EVGA Z15 vs Z20 – Find Out Which Gaming Keyboard is Better?

Earlier this year, EVGA released a wide range of gaming mice and wired mechanical keyboards in the market. The EVGA models are quite impressive because of their durability and their reliability.

Not to mention, they come infused with several features in them. The units are also priced reasonably well. It is safe to say that they are a second-to-none brand for value in the market. It is not surprising to note that their products are great among a barrage of users globally.

If you are on the lookout for a new keyboard, then you are at the right place. Most of the top-notch features are not found in other models. Today, we will discuss the EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard vs the EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

The EVGA Z15 wired mechanical keyboard is a large mechanical keyboard that comes with exciting features in it. You have the swappable ability in it that enables you to swap the switches present on the unit.

There is magnificent low latency in the keyboard. It also comes with the RGB backlighting volume control wheel and sets the macros to any of the keys. You can note that it comes with dedicated media keys.

Unfortunately, it does not have a USB passthrough and dedicated macro keys. These are found in the Z20 model that we will be reading about shortly. Sadly, that unit does not come with the swappable feature that is more helpful for gamers and other users.

The EVGA Z20 wired mechanical keyboard is an excellent gaming model that comes with amazing looks. The unit comes with a wrist rest that can be detached. The model’s build quality is quite robust and lasts several years.

It has a good low latency at a polling rate of 4000Hz and comes with the linear Light Strike LK Optical or clicky switches. You can make use of the switches according to your desire. You can find extra fittings like dedicated macro and media keys, full RGB backlighting, and USB passthrough.

You can note that it has a 3.5mm audio port, volume wheel, and time-of-flight sensor. This sensor allows you to program the functions that are based on your distance to the keyboard. Sadly, the aggressive design found on the model can distract most gamers.

Let us read more about the keyboards and find out who the winner is, given at the end of the post.

The low click latency on the model is simply magnificent.

The switches found on the unit can be swapped.

It has customizable RGB backlighting.

It comes with a detachable magnetic palm rest.

The keys present on the unit are macro-programmable.
The build quality of the model is splendid.

The unit comes with an excellent low click latency.

It has full RGB backlighting.

It comes with individually backlit keys.

The keyboard has the TOF Proximity Range Sensor.
The ABS keycaps on the keyboard easily develop shine.The keyboard has a slight wobble on stabilized keys, especially the spacebar.

EVGA Z15 vs Z20: Keyboard Specifications

How do the keyboards fare when it comes to the design, specifications, and features? Let us read to find out. EVGA is known for its reliable products, and the same can be said about these units.

The EVGA Z15 wired mechanical keyboard comes exceptionally built, and the design is produced from plastic. Its metal plate makes it feel extremely sturdy and robust. There is very little flex found on the model.

You can notice that the double shot ABS keycaps are good despite being made from plastic. However, the oil tends to form on them as you keep using it regularly. That can be slightly annoying, but the stabilizers are quite stable.

Its feet offer you with adequate grip enabling you to work on them without any issue. They do not move around unintentionally as you push the keys around. It is a straight model that has curved keycaps on them.

The unit has a wrist rest that is produced from a magnetically attached hard plastic material. This ensures that the model is not very plushy like the other models available in the market. But users would be comfortable using the model for lengthy hours of typing.

It comes with an RGB backlighting present on the keyboard. You can notice that individually lit keys have customized effects and colors as well. It is possible with the EVGA Unleash RGB software. The color mixing green and blue light are also present on the keycaps.

It has a braided cable, ensuring that it does not break that easily. Besides, using its software, you can set the macros on any of the keys present on the unit. You can also find that they are dedicated media keys that include a volume wheel.

The model is suitable for office usage because of the excellent build quality, and there are also two incline settings. However, please do consider the linear switches as they are quieter as the clicky Kailh Speed Bronze switches on our unit might be too loud for an office.

Additionally, the model is swappable, enabling you to swap out the switches for any feel you prefer. The ABS keycaps present on the keyboard are prone to develop shine as you use them from your fingers.

The EVGA Z20 wired mechanical keyboard comes extremely stunning in design. You can note that it comes with a plastic body having RGB zones. There is also the metal base plate. This feature ensures that it is sturdy and comes with no flex.

You can note that the dedicated macro keys have keycaps. They are with textured surfaces and come with extra RGB highlights. The stabilizers are alright, and large keys have a wobble in them.

The travel is also somewhat uneven. It has good ergonomics and incline that enable you to type quite well. You will also be delighted to know that the keycaps have curved profiles with two additional incline settings.

The wrist rest present is produced from leatherette that you can magnetically attach to the bottom. It prevents you from having any fatigue. There are strips of RGB on each side. You can also find that there is full RGB backlighting.

Its lighting can be customized completely with the aid of the EVGA Unleash RGB software. The cable is nicely designed and reliable. However, it comes with the keyboard making it slightly annoying when you are working or gaming on it.

You need to ensure that the table does not have too much clutter on it. It comes with a single USB connector, a USB, and AUX cable connectors. This feature enables it to use the USB and the audio pass-throughs.

Besides, the models have a wide range of features infused into them, like dedicated media keys, a volume wheel, and a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor. The time-of-sensor or the ToF is a small proximity sensor. It is located at the bottom of the model.

Here, you can program the lighting effects, lock the keyboard, and want the unit to sleep. It is ideal for office usage because of the ergonomics having several incline settings. There is a wrist rest that is made from the detachable leatherette.

It is not only elegant in appearance but provides you with the ability to detach it as and when you want to. You can work on Windows and macOS but cannot install the software when using the macOS.

