How to Fix Green Screen Problem on Browser – Simple Methods to Get Rid of It

Were you watching a video on YouTube or playing your favorite game, and suddenly a green screen appears out of nowhere without warning? However, the audio continues to play, and you can hear everything.

In this post, we will be reading about how to fix the green screen problem on the browser. You see, sometimes, this issue can happen even on Windows 11 OS as well. You can work on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera if you want.

We may want to find out more about whether it is due to the Windows update or just a browser problem. We will also read how you can fix the green screen problem on videos. Let’s read more about the green screen problem without wasting time.

Overview of videos green screen problem

You may want to realize that having a green screen appear on your monitor is certainly not the end of the world. It just means that there is something wrong with your screen settings, and you would want to set it properly.

However, it could be very annoying when the issues are more related to the hardware or the software of the device. It does not let your PC device or laptop to work like it should. You tend to get annoyed and confused, and as a result, you log out, not knowing what to do about it.

The worst part about this scenario is that the audio is still in the background. Let us face it: most of us do not know or, in some cases, would not previously experience this kind of green screen problem on our monitor.

Your device is programmed such that it shows the error. This helps you to understand the kind of problem that your device is facing, and you get working on it. Unlike those errors, the green screen does not have any message on the monitor for you.

Why does the green screen problem occur?

This green screen problem is currently happening on most Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS devices. If you are using one of them, then you will want to read this post carefully. Moreover, you can also note it is happening on devices running with both AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards.

So, your graphics card might be outdated, and it is time to replace it. That results in getting the problem, and you can avoid it when you know what to do about it. First, you should find out the cause of it.

That will help you instantly take action and avoid further damage to the monitor. Here are some situations where the green screen problem occurs. Unfortunately, we do not have the proper reason for the green screen problem occurring on your PC device or laptop.

It could be due to that you are using an outdated PC device or laptop. If that is the case, you may face a green screen problem. The graphics driver or the flash player may not efficiently support the videos you are trying to play.

You may also want to know that third-party software, which is unsafe, can cause this kind of issue. Can we fix the green screen problem on your device? Please read on to learn the solutions in this comprehensive guide.

What do you need to avoid a green screen when playing videos?

If you are using a smartphone, laptop, or PC device that runs on macOS, Windows, Android, or an iPhone, then you can fix the green screen problem. This can help you to continue watching videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and others as well.

  • You may want to play the videos in another browser.
  • You need to play the videos in the streaming app, not the browser.
  • Please close the browser tabs when using streaming videos.
  • Make sure to delete the cookies and temporary files as well.
  • Ensure to get rid of the cache data on all your browser tools.
  • Please make sure to update your browser tools to the latest version.
  • You would want to reboot your PC device, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Adjust the resolution of the video on the streaming website video.

You need to do the following steps when you have done the above modes, and they still don’t work.

Ways to fix the green video screen problem

As the video-playing issue is because of the graphics cards, you may want to understand some methods that are revolved around it. This can help you watch your videos on several channels on YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, and more.

Disable the hardware acceleration

The hardware acceleration of the PC device makes use of the graphics processing unit and not on the CPU model for loading the programs. You may incur some issues when you are rendering the webpages from the CPU to GPU.

There can be a green screen problem watching videos on different sources if you get the points now. This is when you might want to disable the hardware acceleration because it enables you to resolve video problems.

How to disable it on your browser?

If you are using Google Chrome, then this is how you can disable the hardware acceleration on your device.

  • First, you would want to open Google Chrome.
  • Now, click on the menu symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Then go to settings & advanced options.
  • Please scroll down to choose the system option.
  • Toggle off the use hardware acceleration and restart Google Chrome.
  • Now, you can open the website.

When you are using Firefox, then this is how you can disable the hardware acceleration on your device.

  • The Mozilla Firefox should be opened.
  • The menu button should be clicked.
  • Then select the options & general.
  • Go down to choose the performance option.
  • Uncheck the box near use recommended performance settings.
  • Uncheck the use hardware acceleration box.
  • Please restart Mozilla Firefox.

When you are using Internet Explorer (IE), which is the most common tool for browsing the internet browsing, this is how you can disable the hardware acceleration on your device.

  • You need to open Internet Explorer on your device.
  • Choose the computer settings & internet options choice.
  • Now, choose the advanced tab, and use software rendering under accelerated graphics, not the GPU rendering box.
  • It will help if you restart Internet Explorer.
  • Play the video online.

When you are using Safari, then it would be best to update to something else. You can make use of the above choices than Safari. Please do know that Apple does not let you make those changes on hardware acceleration on macOS Catalina.

Update your Graphics Card Drivers (GPU unit)

If you have disabled your hardware acceleration and you notice that the green screen problem persists, then you might want to update your graphics card driver. It may have been due to the outdated Nvidia or AMD GPU models.

