LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air – The Battle of the Heavyweights

When you are in search of a laptop, then the word Apple MacBook comes to mind. Does it not? Well, we are with you on that. Besides, you also might think of using a Dell or Lenovo product. They have been in the market for a few decades now and are making hay when the sun shines.

We don’t blame them for that. But there are also manufacturers that are attacking the market with their laptops. We present to you the LG Gram from the makers of LG. Now, LG is known as strictly as a kitchen appliance producer.

Sure, they have been in the electronics market for several years and can claim they are good enough. However, can the LG Gram take on the MacBook Air M2 laptop? That is what we intend to find out in this comparison review.

We are going to compare the LG Gram 16 2-in-1 laptop vs the MacBook Air M2 laptop. LG released the Gram series of laptops a few years ago. The model was an instant hit among the masses, especially the younger generation, who were smitten by looks, weight, and performance.

They began with the 15″ model, and now the units come in 14″, 16″, and even 17″ sizes. We are stunned at the sheer lack of weight in these models. The 2022 model is a quicker 12th-generation Intel Core processor that comes paired with LPDDR5 memory.

You will be glad to know that the new model comes with notable changes like the storage system and the operating system is Windows 11. You have a full HD webcam, an anti-glare IPS display, and LG Glance.

The Glance is a feature that you can make use of if you want. The price quote of the product is something that may put you off. But that is what you have to pay up upfront when you want to own such a phenomenal product from a reputed maker like LG.

On the bright side, the LG 16 model is slightly priced lower than the LG 17 model. Besides, the unit comes with better battery life, making it a balanced model. The MacBook Air M2 laptop comes with a fantastic range of features and power.

The new M2 chip has stupendous specifications that make it worth its name. It takes the brand name a notch higher. Though the looks & appearance of the model have not changed much, but when it comes to the performance, this model is just splendid.

It is lightweight and reminds you of the model that was released 15 years ago. You can’t have a laptop that is both light and a powerhouse. The battery life is just above average, and it comes with a couple of drawbacks, but we feel that it is the best value for your money.

Let us now read the review and learn more about these two phenomenal models. We have also given the winner at the end of the review.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1M2 MacBook Air
LG Gram 16 2 In 1M2 MacBook Air
The design of the laptop is very elegant.

It is a lightweight product despite its humungous size.

It comes with the Dual SSD option.

There is a 16:10 aspect ratio.

You have the use of the WQXGA screen resolution.

There is an exceptional battery working life.

It offers you with an incredible performance.

The numeric keypad is stunningly good.
The laptop comes with an eloquent design.

It is quite lightweight & portable.

The color visuals are extremely opulent.

The performance is simply phenomenal.

It has a perfect battery working life.

It has an enjoyable audio quality for the users.

There is also a 1080p webcam.
The product is pretty expensive.

The keys could have become more stable when typing.
The price is always going to be an issue when it comes to Apple models.

The laptop has only a few ports to work with.

Pricing & availability

The LG Gram 16 2-in-1 model is priced at less than $1500. This is quite steep for a laptop cum tablet. The unit has a free 16-inch USB-C portable monitor, the Plus View. You have a few options to choose from in this model that may vary in price.

The color options are pretty limited in the form of the Obsidian Black and silver aluminum color scheme. The laptops come with Windows 11 Pro as the paid-for upgrade. The MacBook Air M2 starts at $1,199 for the 256GB model and goes all the up to $1,899 for the 1TB model.

You can choose the unit according to your needs and performance requirement. We are not going to deny it; the laptop comes priced pretty steep. But that is what you get when you want to get a MacBook Air model for yourself.

The M2 chip is powerful. You can do plenty of tasks using the laptop. It is available in the colors of midnight, starlight, space gray & silver. The pricing of both the models is quite the same in terms of the range, but we felt that the Air model was relatively higher than the Gram model.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air – Specs

SpecificationsLG Gram 16 2 In 1M2 MacBook Air
NameGram 2-in-1 16” WQXGA LaptopMacBook Air 13.6″ Laptop – Apple M2
Screen Size16 inches13.6 inches
Screen Resolution2560 x 16002560 x 1664
Touch ScreenYesNo
Processor ModelIntel 12th Generation Core i7Apple M2
Processor Model NumberIntel i7Apple M2
Storage TypeSSDSSD
Total Storage Capacity512GB256 gigabytes
Solid State Drive Capacity512GB256 gigabytes
System Memory (RAM)16 gigabytes8 gigabytes
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe GraphicsApple M2 8-core
Operating SystemWindows 11 HomemacOS Monterey 12
Voice Assistant Built-inAmazon Alexa
Battery TypeLithium-ionLithium-polymer
Backlit KeyboardYesYes
Year of Release20182022
Warranty1 year1 year


The design of any laptop, for that matter, is vital for the user. But when you are using a 16″ laptop, how heavy can it be? The good news is that both the Gram and the Air are lightweight & portable devices.

