HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX is part of Kingston Technology Company Inc. They are known for manufacturing storage products and peripherals. The maker has managed to carve a name for itself in the gaming market.

Their products are known for the sublime design, top-notch audio performance, and durability. On that note, today, we will be discussing about two of their most popular models. We will be looking at the HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha.

The HyperX Cloud II is a stunning headset offering you with a balanced sound profile as well as a solid design. It is not only suitable for indoor usage but also for outdoor use. Besides, you can also remove the microphone, and we liked the color tone on it.

This is a wired model that comes with a sublime design and comfortable fitting for those lengthy hours of gameplay. Its low latency is suitable for gaming purposes as well as entertainment usage.

Sadly, it does not come with a noise cancellation feature making it unsuitable for outdoor use. On the other hand, the Cloud Alpha is a sublime gaming headset with breathtaking sound quality.

The fit and seal on your ears are reasonable, and their sound reproduction is superb. It does not matter if you wear glasses or have long hair. The design and fitting are similar to that found on Cloud II.

It comes with a detachable microphone so that you do not have to keep them all day. Unfortunately, the background noise is not blocked much. It is the best-performing unit in the market.

The major difference between the two units could be that the Cloud Alpha takes things to a new level with new earcups, padding, and visual feel, along with a detachable cable. Besides, the unit comes good to wear for gaming purposes.

Why don’t we read the post and find out more about the two units?

You will also want to know who the winner between the two awesome models is.

HyperX Cloud IIHyperX Cloud Alpha
The audio quality is sublime, thanks to the 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Gamers love the noise-cancellation microphone offering stunning clarity.

It’s stitching on the headband gives it a sturdy feeling.

It comes with robust build quality and is reliable.

The product is affordable got under $150.
The dual-chamber driver system enhances the clarity.

Its build quality is one of the best currently.

The unit has a sublime earcup to fit the size of any head.

It has an exceptional body design to wear headphones for a longer time.

The headset is priced under $150.
Few users have complained the earpads are not comfortable wearing long hours.The multi-directional surround sound needs some improvement.
Product NameCloud II Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetCloud Alpha Wired Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeSurround 7.1Stereo
Connection TypeWirelessWired
Wireless ConnectivityRadio Frequency (RF)
True WirelessNo
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Maximum Wireless Range60 feet
Adjustable HeadbandYes
Battery Life30 hours
Warranty2 years2 years


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

HyperX was known for designing superb models. As far as the design goes, both the HyperX Cloud II and the Cloud Alpha come with exceptional design capabilities. The reason for that being the manufacturer has worked closely with professional Esports gamers.

They understand the importance of designing comfortable units for them. The HyperX Cloud II comes with incredible comfort. We were astounded by the convenience of the headset. Additionally, the memory foam in the earcups is stunningly soft.

They also come infused with leatherette, and the headband is comfortable on your head. Our tester did not notice any discomfort whatsoever wearing them for several hours. The headset is soothing to wear, and you can have them on for long hours.

Similarly, the design & comfort of the Alpha is good. We liked the fact that the headband on this unit has been increased. So are the adjustment forks for exceptional length. No matter the size of your head, you are not going to feel insecure.

They come with 2 clicks for ample room and can fit exceptionally well on small heads too. Besides, the material used in the Alpha was slightly better than the one we found on the Cloud II model.

It is very soft and elegant to feel and look at. We think that the Cloud Alpha has an edge in the comfort segment. For many years now, the Cloud II was known for its comfort and fitting. Today, perhaps the time has come to give the crown to the Alpha.


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

HyperX models come with the sublime build quality. It is no different in the case of the HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha gaming headsets. Though the shape of both the models was similar in many aspects, the build is quite different.

We can say that the Alpha was slightly better than the Cloud II. Of course, the HyperX Cloud II comes with solid construction. The aluminum frame on the Cloud II gives it a good and stunning feel to it.

If you hold both the headsets in your hands, you can find that the Cloud II is slightly heavier. The earcups have intense cushioning on them. You do not get the feeling that they might get broken anytime because they are well made.

The Cloud Alpha comes with solid construction. Its aluminum body feels lighter than the Cloud II. You can instantly feel the difference in the size of the headband and the earcups. Besides, we loved the larger forks for adjusting the fitting.

They are designed such that they can easily handle few drops without any major damage. Whether you have a large or small head, it does not matter. Besides, the material used in producing the earcups felt robust and better than the Cloud II.

The additional foam in the headset makes it sublime by a significant margin. We felt that the Alpha comes with excellent build quality, but you cannot compare them to the premium models such as the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas and SteelSeries Arctis Pro units.


