Are you on the lookout for a budget model that is priced under $100? Then today might be just your lucky day. Because we will be reviewing about two phenomenal headphones that are wireless, comfortable, reliable, and come with an amazing battery working life.

You cannot expect more from a headphone for the price point. They are the JBL JR 460NC – Wireless On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones vs the MOVSSOU E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

JBL is a well-known headphone manufacturer that has been in the market for several years now. They have been producing some magnificent headphones for users globally. Besides, they are also known for making other exceptional products like soundbars and so on.

Their products are known for their stability, reliability, and affordability. When you hear that product is from JBL, you can be assured about the sound performance. It is definitely second to none in the market.

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone comes with tremendous potential. In fact, once you are done reading the audio performance, microphone capabilities, and compatibility, you will be truly amazed at its powers.

The beauty about these models is that you can make use of the companion app and their parametric EQ and presets. These give you ample support and settings for your preferences. You will not end up disappointed.

Its battery life is also noteworthy, and you can find that the fitting is extremely comfortable. They are also breathable. You can use them for traveling purposes, and they are slightly bulky when you take them with you.

They usually fit normal size heads fantastically. But others might find the fitting a bit tight for long hours. You can make use of the multi-device pairing feature for connecting them to several devices of your choice.

The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone is an outstanding option for adults and kids. If you have read out reviews, you may notice that we often do not mention the word ‘kids.’ That is correct. Normally, we use gamers, professional workers, and browsers.

But this unit is ideal for kids too. It comes as no surprise that even parents consider purchasing the model for their kids. The comfort is fine, not as good as expensive models. You may feel that they are slightly tight.

The audio quality is decent, and you can make use of the active noise cancelation feature that is present on them. Its microphone quality is good too. They are priced under $50 and come with some exceptional features in them.

Let us read more about these awesome models and find out more about them. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

The model is comfortable and simple to use.

The unit comes with 40mm drivers and a sound signature.

It has Ambient Aware technology.

It has a breathtaking mic technology offering stereo calls.

The product comes with an outstanding battery working life of 40 hours.
The model offers you with pressure-free comfort.

The unit contains advanced active noise canceling technology.

It comes with eloquent sound performance with 45mm drivers.

It provides you with a built-in microphone and audio signal processing technology.

The product has a good battery working life of 30 hours.
The headphone comes with average noise cancellation.The headphone’s sound performance needs a lot of improvements.

JBL JR 460NC VS MOVSSOU E7: Design & Comfort

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone has a good design to them. The unit is also able to provide you with immense comfort. It comes with a mesh fabric-lined headband and has earcups made from plastic material.

They come with the logo of the brand. You can find them in 4 different colors. The earcups provide you with immense comfort and have a nice motion in them. They can easily fit large heads without much difficulty.

You would be delighted to know that the headband is lightweight and comfortable. But some users said that the clamping force is slightly on the harder side. You may feel some kind of discomfort when you wear them for long periods of time.

Its controls are good and offer you with tremendous feedback. You can also find the volume controls in there. You can use it to make or decline a call. When you use the logo on the left earcup, then you can activate voice assistant.

You can also use the ANC button to turn on the Ambient Aware, which enables you to hear the background audio when you are still listening to the audio. Our tester found that the buttons are clicky, and you can use them effortlessly.

The breathability in the headphone is exceptional. As they do not entirely cover your ears, there is no chance of discomfort or sweaty feeling. It does not make much of a difference in the temperature when you are wearing them for physical activity or prolonged listening sessions.

The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone comes in an elegant design. You are provided with a blend of fantastic texture and outstanding flexibility. You can wear the model for a prolonged period of time without feeling any discomfort.

It has a comfortable earpad that ensures your ears are not pressurized at any moment. That is because they distribute the pressure and provide you with a regular fitting on your ears. The design is nicely done, and since it is lightweight, you won’t feel that you are wearing the model.

JBL JR 460NC VS MOVSSOU E7: Build Quality

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone comes with the exceptional build quality. You can find that the headband is produced from a sturdy mesh fabric. It has sufficient padding on them. A metal plate on the frame gives it a durable feel to it.

One cannot call the headphone a premium model. It is alright because of the low-price range that it is available. But the materials used on the model are fantastic. You can also notice that it has faux leather padding on the earcups.

Our tester felt that the model’s hinges are the weak point. It feels robust and can effortlessly survive a few accidental drops without having any damage on it. Though the headphone does not have any IP rating on it, the maker has done a decent job.

Its stability is magnificent. You can use it for casual listening sessions. They may fall out if you shake your head often. Since they are a wireless design, the need to worry about the cables is not there.

It is portable. You can notice that the earcups are able to swivel inwards, and you can place them inside your backpack. The maker does not provide you with a carry bag to place the headphone.

That does not have to be an area of concern. The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone comes with the phenomenal build quality. We were quite pleased with the quality of the materials that were used on the model.

It is mainly produced from plastic. The unit has strong hinges, unlike most other models. It cannot be folded, and you can’t place them inside a bag just like that. You have to use a large backpack to put it.

Besides, it is not a model that you would consider portable. Yes, it is lightweight and comfortable on the head, but portability can be an issue here. Nothing for worry, of course. You can notice that the headphone does not get damaged when it falls down often.