You would be surprised to know how light and slim they both are, enabling you to take them around with you anywhere you want to. You would be glad to find out that the chassis of the laptop is produced from magnesium alloy.

This aspect of it makes it pretty solid and durable. You can also see that the unit comes with a fine heat dissipater as well. All LG Gram products have to pass the test to be declared ready for sale on the shelves globally.

There are dual microphones, and so on. The monitor has a matte display of 2560 x 1600-pixel resolution. You can use the model for video editing and coding as well. There are several connectors, including an audio connector, 2 Thunderbolt 4 inputs, and the full-size HDMI 2.0 port.

Besides, you can also find a microSD card reader that comes along with two full-size USB 3.2 ports. There is also a massive keyboard present on the Gram device. You can find that it has a numeric keypad that is much larger than a standard touchpad.

It is one of the largest laptops in the segment and the lightest. It has the same weight as that of the MacBook Air 13″ and the Dell XPS 13″. We will now read about the design feature of the MacBook Air M2 laptop.

This all-around device provides you with all the qualities that you would require in your laptop. We thought that the unit was pretty elegant in shape. You would mistake it for an iPad when the model is closed.

It measures around 0.44mm, which is pretty compact and sleek for a laptop. We doubt the Dell XPS or ASUS notebooks can come that close. In terms of volume, this new model is slimmer by 20% than the previous laptop.

Like the Gram model, it is quite light, weighing only at 2.7 pounds. It should be below the 3 pounds mark, which it is. The model is produced from aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to carry.

But it is quite durable, though. We would not tell you to test it out. You can hold it using one hand if you want to. They have brought out some new colors this year apart from the usual ones, like gray, silver, and gold.

We find gray and gold the most attractive. But you can go in the for dark blue if you like. However, you may want to make sure that the device does not get scratches on it. The model, unfortunately, gets scratched very easily.

That can be somewhat annoying. We were disappointed with the lack of ports in the MacBook Air. This is something that most Apple users might have become used to by now. You can find the MagSafe power adapter and the 2 Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 ports.

Using the MagSafe power adapter, you can now easily attach the cable connector to your system. The device does not fall if you tug on the cables. This is a small but helpful feature. You also got a headphone jack for your wireless headphones.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air

Display and Audio

We will read about the design of the LG Gram 16″. The moment you hold the Gram 16″ in your hands or one hand rather, you just feel stunning & amazed at the lack of weight. It is as if you were mistaken that you are actually holding a considerable device.

Yes, it is a 16″ large display model. But with the less weight of 3.2 pounds, you just don’t feel as if you are holding anything. So, if you are somebody looking for a slim but large display model, then your prayers are answered here.

Users have commended the engineers of the company for producing such an elegant device. What about durability? You would be amazed to know that the product has been tested according to military grading.

That is right. Now, coming to the display of the device. Since the model is incredibly thin on all sides, it comes with most of the features present on the top area itself. For example, you can find a breathtaking full HD webcam with IR capabilities.

The Air, on the other hand, is a mere 13.6″ device. It is not large and huge like the Gram model we just read about. However, the device is just about right for use for various activities like reading, browsing, coding, listening to music, and a bit of gaming as well.

Coming to the display of the device, you know you won’t be ignored. Apple has always managed to shine in one area, and that is the clarity of the images. The Air M2 model comes with 2560 x 1664 pixels.

You do a dozen things with this kind of powerful display, like editing images, watching movies, graphic designing, and watching your favorite shows. The movie-watching bit is fascinating with the model.

They have a shot in the arm; the audio system found in the M2 model is pretty astounding. The audio is sweet and opulent. You can listen to your favorite songs with or without headphones. You won’t be left disappointed.

If you are a Spotify lover or a music lover, for that matter, then you would delight in using this laptop. Of course, it can’t beat the audio on the MacBook Pro 14. However, the MacBook Air is much cheaper than the higher-priced Pro.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air


Perhaps, this is where the balance might tilt in favor of the LG Gram or not? We are not sure because you have to read the segment to find that out. We can only tell you this both are quite close when it comes to performance.

The model comes powered by a 12-generation, 12-core/16-thread Intel Core i7-1260P. There is a minimum power of 20W. You can also find a maximum power of 64W for the CPU when it reaches a maximum clock speed of 4.7GHz.

You instantly notice that the laptop is relatively silent when using it. That is a good sign because the engineers have done an exceptional job there. Though the earlier models released in 2020 were quiet, this model takes quiet to another level.

The audio system is supported by DTS:X Ultra technology through a bundled app. But the music played on the laptop lacked the depth you expect from a model like that. The battery working life is good.

The performance of the MacBook Air M2 model does not surprise any of us. We knew that the new model would come with more juice, and it came with it. You would love to operate and work with this model due to its sheer speed and capacity of it.

You can literally have close to 50 tabs or more without the device hanging. It is that good without no lag or slowness. Those of you who have worked on or used the MacBook Pro would be pretty impressed with the power of this unit.

