Logitech M317 Vs Logitech M325 (Comparison Review)

If you plan to upgrade to a new mouse, you will be delighted to know that you are at the right place. Today, we are going to take a look at two phenomenal wireless mice. They do not have to cost you an arm.

They are the Logitech M317 Wireless Mouse vs the Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse. Logitech has been in the market for several decades now. The company has been producing opulent products for a wide range of consumers over the years.

Their desire to constantly excel over others makes them manufacture unique products. If you have read our reviews, then you will notice that we mainly focus on their products. They make exceptional headsets, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.

Their products are famous all over the world. When you want to upgrade to a budget model that comes embedded with superb features, then these two models come in handy. We have compared their main features to help you make your decision.

The Logitech M317 wireless mouse is a top-notch model that comes with an ergonomic shape. This feature is probably the first thing most of you will look at. It also comes with decent features like sensor technology and an opulent battery life of 12 months.

Though it may not be the best in terms of connectivity, performance, and battery life, it is almost on par with most of the premium models in the market. Instead of using your laptop trackpad, it is much more convenient to use a wireless model.

Our tester thought that the model was not only comfortable to use but also reliable. It comes with a unifying receiver. You can now connect close to 6 devices that work with the unifying receiver.

The superb design enables you to do your tasks like browsing and navigating documents eloquently. It has soft rubber grips that offer an elegant feel and a nice grip. You do not feel fatigued after using it for several hours.

Moreover, you will be delighted to know that it comes with a 3-year limited hardware warranty. The Logitech M325 wireless mouse is an exceptional choice for users of all kinds. You could be a gamer, reader, writer, or just a regular browser.

The mouse can help you do your tasks effortlessly thanks to the laser technology infused. This aspect makes it ideal when you are working on big projects. The unit is perfect for students and working professionals searching for a budget model that has powerful features listed in it.

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Logitech M317Logitech M325
The model is small and portable.

The unit is responsive to your movements.

It works flawlessly with any operating system.

It can work up to 30 feet wirelessly using the nano receiver.

The product has an amazing battery life of 12 months.
The model has an ambidextrous design to it.

The unit has superb visual designs.

It offers tremendous micro-gear scrolling.

It is compatible with the Logitech software.

The product has a battery life that can work up to 18 months.
The wireless mouse comes quite small in size.The wireless mouse has no direct storage for the receiver.

Logitech M317 Vs Logitech M325: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of the mouse is two important components that must satisfy the user. It is the first thing that any user would want to look at and understand. How did these two models fare?

Let us find out. The Logitech M317 comes with an ergonomic design. That is because it is quite small in shape and design. It is the first thing that instantly hits you. You can notice that it is about 2-3mm smaller than most models available on the market.

We feel that the maker is targeting teenage students or college-going scholars. That is because a full-grown adult, especially large men, might find it a bit uncomfortable to use for lengthy hours.

You can notice that the model’s exterior has an elegant design and color to it. As we said, the mouse is available in 9 colors. You can choose the color of your choice depending on your requirement.

Moreover, the model is priced according to the color. The price difference between them is not too high. It is around $3 to $5 only. So, you can choose the color of your choice. Some very interesting colors, we might add.

We liked the texture and the pattern of the mouse. It provides you with an exceptional grip to hold for prolonged gaming or work sessions. The unit slides vertically. So, you cannot use it horizontally.

We do not see this as an issue at all. Remember, this is a budget model. The unit is slightly loud and can disturb those sitting around you. But as we said, it is ideal for a school or college setting, where it is noisy most of the time.

However, the same cannot be said about an office setting. You can find a little U-shape indent on the buttons. We liked the smooth curve on them. Additionally, you can use the scroll wheel to do your work.

The sides are elegant and nice to look at. It is sleek and comes with a magnificent appearance to it. However, you may notice that your skin can become smudged after a while. That is because of the eloquent design.

Our tester felt that it is a minor design flaw. That is because when you push the buttons, your hands might end up with some dirt on them. Nothing to be concerned about or worried about. We were just mentioning it here.

Like was said, the model is quite small in size. Those of you with large hands might find it challenging to work with for an extended period of time. So, if you have really big hands, then please look elsewhere.

Otherwise, it is an amazing model to own and work with. The Logitech M325 wireless mouse has an outstanding design to it. Besides, the model is very ergonomic in its shape and feels nice to hold.

That is because it provides you with an awesome grip. You can also notice the matte-finished plastic on the upper side of the model. That gives it an elegant look. We must mention that the mouse looks terrific for the cheap price.

Overall, the design is acceptable and opulent in many ways. Besides the looks, it is also a functional mouse. You can find that it has rubber on both sides. It also comes with a nice texture on it.

This aspect enables you to grip your hands nicely on the mouse. Now, you can work for several hours without feeling any fatigue. You can be left hand or righthand. That shouldn’t affect your quality of work or gameplay on the mouse.

Those who sweat a lot on their hands will also find it comfortable to use. It will not fall out of your hands immediately. However, our tester noticed that the fingerprints were nicely visible on the mouse.

That is because of the shiny surface on it. The unit comes with an easy setup. That is the first thing after the design that most users would look at. You do not want to find yourself sitting with the mouse the entire day.

It instantly connects with the USB on your device. All you need to do is connect the receiver to the laptop, and the action begins. The size is not too small or large. It comes right in between, unlike the M317 model.

