Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670 – Which You Should Prefer?

Sennheiser Communications formed a new division in 2019 called as Epos. We are talking about a brand that comes with close to 115 years of experience manufacturing several gaming peripherals in this field.

In today’s review, we are going to look at the Epos GSP 370 vs 670 gaming headsets. These models are produced from the partnership of the Epos and Sennheiser. The Epos GSP 370 model is the manufacturer’s attempt to design the best wireless gaming headset.

The unit comes with several unique features. Firstly, the unit comes with a massive battery life that can last you close to 100 hours on a single charge. This aspect is something that we have never heard of and probably will never for some time.

That can last you more than a week of gameplay and another personal usage. This feature is incredibly useful for those of you planning on using heavy-duty headphones. The comfort and audio quality are almost on par with the GSP 670 unit.

The GSP 670 gaming headset is quite similar to the GSP 600. From the looks of it, the Epos GSP 670 looks very sophisticated. When you put both one by one on your head, you can instantly feel the difference.

The 670 is slightly on the bulkier side than the GSP 370. Besides, the GSP 370 appears quite mellow in front of the 670. When you deal with $200 gaming headsets, the looks really matter. It is more sleek and compact than its predecessor.

You can work with it using your PC and PS4 sublimely. It is safe to say that the headphone is among the best in the market in 2021. We don’t see much of competition apart from the Razer Nari Ultimate model.

The audio and the low latency are not close to the Epos models. When you are going to use a premium headset, then it is going to be expensive. However, they do have noticeable differences.

The GSP 370 seems to come with a streamlined body and feature. At the same time, the GSP 670 is more feature packed. We have compared the usual features to see which one produces the immersive gaming experience.

Only one has the traits important to gamers. Let us read and find out to find out the winner.

Epos GSP 370Epos GSP 670
The unit comes with low latency.

There is a flip-to-mute microphone feature.

It has a battery working life of 100 hours and wireless operation.

Users can adjust the audio performance using audio settings.

It comes with a split padded headband and ball-joint hinge.
The design of the unit is comfortable and light.

It has exceptional build quality.

The mids and highs sound great.

It is infused with breathtaking sound features.

The microphone is the best in the market.
It has unnatural bass.It is priced quite expensive.
NameGSP 370 Wireless Gaming HeadsetGSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset
Noise Cancelling (Active)NoYes
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
Wireless ConnectivityNoneNone
True WirelessYesYes
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseNoNo
Microphone FeaturesAdjustableAdjustable
Headphone FitOn-EarOn-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Compatible PlatformsMac, Mac/Windows, WindowsPlayStation 4, Android, Windows, iOS
Warranty2 Year 2 Year

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Design & Comfort

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort on both the gaming headsets is unmistakably Sennheiser. If you have seen or used a Sennheiser product, you will vouch for that. The design of the headset is exceptionally soft and comfortable.

They provide you with a very snug feeling and rest nicely on your ears. You have to place the unit on your head to believe it. The earcups are wonderfully padded, and they do not cause any discomfort on your ears.

Our tester did have to take some time to adjust it. However, once he was able to find the proper fitting, it was perfectly balanced. Similarly, the Epos GSP 670 gaming headset comes with a stunning design.

As we said in the earlier section of the post, it appears sophisticated. Though it is more prominent in size, you can feel light when you wear it on your head. It comes in a plastic design, and the headband is quite flexible and robust.

It comes with adjustable tension sliders. The model weighs close to 500 grams, and when it is placed perfectly on your head, it does not bring any discomfort. Our tester was able to put it on for several hours without feeling a little fatigued.

We liked the leather material used on the earpads. Our tester found that this is one of those models that can be designed using leather because it does not heat up quickly. The headband tension was perfectly alright, giving you the right kind of seal.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Build Quality

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Build Quality

This quality is another field where the Sennheiser excels, build quality. The quality that is embedded in these models is stunning, to say. They can and will last you years if taken good care of. We also noted that the Epos GSP 370 could withstand few accidental falls.

They don’t even come with any scratches. This is something that cannot be taken away from the Sennheiser headsets. Let us first read about the 370. It comes with a very robust and sturdy feel.

Though the 370 is cheaper, by comparison, that does not reflect in its build quality. The model weighs only 0.62 pounds and goes easy on your head. Its body is produced from plastic, and there is no metal around the headset.

The foam is covered with a suede pattern. You can notice the battery indicator on the left earcup. You can press it once to ensure that it works. Once it crosses 20 hours, it becomes orange in color.

Then it goes to dark green, meaning that it is between the 75 to 100 hours mark. This is a 100 hours working life. The build quality of the Epos GSP 670 is outstanding. The phrase in the gaming headset market that the heavier, the better is accurate here.

Many gamers had complained that the unit is quite heavy. Well, our tester felt that it was slightly on the more serious side. But once you put it on your head, you do not feel that heaviness.

This quality is similar to riding an 800cc motorbike. Our tester notice that it is infused with the Sennheiser engineered transducers. You may want to know that they come with crisp quality. This feature also enables the closed-back design, providing you remarkable sound performance.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Audio Performance

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Audio Performance

The audio performance of both the Epos gaming headsets is beyond what you get to hear usually. The Epos GSP 370 gaming headset is good. It is wireless in design and comes infused with a 1.5 meters mini-USB.

Users will need to simply plug it in the PC and PS4 to begin working on it. You can effortlessly charge and use it simultaneously. With the help of the dongle, you can seamlessly now hear the audio effects and Bluetooth as well.

