GPU Fans Not Spinning – What Are the Main Causes & How to Fix?

It isn’t very pleasant when your GPU model fan is not spinning. There could be several possibilities because of that. The good news is that there are several solutions to help you solve the problem.

Though some solutions are simple & straightforward, some are quite complicated. We have ensured that we bring to you some of the most straightforward solutions so that you can get it sorted out in no time and begin your work.

The GPU is one of the most essential components in your PC design. You would want to develop your PC such that your CPU and GPU are compatible with each other. Besides, you want to make sure that the component is working correctly.

If it is not, then it renders your PC device as worthless because you can’t quite get anything out of it. Is it not? However, please do note that some of the GPU fans are not supposed to spin all the time.

It is known as passive cooling or the 0 RPM mode. When this happens, the heatsink that is responsible for the cooling is not stressed out. Most of the traditional GPU models come with a specific figure when the fans must stop spinning.

That is the way it works. The temperature at which it stops spinning is around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. When you are gaming, and the GPU fans are not spinning, then you have a major problem that you would want to sort out immediately.

Usually, the simplest of all the methods can fix the problem. To know how you can do that, please read this post that we have compiled for you. We deal with some of the causes and easy solutions and have provided the FAQs at the end.

Without wasting any more time, let us delve into the post and find out how you can very accurately diagnose this problem & solve it.

Most common reasons your GPU fans aren’t spinning

GPU Fans Not Spinning – What Are the Main Causes & How to Fix

The first thing to know is that GPU models don’t spin until they reach a specific temperature. This is the first misconception that you would want to beware of. Most users, gamers, and others tend to think that the GPU fans should spin once the system is switched on.

That is not the case. Please keep that in mind. The passive cooling technology is infused in them that helps them reduce on the device noise. Many PC designers tend to develop and build the PC and then give importance to this aspect of things.

When they have completed designing the PC machine, they realize that the GPU fan is not spinning and think that something is definitely wrong. When in reality, it is not the case because that is how they were designed to work in the first place.

You can simply run any game of your liking that puts your GPU fan model to the test and see for yourself. You can also install the MSI Afterburner to increase the speed of the fans by yourself, manually.

When the GPU fans do not spin when your games are in play, and your graphics card is getting hot, then you have another problem to think of. Below we have provided some other problems that may prevent your GPU fans from spinning on a PC device.

Other problems that prevent your GPU fans from spinning

GPU Fans Not Spinning – What Are the Main Causes & How to Fix

Here are some of the reasons that may prevent your GPU fans from spinning on your PC device.

The PCIe power isn’t plugged

The first reason could be that your PCIe power is not plugged inside. Sometimes when you are designing a new PC device, you might forget to plug the PCIe power cable from your PSU into it. When that is the case, then your GPU fan will not spin if turned on.

So, check and find out whether it is fixed or not. Please note that some models like the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 do not have a 6 or 8-pin PCIe power connector. If you are using these models, then it should work. If it doesn’t, then something else is the issue in it. Also check Which PCIe Slot is Best for Your Graphics Card

The other power cable is not plugged properly

Similar to the previous pointer, another power cable might not have been plugged in properly. That is why you may want to ensure that the connectors in the system are properly working. When they are not connected properly, then they will not work.

When you have reconnected all the cables and wires, if your GPU fan is still not working, then there is something else to be worried about. It is most likely that you have a component in there that is not functioning efficiently.

So, you might want to have it checked out.

How to fix the GPU fans not spinning?

GPU Fans Not Spinning – What Are the Main Causes & How to Fix

1. Is the GPU under load?

As we mentioned in the previous segment, you need to make sure whether your GPU model is supposed to be spinning. Only when you have verified that aspect of things will you want to move ahead with the fix.

You can do that by restarting your PC device and noting your GPU fans. You can even listen carefully to know whether they are spinning or not. When your graphics card is not spinning, there is an issue.

2. Maybe a power issue

It may be a power issue. Sometimes, when the GPU is not seated correctly or connected, then it can’ spin properly. You will have to plug in all the wires and also ensure the power connection is proper.

You can do that by checking on your manual as well. Please also check the necessary PCIe power cables. The cables used should be of the same PSU; otherwise, it may not work. Though you are sure the cables are right, removing them and fixing them again is alright.

