Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512 – Which One Better?

If you are a professional gamer or somebody searching for a faster, better, and longer keyboard? Then you are reading the right post because today, we are going to see precisely just that. Keyboards have always formed a special connection with users & gamers of all walks of life.

A PC is incomplete without a keyboard. They have evolved over the last few years. During the 1900s, if you saw, a keyboard was considered not more than an input device. You would want to use it for getting data inside the PC.

Today, things have changed for the best. You have carbon mechanical keyboards that come with stunning features. In this review, we will be looking at Logitech G413 vs G512 keyboards. Gamers from all around the world would have definitely heard about the name Logitech.

The maker specializes in components that are widely used in the electronic industry. If you have read our reviews, then Logitech products, be it mouse, headsets, keyboards, form a regular feature.

That just goes to show how popular this brand is over the world. The Switzerland-based company has been around for several decades in the business. That means that they are getting things quite right.

The Logitech G413 Carbon mechanical keyboard is a decent but straightforward model. It comes with features excellent features that can put a smile on gamers. There is the Romer-G switch that can provide you with smooth typing.

If you are somebody who prefers to use RGB lighting, then you may want to look elsewhere. The build quality is spectacular, and it comes with splendid customization setting options that include macros on the function key.

The model comes with on a red-light color. Likewise, we have the Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard that comes with a fantastic array of switches on them. The build quality is amazingly done.

You can notice the stylish design present on it. You can also see the RGB lighting on it. Our tester felt that the 512 Carbon mechanical keyboard is quite similar to the Cherry MX Blues. They come with switches that are simple to use.

Using the software of the maker, you can use the customization options on it. The only drawback that we found was the lack of onboard memory. Let us read on further to find out who the winner is, given at the end of the review.

Logitech G413Logitech G512
Logitech G413Logitech G512
The unit comes elegantly designed with an aluminum frame.

The switches are responsive and relatively light to type with.

It comes infused with the backlit keys on each of them for easy viewing.

It can provide you with exceptional typing performance.

The functional keys are entirely programmable and can be set as you want them to.
The unit has a stunning built quality compared to most products in the market.

The pre-travel is relatively short, meaning that you get to type quickly.

It is pretty responsive to your requirement.

It comes with excellent latency it.

The keyboard has RGB backlighting & customizations with Light Sync.
The macros are only available with the function keys.The keyboard does not come with a wrist rest.

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512: Keyboard Specifications

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

The keyboard specifications on the Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard are good. You would notice that it comes with a brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top case. This ensures that the design of the unit is opulent.

It is the backbone. Those of you who prefer using a minimalistic design that comes balanced with features might like this unit. At times, the design that is not overly messed up with does well. The layout is excellent.

You can also notice that the keys appear beautifully above them. They do not seem like as if they are recessed on it. This feature enables it not to retain the dust that forms on the unit. At the LED backlighting found under the keys, you can notice the aesthetic that is present on it.

However, it can take a lot of space on your table because of the size. In one way, users can notice that it comes with similar build quality to that of the G512 model. The plastic that is present on the frame is nicely done.

There is also a good aluminum plate present on the top of the model. You can feel excellent & good about it. There is no flex at all on the unit, and that is a good thing about it. The rubber present on the rear of the unit enables it not to fall off the desk.

Our tester did notice that the incline felt slightly loose. When you type quickly, you may think that the keys are wobbly but acceptable. The double shot ABD keycaps feel pretty cheap, and they can shine when you use them on a regular basis.

There may be an issue with the alignment of it. Its ergonomics is pretty good. There is a fair amount of glow on it. Though it does not come with the wrist rest, we did not feel any issues when typing.

There is a single incline setting. When you want to use a wrist rest that can be detached, you can do so with the counterpart discussed here. If you see, it is a good step up from this keyboard.

All the keys present on the keyboard come lit individually. They can provide you with some effects if you look at them. Besides, it can be appropriately set with the software effectively if you want. The brightness can be controlled with 5 levels.

It comes with a cable having 2 USB-A ports. Users cannot use it through wireless. You can find the Logitech G413 keyboard, a few indented keycaps, the keycap puller, and a manual in the box.

The simple design can be seen on the Logitech G512 model too. This is an excellent move by Logitech. One way, our tester liked the design of it. Sometimes simple things are much better to work and look at.

That is what the maker has achieved through these two models. Coming to the features that are present on the unit. You cannot find additional keys like a volume dial or the media control. Users can use the function keys that operate as media control.

You can now alter the lighting effects on the keyboard effortlessly. Unlike the G413 model, the design here is slightly lesser but quite bulky. We were referring to the space on the keyboard. The size of both models is the same, coming at 1.4” x 17.5”.

It is produced from aluminum giving you a durable feel and look. Though it is priced relatively high, you may not get a premium feel. That is what we found out. But the RGB lighting present on the unit has a stunning look & feel to it.

You can also notice the carbon finish on it, giving it some shine that you would prefer to have. There is a G at the top-right side of the unit. At the bottom, you can find the wires beneath it. You may see that it comes with 6 rubber feet to prevent it from falling down from the desk.

You can change the typing or gaming angle if you want. A notable feature of it is the braided cable that comes with it. This small but vital feature is missing from most keyboards in the same price range.

You would love to use the Light Sync technology infused in this keyboard. Now, you can easily connect with several peripherals easily. They come helpful for videos, music & games. There comes the screen sampler feature helping you choose a part of the monitor.