You will be glad to know that it can work sublimely up to 10 meters. Gamers can also find the volume rocker at the right earcup. The need to increase or decrease the volume frequently does not arise because you can make use of the software; there is a virtual control.

You can flip the microphone to mute by flipping it. The operation is relatively silent, and you can also ensure that the unidirectional model provides you with outstanding pickup. Likewise, when you look at the Epos 670 model, you notice that they are closed-back.

That means it does not come with too much of sound leakage. That is a good thing when you are using the Sennheiser models. It offers you with opulent audio quality. The unit comes with a sturdy bass, and the sound quality is quite eloquent.

Our tester felt that the audio quality is good when you connect it using the USB dongle. Similarly to the 370, you can make use of the Sennheiser Gaming Suite. The thing is, this model offers you with the company’s audio heritage.

The frequency range is from 10 to 23 thousand Hertz. We felt that it sounds quite good even though you do not have to keep tweaking things repeatedly. There is an app that you can choose to select the preset modes for playing games, listening to music, and watching movies.

It also comes with low latency and Bluetooth for wireless flexibility. There is a fantastic set of technologies for enabling you to work with several devices and consoles for optimum sound performance.

Unlike the 370 unit, the 670 unit comes with a battery life of 20 hours that is relatively lesser than the 100 hours offered in the former model. All in all, the audio quality available in the headsets was perfectly acceptable for a set of gaming headphones.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Microphone Performance

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Microphone Performance

Sennheiser models are known for the rugged performance in the microphone. However, the same was found not to be found in the Epos GSP 370 gaming headset. The sound quality was not up to the mark.

The wireless models tend to come with low audio at times. That is quite normal and acceptable. However, for a $200 worth headset, this was quite surprising. Though your teammates can hear you at the other end, the quality could have been improved.

The Epos 670 gaming headset provides you with an above-average sound experience. You can instantly notice the de-emphasis at the bass. Because of the emphasis on the high range, gamers can note that the sibilant sounds vital for natural-sounding audio comes grated.

However, the unit can easily avoid the proximity effect providing you with rich audio and crisp sound to the person at the other end. Besides, there are no volume issues that most of the gaming models come with.

You will be happy to know that the unit offers support for the Bluetooth audio that comes in another group. It also provides top-notch support for codecs like aptX low latency, aptX, and AAC. The range can be debatable, but there is no shortage of solid connection options.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Compatibility

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Compatibility

The compatibility of the Epos GSP 370 gaming headset is quite good. It works splendidly because of the Sennheiser Gaming Suite, where you can adjust the equalizer settings, toggle surround sound, and also others.

Our tester was satisfied with the way it worked with the PC and PS4 using the USB dongle. You can also access the microphone settings there and adjust them as you want. It also comes with a volume knob that does not help you much to balance the game and the audio.

Due to the low latency in the headset, it is highly compatible on several platforms. Users can use it on the PC, PS4, and smartphone too. Likewise, the Epos 670 gaming headset was highly compatible.

You can use it on your PC, smartphone, and PS4 as well. It works like a charm. The sound quality and microphone audio were sublime. It cannot get any better than this gaming headset. We liked the game and chatted audio balancer. You can effortlessly adjust according to your liking.

The unit comes fitted with two control wheels enabling you to access it seamlessly. Gamers will be delighted to use an intelligent button and a pairing button. Overall, the compatibility of the units was good.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Price

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Price

The Epos GSP 370 gaming headset is priced under $200. Our tester felt that the price difference of $150 could be the deal-breaker in the end. However, many gamers are particular about the sound features and the microphone performance, few look at the price.

The Epos GSP 670 gaming headset is priced under $350. Our tester felt that the model comes with stupendous audio quality that cannot be found on most headsets in the market today. While that is a heads up, Bluetooth and the flip microphone sweeten the deal.

Basically, we are trying to say that you are getting what you pay. The GSP 670 unit is one of the best among its peers at the moment. Coming in from a reputed brand like Sennheiser, you know that you are getting something unique to wear on your head.

Epos GSP 370 vs Epos GSP 670: Verdict

We have come to the end of the review of Epos GSP 370 vs 670. Hope you found it helpful in making your decision between these two unique models. There is something fantastic about the gaming headsets produced by Sennheiser that make them in great demand.

The GSP 370 gaming headset is the cheaper model lagging several features to the GSP 670 unit. It is forgivable as it comes $150 lower-priced than the other model. We found that the GSP 370 unit has no sidetone to the microphone.

The comfort and sound quality are slightly inferior to the SP 670 unit. We also were not too convinced using the software. On the other hand, the Epos 670 unit is a mixed blessing. You cannot argue with the razor-sharp sound performance.

The GSP 370 is better because it comes with a neodymium magnet, 5dB/mW higher sound pressure level, higher microphone sensitivity, and reaches 113g lighter. It also has longer battery life.

The GSP 670 unit has the advantage as it comes with a 3000Hz higher high-frequency, 10Hz lower low-frequency, 1000Hz higher microphone frequency, 90Hz lower microphone frequency, and comes with voice prompts.

There’s no doubt that the Sennheiser GSP 670 blows the GSP 370 out of the water when it comes to features and audio quality. At the end of the day, it is definitely doing to boil down to the price, sound quality, microphone abilities, and compatibility.

The GSP 370 is much better than the GSP 670 unit as it comes cheaper and lighter. However, GSP 670 unit is technically sublime than the GSP 370 as it comes with several features and opulent audio quality.

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