CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO vs Logitech G213 – Which Gaming Keyboard is Better?

Are you on the lookout for a good keyboard? If then, you are in the right place because today, we are going to take a look at two phenomenal keyboards in the market. These models are produced by popular brands, namely CORSAIR and Logitech.

As you know, CORSAIR has been in the market for quite a long time now. Their products are headsets, keyboards, and gaming mice. Logitech is also a seasoned brand name in the market and has been around for many decades now.

Their products are popular among users, including gamers, browsers, writers, and regular users. We are going to review the CORSAIR – K55 RGB Pro Full-size Wired Dome Membrane Gaming Keyboard vs the Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard.

The CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO mechanical keyboard is a phenomenal model that comes with splendid features like rubber dome switches and a zone-lit RGB backlighting. This unit is the successor of the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard.

The unit comes with low latency and fantastic ergonomics. There is one incline setting that you can set according to your need. Besides, it also comes with a detachable wrist rest. You can find dedicated media and macro keys.

The CORSAIR companion software offers several customization options. Probably, the only thing to not like in this otherwise fantastic model would be the build quality. The typing quality is good for those users who do not mind the additional pressure on it.

Besides, the keys come with a slight wobble on them. The keyboard is satisfactory for office usage. There are quiet rubber dome switches and amazing ergonomics. But they are not ideal for using lengthy periods.

The Logitech G213 Prodigy keyboard comes with awesome features like the elegant build quality and zone-lit backlighting. Besides, you can always make use of the G HUB software. There are several customization options that you can use it for.

It works especially well on both macOS and Windows. You can work on the model throughout the day without any problem. It comes with a low actuation force and wrist rest. Users can work on dedicated media controls that are, however, limited.

To learn more about these models, let us read the comparison review and know the winner.

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CORSAIR K55 RGB PROLogitech G213
CORSAIR K55 RGB PROLogitech G213
The model has an elegant design & build quality.

The unit comes with exceptionally low latency.

It comes with 6 dedicated macro keys, and they are macro-programmable.

It provides you with outstanding ergonomics for typing and gaming as well.

The keyboard is compatible and easy to use with the CORSAIR iCUE software.
The unit has a good design to it.

The model offers you with a decent typing performance.

It has several media keys for users to work with.

It comes with ample features found for connectivity.

The keyboard comes with brilliant color spectrum illumination.
The keyboard has only 5 RGB lighting zones.The keyboard comes larger than most of the other models.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO vs Logitech G213: Keyboard Specifications

The CORSAIR K55 PRO dome membrane keyboard is a full-size keyboard. The model can use most space on your table and needs working space. This aspect is with the wrist rest attached. Users can note the build quality instantly as it does flex only slightly.

Sadly, the body and the backplate of the unit are made from plastic found on most of the models. You will also notice that the top part of the model comes with a glossy plastic texture. Unfortunately, you can note that scratches and fingerprints can be present on it easily.

It has ABS keycaps that look kind of cheaply designed. The keycaps come with plenty of shine, and they are quite slippery. The rubber pads found at the bottom have a nice grip on them. The keyboard may slip around a bit when you extend the feet as they are made from plastic.

The maker has mentioned that they come with the IP42 rating. Importantly, the ergonomics of the keyboard are fantastic. The extended feet incline setting and rubber wrist rest are good. When you have large hands, then you can feel the wrist rest kind of short.

We were somewhat disappointed with the backlight of the keyboard. It also comes with a tangle-resistant rubber cable. It cannot be used wirelessly. There are 6 dedicated macro keys that are capable of streaming commands, a Windows lock key, and a key to adjust RGB light.

The Logitech G213 gaming keyboard has a great feature list ideal for all users. Their G Mech-Dome keys are designed to offer you with a spectacular tactile response and phenomenal experience that is almost on par with a mechanical keyboard.

The model is large and can take up a lot of space on your desk with the wrist rest attached. Besides, it also comes from plastic, which gives it an elegant appearance. However, you will want to know that the design is only average.

You will note that the cable is braided and comes with a rubber strip under the model. This feature ensures that it does not slide around on the table’s smooth surface. Though they have mentioned it as spill-resistant, we are not very sure about it.

We found the design quality and the ergonomic features on it phenomenal. You can, however, type for prolonged sessions without feeling fatigued. That is a good sign for any keyboard. Additionally, you can choose the color of your preference on the keyboard.

You can do that with the help of the software found on it. Please do note that the backlighting of the model is zone-lit. You can find close to 5 zones on the keyboard on it. A dedicated button is there that enables you to switch on or off the backlight.

It has no actual brightness setting, and you may not be able to use the software. The keyboard does not become bright. It cannot be visible during bright conditions. A few lighting effects on the keyboard allow you to customize using the G HUB software.

If you are keen to use a mechanical keyboard with individually backlit keys, you can consider the Razer BlackWidow model. In the G213 unit, you can find that the cable is braided. However, it is not long to reach up to the monitor, but it is not removable.

It is a wired-only keyboard. The dedicated media controls can be found on the upper right side of the model. You can also see the Windows lock button preventing minimizing the game. Sadly, the function keys need customization through the software.

Overall, the keyboard specifications of both models are just about satisfactory. You cannot compare them to models from Asus or Razer. But the price range of these models is under $100, and it won’t be fair to expect too much from them.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO vs Logitech G213: Typing Abilities

The most important feature of any keyboard is its typing capability. Only when the keyboard allows you to type smoothly and efficiently can you work or play effectively. Let us read to find out how these two models perform.

The CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO gaming keyboard comes with top-notch typing capabilities because of the rubber dome switches present on it. The model does not have a large pre-travel distance, which does not make it ideal for smooth typing.

It is unnecessary to see it as a drawback, but if you look at the bright side, you would be delighted to know that the keys are durable. Most models that come with a short pre-travel tend to break down soon and have to be replaced.

For an under $60 keyboard, this feature is useful. But those of you who are not keen on typing on a large-pre-travel model can always look elsewhere. However, you can make some accidental keystrokes often.

It can happen when your hands get fatigued due to lengthy typing and gaming sessions. Those of you who want a non-mechanical keyboard that comes with light switches can consider using the EVGA Z12 model.

Its texture is not one of the best in the market. You can see that the ABS keycaps present on it is not that fantastic. The borders can slip when you place your hands on it and type or work. Besides, the rubber dome switches found on the unit provide a bit of tactile feedback.

However, you can find that they are wobbly at times, and they can tire your hands when you use them for a prolonged time. Otherwise, it is quiet, and your colleagues or those seated around you will not be distracted because of the keyboard.

That was quite surprising because keyboards with a high pre-travel that require force tend to cause a lot of noise. This aspect of it can be quite annoying for most users. The latency of the keyboard is phenomenal and provides you with a responsive feeling.

The CORSAIR iCUE software is fabulous, offering you with several customizable settings. It helps you to assign key bindings, change the polling rate, set macros, and adjust the lighting. You will want to know that the polling rate settings are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

These can be saved on the onboard memory, and you can use them on PCs that don’t have software installed. Though the keys can work on Linux, the software is not compatible. The Corsair K55 RGB PRO model comes only available in a black tone and has no other switch types.

Similarly, the Logitech G213 gaming keyboard has tall and heavy buttons. It is quite similar to mechanical keyboards. The keys are quite firm, and they come embedded with a bump that is noticeable if they bottom out and they are quick.

It is heavy, and the stable action helps you cope with working and gaming purposes. They also come unique compared to most rival models. In this sense, the buttons found on the Razer keyboard are lighter and shorter.

If you look at the SteelSeries keys, they are almost identical but tend to be bouncier than the Logitech G213 model. It might annoy some users. You cannot tell them to be actual mechanical keyboards, but the buttons are heavy and nice.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO vs Logitech G213: Price

The CORSAIR – K55 RGB Pro Full-size Wired Dome Membrane Gaming Keyboard is priced under $50. This unit comes with the phenomenal CORSAIR iCUE software like all CORSAIR models. You can use the software for customizing the buttons as you want.

Though it is easy to work with, it is not as opulent as the Logitech G HUB software. We hope that this is not the reason for losing out on the G213 model. There are also plenty of lighting options found on the keyboard.

You can find powerful macro programming, dynamic RGB lighting control, top-notch system-wide lighting synchronization. A notable feature would be the anti-ghosting that comes with having selective key rollover.

It helps gamers to play FPS and MOBA easily because the inputs are always registered even with simultaneous key presses. A dedicated Windows key lock button prevents you from accidentally pressing the keys that do not disturb your gaming during crucial moments.

The Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard is priced under $90. There is a small price difference of $40. It comes infused with a fantastic color spectrum illumination. You can easily personalize 5 individual lighting zones from 16.8 million colors.

Depending on the setup and the game, you can change the colors as and when you want. Additionally, you can use a low light leak present on each keycap to allow less light around it. This feature helps in each key’s eloquent illumination, making it simple to find keys.

It is extremely comfortable to use for productivity and gaming purposes because of its slim body. The build quality is good but could have been improved. It has an integrated palm rest and adjustable feet that enable you to set the keyboard to the ideal typing posture.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO vs Logitech G213: Verdict

We have concluded our review between the CORSAIR – K55 RGB Pro Full-size Wired Dome Membrane Gaming Keyboard vs the Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard. They are outstanding models present in the market, but there can be one winner.

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO mechanical keyboard is a fantastic keyboard that can be used for gaming and working. The build quality is sublime, and the switches are rubber dome. That makes them durable.

But the keys come with a high pre-travel distance, and they require force to register clicks. While the keyboard has RGB lights present on them, they are zone-lit. You will not be able to customize them individually.

The model has low latency, companion software, and powerful dedicated macro keys. Consumers can note that the ergonomics is phenomenal, and it has an incline setting. There is also a detachable wrist rest.

It is just alright for programming, and the typing speed is average. Our tester found that the keys tend to feel weak at times and the heavy rubber dome switches. But you might want to use the macros present on any key with 6 dedicated macro keys, and ergonomics are good.

Similarly, the Logitech G213 Prodigy is a membrane keyboard. It means that you cannot expect it to work like a mechanical model. The buttons are quick and feel satisfying to use for work purposes and gaming as well.

It comes with plenty of media options that include a volume rocker. If you want some more options, you can find them here. You can control movies and music easily. You would be delighted to know that the unit is good for office use.

The typing speeds are good, and it comes with a wrist rest with exceptional design on it. Besides, the model is resistant to liquids. You do not have to be concerned about the spilling of coffee and tea any longer.

Our winner in the comparison review between the CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO dome membrane keyboard vs the Logitech G213 mechanical keyboard is the Logitech G213 model. The Logitech G213 unit was highly impressive to use.

It comes with mechanical action. You can also notice the exceptional set of features that are present on it. However, the lighting and build quality could have been significantly improved, and the keyboard is much bigger than most models.

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