Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset – Which One You Should Choose?

In today’s review, we will be discussing about two popular models from the same brand. We are talking about the Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro gaming headsets. These two headsets are famous for the right reasons among its professional gamers.

Most importantly, they are priced the same, so we cannot find any difference in there. Yes, we did see little difference in the audio quality of both these sublime gaming headsets. Can that play spoilsport in the end, is for us to find out?

The design of both the headphones is almost the same. Through this comparison review, you will get a clear idea of which headphone is best for you. Corsair HS70 gaming headset is quite a fantastic unit.

It comes with spectacular features that are suitable for gamers and other users as well. The Corsair HS70 is a wireless unit that does not come with any wires. The freedom of being able to walk around without the wiring hanging around is genuinely something that is to be experienced.

The HS70 Pro is another exciting product from the same maker. It is quite in resemblance to the earlier version, the HS60 unit. The build quality and the microphone design are almost the same. You will also appreciate the earcup padding resulting in immense comfort.

You can play for several hours with the headset. When you want to game, then you can play for close to 10 hours too. Besides, you can use them on your PC and the PS4 console. When compared to the HS50, HS60, and the HS70.

Let us read to find out more about these sublime models and how they can fit into your regime.

Corsair HS70Corsair HS70 Pro
It is a sleek designed gaming headset.

The headset is extremely comfortable and durable.

It comes with an opulent audio performance.

The model provides a stupendous microphone.

The unit is priced at affordable under $100.
The product is very comfortable to wear for extended hours.

It is quite audible and comes with sublime bass.

It has a breathtaking surround sound quality.

The model provides you with an exceptional microphone.

The product is priced cheaply, under $100.
The headset has very poor noise isolation.The product comes with limited customization.
NameHS70 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetHS70 PRO Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
Wireless ConnectivityRadio Frequency (RF)Radio Frequency (RF)
True WirelessNoNo
Maximum Wireless Range40 feet40 feet
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandNoNo
Warranty2 years2 years

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Design & Comfort

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

It becomes quite strenuous when you have to compare the design and comfort quality of similar-looking products. In this case, the Corsair HS70 gaming headset comes with a stunning design and features infused with it.

The build quality and design of the frame are exceptional. We did not think that it would break when dropped few times. It should be able to handle it effortlessly. The logo is nicely designed at the top of the gaming headset.

You can also find a crisscross design, which is stitched on the unit. It appears stunning and simply superb. The microphone design is also good. We like the white tones infused on it too.

They were quite spectacular. You can find the switch button on the right side of the earcup, and the left side comes for volume control and adjustment. You can find the port for using the microphone and also detach it when you don’t feel like using it.

The HS70 Pro gaming headset is another stunning product. Yes, the design and the comfort are mostly the same as the HS70. You obviously cannot accept too much of a change. When something is already nicely done, you might as well leave it alone.

A notable feature of the headset is the comfort of the microphone. It was quite simple and came with a clean appearance when compared to most headsets that we have reviewed. We did not feel that they are flashy and can be worn for a prolonged period of time.

Our tester felt asleep with the headphone as it was quite comfortable and light to wear. You can find the power switch, volume buttons, and the wheel for adjusting the volume at the back. You can also find the battery indicator light present in there.

The light switches on depending on the kind of operation it is in. You can also make use of the USB charging plugin and the microphone plugin. Its comfort level on the headset is second to none.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Build Quality

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

The build quality of the Corsair HS70 and the HS70 Pro gaming headsets is stunning. They were highly produced. Corsair is famous for its comfort and builds quality, and we were not at all surprised one bit.

It comes with a black coating on the outside of the earcup and the metal framework. The unit comes coated with leather and cream tone. It gives it an elegant appeal. The stitching and the color placed on it is truly unique.

Besides the design, you may want to admire it. The premium looks and price of under $100 make you look at it in awe. You can find the plastic RGB units that come designed with a matte finish on them.

Our tester liked the combination of the material, color, and design of the headset. The Corsair HS70 Pro, too, has a stunning build quality like its predecessor. Since they are quite heavy, you can feel the stiffness on them.

The frame and the body are well done. It comes with earpads that are designed that are incredibly sturdy. Its clamping force is also quite impressive. The pad seems to mold itself around your ears.

They seem to simply rest on your shoulder as if the drivers come with a grill on them and the great logos give you the appearance of an open-back unit. Unfortunately for you, the unit is a closed back.

Overall, the build quality of the microphone is simply exceptional. We found no use of the cheap plastic material on it. They will not break easily unless you try something else on them. If you use them carefully, they can last few years easily.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Audio Performance

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

The audio performance of the Corsair HS70 gaming headset is incredible. We never complained about the previous models either in our reviews. You can find that they work nicely. The Corsair HS70 gaming headset has sublime audio performance thanks to 50mm neodymium drivers.

Our tester felt good listening to the footsteps during gaming and when hearing some of their favorite songs. The highs and lows were superb, offering excellent clarity in everything. The manner in which it was smooth is what struck him the most.