When you are using a Windows PC device, then this is how you can update the GPU unit.

  • It would help if you chose the “my computer” option.
  • Right-click on it and go to the manage & device manager.
  • Then click on the display adapters.
  • Then right-click on the graphics driver.
  • Click on the update driver software.
  • Choose the search automatically for the updated driver software.
  • Your PC device can detect the GPU unit.
  • It can also find the latest driver.
  • Now you should restart your PC machine.
  • The device can reinstall the GPU unit.

When you are making use of a macOS on your PC device, then you will want to use the given below steps to update the GPU unit.

  • You must click on the Apple logo present on the Mac system.
  • Go to the Apple menu and choose on the software update.
  • When the macOS shows up, then install it.
  • It will install the latest GPU unit on your Mac device.

Run the troubleshooter (Windows PC only)

You can try running a troubleshooter on your Windows PC system to fix the green screen problem.

  • The PC settings app should be opened.
  • Choose the update & security option.
  • Choose the troubleshooting & hardware, and device options.
  • Select the run the troubleshooter option.
  • When the process is over, restart your PC machine.

Enable JavaScript in the browser (PC, Mac, Android, & iPhone)

This should work for your PC device, macOS, Android, and on your iPhone flawlessly. This is what you might want to do. When you update the browser or the anti-virus software, then you may notice that there could be some changes in the firewall in the JavaScript settings.

Sometimes, it can cause your green screen problem. When this happens, then you may want to make sure that your JavaScript is enabled on your devices. This should work out according to your requirement.

If you are using Google Chrome, then this is how you can enable JavaScript on your PC device.

  • It would help if you opened Google Chrome.
  • Then type chrome://settings/content/javascript.
  • Press Enter and check the sites that can use JavaScript.
  • You can close that window.

If you are using an Android device, then this is how you can enable JavaScript.

  • You can open the browser on which the green screen problem appears.
  • The menu icon has to be selected.
  • Choose the settings option.
  • Then go to the more or the site settings option on your Android device.
  • Now, choose the advanced option.
  • Go down and then click on JavaScript.
  • See if the checkbox is available on it.
  • Choose it to enable JavaScript.

When you are using Safari, then these are some of the steps that you would want to make use of to enable JavaScript on your Mac device.

  • On the top menu, choose Safari & preferences.
  • Select the security tab and enable the JavaScript checkbox.
  • This enables JavaScript for you.
  • Play a video to check if the green screen problem has gone.

Below steps can be done if you are using Safari on your iPad and iPhone.

  • The settings option on your device must be opened.
  • Choose the Safari & advanced menu options.
  • Now, you can toggle the JavaScript to enable it.

Use video repair software to fix it

When you are still having the green screen problem when playing the videos on your Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, and others, then it may be due to a corrupted file. You will need to ensure that the graphics drivers are updated on your PC device.

When you watch videos on the PC machine, then it can cause corruption of the files. Moreover, there can be an OS crash or virus formed on your PC device. The virus has the ability to cause damage to the video file.

The good news is that you can repair corrupt files. To do that, you can use video repair software to fix it. Please try to get reliable software that provides you with a free demo version to help you understand how it can help you solve the green screen problem.

The player does not support color space

The green screen problem can occur on your PC system when the player does not support the color space. To fix this issue here, you will need to update the player that works on the color space or change the color space in the video option itself.


We have ended our discussion on how to fix the green screen problem on the browser. We hope that you found this post helpful for your cause and can enable you to solve the green screen problem without hassle.

Playing games or watching videos can get annoying if you get the green screen problem. Now, you know what to do the next time your monitor turns green through this post. Please make use of the methods given, depending on the cause and reasons.

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues as well.


Why does Chrome turn green?

There could be several reasons for that. The green bars appear when your monitor is not properly used in terms of resolution. Moreover, when you make use of a different resolution than what is suggested when playing games or doing other tasks as well. You can find a manual that has accurate data on the proper kind of resolution to use.

How do I fix the color on Google Chrome?

It is pretty simple. To change the color of your browser, you will need to open the Chrome browser, then click right on the customize option. You would want to then go to the color and theme option on your monitor and choose the color of your liking. Click on the done choice.

How do I get rid of the green screen on Chrome?

It depends on the kind of device that you are using. You would want to close the browser tabs present on the device that you are using. Then you need to delete the temporary files and, the cookies, your cache data to fix it. Now, update your browser.

How often does the green screen problem occur on your browser?

We can’t say the accurate answer to that question. Because the green screen problem can occur mainly in an old monitor or in a flawed system, please make sure that you get a reliable mid-range monitor for yourself and save yourself from this issue.

Should I purchase a new monitor or device if the green screen problem persists?

Yes, you most likely will have to get a new monitor or device if the green screen problem still persists on your system. If you are using a PC device, you only need to purchase a new monitor. However, when you are using a laptop, then you will have to get another one.

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