3. Remove all the dirt & dust from the GPU

You will want to remove the dirt & dust from the GPU. When there is a lot of dust & dirt present inside the PC case, then the PC device won’t work as it is supposed to. You would want to skip this step when your PC is brand new.

4. Update the GPU drivers

It is an excellent thought to update your GPU drivers when you want to make use of some of the latest features and fix problems. You can update the GPU driver using software that does is able to fix snags that occur that stop your fans from spinning.

If your GPU driver has blocked your fans, then you would want to ensure to roll back your drivers. You need to make use of the previous model, where your fans worked. It is a simple process that should work.

5. Control the GPU fan curve

Most of GPU models do not spin until they reach a particular temperature. When you notice the temperature rising, the fans tend to spin faster. That does that to keep the graphics card cooler.

Of course, you can alter the GPU fan curve to spin quicker than what has been set at default. Most of the fan curve happens when the graphics card temperature is against fan speed. When the GPU fan is not spinning, the fan curve was not configured incorrectly.

When you are using the AMD graphics card, then you can make use of the AMD software. It is quite easy to use as you need to go to the performance, then choose the turning option. Once in there, you use the custom option and enable the fan tuning. Choose advanced control, then set the speed of the fan.

6. Test the GPU using another PC

You might want to use the GPU on another PC device. It helps you to find out whether the PC or the GPU is at fault. If the power supply is not adequate at times, then it will not allow the GPU fan to run efficiently.

When the GPU model does not work correctly on another PC device, then you have a massive task at hand. You would want to know if the component on your original PC machine is causing these issues, and when needed, you have to replace these.

7. Call the repairman

If you’ve just noticed your GPU fans aren’t spinning even under load, there’s a good chance something’s wrong. When you have seen that the GPU model is often overheating despite what you are doing, then there is nothing more you can do.

The situation is quite evident; your GPU unit needs to be replaced. You can always replace them if you know how to do it. We may not recommend you touch the PC device if you are not sure about things.

That is because it is like performing a minor procedure, and when you are not confident about what you are doing, it is always better to leave it to the professionals. You can give your model to a licensed technician who is reputed and reliable in your locality.

8. Have it replaced

You can also check if your GPU model is under the warranty period, then you would want to get it replaced. You can also ask for your money back if there is a money-back policy available. Perhaps, you could get another model of your choice for the same amount.

So, for any electronic product, please make sure that you see these details before getting them. When the product is expensive, then these things matter in the end.


Is it okay for the GPU fan not to spin?

It is okay for the GPU fan not to spin. When they are not spinning efficiently, then it could be due to various reasons. Probably, your GPU could also begin to overheat. If that is the case, you may want to get a clear idea of what is happening and fix it as soon as possible.

Why are my GPU fans not running?

Sometimes your GPU fans may not run properly because the fans inside them are malfunctioning. This is something that happens frequently and can also cause serious issues later on.

Maybe there is some dirt and dust in there that cause these things to happen. When that is the case, the GPU fans do not spin, and you might want to use a dry clean cloth to get rid of the dirt there. When it is pretty dirty, then please use vacuum suction.

How do I make my GPU fan spin?

You can click on the fan speed option that can be found in the right corner. Then you can choose the manual option. When you want to enable the fan setting, then go to the fan settings option, and decide on the percentage that you want.

How do I activate my GPU fan?

You can activate your GPU model by holding the slider control that is present underneath the enable manual fan control option. Then you would want to slide it on the desired power level of the fan.

Now, you can move it to the left side to reduce the speed of the fan. You can do that if it is making a lot of noise. You can slide it to the right when you want to offer fantastic cooling and ensure that the airflow is opulent.

How do I know if my GPU is failing?

There are some telltale signs that your GPU model is not working accurately. When the graphics worsen, you notice a strange fan noise, it often crashes, and there is a significant drop in the framerates.


This is it. We have come to the end of the post on GPU fans not spinning. We have provided you with some easy solutions. Hope that they work for you and you can find an amicable solution quickly and carry on gaming.

Have you faced this GPU fan spinning problem before? Were you able to find the right kind of solution for that? What worked for you? Please do write to us telling us all about your experience in the comments section below.

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