Fitbit Charge 4 vs Fitbit Inspire 2 – Find Out Which Smartwatch is Better?

If you are a fitness enthusiast or somebody looking to reduce their weight, then you are reading the right post. Today, we are going to review two phenomenal smartwatches that are produced by a reputed maker.

We are going to be discussing about the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker vs the Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker. Fitbit has been on the market for quite a while now. They have been producing smartwatches for more than 15 years now.

You know that they are doing something right to have been running and operating in the market for so long. The last year 2021, January, they were acquired by Google. So, you know that good thing are about to happen from now on.

That is because, they are partnering to work on a new technology that is powered by the Google smartwatch operating system, Wear OS. You can bet that the product when released is going to shatter some sales records.

Coming back to the review, you are safe and secure wearing a Fitbit on your wrist. Like Garmin, the maker focuses only on smartwatches. You know that are getting a product that is affordable, reliable, and durable.

The Fitbit Charge 4 smartwatch can be best described in those words. It comes with a fabulous design. Moreover, you can find it infused with tremendous features for a price point of under $120.

It is also lightweight and comes featuring stunning specifications. Besides, you can make use of additional features like Spotify and Fitbit Pay. Likewise, the Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch is a fabulous unit.

The model comes with stupendous features like the active zone minutes, a stylish design, and almost 10 days of battery working life. You are going to wear a slim, beautiful, and powerful model.

Besides, it also comes priced under $100. It is ideal for students and individuals who are younger than 30 years. There are bound to be several similarities when choosing a model from the same manufacturer.

They are more alike, and that makes things difficult for you in the end. However, once you finish reading the review, you can find the differences could be the deciding factor. The Charge 4 unit comes with additional features like the built-in GPS and Fitbit Pay.

But, otherwise, both the smartwatches are almost identical in features. The Fitbit Charge 4 is suitable for those of you who are fitness freaks and want a device to monitor your body. Likewise, the Inspire 2 smartwatch would be suitable for those of you wanting a simple device for health monitoring.

Let us read the review further to learn more about these models. We have also given the winner at the end of the review.

Fitbit Charge 4Fitbit Inspire 2
Fitbit Charge 4Fitbit Inspire 2
The model comes infused with a built-in GPS.

The unit has the active zone minutes features.

It comes with an altimeter.

Users can make use of the Spotify music controls.

You can make payments using Fitbit Pay.
The unit has an activity/sleep tracking feature.

The model helps you monitor your heart with heart-rate monitoring.

It comes with the active zone minutes.

There is also female health tracking for women.

You can make use of the more than 20 exercise modes in it.
The smartwatch is slightly more expensive.The smartwatch does not have the crucial built-in GPS and altimeter.

Fitbit Charge 4 vs Fitbit Inspire 2: Design & Features

The design & features infused in any smartwatch is a crucial aspect for users in deciding on the model for them. Though we have a similar maker here and comparing two models from them, we must notice even the minor differences between the two units.

That will help you decide on the right kind of smartwatch that can help your cause for daily use. At the end of the day, it comes down to the features that you would most likely make use of regularly.

The Fitbit Charge 4 smartwatch is an exceptional choice when it comes to the design & features. It provides you with a top-end design like its Luxe model. However, our tester preferred the square edges and sleek appearance of the unit.

It is produced from aluminum, comes with a large display, and is waterproof. The water-resistant feature was something that Fitbit did not have for a very long time. This was until makers like Garmin, Apple, and the like came into existence with waterproof models.

Owning a waterproof model is always advantageous because it protects from water. It was then, that Fitbit decided to produce water-resistant models for their consumers. You do not want your model to stop working once you enter the swimming pool.

Not to mention, you could not have a bath or enter the shower wearing the smartwatch. Moreover, it comes infused with aluminum which ensures it is lightweight and easy to wear for a lengthy period of time.

Moreover, the unit comes with a large touchscreen. This helps you to view the numbers and the information without much strain. We are not sure about seeing those figures under the sunlight.
The maker might want to do something about it in this aspect. Otherwise, it is alright for viewing without any strain. Moreover, you got an inductive button and some attractive interchangeable straps.

The model is quite similar to the previous unit, the Charge 3. However, the body comes slightly lightweight and has the same OLED touchscreen. The Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch comes embedded with a spectacular design and features in it.

Like the Charge 4, this model appears the same as the earlier units. However, the design seems to have been streamlined in this case. Thankfully, the side button says goodbye in this edition. Now, you can make use of the simple-to-use button present on the smartwatch.

The model is produced from plastic that seems to be quite visible and evident from the design pattern. The manufacturer could have done slightly better in this aspect of things. Besides, it also affects the looks.

Compared to the Charge 4 and the Luxe models, this one appears a bit shabby. Moreover, you can notice that it comes with a slimmer design and touchscreen as well. The model comes with a physical button that is present on the side of the smartwatch.

It gives a bold statement for an otherwise ordinary-looking model. The unit comes with a waterproof feature in it. Now, you can use it inside a swimming pool or enter the shower with it.

You got no issues in that aspect for an under $100 model. That is good to note. Fitbit in this aspect is really admirable. Unlike, other makers like Apple & Samsung which produce expensive models, you can most of the features in cheaper Fitbit models themselves.

Besides, the model also comes with some vibrant interchangeable straps. When you are not interested in the colors provided by the company, then you can select from other models for the smartwatches.

Moreover, you can make use of the model as a pedometer or something similar to the clip-on accessory. Users will want to know that when they get a Fitbit Inspire 2, they provide them with a 1-year free trial of Fitbit Premium.