The audio is truly balanced and never tinny; it is silky most of the time. It does not come with virtual surround sound. The unit has spatial audio, and the surround sound effects are mild. This is possible because of the 50mm neodymium audio drivers.

You can also make use of 40feet of wireless range for more than 15 hours. This something that we were genuinely impressed with. Its quality is simply exceptional for under $100 gaming headset. Gamers will be astounded by the performance of the HS70 Pro gaming headset.

The sound was crisp and came with the kind of audio that we wanted to listen to. You just feel as if you are getting into a trance. The audio effects were that good. Users cannot use the IQ software present on the unit.

Overall, we are highly impressed with the audio quality of both gaming headsets. At one point, we thought we were using top-end headsets priced at $300 to $400 like the models sold from Sennheiser and Bose.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Microphone Performance

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

The microphone performance on the Corsair HS70 gaming headset is genuinely commendable. Gamers will be stunned using it because it did a fantastic task of canceling the background sound effortlessly.

The clarity of your voice is also captured nicely. This is useful when you are recording a podcast or doing a video call. Our tester did not find any distortion in his voice when he spoke shallow tone and high tone.

There are no complaints from our side. It also comes certified by Discord. We found that it was able to manage everything that was thrown at it terrifically. Likewise, the HS70 Pro model comes with a stunning microphone capacity.

You can alter the EQ presets and do what you want, changing the decibels. When playing games like the FPS, you will want to set the volume of the microphone. Their performance is capable of blowing you away.

The surround sound works splendidly on the microphone. You can effortlessly use the microphone with a plug-and-play mode. Our tester used it on the PS4 and on the PC. He found that the microphone worked splendidly on them too.

There is no reason why you cannot use this as your main microphone if you wanted to when you are streaming. It sounded quite sublime. If you want to also utilize it as a microphone for streaming, you can do your own thing because it sounds eloquent.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Compatibility

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

The compatibility of the Corsair HS70 gaming is quite acceptable. Users can make use of the console PS4 and place it conveniently in your room. We are not sure about it working on the Xbox One.

But you can make use of the charging cable and use it for 2 meters. The desktop app is called the IQ, and you can change the EQ presets. The sheer pace at which you can alter the sound effects was mind-boggling.

It comes with the iCue software that allows for additional features on it. Using the app, you can design several profiles using various EQ presets. Using the feature, you can now join in the game or media choice of your option.

Besides, you can also decide on the auto-shutdown settings, check the battery percentage, and be able to adjust the sidetone. The iCue software allows you to change from stereo to virtual surround sound.

It also comes with 15 hours of working awe-inspiring life. This allows you to those long gaming sessions. However, you can use the headset in charge. There should be no issues with that, though we have not tried it yet.

The unit does not come with passive playback using wired like the HS60. Of course, they can always make use of the USB dongle. Using the companion app on the macOS effortlessly. When you want to make use of it on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and MacBook, you can do so with the EQ presets.

In conclusion, the compatibility of the HS70 gaming headset was quite good. It was able to compatible with the PC and PS4. You may not be able to work with the Xbox One. Likewise, the HS70 Pro gaming headset works sublimely with all devices and consoles seamlessly without fail.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Price

Corsair HS70 vs Corsair HS70 Pro Headset

The Corsair HS70 gaming headset is priced under $100. Likewise, the Corsair HS70 Pro gaming headset is priced under $100. As we read at the beginning itself, they both with the same price range.

We really cannot speak much on the pricing here because they are priced almost the same. Some users still prefer the features and setup on the HS70, while others are most enthusiastic about the new version, HS70 Pro.

Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro: Verdict

We have ended our review on the Corsair HS70 vs HS70 Pro gaming headsets. Both are sublime models from the maker. We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing them. The Corsair HS70 headset comes with exceptional features.

It comes with a USB dongle. You cannot use it for outdoor usage, though. We found it slightly uncomfortable to use for sports. But it comes with top-notch audio performance. You can make use of the dongle for minimal latency.

That means you can view movies. You also have a microphone that is awesome for use in gaming and listening to music. You can consider using it because it comes under $100. Overall, the functionality of the HS70 headset was sublime.

Likewise, the Corsair HS70 Pro gaming headset comes with opulent comfort. You can wear them for long hours without hassle. We like the performance of the audio and microphone. All this comes for under $100.

We also liked the build quality and design of the gaming headset. It also comes with plenty of specifications too. Initially, we were skeptical because it is the next version of the HS70 unit. However, we were stunned by the performance.

It comes with rotational earcups. That is a good sign. The build quality was outstanding, and we felt that it was as good as $300 price range products. All in all, the HS70 Pro unit is a magnificent unit that comes with convenient features infused in it.

Our winner in the review is the HS70 Pro gaming headset. It is truly majestic in performance and has the ability to put a smile on the user’s face. The Corsair HS70 unit is also a good gaming headset having powerful features infused in it.

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