Grado RS1X vs Grado RS2X – Which Headphone is Better?

Are you searching for a unique, original, and authentic hand-made designed headphone? Yes, they sell those models, and they are available in the market. In today’s review, we have brought two every interesting headphone just for you.

They are the Grado RS1x Open Back On-Ear Headphones vs the Grado RS2x Reference Series Open Back On-Ear Headphones. Grado has been one of the forefronts in headphone design and pioneering the growth of hand-made wooden products.

Their headphones are designed and manufactured in Grado Labs. The American manufacturer has been in this business for quite some time now. It is not surprising to note that their products are extremely popular among users of all ages.

There is a charm and authenticity about their headphones that makes one intriguing. Woods like hemp, maple, and cocobolo are used to produce the headphones. One can only wonder how they infuse the materials into a single earcup.

You can find hemp, maple, and cocobolo in them. The wood cups found in the earcups ensure that the headphones are quite lightweight. That is quite surprising because one can think wood is heavy and durable.

While they are durable, the wood and the leather headband give the headphone a solid appearance. There are other models like the SR225X and SR325X that are also popular among several users.

The Grado RS1x headphones are made from hemp and maple wood. It gives the earcups a unique but distinct look and appearance. The sound quality in the model is spectacular because it comes with a larger 50mm X driver.

Unlike what you normally find in other headphones, the 44mm drivers come with a bigger unit. You can bet that the drivers produce sublime audio quality, just for you. They also come with bowl pads that work ideally on the 50mm drivers but affect the mid-treble.

Likewise, the Grado RS2x headphone is another splendid choice for several users. They come with 44mm drivers infused in them. The first Grado headphone was released into the market in 1991, and from then on, there has been no looking back for the group.

It is simply amazing to note that these models are now produced and designed with an amazing cable and new headbands. Some additional features on the RS2x model come with the powerful magnetic circuit, reconfigured diaphragm, and voice coil having reduced effective mass.

Let us read further on to find out more about the Grado RS1x and RS2x models. We have given the winner at the end of the comparison review.

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Grado RS1XGrado RS2X
Grado RS1XGrado RS2X
The model is incredibly elegant in design.

The unit is comfortable to wear for a few hours.

It comes with a 50mm X driver.

It is produced from maple, hemp, and cocobolo wood.

The product is a brand for value.
The unit is very light, and you can wear them for several hours.

The model has a new black leather headband having a white-stitched accent.

It comes with 44mm drivers offering amazing music.

It has sound vibrations and gets rid of the transient distortions.

The product is produced from maple and hemp wood for warm sound quality.
The headphone can be expensive.The headphone has slightly fiddly controls.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Design & Comfort

If you have read our reviews, you would know that we give a lot of importance to the design & comfort of headphones. Now, these models come re-designed. Unlike the previous models, they come with exceptional comfort and design.

The Grado RS1x headphones are produced from maple and hemp wood on the earcups. They are quite lightweight, and you can wear them for quite a while on your ears. Unlike those models produced from plastic and leather, these come with high-quality sponge material.

However, they may not be as comfortable as what you might experience with the Bose, Sennheiser, and Apple headphones. The RS1x is good but could have been better. The headband is produced from leather with a white-stitched accent on the bright side.

It is not quite durable and comes with a super annealed copper 8-conductor cable. This feature works like a charm for the music sessions that you can revel in. The headband also is quite lightweight and durable.

The Grado RS2x headphone is another exceptional unit that comes made from hemp and maple wood. Like its cousin brother, the RS1x unit, this model is quite lightweight and comfortable to wear.

We would have hoped for better comfort, however. The housing sleeve and the ring found on the headphone are produced from maple. The hemp material is used to keep all of the elements on the headphone together.

All in all, the comfort of the headphones is average. If you are more acclimatized to Bose and Sony, we suggest you stick to the same. But there is something unique about hemp and maple wood.

The design is eloquently done, and they appear quite different than your regular headphones. Our tester found them to be very comfortable. You can wear them for several hours, adjusting the headband once in a while for additional fitting.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Build Quality

Likewise, the build quality of any headphone sold in the market is crucial. Today, you can find a wide range of models that come produced from plastic and leatherette. They are not only lightweight to wear but are extremely durable.

How about the Grado models that are manufactured from wood? Well, you will be delighted to know that they are durable. Though they are lightweight, especially the headband, the models are sturdy and unbreakable.

The Grado models are designed by hand. Then they are tested on the workbench until each of them is deemed good enough for the market standards. Their first model was designed for the market in 1994 by John Grado, and they have been producing sublime models since then.

Let us find out more about their build quality. As you know, the Grado RS1x headphones are produced from a blend of wood like hemp and maple. What is so special about them? The hemp and maple wood seem to do a good job of holding all the elements together fine. That is a good sign.

The Grado RS2x headphone is nicely designed and come with good built quality. You can notice that the speakers also combined with the model. It comes with a durable exterior, and the super annealed copper 8-conductor cable gives opulent music.

As we said, the black leather headband comes with a new white-stitched accent that makes it appear elegant. The RS2x headphones come breathable and are small on-ear cups that are open back.

They do not block the airflow that is present in there. You also find that they are produced from breathable pads than what is found on the on-ear models. The pleather padding is present on the unit that making it more breathable.

Wood material has been used since the first model was constructed there. Using the experience in producing the earlier models, the RS1x and the RS2x were formed. Users have been wondering how they manage to stuff in the cable that is quite robust.

