HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 Headset – Which One is Better?

When you come across the name HP, you mostly think about everything else other than the gaming headsets. That is quite true to an extend unless you are already using one of their magnificent gaming headsets and planning to upgrade.

The maker has a gaming product line in the form of gaming headsets and other peripherals, including a keyboard and mouse. There is another manufacturer that has been relentlessly producing gaming headsets in the market.

Say hi to Logitech. Today, we will be comparing the HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 gaming headsets. HP, like many companies, wanted to break the ice in the gaming market. Accordingly, they pushed ahead with the plan using the HP Omen range of products.

The Omen 800 is quite a decent gaming headset that is priced under $150. It comes with several features that you would prefer to have on a gaming unit. You can purchase the model for a cheaper rate on the HP website or Amazon if you look out.

Likewise, you have the Logitech G430 unit that gives you an edge compared to most models in the market. This unit is also priced under $150 and comes packed with many features. You would love the fact that it comes with a 7.1 Dolby surround sound.

Besides, this model is noise cancellation. Users do not have to worry about the background music or noise. You can say that it is definitely an above-average gaming unit. We recommend the unit for critical listening.

Design and comfort wise they appear good. Sadly, they are not versatile models and might not satisfy your sound requirements outdoors. Yes, they may not be suitable for outdoor activities either.

They come with a similar design to most of the product lineup. The square-shaped earcups and the wide headband are signs from the same maker. Probably, the only thing different from most of the units would be the color usage on them.

On that note, let us read on to find out more about these two unique models. In the end, we have mentioned the winner.

HP Omen 800 HeadsetLogitech G430 Headset
The headset is designed very nicely.

It has a sublime construction and is durable.

It comes with an eloquent audio performance.

The microphone audio quality is smashing.

The device is priced decently.
It is lightweight and portable.

The build quality is comfortable and exceptionally done.

There is sound audio reproduction.

It comes with a stunning microphone.

The gaming headset is reasonably quoted.
Few users complained that they did not have proper audio enhancements on the PC.The unit has mediocre build quality.
NameOMEN by HP 800 Wired Gaming HeadsetG430 Over-the-Ear Gaming Headset
Connection TypeWiredWired
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandNoYes
Warranty1 year3 years limited

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Design & Comfort

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 Design & Comfort

The first look at the HP Omen 800 gaming headset, and you are dazzled by it. The unit comes with a spectacular and firm design. For the price range, this is easily one of the best looking and sober in appearance.

We do realize that this is a gaming device, but makers tend to overdo things with too many elements on their wares. This one felt rightly done by our tester. The color tone was sprinkled around eloquently.

You can see that the headband is made from a thin and robust metal material. You can feel the strength of the headband once you wear it. Then you can find the end of the headband coming with an inverted semi-circle.

It is attached to the earcups on both side and a plastic element having the R and the L outside. The headband is also covered with leatherette to the rest of the frame. Our tester felt that the unit fitted his head perfectly.

Of course, he had to adjust it initially. But once it is done, there is no looking back. However, at times, it does feel loose. On the other hand, you have the design of the Logitech G430 unit. Their device is quite similar to the product lineup.

They are quite firm on your head, and the earcups are large enough to take in the largest of ears. We also noticed that the earcups and the headband come nicely padded. That means you can wear the headphone as long as you want during gaming.

The layout is quite good, and you can access the buttons sublimely. Besides, you also have immense control over the switch off the microphone if you want. It is simple to use and comes with less functions for enabling it to be an all-purpose unit.

Its earcups are designed with breathable material helping you not to sweat often. They can keep your ears quite cool. Since there is a good seal element around your ears, you may sweat if the climate is sultry.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Build Quality

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Build Quality

Build quality of the HP Omen 800 gaming unit is sturdy. The earcups are quite large. You feel that instant appeal thanks to its robust appearance of. The earcups tilt inwards and effortlessly outwards too.

The fitting overall is quite good. You can find the red-colored words OMEN written beautifully. The metal ring located in the center of the unit is also elegant. It comes with excellent thick padding on the inside of the earcups.

At the front of the earcups, you can find a detachable microphone. When you completely retract it, the mic does stick out a bit. It has a 3.5mm audio cable, and the remote is around a foot down.

All in all, the build quality is stunning, and the right amount of metal and tones have been done. The Logitech G430 is bulky. You may not find it lightweight or portable either. Besides, you can’t fold them inside.

It comes with a metal frame that feels sturdy. We noticed that the joints did not give us the feeling that they can withstand severe falls. That is a common issue with most headphones. Nothing out of the ordinary in here.

You will notice that the cable is slim but cannot be removed if you want. You will find the unit quite likable for using indoor. The colors found on the unit are good. If you like to use different tones, then you will have to look elsewhere.

