Logitech G432 vs Logitech G332 (Comparison Review)

Are you a professional gamer or regular browser looking for a cheap but feature-rich headset? If then, you will be delighted to know that you are at the right place. Today, we will be reading about two decent wired headphones from Logitech.

If you have read our reviews, then you will know that we highly recommend the brand to our readers. That is because it is extremely popular worldwide, and all kinds of users prefer to use it for their work or games.

Their products are reliable and affordable, making them quite stunning and awesome to use. In today’s review, we will be discussing about the Logitech – G432 Wired DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Headset vs the Logitech G332 Wired Gaming Headset.

In this comparison review, we will be reading about the features of both wired headphones. The models appear and look the same. Besides, they also come with the same design & similar features infused in them.

They belong to the G series from Logitech and are priced under $50, making them affordable. However, it won’t be fair to say that the G432 unit is an upgraded model of the G332 model. The Logitech G432 wired headphone comes with a beautiful design and is quite light.

You will be delighted to use an opulent model like the G432 for your gaming and listening to a music session. It has a nice plastic finish and earcups that are produced from leatherette. The models are available in one color combination of black & blue and black & red, respectively.

The earcups are fairly comfortable and feel nice to wear for prolonged hours without having much sweat. There is a distinct feature of the model with the microphone quality. The microphone of the model is splendid.

It has superb sound quality enabling others to listen to your voice clearly. That is quite surprising for a budget model. It comes with surround sound. The G432 model allows you to have customization features through the Logitech G HUB software.

Likewise, the Logitech G332 wired headphone has a comfortable fitting and amazing design. Overall, both are good in everything like design, comfort, sound. But, the G432 is the upgraded version.

By considering the price, you can decide as per your budget, but there will be little difference in the price. The microphone quality on the model is just simply awesome. You can use it for communicating with others and chatting use.

The pricing is what caught our eye, and it is slightly lower than the G432 unit. The G332 has only stereo sound. However, is that going to be sufficient to beat the G432 model that comes with several features in it?

Why not read the post, and find out the winner that is given at the end of the article?

The unit has an elegant design with leatherette earcups and a sturdy headband.

The headset provides you with eloquent sound with 50mm audio drivers.

It comes infused with a DTS Headphone:X 2.0.

It has multi-platform compatibility to use on several devices.

The product has a remarkable 6mm flip-to-mute microphone and volume control.
The model comes opulently designed with deluxe lightweight leatherette ear cups.

The unit has a huge 50mm driver for enjoying a good experience.

It has a bass that is responsive for gaming.

It provides you with outstanding microphone quality.

The headset works are compatible with all devices and gaming consoles.
The headphone offers you with poor noise isolation.Few users said that the cable is quite lengthy, around 10feet.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of the Logitech models is always top-notch. Whether they are budget or top-end headphones, they are light and comfortable. The Logitech G432 wired headphones come with an elegant design.

It is quite comfortable to wear for prolonged gaming sessions. The design is almost similar to the Logitech G430 wired headphone. However, the earpads are not vibrant. The headphone has a pleather coating that gives them an attractive look.

It is comfortable to wear. The earcups are quite large, and they can fit in small to large ears. No issues in there. You can also flip the microphone when you are not using it. This feature is a sign of a gaming model.

You can feel them tight at the head for those with large size heads. The control scheme of the unit is sober and does not come with too many options. There is a single wheel for controlling the volume on the earcups.

You will find them not breathable because of the design. The heat can be trapped inside. Though it should not bother you when you are casual gaming, but they are not designed for physical activity.

The Logitech G332 wired headphones come with an opulent design & comfort. Similar to the G432, they are quite lightweight and come with extreme comfort. You do not feel stressed wearing them for lengthy periods.

It has a headband that is made from leatherette padding and does not give any pressure to you. Though you may have long hair or wear glasses, it should not affect your wearing ability. The design and comfort are quite similar to the G432 in most aspects.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Build Quality

The Logitech G432 wired headphone comes with the exceptional build quality. It is not too cumbersome to hold, but the earcups cannot be folded. That means they are not portable. Users can make the earcups flat and then place them inside their backpacks.

Likewise, the build quality of the G432 is similar to the G430 model. The metal frames that are present on the model are extremely durable. They are made from plastic, and the headphones’ joints do not feel very sturdy.

The earcups are quite dense and robust. But they may not survive more than several falls. However, the damage to them would be quite minimum. The earcups are large in design; consumers may feel the swaying movements if they tilt their heads aggressively.

The Logitech G332 wired headphones have a stunning build quality. We felt that it is somewhat better than the G432 unit. However, the material and the color combination are almost the same. You can easily control the volume and mute the microphone.

To mute the microphone, you need to lift it. However, the microphone is not detachable, and the cable is quite lengthy. Whether that is an advantage is for you to decide on the model. There is no microphone sidetone on the headphone.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Audio Performance

The audio performance of the models is quite good. The Logitech G432 wired headphones come with decent audio quality. Their frequency response consistency performance is average.

However, if you have long hair or wear glasses, then it can cause a drop in the bass in the model. It has a fantastic bass performance, and the thumps are heard nicely. You can find some initial sounds in the vocals.

The bass delivery depends on the fit and seal that you are able to gather on the wired headphone. The response got from the model depends on the average bass, and our tester felt that the experience might vary.

The vocals and lead instrumentations are heard well. It has a fantastic treble to it. You can notice that the noise got from it can be sharp and clear. The listening experience can vary because not all users will be able to experience proper treble frequencies at the same intensity.

It also comes with a USB dongle that provides you with low latency, and that is why the audio and video remain in synchronization. Please note that they are not customizable, and you may not be happy about that aspect.

