Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset – Which One is Good?

A new division was formed in Sennheiser Communications in the year 2019, named as Epos. Their primary role was to produce high-end gaming audio and video devices. Epos is a brand that has more than 115 years of experience in the audio technology field.

On that note, today, we will be reading about two exemplary gaming headsets in the market. They are the Epos GSP 500 vs 600 products. Sennheiser manufactured the GSP series for gamers.

They were well-received by the users for their sublime design and audio performance. Our expectations from these two models are going to be very high. The GSP 500 and the 600 are an update from the Epos 300 unit.

We will be looking at some of the basic features of both the units like comfort, audio performance, microphone, compatibility, and pricing. The Epos GSP 500 is an open-back design that is infused with decent features in it.

It is the successor to the Epos GAME One headset. The German maker is well-known for its top-notch design, build quality, and audio performance in its models. The GSP 500 unit comes with additional bass capabilities than most of the units available in the market.

It comes with a noise-canceling microphone and exceptional compatibility. The ergonomic features are pretty visible on the gaming headset. The model comes with incredible comfort. Likewise, the Epos GSP 600 unit comes with a premium setup for the headset.

The design and features are almost the same that is those found on the GSP 500 model. So, there is nothing much we can delve into. However, the comfort and the audio quality are improved upon in this gaming headset.

We understand it will be extremely tough for you to choose from these two exciting models. Hence, we suggest that you get started reading the review on the headsets. This way, you can find out which headset is right for you.

Let us read to find out who the winner of the review is.

Epos GSP 500Epos GSP 600
The build quality is excellent.

The unit comes with decent features.

It is a product from a reputed maker.

It comes with a magnificent microphone.

The sound quality is almost unmatched.
The design of the unit is light and sleek.

The headset comes with the solid build quality.

It comes with top-notch audio performance.

It has plenty of adjustability features.

The microphone is quite decent in quality.
It is costly for a gaming headset.Sadly, the unit has no push-button for muting.
NameGSP 500 High-end, open acoustic multi-compatible wired headsetWired Stereo Gaming Headset
Noise CancellingNo
Connection TypeWiredWired
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseNo
Microphone FeaturesAdjustable
Headphone FitOn-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Warranty22 years

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Design & Comfort

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

The Epos models are famous for their comfortable design and fitting. You rarely come across a gamer who is complaining about the design & comfort factor. Both these models excel in this area.

The Epos GSP 500 gaming headset comes with customizable headband flexibility. That is possible because of the sliding plastic elements used in it. The earcups are attached with the help of the double-hinged design.

Using this design, you are enabled to have a personalized fit. The fitting on the GSP 500 was sublime; it was not too tight nor too loose. Some users have claimed to had pressure on some of the sides, but that is not the case here.

The pad got on the GSP 500 model was a little softer than the latter one. We felt that this could be the reason for the 500 units handling a little tighter. Our tester noted that it gripped the back of his jaw more than the other models in the market.

This factor can be slightly annoying, but you can get back the familiar feeling when adjusting the earcup extension. Likewise, the GSP 600 gaming headset comes with exceptional memory foam on the earpads.

The pads found on the GSP 600 unit were slightly firm and better than what was found on the GSP 500 model. Please note that the GSP 600 model is a closed-back unit. Hence, the thickness is slightly better than what is found elsewhere.

Besides, it comes slightly heavier than what is typically found on others. It does not weigh down too much on your head or neck regions. The paddings are also infused with a soft kind of material that prevents your skin from sticking to them.

We liked this feature and felt that it should be available on most of the models in the market. Unfortunately, the quality was lacking in the GSP 500 unit, and as this is an open-back model, gamers may not get very sweaty using it for long hours.

All in all, the design & comfort of both the gaming headsets were exceptional. This was not surprising because they are German-made models. The material is firm and comfortable to use for long hours without much hassle.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Build Quality

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

Epos is famous for producing rugged gaming headsets, and it is safe to say that these two models come with extreme durability. We often do not find users rambling about durability as far as the Epos model is concerned.

On that note, let us take a look at the Epos GSP 500 unit build quality. The GSP 500 is made from plastic but quite firm in shape and size. We liked that the microphone can be easily swiveled up to the mute position and moves around effortlessly.

As we read above, the fitting is merely a tight fit but good. If you have a small to medium size head, then you may not feel uneasy or complain. The GSP 500 unit weighs around 360 grams making it lightweight when compared to the GSP 600 gaming headset.

However, in this case, the heavier, the better for durability point of view. The GSP 600 unit weighs around 400 grams making it quite sturdy and durable. As you place the unit on your head, you do not feel that kind of weight because it is well-balanced.

The GSP 600 has the appeal that you would want to come from a top-end model. It is exceptionally designed and comes top-notch. You can also look at how aggressive it appears. But it comes with quality over RGB flash.

The adjustable tension on the unit comes into play when you move it around your head few times. We liked this feature because you do not have to remove it entirely from your head. The GSP 600 comes with a microphone that is mainly found on the GSP series.

However, in this unit, the build design and audio quality were sublime. You can lift the microphone to mute it, but we may prefer a tap feature. Because raising the mic often vertical position can make it breakdown.

Overall, the build quality of both models is quite exceptional and exemplary. They are durable too because they come from a reputed name in the market. Sennheiser is right up there when it comes to the design and build features of the models.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Audio Performance

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

The audio performance of both the Epos GSP 500 and GSP 600 models was not on par with each other. That can mean a good thing if you are inclined towards the GSP 600 unit. The Epos GSP 500 gaming headset has a low impedance of 28 Ω.

You can use them on a gaming console and PC that you require of your liking. They also are infused with dynamic drivers. The 500 unit has a measurement of 107 dB SPL @ 1 kHz. Due to the open-back design, the sound can move out, leaving you with the sweet spot.