It does beat the Windows models with ease, like the ASUS ZenBook, the Lenovo Yoga, and the Dell XPS models. Some users have questioned the SSD found on the MacBook Air M2 laptop. The answer to that is quite simple; it does not.

The unit comes with the 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter. You can get another device at the same time as your iPhone. Just like most MacBooks, this one, too, is durable, powerful, and somewhat affordable.

There is more value than the M1 model, which is a pretty good one. Those of you who already own the M1 might not want to get this for now. However, you can think about it later on. But the M2 provides you with a rejuvenated performance, high battery life, and extreme power.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air

Graphics and Gaming

The color reproduction is simply astounding, with a brightness of 1200:1 contrast ratio and DCI-P3 99% color gamut. It is incredible for watching videos, movies, and graphic designing. We may not suggest you work out the laptop under the sun because you can barely notice anything.

The new M2 model is a 10-core GPU and does not come with the usual 8-core CPU on the expensive unit. If you play games like the Tomb Raider, you can notice the smoothness in the image clarity and the powerful performance.

It does not mean that all games will come with the same performance. They may vary slightly once in a while. Both the models are stunning for playing games and thanks to the phenomenal graphics cards, you can be assured of a pleasant gaming experience.

Battery Life and Charging

The LG Gram 16” 2-in-1 can run just less than 20 hours if you use it for basic tasks. However, when you want to watch videos and listen to music, then you can work just shy of 16 hours. That is pretty tremendous to say for a model coming at this price.

The MacBook Air M2 model is one of the longest-lasting units in the segment, with a battery working life of 18 hours or more. Of course, it depends on how you use it. When you want to make use of the videos and audio tasks, then it may not go beyond 12 hours.

It is quite suitable for the price range. The battery working power of the units are highly commendable. You would be amazed to know that they can run for more than a day to help you complete your projects, meet deadlines, and get your work done.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is splendid and smooth to type. That is a good thing because you do not want to be struggling with using it. Even the Dell XPS could not provide this kind of smooth and flexible typing on the keyboard.

But we felt there is a lack of confidence if you press it too hard. This is something that we don’t find on the XPS series or the MacBook models. The overall experience in typing is just above average.

However, the touchpad is big & responsive. You won’t have any sort of an issue with the lag or accidental palm touch. You can make use of the power button that can also be used as the fingerprint reader.

Coming to the touchpad and their keyboard, well, they are world-class. We do not use that word very often in our reviews. But that is how good it is. If you are a writer or deal with plenty of typing, then you would love the way in which the key mechanisms work for you.

They are quick, sublime, and butter smooth. You can do a wide range of activities like writing, editing, and browsing if you want. The touchpad is also quite fantastic. You can make use of the Touch ID button and carry on with your work. It is simply an amazing model for your money.

LG Gram 16 2 In 1 vs M2 MacBook Air


You would like to use the LG Gram has onboard full HD front-facing camera. This lets the model to know whether you are present and are active. Nothing can come close to the LG Gram when it comes with a large monitor with superb video & audio features.

There is also a good webcam on the MacBook Air M2 model that helps you have video calls and meetings with ease. You do not need to make use of any third-party products for making calls hereafter. The call clarity and the video image quality are superb.


Our winner in this comparison review between the LG Gram 16 2-in-1 laptop vs the MacBook Air M2 laptop is the MacBook Air. It was a close fight between these two outstanding models. They came with their unique features, but the MacBook Air managed to edge the LG Gram.

Apple engineers seem to be doing their homework on the performance, image quality, and price quote. They seem to understand on the importance of pricing their products more suitably for the market.

LG, on the other hand, has a lot to learn from its rivals like Dell, Apple, and Lenovo. Though they have done an exceptional job in the form of the LG Gram laptop, they need to improve more the next time they want to come up with another series or an updated version of the unit.

The LG Gram 16 (2022) 2 in 1 laptop provides extreme competition to the likes of the Dell XPS and the Apple MacBook Air in terms of weight and performance. LG has done a decent job here.

We are quite impressed with this product, though it just fell short of a stunning product in the form of the MacBook Air. But there is always scope for improvement. The laptop is extremely useful for a wide range of users like students, coders, graphic designers, and content creators.

So, if you belong to the group, then you may want to keep an eye on this model. But the cost coming in at $1500 is just too high for a tablet cum laptop device. The MacBook Air M2 model, on the other hand, is just terrific in terms of performance and quality.

As you know, the Apple models tend to be reliable & durable as well. They can easily last for more than 10 years, provided you handle them with care and don’t lose them. We highly recommend the Air laptop when you are looking for a worthy investment.

If you are searching for a worthy alternative for its higher cousin brother, the MacBook Pro, then the Air is good enough. It can power you through the tasks that you want and help you to meet deadlines, making it most ideal for students, programmers, and graphic designers.


Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1

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