Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

Corsair is known to produce some outstanding products in the gaming industry. Their gaming units are gaining prominence because of their features, audio quality, and sturdy design. Besides, the software feature on their gaming headset is most talked about in town.

Corsair has released some fantastic products in the Void Elite line. The latest being the Corsair Void RGB Elite wireless gaming headset. Now the $100 market is the most crowded in the gaming industry.

Several manufacturers are vying with each other to grab the first spot. The problem here is that there are too many models with average features. Hence, getting lost in a vast array of products is always there.

That is why we have chosen two sublime makes, notably Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro gaming headset, in this comparison review. Now the Void RGB Elite unit is an attractive model because it is wireless, offers top-notch audio, has colored LED lights, and a 7.1 surround.

The RGB Elite is suitable for gamers wanting a comfortable and outstanding model in the market to work on their console and laptop. You could also be a homeworker wanting to use a terrific model to complete your tasks.

On the other hand, the HS70 Pro is no slouch either. This is a wireless variant and an upgrade of the HS60, which was quite sublime. It is quite similar to the predecessor. It has the exceptional build quality and padding offered on it.

The earcups and the headband come with outstanding padding. We also loved to use the exclusive Corsair iCUE software for customizing the audio quality on your headset. Besides, both models have excellent battery life.

The dongle provides a minimal amount of latency. Is it possible for us to have a winner here among two highly feature-rich products? Well, why don’t you read on to find out? We were genuinely stunned at the performance of both models.

The design is stunning for a gaming headset.

It is quite comfortable, and you can wear it for long hours.

Its microphone audio reproduction is stunning.

It helps you make instant adjustment settings.

The cloth headphone pads are ideal for those wearing glasses.
The audio reproduction is terrific.

It has a unique sound profile.

The build is durable and robust.
It has outstanding compatibility capabilities.

It comes with aggressive looks.
We felt that surround sound and battery meter tied to the app.There is a USB dongle required on the gaming headset.
Product NameVOID RGB ELITE Wireless Stereo Gaming HeadsetHS70 PRO Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
Wireless ConnectivityRadio Frequency (RF)Radio Frequency (RF)
True WirelessNoNo
Maximum Wireless Range39 feet40 feet
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseNo
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandNoNo
Warranty2 years2 years


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

We begin with the comfort and design of the Corsair Void RGB Elite gaming headset. This is a spectacular unit that comes with RGB lighting. It is not necessary that a gaming device that comes with this kind of feature has to be called astounding.

However, it gives the headset an aggressive look. The color combination is eloquently able to cycle through a broad spectrum of colors, flawless boom mic, and unsubtle angular design. The metal frame was rather heavy and cumbersome.

The soft fabric ear cups come with a sufficient cushion and headband, which can adjust your head seamlessly. The design is solid and robust. However, we felt that it might come off the head any moment.

Small turns to the left or right made us feel uncomfortable because it may come out. That is probably due to the aggressive design. Since it is a gaming headset, the chances of frequent movements are not highly likely.

Though it sits quite precariously, it is safe to say that the unit is extremely comfortable. Headset fabric is flexible that is suitable for those of you wearing spectacles. It can be on the heavy side, and cushioning makes it sublime.

Its hinges do not let it have a vertical tilt that makes the weight feel evenly distributed. All in all, the design of the RGB Elite is one of the best we have seen in a long time in the market. Both sides provide you with accessible buttons.

Coming to the HS70 Pro gaming headset, it is not too far from the Elite. It comes with a more traditional sort of oval shape in design. We felt that we are using solid and premium headphones.

Even the plastic that is on the back of the headset seems and feels premium. The headband comes with a metal headband covered with stitched padding. Its yokes are made from aluminum. Earcups are made of memory foam and are on the large side.

It’s fitting on the ears came with a top-notch seal. For smaller heads, the fitting might seem awkward. We want to point out that it weighs only 12 ounces, which is quite good. This is lesser than most of the products manufactured by Corsair.


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

The Corsair Void RGB Elite comes with unconventional looks. You tend to wonder how the manufacturer came up with this kind of design. Having said that, the build quality of the headset is top-notch.

The dense plastic features a headband that is made from metal. Besides, the earcups are extraordinarily sturdy and robust in design. They have lined soft cloth inside them. We felt the microphone could be slightly fragile because it cannot be detached and at times looks like it can fall off at any moment.

The earcup hinges appeared a little tight, which is not a good thing. That is because you need to wear a headset that gives you the ultimate fitting. It is manageable and not a bad thing. The HS70 is stable and robust.

This feature was also found in the HS60. The headphone feels lightweight, and you can place them on your head without pressure. They stay firm too. You can also make use of them for light activity.