SPECIFICATIONSLogitech G413 CarbonLogitech G512
NameG413 Wired Gaming Mechanical Romer-G Switch Keyboard with BacklightingG512 SE Full-size Wired Mechanical GX Blue Clicky and Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard
Lighting TypeRGBRGB
Form FactorFull-sizeFull-size
Keyboard TechnologyMechanicalMechanical
Key Switch BehaviorTactileClicky, Tactile
Keyboard TypeGaming, ProgrammableGaming, Programmable
Warranty2 years2 years

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512: Typing Abilities

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

The typing capacity of any keyboard is of the most crucial feature of it. Unless you know that you may not want to get it for yourself, let us find out the typing ability of the Logitech G413 Carbon mechanical keyboard.

It comes with the Romer-G tactile switches. You can find similar switches on the models, including the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. You can find the bump present that is just before the actuation point.
The travel distance is splendid and does not require you to press too hard to difficult in any way. Users can feel it is very responsive to their needs. However, there might be occasional accidental strokes when you type or play too fast on it.

These are normal and can happen on any keyboard, for that matter. Its typing quality is good. Our tester felt that compared to the Cherry MX Browns, the switches here are smoother. You can feel no bump in here.

That is a good thing. But you can notice that the keys sometimes can be stiff and need some amounts of force to get them completely down. If you are a gentle typist, then you can get stressed quickly.

Most of the design of a mechanical keyboard is likewise. You cannot blame them for that. The ABD keycap does not wobble a lot and may not come as sublime as the PBT double-shot keycaps. The noise is relatively less on the unit when you type on it.

However, it may not be helpful in an office surrounding that needs pristine silence. You forget it is a mechanical keyboard. Your colleagues and others can get disturbed by the typing thud noises.

Its latency is good, and you can play games instantly without any delays at all. Besides, the keyboard is compatible with the G HUB software of the maker. You can make use of the customization that is present on the keyboard.

The custom profiles cannot be saved on the keyboard because there is no onboard memory. You can notice that the backlighting comes with the red color on it along with the effects. It is entirely compatible with Windows; it does not work on Linux.

So, Linux users have to look elsewhere. We also noticed that the scroll and pause keys would not work on the macOS. Likewise, the typing of the Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard is superb.

It is customizable with 16.8 million colors, and you can design your animations. This is possible thanks to the preset effects that are present on it. The Light Sync technology that is found on the keyboard enables you to sound, game & others as well.

It gives your screen to give you an immersive experience. You can clearly see the advancement. This model comes with high-quality performance. Users have 3 options to choose from, including GX Red (Linear), GX Brown (Tactile), and GX Blue (Clicky).

It comes with a function key for lighting controls. You can control the volume settings that include mute, game mode, and other lighting effects that you want to alter. You can also play & pause with it.

Using the function key, you can use compatible it with the G HUB. This feature is beneficial. Consumers can easily deactivate the additional keys to get rid of the unwanted keystrokes. Users can store the lighting profiles on the keyboard onboard memory and use it likewise.

It comes with USB 2.0 for connectivity, and the travel distance is quite excellent. There are built-in 2.0 USB ports. You will want to know that the actuation distance is 1.9mm. You can find 2 LED indicator lights present with RGB light.

Users will be glad to know that the product comes with a 2-year warranty on it. The typing was relatively noiseless, and that was surprising. You may not be able to use it in an office, though. However, the pressing force was sublime and quite firm, which is a nice thing to note.

The keyboard delivers to you want it says. That is an excellent thing to note from the company. They have done a fantastic task with this model. It comes with impressive features. There is no doubt in our minds that this forms an outstanding unit with stupendous specifications on it.

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512: Price

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512

The Logitech G413 Carbon mechanical keyboard is priced under $134. The lowest price that you can get for the unit is $99. That makes it under $100. It comes with the Romer-G mechanical switch that is designed for being responsive and suitable for professional gamers.

However, the features in it are slightly lacking when compared to the G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard. The Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard is priced under $230. You can quickly notice a massive difference in the price point of almost more than $95.

Is that price worth it? We will tell you about it at the end of the review. But you may want to know that the G512 unit is a splendid model that comes infused with several specifications in it. The keyboard has Light Sync RGB lighting.

You can personalize the lighting for each of the keys present on the keyboard. Doing that enables you to have interaction of close to 16.8 million colors along with Logitech software. Romer-G tactile switch option is pleasant for use in FPS games.

Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512: Verdict

We have concluded the discussion on the Logitech G413 Carbon vs G512 Carbon mechanical keyboards. Hope you enjoyed reading it and had some fun. Besides, we hope you can make up your mind about the mechanical keyboard you plan to get for yourself.

If you haven’t, then we might suggest you go through the post again. The Logitech manufacture has produced sublime units over the years, but these two take the top layer of the icing. They are known for their breathtaking features, and it was quite a challenge to select the winner here.

The Logitech G413 Carbon mechanical keyboard is an excellent model. It comes infused having great features. The unit comes with the Romer-G switch, which has smoothness in them. They are ideal for providing you with tactile feedback.

It also comes with a good actuation point. Not to mention, the keyboard is sturdy & comes infused with a red backlight. But the macros cannot be set on the keys. However, you will have made use of the function keys that are not suitable for your cause.

Similarly, the Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard is ideal for typing & gaming too. Users will like the fact that they are audible with click and the switches are responsive. You can also notice that the RGB backlighting is present on the model.

This feature is good for showing the keyboard working in a dim-light room. It is suitable for showing the crucial keys & the function keys. They can be programmed as you want them using the macros.

However, some MMO players can find that it does not come with dedicated macro keys. That aspect of it was slightly worrying. Users have also mentioned that it comes with solid construction & a top-notch look to it.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech G413 Carbon vs Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboards is the G512 model. They look and feel alike, but small things like the RGB lighting and terrific customization capabilities made the difference between them.

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