Though not all gaming units come with an open-back design, users appreciate it when they have to do so. When you search for a headset that offers you breathable space for listening to games, music, or movies, it has to be this unit.

It is an acquired sound preference for most of you. In comparison, some of you might be alright with it. Some of you may not. That is fine with the sound performance found on the GSP 500 model. We noticed that the soft tones on the 500 model accentuate the sound stage beautifully.

You can hear all the details that you want to in your GSP 500 model. We liked the isolated fitting offered by it. It does not lack a soundstage. However, the only benefit here is that you are provided with soundstage and nothing much else.

On the other hand, we have the GSP 600 gaming headset. It comes with stunning audio performance. The only difference between the sound quality of the GSP 500 and the GSP 600 would be the open-back design and the closed-back design in here.

The bass comes just right in the GSP 600, offering you excellent flavor, not ruining the mid-range audio quality. This probably has to do with the GSP 600 model comes with a frequency response range of 10–30,000 Hz.

If you look at the other models like the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, it comes with 12–28,000 kHz, and the HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless comes 10–20,000 kHz. The crisp audio of the shots moving by you and the grenades blasting around you was thrilling.

The gaming and music sessions using the GSP 600 model were simply astounding. Though the GSP 500 unit provided us with opulent music, the 600 models took it a notch higher. We strongly feel that the GSP 600 brought us the best from the Epos models that they produce.

It did not surprise all of us because their models have immense capability to do quite well when it comes to audio quality. We can only tell you that the sound has to be heard by you to be believed.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Microphone Performance

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

The microphone found on both the GSP 500 and the GSP 600 models is almost the same, with no difference in functionality. We will read about them briefly. The Epos 500 unit comes with a stunning mic that can be muted, raised up with a click.

Your voice sounds relatively straightforward and pristine, just the way you want it to. The person at the other end can hear you well. This fact is something that we are pretty satisfied with when using the Epos models.

Likewise, the Epos GSP 600 gaming headset mic comes with an advanced noise-canceling component embedded in it. The frequency response comes from 10–18,000 Hz. Our tester found that he did not require to use the microphone loudly during gaming.

The voice went crisply to his teammates. Besides, the lift-to-mute boom arm enables you to easily adjust the right position for you to use it. The noise cancellation works sublimely, allowing you to have an immersive gaming experience.

On the whole, the Epos 500 and the Epos 600 gaming headsets microphone are almost on the same level. We just found a very slight difference in the performance of the GSP 600 model. That was because of the noise cancellation feature in it.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Compatibility

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

The compatibility of the Epos GSP 500 gaming headset is quite efficient. You can connect the unit to your PC, smartphone, macOS, PS5, Xbox One, and your Nintendo Switch if you want to. The model has the right kind of cables that enable you to connect the microphone and audio.

Likewise, the compatibility of the Epos GSP 600 gaming headset is good. Gamers can easily connect on their PC, MacBook, smartphone, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The GSP 600 has no software and works on a plug-and-play experience.

This feature is quite convenient to use because you do not have to configure it. Though the out-of-the-box quality was decent, our tester could not tweak it to his liking. A notable feature in the GSP 600 headset is that its noise cancellation is stupendous.

We can feel it working on par with the Bose top-end models. Usually, in the price range of $200, you seldom come across gaming headsets that get the job done in this feature. It is possible because of the higher sound pressure level at 112 dB SPL @ 1 kHz.

All these specifications come at 1V RMS. When you play games in high volumes, then you can literally hear the right kind of sound happening in there. The pressure happening in your ears changes sublimely.

Whether you play on your PC or console, you know that you can hear those blasts and punches very crisply. We noticed that the closed-back earcups tend to block out ambient noise as well. On the whole, both headsets have exceptional compatibility abilities.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Price

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600 Headset

The Epos GSP 500 gaming headset is priced under $200. Our tester felt that for the features infused in it, the unit is nicely priced. The open-back design of the unit is relatively high for the segment.

It is comfortable and sounds great, but if you look at GSP 300 or beyond Epos, you can find the HyperX Cloud Alpha, priced under $100, providing you with similar audio. This fact may not work to the benefits of the open-back GSP 500.

The Epos GSP 600 gaming headset is priced under $210. The GSP 600 gaming headset comes with stunning specifications infused in them. It is $10 higher than the GSP 500 model. That is not doing to make much of a difference for buyers who have read the above review.

The pricing between the two models is quite even out here.

Epos GSP 500 vs Epos GSP 600: Verdict

We have ended our review on the Epos GSP 500 vs 600 gaming headsets. It was a closely fought review because most features, capabilities, and even the price point are almost the same. We have a task on our hands in choosing the winner between these two unique products.

The Epos GSP 500 headset has excellent build quality, audio performance, and pricing. Gamers have commended the unit on its stunning audio quality from one of the most reputable audio firms in the market.

When you prefer the Epos standard audio feature, then this is a must-have. Coming the GSP 600 unit, it is an open-back design that possesses exceptional comfort features. The noise cancelation actually works, and you can feel within your own zone.

It is an eloquent option when you are in search of a deeply immersive gaming experience. The audio quality is outstanding; the microphone performs well during gaming sessions. The earcups are on the larger side, and the adjustability can be found for even the largest-headed player.

Coming to the sound factor, that might be the deal-breaker here. We felt that the GSP 600 unit is capable of producing a more effective sound flow. Outside noise is simply blocked out immensely.

Tester even forgot that he was using an open-back design headset. This itself provides you with a fascinating gaming experience. Our winner in the comparison review between Epos GSP 500 vs 600 gaming headsets clearly belongs to the Epos GSP 600.

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