason for complaining. Our tester appreciated the fact that the manufacturer brought out a splendid product.

They have taken time to ensure that the ergonomics of the unit are top-notch. The shape of the unit is contoured, giving a perfect design for optimum comfort. The surface comes coated with soft-touch paint that offers a stunning grip on it.

You can make use of the textured pad on the right side. You can also notice that the side buttons come in different sizes. This feature is excellent for use when you are playing games. The DPI of any gaming mouse is the most crucial aspect of any product.

This one comes infused having stunning 12000 DPI. The status lights are nicely placed on the left side of the mouse. You can now verify the sensitivity of the mouse quickly. It also has interchangeable magnetic thumb grips.

This is an exemplary aspect of the gaming mouse. This feature helps it in the grip of the ergonomics. You can see the RGB lighting done well. This was expected from the maker. There is 3 zone backlighting on it that comes nicely done.

You can notice a small crack of light on above the side buttons. It does not really have to bother anybody. Sadly, the plastic body that has been done with could have been enhanced for the price point.

Users will not feel as if they are using a premium gaming mouse. Though the features come good, the material used was a dampener. The maker produced an M65 Pro RGB FPS gaming mouse priced under $60.

Since they come with a large grip, the travel speed is slightly gone. It is pretty minimum, though. But you have 3 notable grips that you can use in the play style. On the magnetic thumb, you can find 2 buttons to change the tasks on your laptop.

The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse is good product that comes with an excellent design. The comfort when you hold the mouse is splendid. You can feel that the maker has done a decent job with it.

It is safe to say that both the Glaive models have ignited a new feature in the design aspect of things here. You can find a few ledges, cuts, and minor details that can break things a bit. But they come with a nice visual.

If your hands are less than 17cm, then you will find it highly comfortable. You will also notice that the sides come pretty narrow at the top of the mouse. It comes with curves that are present rightly.

When you see it, the right side of the mouse comes bent and the front is straight. This feature helps you to maintain a good grip on it. Besides, the main buttons come with beautifully designed controls that are incredibly comfortable.

They help you give you a very relaxed position. It measures around 4.8” x 2.7” and comes having 65mm width. They are suitable for hands that are close to 18cm in length. This mouse can do with different kinds of sizes of hands.

You may want to try out the mouse before you actually purchase it. This would be very ideal. The gaming mouse comes packed nicely too. The cardboard box comes with a nice yellow & black color without any windows.

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro: Mouse Performance

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

We will be talking about the mouse performance in this segment. This aspect is one of the most crucial aspects of any gaming mouse. Depending on that, users will make their decision. The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse comes with exceptional value.

It has the Pixart 3367 sensor that comes with 16000DPI. Using this kind of device in your hands, you can perform several amazing things in your games. Moving an inch, you can do a massive 1200degree turn in your gaming session.

Isn’t that awesome? When you do not have a mousepad, then you can work with it without much concern. It should be able to do whatever you want. The sensor can be tuned & adjusted according to your requirement.

You should be able to optimize it on any surface that you require. The maker also has partnered with Pixart for designing the sensor. It comes only from their models, and no other brand has this kind of feature as of now.

The pinpoint focus is on the Omron switches that can move around with the tiniest of clicks. You can also reset it quicker than you want. The stress that is often caused when you are clicking quickly using the mouse during games is drastically decreased.

You can adjust the DPI of the gaming mouse with the buttons that are present below the wheel. Additionally, the wheel is placed in a very convenient position. You can also find artificial vents on the backside of the gaming mouse.

We are not sure why they are there, but they give an elegant design to the gaming mouse. Users genuinely feel that they are using a superb device along with the RGB lighting that is present. However, you may not be able to see the true lighting ability often.

There are 5 kinds of presets that you can choose depending on the type of games or situation. Its sensor technology is one of the best in the market as of today. It also gives you with the sublime Omron switches that can work for 50 million clicks.

Besides, the mouse feels nice and placed in your hands. There is really nothing much we can complain about this unit. Similarly, there is the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse that comes with outstanding features in it.

It has a modular left side where 3 different panels can be attached if you like. The panels can hold robust with the help of magnets, and each of them comes quite differently. We liked the default panel with a straight appearance.