The Light Strike LK Optical switches are clicky and feel quite responsive. Besides, you can also notice that they come with excellent tactile feedback. There are chances when errors can happen, as it comes with a short pre-travel.

You would also be delighted to know that it takes a light actuation force. But they make a lot of noise when you use them, and they can disturb others around you. You can use the linear Light Strike LK Optical switches that are much quiet.

EVGA Z15 vs Z20: Typing Abilities

What about the typing abilities of the EVGA models? Are they good enough? Let us read and find out. The EVGA Z15 wired mechanical keyboard has the Kailh Speed Bronze switches. They are quite responsive and light, which makes them good for typing.

You can use them for gaming or working; you won’t feel stressed out at all. The pre-travel distance of the keyboard is fantastic. It is shorter than most of the switches found elsewhere. The model ensures that you do not make errors when typing.

You can use the Kailh Speed Silver switches when you do not like the clicky feel. They are linear and don’t come with tactile feedback. The non-mechanical version of the keyboard also enables you to type on comfortably.

This model is for those of you who are not interested in mechanical keyboards. Like, we have mentioned, the keycaps are excellent, but they come with shine as you work on them. Otherwise, they are quite stable, and larger keys do not have a wobble in them.

A wrist rest is found on the keyboard, and it is not comfortable as it is designed from plastic. There is also a leatherette cover on it that may not be good to use for hot climates. It is slightly louder than the Kailh Speed Bronze switches.

You can consider using the Kailh Speed Silver switches as they are quiet. It comes with excellent low click latency that makes it ideal for gaming. The polling rate of most keyboards is 1000Hz, but this model has 2000Hz or 4000Hz.

It’s Unleash RGB software is a breeze to use. You can work on it using Windows. But on the macOS, some keys, including the Pause Break and Scroll Lock buttons, don’t work. It is ideal for programming use.

It is sublime for typing and responsive because of its incline settings and wrist rest. You can see that the keys are macro-programmable, and it has customizable RGB backlighting. The clicky Kailh Speed Bronze switches can cause accidental keystrokes.

The EVGA Z20 wired mechanical keyboard is good and responsive. You can find that it comes with a small tactile bump on it. The model is available with linear Light Strike LK Optical switches that do not come with tactile feedback.

Its typing performance is good, and the keycaps are produced from ABS plastic. They are awesome for typing but have shine on them because of your fingers. The clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches are responsive and provide ample feedback.

At times, you can find yourself typing errors because of the short pre-travel on the keyboard. The model is a bit loud and can bother those seated around you. You can consider the linear Light Strike LK Optical switches that are much quieter.

The unit comes with magnificent low latency, and the polling rate can be set up to 4000Hz with the help of its companion software. Please note that companion software is not compatible with macOS and Linux.

Besides, the Pause, Scroll Lock and Break keys cannot work on the macOS. It is ideal for programming because of the nice build quality in it. Besides, programmers can use the several incline settings found on it.

You can also find a wrist rest that is made from detachable plush leatherette. There is full RGB backlighting, and the keys come macro-programmable. You can also find the additional five dedicated macro keys.

The clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches are great for typing and are quite responsive, but you can make errors when typing as the pre-travel is short.

EVGA Z15 vs Z20: Price

The EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is priced under $175. At the moment, they have priced under $60. You may want to place an order on the product if you are keen on owning it.

It comes with stunning features like the per-key RGB lighting with close to 14 preset lighting effects. These can be customized using the UNLEASH RGB software. Besides, you also have the volume scroll wheel and multimedia keys.

These come with complete control, and there is a magnetic palm rest that can be detached. The EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard is priced under $130. For the moment, the maker has given it a discount of $95.

If you like the keyboard, you can place an order quickly before the discount is removed off. The unit comes infused with the TOF Proximity Range Sensor that enables it to detect movement and remain awake or sleep.

It has a short travel of 1.5mm that is quite commonly found on most $100 models. However, it can generate a 25% faster response time than other mechanical switches. It features linear switches and N-key rollover to provide a good experience.

A notable feature in this unit is that there is a phenomenal 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor. It offers support to the 4,000Hz polling rate. This feature provides users with the advanced gaming keyboard experience of 4K Hz that is very precise.

EVGA Z15 vs Z20: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review on the EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard vs the EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to make your decision on that.
If we’re not, then we suggest that you read the post again. You can find something useful. The EVGA Z15 keyboard is a fantastic choice as a model for gaming powers. The unit comes nicely built and has a remarkably low click latency.

All the keys found on the model are macro-programmable. You can also control the RGB backlighting on most of the keys as per your desire. Its Kailh Speed Bronze switches found on the keyboard are responsive and come with a short pre-travel.

It is swappable, too, meaning you can swap most of the switches if you want to. This feature is quite handy for gaming purposes. Likewise, the EVGA Z20 keyboard is an amazing choice for gaming purposes.

The build quality is robust; it comes with RGB backlighting and fantastic ergonomics. You find that dedicated macro keys have a leatherette wrist rest. Users can decide on the kind of incline setting they prefer to have.

The low latency and flexible companion software for configuration make it an interesting option. Its switches are responsive and light. They also come with a short pre-travel distance on them. There is a small tactile bump that enables you to overcome actuation.

Our winner in the comparison review between the EVGA Z15 keyboard vs the EVGA Z20 keyboard is the EVGA Z15 model. They come with similar designs and build quality. Their features are also mostly the same.

However, we found some notable differences in them. The Z20 unit is a feature-rich model with dedicated macro keys, and audio passthrough, and a time-of-flight sensor. However, the Z15 model allows swap keys and has the Kailh Speed Bronze and linear Speed Silver switches.

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