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

The HyperX Cloud II comes with a solid audio performance and dynamic feeling. You can hear the sound effects very clearly, and they are pristine. It does not come with the dual-chamber driver system, and that can affect the high and low ranges.

But it comes with the 7.1 virtual surround sound infused, offering you intense sound effects. Besides, you have given a USB sound card that can immensely enhance your 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming immersive experience.

The same cannot be said about the gaming noise quality. Though it comes with the surround sound, the difference is not noticeable when you turn it on. You cannot change the audio quality of the model.

The Cloud Alpha sounded more precise and pristine than the Cloud II. That is thanks to the dual-chamber driver system that enables it to separate the bass frequencies. You get incredible highs and lows. We enjoyed the gaming noise aspects of the Cloud Alpha.

They provide you with clear and opulent sound quality. All in all, the audio performance of both Cloud II and Cloud Alpha are identical. It is those slight differences that matter in the end.

If you look at the virtual surround sound, the Cloud II provides you with good sound quality. When you look at the overall sound comparison that can impact your gaming or music listening, the Cloud Alpha offers you stunning quality.


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

Our tester could not tell much of a difference between the HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha microphones. They both sounded quite solid and transparent. However, we will briefly tell you all about it.

The microphone sound quality on the HyperX Cloud II was sublime as always. If you read any of our reviews, you will notice that we have spoken highly of the microphone capabilities on the Cloud II.

The microphone comes with stunning recording capability. Its LFE is also very good, and so is the HFE providing you with a speech of more than above-average detail. Your voice is easy to understand, but it does come with a lag causing a dip above 7kHz.

It was able to get a speech-to-noise ratio of 49dB, helping you use it in noisy environments. Likewise, the Cloud Alpha has exceptional microphone capabilities. The recording quality of the microphone is good.

Your voice on the microphone sounds clear and detailed. Besides, the handling of the voice was good because it doesn’t get drowned out. Overall, both the units offer you with stunning microphone capabilities that won’t let you down.


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

As far as compatibility is concerned, HyperX is now producing several peripherals for the consumers. In this sense, they manufacture keyboards and mice as well. This makes them head-on with other manufacturers like SteelSeries, Logitech, and Corsair.

It means you can now find their gaming headsets compatible with most devices and consoles as well. The compatibility of the HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha is a close one because of the similarity of both models.

The HyperX Cloud II has a USB sound card that also comes with velour earpads. The sound card is helpful because it comes with sublime simulated 7.1 surround sound.

The Cloud II can work with the help of the 7.1 virtual surround sound on your PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and your smartphone as well. On the other hand, the Cloud Alpha connectivity on laptops, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, MacBook, and smartphone is sublime.

Besides, they come with detachable microphones. However, the Alpha unit has a cable that can be detached. The bag material also was slightly better than the one found on the Cloud II model.

All in all, both models come with exceptional compatibility with several devices and consoles. You should not face any problems connecting with them. We did not face any issues, and neither should you.


HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha

Comparing two models of the same brand can be quite strenuous. It gets worse when you have to verify the pricing of them. Luckily, in this case, both the HyperX Cloud II and the Cloud Alpha are priced the same.

They both come under the $200 price range. There were no surprises because the manufacturer has been in this industry for quite a long time. The HyperX Cloud II is priced under $150. You can get them slightly cheaper during the sales period.

Likewise, the Cloud Alpha is priced under $150. If you have your eyes open, you can purchase them at a cheaper rate. HyperX has priced both these units appropriately. They come with splendid features for the pricing.


We have ended the review. You would know the differences between HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha by now. Based on our research, it is safe to say that the Cloud Alpha is the proper successor to Cloud II.

Don’t be surprised if the maker decides to discontinue Cloud II. It is a magnificent gaming headset and has done its time. The features on both models are almost identical. We did not have much to differentiate really in the post.

However, there were some minor changes in the two units, like the microphone and sound quality. It felt more transparent on the Cloud Alpha. As a gamer, you understand the importance of using a technically capable model as it can hugely impact your performance.

We highly recommend both units as the manufacturer has raised the bar here. They have priced them perfectly also. You cannot go wrong in choosing any of the gaming headsets. The units come with top-notch features infused in them.

Our winner in the comparison review between HyperX Cloud II vs Cloud Alpha is the Alpha gaming headset. The design and sound factors are almost the same. The software works pristine in both models.

The Cloud Alpha has a detachable cable that makes it a top-notch option as it can be replaced. It also comes with a unique, balanced sound profile. It is not necessary that our thoughts blends with yours.

Choose the model that can meet your needs. They are priced almost the same, and this may not hamper your choice-making. Both of them sound fantastic, come with exceptional comfort and specifications.

We have given you the facts; it is up to you now to make your decision and get buying!

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