Some models are known to last more than 12 years, a lengthy period. This aspect of it is one main advantage compared to models that are designed from plastic and leatherette. These models are sturdy and durable easily because they do not get affected by sweat and dirt.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Audio Performance

What about their audio performance? The Grado RS1x headphones provide you with sublime audio performance. This model comes with new fourth-generation X drivers. They are re-designed with the 50mm X drivers having 3 kinds of wood in there.

Perhaps, this is the first time 3 types of wood are used in the headphone. Due to the unit’s build quality, the wood provides a warm tone. The sound quality in the model can find the correct balance in it.

It can provide you with stunning sound quality because of the drivers. You can notice the difference compared to most other units. However, they are priced under $800, which you can expect from them.

But they are designed into wooden housings and must be tuned according to the requirement. The frequency response consistency is good. It also has an excellent bass delivery provided multiple users that are because of the open-back design.

The treble delivery is also consistent with the delivery. Besides, the bass and treble response offered is fine regardless of your head size and if you are wearing glasses. The Grado RS2x headphone is produced from hemp and maple wood to provide the right sound.

Though it comes infused with the 44mm driver, the audio quality is exceptional. It comes with a powerful magnetic circuit, reconfigured diaphragm, and voice coil with low effective mass. The bass is outstanding too.

Its mid-range was great, and the quality was quite flat. We noticed that the model came with a spectacular sound performance. The treble quality of the headphone is only average. The mid-treble of the unit is overemphasized that resulting in sleek audio.

It is quite noticeable when you listen to the vocals and the instruments. The RS2x unit’s soundstage is average because of the on-ear design. You will want to beware that they don’t activate its resonances.

Hence, the PRTG response is quite flat. This feature offers a soundstage, but the open-back design gives an open-sounding and immersive soundstage. Overall, the sound performance of both models is commendable despite the lack of proper fitting on large heads.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Microphone Performance

The Grado RS1x headphones does not have a microphone. You can check the models like the Bose QuietComfort 25/QC25 and the Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear II. Besides, the Apple EarPods is another exceptional choice.

It does not come with any active components that require a battery. The noise handling and the recording quality of the headphone were not able to be tested. Similarly, the Grado RS2x headphones does not come with a microphone.

If you are keen to use one, you can check some other models from Bose, Sennheiser, and others. It does not come with any elements that may require a battery for you. Besides, these units do not come with a microphone, the recording quality and noise handling could not be verified.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Compatibility

The Grado RS1x headphones are wired and do not have Bluetooth connectivity. When you prefer using a unit having a similar design, then you can use the Grado GW100 Wireless. You will want to know that the wired connection has a negligible latency.

That is ideal for gaming and office purpose. It comes with a short cable that may make it difficult for you to sit on your sofa and watch movies. You can sit close to the monitor and use the headphone.

The Grado RS2x headphones come with a wired cable that can be used for listening. They do not come with Bluetooth connectivity. It has a simple 1/8″ TRS audio cable consisting of no microphone.

That means, when you use them on your gaming consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One, you will only be able to hear the voice. You cannot communicate with other users or gamers. That is a drawback of this model.

They do not come with a dock. It is another feature that you may have to consider not being able to use. If you prefer using a model with a dock, you might consider the SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless headphones.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Price

The Grado RS1x Open Back On-Ear Headphones are priced under $751. The headset is quite light and elegant in design. It comes infused with a new 50mm X driver. Besides, they have manufactured it with the help of maple, hemp, and cocobolo wood.

These together give it additional sound effects. The 50mm X drivers give the headphone a new tune and amazing sound performance. It significantly improves efficiency, reduces distortion, and can preserve the harmonic integrity of the sound quality.

The Grado RS2x Reference Series Open Back On-Ear Headphones are priced under $551. The headphone is produced from hemp and maple wood. Its housing sleeve and the ring are produced from maple; hemp keeps the elements together in the headphone.

The unit is beautiful in design and comes with a black headband and is stitched with a white thread. It comes with a splendid mid-range and the audio produced from the wood. It comes full-bodied and has a rich vocality with them.

Grado RS1x vs RS2X: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review of the Grado RS1x Open Back On-Ear Headphones vs the Grado RS2x Reference Series Open Back On-Ear Headphones. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and were able to make your decision.

You can always read it again to decide which model is better. When it comes to two phenomenal models of the same brand, choosing the best from it can be tough. The Grado RS1x headphones are alright for mixed usage.

The unit may not be suitable for gaming purposes. However, you can consider using them for office purposes. It provides you with decent audio performance, and the vocals are opulently offered to you.

It can be sharp for some users, and they are nicely designed. Me. They are extremely comfortable to wear for a few hours. These models may not be ideal for wearing outdoors because of the unique design that they come in.

The headphone has a wide, open soundstage and offers you with an immense reproduction of the vocals. The bass is simply fantastic because of the 50mm X driver. It can reproduce most of the details exceptionally, with quite a well-above-average accuracy.

The Grado RS2x headphones have a splendid design and build quality. They are ideal for regular usage and gaming purpose. It comes with an open-back design that can significantly improve the audio performance of the model.

Our tester was not sure about the durability of the headphone. They can fall off quite easily. The cable is also quite large, and you can feel it move around on the table when using it. You might not be convinced about using it in the office because of the open-back design.

It can disturb others who are around you. Our winner in this comparison review between the Grado RS1s vs RS2x headphones would be the RS1x model. It comes with a slightly better design and has a 50mm X driver that provides exceptional sound performance.

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