Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite Gaming Headset

There is no doubt that Corsair is a reputed brand name that is revered by gamers all over the world, including America. Can they live up the hype when it comes to their magnificent PC gaming headsets?

Keeping that in mind, we will be reviewing two of its popular models, the CORSAIR HS70 PRO vs Void Elite, in today’s post. We will learn more about them and how they are suited for your gaming as well as entertainment purpose.

Both the HS70 PRO and the Void Elite are budget headsets. They are priced below the $100 price tag. Though they are decent models, it won’t be surprising to note that they do not embed certain features that can only be found on top-end headsets.

The CORSAIR HS70 PRO gaming headset is a wireless version of the HS60 headset. It provides you with an exceptional fitting. It comes infused with 7.1 surround sound capability. You can find this feature on many low-priced headsets, but you can only trust Corsair when it comes to reliability.

They have always known to come up with few tricks up their sleeve to get you excited. It is safe to say that the HS70 is a good choice for acute hearing. The padding on the earcups and the build quality is good.

We liked the microphone present on the unit as it is detachable and sounds sublime. Besides, you can also make use of the Corsair iCUE software to customize your unit’s audio. Though it cannot be used passively, the 15 hours of battery life make it worth it.

Its dongle provides you with minimal latency, and as they do not let passive playback, they are not ideal for entertainment use. On the other hand, the Void Elite is a good pair of gaming headsets.

It can only be used with a USB-A audio cable. That means you can work with it on your Xbox One. This does not have to make them a bad choice because you can work exceptionally well using your PC, laptop, PS4, and Nintendo Switch seamlessly.

The build quality, sleek design, and V-shaped earcups frame give it a new budget unit dimension. Besides, the product comes with a stunning range of configuration options. Unfortunately, the noise isolation and construction can be heavy, making it suitable only for gaming purposes.

Let us read on to find out more about these two outstanding models.

Corsair HS70 PROCorsair Void Elite
The product has a good battery working life.
The unit offers you a reliable sound quality.
It fits nicely with the plush memory foam earcups.
It has an elegant appearance.
This is an exceptional device priced low.
The looks are terrific with V-shaped earcups.
The product provides breathable microfiber mesh.
Its design is exceptionally comfortable, and cushioning is exceptional.
It has a reliable sound quality.
The headset is priced low, under $100.
Few users complained that it is a little bulky.There is no USB for connectivity.
Product NameHS70 PRO Wireless Stereo Gaming HeadsetVOID RGB ELITE Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
Wireless ConnectivityRadio Frequency (RF)Radio Frequency (RF)
True WirelessNoNo
Maximum Wireless Range40 feet39 feet
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandNoNo
Warranty2 years2 years


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

CORSAIR HS70 PRO design is quite the same as the HS60 version. The color tones are also similar to them. The simplicity of the design of the HS70 PRO is something that we liked. They looked good and pleasant to look at.

We noticed few differences from that of the HS60; for example, the stitching on the headband was much better. It has no RGB lighting, which is a good thing because you do not need to consume a battery.

It is colored entirely in black with the accents in white color. That gives them an elegant and premium look for an under $100 unit. Since the headband is made from metal, it is similar in looks to that of the HyperX Cloud 2.

The headband did not feel tight on our tester’s head, and he was highly appreciative of the fact that the unit came with large earcups. They were also very comfortable to wear for long hours. Sadly, the hinges do not come with a wide-angle of motion.

That can affect the clamping force on your head. Overall, the HS70 PRO were sublime headsets that you can wear for long hours without feeling any fatigue or issues whatsoever. Users commended on the fact that they were pretty nice to wear during gaming.

The Void Elite is another exceptional device from Corsair. It is priced slightly cheaper than the HS70 PRO but comes well-designed and almost on par with the HS70 PRO. The moment you notice the Void Elite unit, you do not see the smooth finish or the headband width.

Our tester felt that the V-shaped earcups were large in size on par with most of the premium models. Those of you are having large heads with be delighted to use this pair of headset. Though the earcups are large and provide ample comfort, they also leave room between the head.

Users may not be able to get the desired fitting. That is not a good thing when you like to walk around or jog around in your park. Luckily, you can use the hook design to ensure that the earcups are in place though you have to sacrifice the flexibility of the shape.

Overall, the design & comfort of the Elite was good and came with a decent fit. The large V-shaped earcups were a sight to behold from an under $80 unit. Probably, this can be its USP, and we feel that it can outdo most in the same price category.


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

The build quality of the CORSAIR HS70 PRO is much better than the ones found on the HS50 models. The beautifully carved earcups come made of matte black plastic that is very durable and has a metal grill.

Our tester liked the grill because it gives the headset exceptional durability and the ability to withstand nasty falls and drops. You can find the Corsair logo embalmed in the middle. They come attached with the help of aluminum yolks that are robust in design.

It is the additional features in the Corsair product that give it mileage when you compare them to top-end products. Besides, the microphone is removable, and the dongle feels strong too on the likes of Sennheiser GSP units.

Both the earcups come with buttons that are easy to access and nicely designed. Everything on the HS70 PRO is stunning and well done that can last few years without a problem. For this price point, it is something worth considering.

On the other hand, you have the Void Elite that is also exceptionally designed. It can be called sturdy, and they come produced with plastic. The headband is flexible but robust, and you do not feel as it can break off at any moment.