The headset does not come with wiring meaning it won’t get yanked or something like that. But they are not sports models, and since you will primarily use them for gaming, this should not be a great deal.


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

The audio performance of the Corsair Vid RGB Elite is stunning. We were highly impressed with it, keeping in mind that it is under $100. Though the integration of the iCUE app with the headset was quite good, the sound quality makes it exceptional.

It came with features like surround sound that worked its charm on Overwatch and Fortnite. However, we could not understand the surround sound if it was DTS, Dolby, and something else.

We found that the USB dongle is quite large to fit in the front of the PS4 Pro. That means you have a plug at the back of it. This causes plenty of heat on your console and the headset. If you are alright with it, then that should not be a problem.

On the whole, the Elite provides average sound for a gaming headset. Corsair has said the headset could give you with 16 hours working life. Likewise, the HS70 Pro has outstanding frequency response consistency.

The audio performance when playing games and listening to music was sublime. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. But if you wear spectacles, you may face difficulties in hearing the rich sound.

The bass on the headset was deep and came with a lot of life. It is safe to say that the sound quality on the unit is way better than what is found on the HS60 gaming headset. It cannot be termed as phenomenal, but you can say that it provides you with a pleasant experience.


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

The Corsair Void RGB Elite’s microphone quality was one of the best we have heard in a long time in the segment. This was accurate and provided eloquent sound quality. Though gamers may not be convinced to record a podcast using it, the bass range was exceptional.

At times, we felt that the bass response was relatively low, and the deep voices may sound slightly distorted. Likewise, the recording quality of the microphone HS70 Pro was average. Our results were not very bright.

The noise handling feature was second to none. During the SpNR test, the speech-to-noise ratio of 26dB. You can talk clearly in an average noise level environment like an office setup or a living room with family around you.

The same is not possible if you are going to use it in a subway station. Your sound quality is detailed but not very intelligible. There is an overemphasis on the treble range. Gamers who are in search of a gaming headset with good recording quality can try it out.


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

The RGB Elite and HS70 Pro compatibility are exceptional compared to most units in the segment. Corsair has features on the RGB Elite to proprietary software. The iCUE app provides you with similar features found on Razer Synapse or Logitech G HUB.

With the app, you can adjust your setting and then coordinate the LEDs of the Elite. But the iCUE app is bound with the actual functionality of the headset. Gamers can make full use of the surround sound with the app.

A notable feature here is that you can find out the level of charge using the app. When the light on the left earcup turns green, that means it is charged close to full. But when you want accurate data, you need to check the app.

Similarly, the HS70 Pro unit offers you several options to connect with devices, but we felt a slight lag in that. You can get access to graphic EQ. Besides, you can also seamlessly control the microphone volume and the color of the headphone lights.

The software is not available to use on your macOS and does not have the requisite features. However, when you use it on your PC or laptop, you have access to extra functionality. That can be done by installing the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE).

A few of them include 7.1 surrounds, tweaking microphone volume and sidetone, selecting and adjusting EQ profiles, and showing you the accurate battery percentage. The compatibility options on the headset can be termed as limited.

We do want to mention that the HS70 Pro cannot be used as a wired connection. Besides, the unit is only compatible with your PC, PS4, laptop, and PS5 systems if you are using the wireless USB dongle.


Corsair Void RGB Elite vs Corsair HS70 Pro Gaming Headset

This can be a tricky aspect of the gaming headsets as they come made from the same brand. The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is priced under $100. Some consumers may be swayed by the low pricing here.

However, you cannot ignore the features present on the HS70 Pro. The Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset are priced under $180. If you are alright with average sound quality, then the RBG ELITE can be your suitable option.

Of course, there is a difference of $80 between the two units. Besides, surround sound can offer you with opulent sound quality. In the end, you may want to select the model that meets your requirements.


The Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless is available for under $100 when not on sale. That means it comes quite cheap when compared to most units in the market. When the feature of surround sound is really crucial for your gaming or work purpose, then this is a good option for the price.

The Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless gaming headset is a premium-looking model in the market today. We did not find any major problem with it when using it for gaming and entertainment use.

On the other hand, the Corsair HS70 Pro gaming headset is another exciting unit. You may want to know that you need their USB dongle to use them. You cannot use them for sports and travel.

The dongle offers you minimal latency. It helps you watch videos wirelessly, and the microphone is extremely good for gaming. It is a top-notch unit having exceptional design, outstanding audio quality, and a good microphone.

Taking all into consideration, we have decided the Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless wins. The HS70 Pro is good, but the EGB Elite was too good here. The maker has managed to ensure that the product is able to tick all the boxes for making it a sublime gaming headset.

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