The second one is slightly wide and can poke on the front side. The third one comes with the thumb grip on it and mouse skate, so it does not scrape any surface. It has sufficient rubberization on each of them.

You can note that the top shell is coated with a soft material. Your fingerprints do not appear on them quickly. The wheel has a rubber finish to it, and hence there are slips by accident. You can see that the side buttons & the CPI are produced with the help of matte plastic too.

It works fantastic around the range of 2100 CPI that is more than the new PixArt sensors. You can also have it reduce the jitters that often occur on the higher resolutions. You can set the resolution from 100-18000CPI if you want.

You can disable the LEDs if you want and note that the unit does quite well. This is on par with the Cooler Master MM830 gaming mouse. You can work on the polling rate, and they are quite sturdy, to say the least.

The iCUE software was relatively light and sleek. You can organize it much better than most of the tools found in the market. Though few of the options can be organized quickly, some take your time & are intuitive.

You can make use of the tutorials. Users will take delight in the cable because it comes pretty stiff and is pleasant to work with. You never get the feeling that they can get damaged very soon. After all, they cost $150.

The iCUE software present in the gaming mouse offers it a stunning capability. It comes designed & you can make adjustments as you want. When you do not wish to install the features, then you can get rid of them using the onboard memory.

We noticed that the RGB lighting could cause minor performance issues on the Glaive RGB unit, but there is nothing much in the Glaive RGB Pro model. The 3 lighting zones can light up as they can and offer you with numerous effects with customization options for working on them.

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro: Price

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro

The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse is priced under $113. For all plastic-made mice, consumers can say that it is expensive. That is the first thing that comes to your mind. The unit comes with an outstanding contoured shape to help the game for extended periods.

The thumb grips can be interchanged as and when you want. The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse is priced under $150. There is a price difference of more than $30 in them. You will be glad to know that they have a contoured shape, which can naturally fit in your hands.

It comes infused with 3 interchangeable grips designed for your hands. For the price point, consumers can get a custom gaming-grade 18 000 DPI optical sensor. The magnificent Omron switches are rated for producing close to 50 million clicks that are sublime.

Overall, they both are priced quite steeply. You may want to keep your eyes open for those substantial discounts provided often by the retailer. Function-wise, they come embedded with terrific specifications, making them kind mice that most users should own.

Corsair Glaive vs Glaive Pro: Verdict

The Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse is a good unit for gamers and users for usual tasks. The mouse comes with extreme comfort and is quite responsive to your needs. Our tester felt that it is very comfortable whether you have small or large hands.

Besides, the model comes with interchangeable thumb grips. These features usually are not found on similar price point mouse-like Razer DeathAdder. Unfortunately, Corsair, known for its robust design, has used plastic on the mouse to make it feel cheap.

For an above $100 mouse, we expected better. Some users can be disappointed with that. If you want to have a go, the maker offers you the M65 Pro RGB mouse with better-built quality. The model also comes with the metal present over it.

The Glaive provides you with more reasons to like it than hate it. The unit comes with stunning ergonomic, and the sensor helps you to work efficiently using the model. It also comes with robust aesthetic build quality too.

All in, the Glaive RGB mouse is highly unique, to say the least. This model is a sturdy option for those wanting a unit that can fit their hands. You will also love the compatibility of the software, providing granular control of 16000 DPI levels & adjusting features.

The alternate option you can consider is the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB coming with 12000 DPI. When you are particular about using 16000 DPI, then this is it. Similarly, the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse comes with an exceptional sensor.

You can make use of the 3 different left side panels to swap them. They are positioned with the help of magnets. It is an excellent feature & makes the unit ideal for doing a wide of tasks. The material used in the mouse is terrific and are a soft-touch matte coating.

When you hold it, you feel excellent & good. However, your fingerprints can appear on them quickly. The side panels have rubberization. Even if you sweat, you can easily grip the gaming mouse. The build quality is quite stunning, and the model does not make a funny noise.

Our tester did not find any rattling noise, and everything gelled well with each other. It is lighter than the predecessor, at little more than 110 grams. But it is still heavy. The buttons are positioned nicely on the model and come with just the right kind of travel.

The winner between the Corsair Glaive RGB vs Pro gaming mice is the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro gaming mouse. Though it is expensive than the Glaive RGB model, it comes with breathtaking features infused in it that make it much better than most units present in the market today.

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