The Logitech G332 wired headphone provides you with a good audio performance. This model is a gaming headset. You can hear all the sounds from the inside. The fitting and sealing are splendid, which helps in achieving that.

Besides, it can get rid of the outside noises efficiently. Sometimes, however, you may get disoriented and not be able to identify from where the noise came from. They can be gunshots, soft sounds, and bombs also.

But our tester felt that the gamer’s voices do not sound as they should as they sound much different when face-to-face. Since it comes with a closed-back design, you would be glad to know that it reduces the background noise.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Microphone Performance

The microphone quality is one of the most crucial aspects of gaming. How does the microphone in the model fare? The Logitech G432 wired headphone comes with a boom microphone. The boom microphone provides you with the outstanding recording quality.

The sound quality is good, meaning that your voice is heard loud and clear by the other person at the other end. Your voice is easy to understand. You will want to know that the speech comes naturally and is detailed.

It has a tremendous noise handling performance and can achieve a good speech-to-noise ratio. That means the speech is nicely separated from the background sound quite efficiently. The other person at the end of the line will not be disturbed due to the ambient noise.

The Logitech G332 headphone has a decent microphone performance. We were quite stunned by the quality of the speech and recording. That is something nice from the model. Our tester was pleased to say that the unit did well in noisy conditions.

It was able to get rid of the unwanted background sound flawlessly. Your voice will sound just right for the person at the other end. You can use the model to make calls, communicate with gamers, and online chat.

The model cannot be compared to other top-end models. It is good, but not outstanding or something like that. You can use it when you are working and typing away. The background sound or the sound of the keyboard is immensely taken away.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Compatibility

The compatibility is another feature that a gamer would want to have on the wired headphone. Let us read about the model’s compatibility features. The Logitech G432 wired headphones come with customization features as they are compatible with the G HUB software.

However, other Logitech products can offer you with better customization abilities. Using the headsets, you can make use of the splendid 10-band EQ, sidetone levels, volume, microphone, and surround sound feature.

There are a few EQ presets that you may be able to modify. But you can design your own EQ settings and also save them. Unfortunately, you cannot modify the changes to other models. They do not come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Since it is a wired unit, there are no latency problems with it. You do not find any sort of delays that happen. It can be ideal for watching videos and gaming. They are nice and flexible, providing you with the ability to use them on any device or platform that you want.

Sadly, you may not be able to work them on the Xbox One using the USB cable. Hence, you need to work on a 1/8″ TRRS connection with a controller. When you want to connect it to your laptop, then you might want to take the included Y-splitter.

Similarly, the Logitech G332 wired headphones provide you with exceptional compatibility. You can work on the model on almost any device or platform that you want. The features are similar to that of the G432 model.

Users can operate it on the PC, laptop, and gaming consoles. It works just fine on the PS5 as well. You can make use of the USB wireless stereo sound and other consoles. You can connect to your laptop using the 3.5mm cable.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Price

The Logitech – G432 Wired DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is priced under $50. Our tester felt that the price point is affordable and cheap. Any product that is priced under $50 is a budget unit.

Despite that, the comfort level is almost on par with top-end models from Sennheiser, Bose, and SteelSeries. Its earcups are produced from sublime lightweight leatherette, and the headband is quite robust in build.

You will be glad to know that the earcups can rotate up to 90degrees depending on your need. Another impressive feature of the headphone is the multi-platform compatibility. The 3.5mm cable can work on any device or platform that you want it to.

You can now effortlessly connect on your PC, laptop, smartphone, and wide range of gaming consoles. If you are a professional gamer, you would depend immensely on the microphone.

Luckily for you, the unit comes with a huge 6mm flip-to-mute microphone along with volume control. You can now be easily heard at the other end. The Logitech G332 Wired Gaming Headset is priced under $34.

There is a minor price difference of $10 between the two models. It is quite comfortable to wear for prolonged hours because of the thick earcups and robust headband. The audio performance is top-notch because of the large 50mm audio drivers.

Besides, it comes with a splendid flip boom microphone that helps you discuss, chat, and properly communicate with friends, clients, and other gamers. You can use this headset with the 3.5mm cable on all kinds of platforms of your choice.

Logitech G432 vs G332: Verdict

We have concluded our comparison review between the Logitech – G432 Wired DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Surround Sound Gaming Headset vs the Logitech G332 Wired Gaming Headset.

We hope that you liked the post and were able to make your decision. Both the models are supernatural and have outstanding gaming features in them. They are also helpful for regular browsers and content creators.

The Logitech G432 wired headset is a good unit for neutral listening. You can find the bass quite punchy and extended. Besides, the mid-range is well-balanced and quite opulent to listen to. Additionally, you can also note that the treble range is magnificent.

It is slightly light on the rumble and loud. That is a good thing, especially for gamers who can listen to the sounds as they should. Sadly, the treble does not come with immense detail in it. Not to mention, the frequency response was not the best.

They are ideal for playing video games and comfortable to wear for several hours. The microphone performance was fantastic, and the person at the other end could hear you clearly. Their audio reproduction was amazing, and connectivity came with little or no latency issues.

It is a value for money product, and you can use it on any platform of your choice. The Logitech G332 wired headset is a model that will not break your bank account. The unit was almost presented with the Best Buy award, but it is priced slightly on the higher side of things.

The quote could have come infused with some more features like most other products in the same price range. Our tester was thoroughly impressed with the headphone, and we would recommend them to anybody looking for budget headphones.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech G432 wired headset vs Logitech G332 wired headset is the G332. It is comfortable and can be worn for several hours. The build quality is exceptional, audio is good, microphone quality is excellent and flexible compatibility.

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