That means it is also portable. There are no cables to worry about. You can easily place it inside your laptop backpack and move around inside your classroom, university campus, and workplace.

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Logitech M317 Vs Logitech M325: Mouse Performance

The mouse performance is also a critical aspect of any model that is sold in the market. Though they are produced such that consumers’ requirements are met. Some of them may not know what they are on paper.

Is it the same with the Logitech mice discussed here? Let us read and find out. The M317 wireless mouse is designed very well. So, it can provide you with an outstanding performance. As far as mice are concerned, they may not be very effective unless they are shaped well.

Moreover, they should be able to fit nicely in the user’s hands. It is safe to say that the M317 model offers you with tremendous functions with the sensor technology on it. The unit has the receiver feature on it for you to connect to the laptop.

You can find the power switch on the back of the mouse. This is a common feature and placement on most wireless mice. Once you are done working or gaming with the mouse, then you can switch it off.

Inside the back panel, you have to place the battery. It is pretty easy to use overall. There are no hassles there. These are small things that are usually noticed when operating the mouse. There is also a spot near the battery where you can place the USB receiver.

Our tester found it smaller. You will feel the same when you are taking out the plug and then placing it back. This is also slightly annoying when you want to change the devices for the mouse.

We noticed that users could not push the scroll button. Moreover, you cannot navigate the documents or web pages. That wasn’t good. However, it is a budget model, and we can forgive the maker for not ensuring that it come with this feature.

It could have been useful. We loved the fact that it works with the Chromebook. Those of you who own Chromebooks will understand how useful this model is. You need to install the USB receiver.

Once you do that, you are connected. As we said that it is a unifying receiver, meaning it can be connected to 6 devices. Besides, the mouse can support several operating systems efficiently without any difficulty, including macOS and Windows.

The Logitech M325 wireless mouse has a good performance. Again, the unifying USB receiver comes into play here. Users can connect to 6 devices without much of a hassle. At the top of the model, you can find the usual buttons.

Using them, you can click effortlessly and work efficiently. It does make some noise, but that is acceptable for a budget model. It has a scroll wheel that is extremely easy to operate. You can move back and front with it.

A notable feature of the model does not come with the red light. That is correct. Instead, users can notice the light optic sensor that is invisible. It makes it pleasant and easy to browse various websites and documents.

You can also perform your projects effortlessly. Our tester felt that the scroll wheel was slightly hard compared to the other unit, which is a little soft. Additionally, the scroll wheel is noisy. However, you can click it conveniently.

You can also click it on the side. There are buttons for doing that. It is ideal for playing FPS games and working on excel projects. It provides you with accurate precision. Overall, the model is a fantastic option for you to work on laptops and the Chromebook.

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Logitech M317 Vs Logitech M325: Price

The Logitech M317 Wireless Mouse is priced under $37. The M317 is priced according to the color you choose. That is right. It is available in 7 amazing colors. The maker has provided you with some great color choices depending on your preference.

The setup is quite simple as you need to plug and play simply. You need to plug the USB receiver into your PC and begin your work. The signal of the receiver is pretty good. You can connect to devices wirelessly up to more than 30 feet.

It is a sleek model that can work with almost any operating system. The mouse can work on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why they are so popular among users.

It is compatible with the Chromebook. Those who own Chromebooks can now use them flawlessly. The Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse is priced under $30. Unlike the M317, this model comes with only a single-color option.

The mouse is extremely compact. We do not understand the target audience of the maker through this product. But we feel that teenagers might find it useful because it will easily fit in their hands.

Besides, it works amazingly on all the operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Similarly, women may find it convenient to use since they have smaller hands. However, grown-up men and adults may want to look elsewhere. (Gaming Mouse Under $50)

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Logitech M317 Vs Logitech M325: Verdict

We have ended the comparison review between the Logitech M317 Wireless Mouse vs the Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse. We hope that you enjoyed reading the post and made up your mind.

Suppose you have not, then no problem. Do consider going through the article again. We can assure you that there is something in there for you. The Logitech M317 wireless mouse is a budget model that comes infused with decent features.

It is lightweight and portable. You can now effortlessly take it with you wherever you want to. The shape of the mouse is quite elegant and ideal for small hands. Besides, the rubber grips present at the sides give it a premium appearance.

It comes in close to 9 tones, and each of them has its own creativity in them. Both adults and youngsters will love to use those colors. Moreover, they come priced according to the color textures.

It makes use of advanced optical technology. The battery’s working life is up to 12 months, which is quite good. The Logitech M325 wireless mouse is an elegant model with decent features.

The mouse is slightly larger than the M317 mouse. The rubber grips found on the model are nicely textured, while the other model had a soft side. It uses laser technology that provides stupendous precision and accuracy of your movements.

The mouse can be used for both gaming and office use. The battery working life of the mouse is 18 months, longer than the other model. You can now use it for an entire year and additional 6 months before replacing it.

You can find the battery and the universal USB receiver located in a compartment below the model. A removable plastic cover conceals them. Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech M317 wireless mouse vs Logitech M325 wireless mouse is the M325.

The M325 mouse comes with terrific features that are on par with premium models. The shape, the battery life, and the affordability make it an attractive choice for both students and other users.

It has a laser sensor that provides you with accurate movement. The M317 mouse is also a good choice when searching for a flawless mouse. It makes the model a great contender for students in their classroom learning environment.

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