Fitbit Charge 4 vs Fitbit Inspire 2: Setup & Performance

A good smartwatch comes in handy in most situations. Let us read to find out the setup & performance of these two models from Fitbit. The Fitbit Charge 4 smartwatch comes with several updated features on it.

Besides, the setup is simple. You will be done in no time. You need to make use of the Fitbit app to install the settings on your smartphone. The good news is that it works on both your iOS and Android devices.

If you do not have the app, then download it from Google Play Store. The performance of the model is sublime. You can make use of the sleep tracking feature that is present in the model. Now, you can wake up using the smart wake feature that is found in the new model.

It is because of a new technology that is used in the smartwatch that finds out the ideal sleep duration for you. Moreover, there are also the sleep score features that provide you with more insights into your sleeping patterns.

The active zone minutes are another feature that is found in both models. It helps you analyze your body’s fitness. It calculates your heart rate sensor to decide on your ideal heart rate zone. As you are working out, you are given a credit that is based on the calories that you have burned.

It helps you to understand and learn more about your workouts and gym sessions. Basically, it combines your age and your level of fitness. The manufacturer helps you improve your health with features including cardio fitness level, SmartTrack, and others.

Additionally, it works well for women too. You can now analyze your weight with the food count that your intaking regularly. The SpO2 compares your activities over the weeks and provides you with insights into them.

It is not meant for medical usage. As it is a waterproof device, you can wear it for 50 meters when inside the water. The battery working of the device is good too at 7 days or a week. Of course, the working depends on the usage and other factors.

If you make use of the built-in GPS feature, then it will work only for 5 hours. When you want to take a long run outdoors, then you do not have to take your smartphone along with you. You can also make use of Fitbit Pay which enables you to make payments as and when you want.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch comes with a decent setup & performance for the price point. As you know, by now, it costs less than $100. When you compare it with the previous models, then you would delight knowing the maker has infused some stunning features on this one.

It comes with most of the features that we read about in the Charge 4 model. However, the only things that were missing were the built-in GPS & Fitbit Pay. Though not something to be concerned about, it could have been better to have them in this device.

It means you need to take your smartphone to track the route when running. Besides, it does not come with an altimeter, so the smartwatch cannot track the number of steps you have climbed.
It works to a maximum operating altitude of 28,000 feet. You can also use the heart rate to track resting heart rate. It works 24×7. The battery life is much better on this model providing you with 10 days.

They both are good in their way, however, when you prefer a simple looks unit, that is more affordable and elegant to look at, then you can opt for the Inspire 2 model. Besides, it comes with a higher battery life of 10 days.

Overall, the Charge 4 offers more features and is most certainly the better pick as far as the review goes performance wise.

Fitbit Charge 4 vs Fitbit Inspire 2: Price

The Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker is priced under $150. The model is currently priced under $113. When you are in search of a decent product or want to upgrade your model, then you may want to make use of this opportunity and place your order today itself.

It comes with phenomenal features like tracing your skin temperature. This is a very useful feature that helps you understand your body heat moments. It works with the Fitbit app and is suitable for women.

However, the maker insists that it is not ideal for medical purposes. Moreover, you can also track your workouts with real-time sessions. You can do that with the help of close to more than 20 modes.

Besides, it is swim-proof which enables you to have a 50meters of protection from water. You can also wear the smartwatch when you are having a bath or in the shower. The battery life is pretty decent coming up to 7 days.

You would also love to use the track sleep feature on your model. There is the sleep score feature, which helps you find out how many hours you have taken some rest. The Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker is priced under $100.

At the time of writing this review, the unit was priced under $82. Again, this is a cost-effective product that is priced under $90. Though it lacks some exciting features that can be found on the Charge 4 model, it is a worthy unit for regular users.

It comes with a massive battery life of 10 days. That is 3 days more than the Charge 4 model. Besides, it is much cheaper, and ideal for students. Using the earn active zone minutes, you can work on your 150 minutes regularly and make use of 20 modes as well.

You can find out the distance that you have walked, the calories burned, and so on. You also have an operating altitude of close to 30,000 feet. You can make use of the 24×7 heart rate feature that is also present on your smartwatch.

Fitbit Charge 4 vs Fitbit Inspire 2: Verdict

There you go. We have finally come to the end of our comparison on the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker vs the Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker. As you can see, fitness trackers are an essential part of life.

The Fitbit Charge 4 smartwatch is a good choice for people who are between 30 to 40 years. This is what we feel based on our research and tests on the model. However, other users who are happy & satisfied with the features infused in it can own it too.

The pricing is pretty good at under $120, which makes it a valuable product. The Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch is another exceptional model from the manufacturer. There are only minor differences between the models that make them unique.

It provides you with a simple, but elegant design. This is for those of you who prefer a basic design on the smartwatch. The battery life is good at 10 days. But it does not come with features like Spotify music controls, Fitbit Pay, and built-in GPS.

The Fitbit Charge 4 smartwatch is the better model because it comes infused with features like blood oxygenation levels and GPS, and has a smart alarm. Besides, it is able to track the elevation, comes with a sublime damage-resistant glass, and measures pace.

You will find the NFC useful, and it also comes with a barometer. The Fitbit Inspire 2 smartwatch has a lengthy battery life, it is slimmer, and it is much cheaper. You would find the fall detection feature helpful and it also has an always-on display.

It is going to be challenging to choose a winner between two top-notch models that come with almost similar features in them. Our winner in this comparison review between the Fitbit Charge 4 unit vs Fitbit Inspire 2 model is the Charge 4 smartwatch.

When you want an exceptional tracking experience, then the Charge 4 model would be the best choice. That is because it comes with more features in the model. There is the built-in GPS and Fitbit Pay.

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