JBL JR 460NC VS MOVSSOU E7: Audio Performance

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone has an outstanding audio performance. Both adults and kids would like to listen to the music that emanates from the model. The frequency of the bass is not within the range of causing any hearing damage for kids.

This aspect is to ease any concerns among parents. You will want to know that the higher frequencies cause hearing damage. If you listen to music with more bass, you can effortlessly notice that they come with an additional thump in them.

That is because the volume does not exceed 85dB. Since they are nice to use and fit, you can be assured about the audio quality. However, you will want to ensure that the volume is kept between low and medium levels.

You can find some sublime alternatives for headphones. But you will want to know that the headphone provides you with a superb option for those wishing to listen to opulent bass. Moreover, as a parent, when you want your kids to listen to a safe volume, then this unit is good.

The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone comes with a top-notch audio performance. The sound quality is second to none due to the 45mm drivers to reproduce an amazing sound quality. Users will notice that the model provides you with a powerful and immersive audio quality.

The advanced active noise canceling technology ensures you are not disturbed by the background noises. It is quite effective for the price, though not the best in the market. You can use it wherever you want to, it could be on the road, at the bus station or work.

JBL JR 460NC VS MOVSSOU E7: Microphone Performance

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone provides you with a stunning microphone performance. You can listen to what others are saying, and there is ample clarity in your voice. Our tester could use the voice memos app and listen to each word clearly.

The signal is good, and the voice quality is astounding. Likewise, the recording quality of the model is average. The unit sounds muffled and thin. But you can listen to what is being spoken at the other end.

However, we noticed that the noise handling was not that good because the background noise was clear to the person at the other end. You may want to speak to someone inside a quiet environment.

The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone provides you with outstanding call performance. You can hear what others are telling you, and they can hear you. It is possible due to the built-in microphone that is blended with advanced audio signal processing technology.

The model offers you clarity, providing you with the ability to listen to everything being said during conversations. It isolates the sound when you are talking on the smartphone, and the conversation can flow effortlessly using hands-free calling.

JBL JR 460NC VS MOVSSOU E7: Compatibility

The JBL JR 460NC wireless headphone provides you with excellent compatibility. There is adequate Bluetooth compatibility enabling you to connect using the multi-device pairing feature. You can connect with several devices in one go.

Besides, you have the audio mode that allows you to use the low latency on iOS and Android. Since their latency is higher on the PC, you may not find them ideal for gaming purposes. It comes with a 1/16″ to 1/8″ TRS cable for giving audio-only.

You can use the USB-C to USB-A cable to charge the model. They are compatible with gaming consoles and other devices. You can make use of them efficiently. The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphone offers you with average compatibility.

It comes infused with a 3.5mm jack connector. It is compatible with several devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and others. On the whole, the compatibility of the devices are amazing.


The JBL JR 460NC – Wireless On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones is priced under $100. The unit is pretty lightweight and portable. You can wear them for countless hours without feeling the stress.

It provides you with opulent sound quality with the 40mm drivers. You can find a sound signature that can be got in most top-end models. Thanks to the ANC, the outside noise is kept away nicely.

For travelers, the Ambient Aware technology helps them to move around attentively. When you are walking in the street or waiting at the airport, then the ambient sounds are slightly increased.

This feature helps you remain connected with the outside worldwide by listening to music. Likewise, the Talk Thru music gets lowered when it has to so that you can chat with others. The battery life is exciting at 40 hours, enabling you to remain connected for a few days without charge.

It also comes infused with an excellent microphone that provides you with calls on par with stereo quality. The MOVSSOU E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are priced under $46. The model is embedded with advanced active noise canceling technology.

It helps you listen to your favorite music with a decreased noise performance and enhanced sound. You can hear the songs and calls having incredible clarity. You can find a built-in microphone that has advanced audio signal processing technology.

The head unit comes with 45mm drivers that help it reproduce a wide range of frequencies. Moreover, the comfort of the headphone is sublime. It comes with a top-notch style with outstanding comfort.


We have come to the end of the comparison review between the JBL JR 460NC – Wireless On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones vs the MOVSSOU E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. We hope you liked what you read in the above post and made up your mind.

If you have not decided on the headphone of your choice, then you would want to read the post again. Perhaps, it might aid you with making your decision. The JBL Live 460NC wireless headphones are a stunning pair of comfortable, sublime, and decent neutral sound.

They are exceptionally comfortable, and you can make use of the companion app when you want to. Besides, you can use their parametric EQ, and the presets when you want to tweak the sound performance according to your taste.

We are not convinced about their gaming capabilities. Though the sound quality and the built-in microphone offer you stupendous capabilities, they are average for gaming use. Please note that you cannot use their microphone when gaming.

The microphone also does not separate your voice from the background noise. The MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphones are an okay choice for users. You can get a better wireless experience from active noise-canceling headphones.

It provides immense and deep sound performance when listening at any volume. There is a dual microphone system that offers you with sublime voice quality. You can attend and make calls easily.

Moreover, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables you to connect several devices. The battery working life is decent at 30 hours. They are quite comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time too.

Our winner in this comparison review between the JBL JR 460NC vs MOVSSOU E7 wireless headphones is the JBL model. It was a tough battle, but there can be only a winner. The MOVSSOU E7 is a worthy unit, but the Live 460NC model has superior features.

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