You can clip the cable switch on your clothing if you want to when walking or jogging. We liked this feature present on it.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Audio Performance

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Audio Performance

The audio performance of any gaming headset that is priced under $150 has to be sublime. Gamers do not want to be stuck using the ordinary unit. Luckily for you, both the gaming headsets come with stunning volume capability.

The HP Omen 800 gaming headset operates just fine with any DTS Headphone X setting. Our tester was astounded by the default sound that came from the unit. It was more than enough to clear the doubts in our minds.

When you use its high volume, you do not notice any disturbances. It is as smooth as it can get. The inline volume control is quick and straightforward to perform. You can change the volume as and when you want.

The music experience was incredibly amazing with the Omen device. It comes with full of vigor and life. On the other hand, there is the Logitech G430 gaming headphone that comes with significantly consistent performance.

The device comes with 40mm drivers and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz. In a sense, our tester was blown away by the audio quality in the headset. When playing games, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience it gave us.

You can have intense experience in FPS games. The enemies chatter behind you, and some games like the COD can give you the chills. That is what we usually expect from any headset. Thanks to the multiplayer setting, you can enhance your playing mode longer.

Our tester played music at loud volume, and nothing could be heard even by those sitting around him. That is a good sign of a quality-designed gaming headset. We felt that the G430 sound quality is much better than the G230 unit.

If you own the G230 device, then you might want to take note of this. It is smooth and loud to hear on this device. You have the Logitech software to take things further. So, there is no denying in that aspect of sound quality, be it playing games or listening to music.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Microphone Performance

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 Microphone Performance

The microphone quality of the HP Omen 800 and the Logitech G430 units is stunning. We did not find any flaw in both of them. The HP Omen 800 unit is ideal for gaming and chatting use. The voice performance is genuinely genuine and was clear.

When chatting, we sat together and made some noise. But incredibly, not much of it was heard at the other end by the listener. This is something that you do not usually get to experience on a $150 gaming headset.

All in all, the Omen 800 microphone is quite good. We cannot term it as phenomenal, but it got the job done. You can work on it using dual and single microphone connectors. Likewise, Logitech G430 uses the boom microphone.

Your voice is stunningly given out and effortlessly transmitted noticeably thin. Others can efficiently understand what you are speaking to them. The same can be said when you use the microphone in a noisy room.

This is a folding microphone that also comes with noise cancellation. Our tester was able to speak even in noisy environments opulently clearly. The voice pick-up was exceptional, and the earcups can rotate and move out of your path.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Compatibility

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Compatibility

The compatibility of the HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 units was almost equal. Probably, these units were made to compete with each other for the first spot. Let us find out. The Omen device can be connected using the 3.5mm audio jack.

You cannot use any software for using on the headset. There is no adapter found on the microphone, so you may have to use the single-input audio jack. Additionally, you can connect the audio line separately.

On the other hand, the Logitech G430 is wired using a USB adapter. This device is able to provide you with microphone compatibility on your PS4, console, and PC as well. The device is primarily designed for usage on your PC, but you can work with it on your smartphone.

Besides, you can effortlessly run it with your gaming console. Devices that come with the headphone jack work sublimely using the headset. Please remember, it does not come with a dock, and you require something having a dock.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Price

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 Price

The HP Omen 800 gaming headset is priced under $150, making it relatively cheap. The features infused with them are pretty stunning for the given pricing. You can consider purchasing them from the HP website itself to attain 20% off.

The Logitech G430 gaming headset is priced under $150. They are quite affordable and reasonably priced. We felt that both the headsets are priced right for the specifications. When you search for gaming headsets that won’t break your bank, you know what to do.

HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430: Verdict

This is the end of our review between the HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 gaming headsets. They both are competent gaming headphones and can get the job done. The HP Omen 800 gaming headset comes with the ability to bring a smile to your face if you are a gamer.

It is affordably priced, comes with opulent audio quality and a solid microphone. However, our tester found that it was slightly loose fitting on most occasions. He had to adjust it often when gaming, and that ruined somewhat his immersive experience.

Otherwise, it is an excellent gaming headset that we highly recommend for one and all. Likewise, the Logitech G430 gaming headset is another terrific model for critical listening. We found that the audio performance is truly remarkable.

The unit can offer you with surround sound at less than $150. Of course, you stand to get massive discounts if you keep your eyes open. For the special price, it provides outstanding performance.

The audio quality is well-balanced, and you can make use of it with the Logitech Gaming Software. It also comes with negligible latency. Besides that, we did not find much else to talk about.

Our winner between the HP Omen 800 vs Logitech G430 gaming headsets is the HP Omen 800 gaming headset. The sheer opulent design, the stunning audio quality, and the microphone’s performance just blew us away.

Having said that, the Logitech G430 headphone is no slouch. It is durable in build quality, the sound quality was acceptable, and it is compatible with most devices and consoles. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference and requirement.

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