They are quite nicely done. The earcups too come with a soft and durable material. Sadly, the microphone feels a bit weak. That is because it cannot be detached from the unit. However, it is omnidirectional.

The clamping force is still an issue. If you have a small head or prefer moving around aggressively with your headset on, then you may want to consider some other unit. Other than that, it is a sublime device that you can wear and should last you for years.


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

The CORSAIR HS70 PRO runs for 20 hours on the trot without issues. Our tester put this low-priced unit under the scanner to determine if it is on par with $200 units. We were quite stunned because it impressed us immensely.

The gaming sound quality was sensational, the music audio quality was opulent, and the volume distortion testing pulled off sublimely. We played games like Apex Legends and FPS games on the PC with ease.

It comes with directional sound support that is crucial for the headset. As a player, you can easily find out where your enemies or foes are located. Besides, it also helped during intense gaming sessions.

The audio on the HS70 PRO cannot be called bad at all. It is splendid for the price range that you are getting it in. We loved the way in which bombs sounded on the headset. There was no crackling in the audio.

In the same way, the Void Elite gaming headsets offer you stunning sound quality, ensuring that the audio is sublime. They come with the virtual 7.1 surround sound quality that sees to that your ears get what they want to hear.

However, we felt that during the intense situations, the sound begins to sound muddy. This results in crowded minds that are not quite capable of providing you with high-octane gaming shots.

The dialogue sounded quite lovely, and we could hear what we wanted to. Because this is a budget headset priced under $100, which is the most you can get. Overall, we felt that the Void Elite provided exceptional sound quality for the price.


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

The microphone ability of the CORSAIR HS70 PRO was good. Users can make use of it exceptionally well. Instantly you notice that the box comes with the verification of Discord. Additionally, it comes with a noise cancelation feature.

You will also love the fact that it is detachable, offering you with unidirectional audio. Our tester noticed that the sensitivity of the microphone was somewhat poor. If you place it too close near your mouth, then your voice can hear the airflow along with it.

Its recording was average, and you can expect more from it except that this is an under $100 headset. The LFE was 523Hz, and your voice was quite bright and thin. At the same time, the HFE was 6.5KHz, providing a detailed sound quality.

Your voice should sound clear, full-bodied, and natural. We can say that the microphone performance on the Void Elite was quite stunning. Though it did struggle initially, you will be more than delighted to use it for gaming once you get used to the sound profile.

We cannot say the same about streaming or vlogging purposes. The sound was pristine on the Discord voice chat, and we could not hear what was spoken in the background. This is something that is not often found in under $100 units.


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

The compatibility of the CORSAIR HS70 PRO was good as you could work on most of the devices and gaming consoles effortlessly. It is compatible with the PC, laptop, PS4, and PS5 console using a wireless USB dongle.

Sadly, you cannot work with it on the Xbox One. If you are particular about operating with the Xbox One, you may want to look elsewhere. The iCUE software worked sublimely with the PC and the gaming consoles.

You can get the audio quality that you want. Besides, all the buttons are placed well along the sides of the earcups. On the other hand, the Void Elite is operational with the PC, laptop, and PS4 gaming console.

It has got you covered in these devices. Thanks to the Corsair iCUE companion software, you can use the graphic EQ, microphone sidetone adjustment, audio presets, and others for adjusting the sound.

No, you cannot work using Apple products. We were highly impressed with the 7.1 surround sound capabilities of the headset. All in all, the compatibility of both the HS70 PRO and the Void Elite was outstanding.


Corsair HS70 PRO vs Void Elite

A manufacturer finds it extremely difficult to price two of their top-performing gaming headsets aggressively. Now, the HS70 and the Void Elite both come with stunning features infused in them.

The CORSAIR HS70 is a wireless device that is priced under $100. You stand to get them $20 lower during discounts or sales period. The Void Elite is priced under $100. You can get it lower than the price tag during sales.

The HS70 wireless gaming headset is an exceptional device coming with astounding specifications typically found in $150 priced gaming headsets. Similarly, the Void Elite is another great headset having incredible features.


We have ended our comparison review on these two outstanding models. You really cannot ask for more from a budget headset. The CORSAIR HS70 vs Void Elite showed us that they came with exceptional features instilled in them.

For quite something, wireless units have got poor feedback from users globally. Most of them come with several errors, and their performance is left wanting in several aspects. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the HS70 PRO and the Void Elite are viable options.

The maker must be incredibly proud of what they were able to achieve. When you do not want to spend more than $100 on a decent pair of headset, then you know what to do. The HS70 PRO was a solid option coming with good sound quality and extreme comfort.

Besides, it comes with a fantastic battery life requiring little charging time. The unit is versatile in terms of entertainment purposes. We liked the software and its incredible looks. Sadly, the microphone performed average, and the audio could have been improved.

The Void Elite comes with exceptional features for the price tag. When you in search of a magnificent headphone having 7.1 surround sound in it. The mid-range was left lagging, but the sound quality was exceptional.

It is a unit that won’t leave you disappointed as it comes with outstanding microphone performance and the punches were astounding. The V-shaped earcups are the most talked about in the market, and they have made a name for themselves.

The winner of our review between CORSAIR HS70 PRO vs Void Elite is the HS70 PRO. It comes with wireless ability, and you can connect using the USB-A dongle. The headphone is quite comfortable, exceptionally built, and offers consistent listening experience.

It comes with a removable microphone and offers a sober look. The Void Elite comes with a magnificent control scheme capability.

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