Logitech M590 vs Logitech M330 (Comparison Review)

The mouse is something that is a common item on your table, along with the keyboard. It forms a vital part of the PC setup. It helps you work on documents, spreadsheets and browse your internet efficiently.

We are going to review two phenomenal wireless mice in today’s post. They are products from Logitech. As you might know, Logitech is a popular brand globally. Their products are used worldwide.

Some of them include keyboards, mice, and headsets. The main reason their products are popular is that they are reliable and durable. Moreover, they are quite affordable for any kind of user.

You could be a programmer, browser, writer, or even a gamer. Most of their mice are quite robust in build, are infused with nice features, and come elegantly designed. Gone are the days when those mouse clicks used to be very annoying.

It was almost similar to the typist typing away. Unless you were used to that kind of typing sound, it would drive you crazy. The same can be said about the mouse. Whether wired or wireless, they produce immense sounds through their clicks.

This aspect of it might not work well for an office setup and can disturb those sitting around you. Luckily, in today’s review, we will discuss Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Wireless Mouse vs the Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse.

Yes, our main focus is on the sound aspect. We wanted to provide our readers with a product that does not cause too much noise; besides, it is functional. Being a Logitech product, you know that they are affordable.

Though the click sound is not audible in them, they are quite different from each other. That is what we are going to read about in this review. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse is a model that is silent enough for you to produce from a popular brand.

You will be delighted to know that the functions and the features present in it are suitable for the pricing. The model has the same click feel and comes with a 90% noise reduction on the click sound.

Its feet are produced from sturdy material and a rubber wheel for scrolling. There is highly precise scrolling because of more grooves per millimeter. This feature makes it easier for you to scroll quickly through lengthy documents and web pages.

The Logitech M300 wireless mouse looks quite simple and comes cheaply priced. It has SilentTouch technology, and it is an affordable model. The mouse has a great workflow. You can move around the documents effortlessly and paste the text, images, and files.

Besides, the silent operation reduces the excessive noise to prevent disturbing others. The unit comes with top-notch feet that help it to glide on most surfaces. Its contoured grips provide you with an amazing fit in your hands for awesome usage.

The mouse comes with a 2-year battery life that does not require you to replace them frequently. Users would take delight in the plug-and-play technology that allows them to work on it without any problem.

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Logitech M590Logitech M330
Logitech M590Logitech M330
The unit is nicely designed, providing you with stunning texture.

The model has two connections at once.

It provides you with a magnificent performance.

It comes with a pointing device with wireless technology.

The product comes with an outstanding battery.
The model is comfortable due to the hand-sculpted design on it.

The unit comes with the decent build quality.

It has a firm grip helping you to work efficiently.

It comes with exceptional battery life.

The product is wireless and comes with good Bluetooth connectivity.
The wireless mouse could have come with improved comfort.The wireless mouse has irregular tracking.

Logitech M590 vs M330: Design & Comfort

Our tester noted that there is a common feature in the two mice. They both come with a silent click feature. That is an interested aspect of the wireless mouse. Usually, most mice come with a loud and firm click.

But that does have to mean they are always good. When working in an office environment, your colleagues or those seated around you might not approve of it. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse is not very attractive as the Microsoft Arc Surface.

The shape is elegant, and it is quite silent for you to work anywhere you want to. If you like to work at night at home, you can do so without causing any noise. The size of the unit is average and suitable for small hands.

We are not sure about those of you who have large hands. You can consider using it, but you cannot use the palm grip conveniently. It comes with a rubber texture on the body of the mouse.

This feature on it enables you to grip the unit quickly. Besides, you can get the mouse in several colors too. Since it is quite small in size, you can use it for travel purposes. This aspect is something that we usually do not say about wired models.

The Logitech M330 wireless mouse is produced from plastic. Some parts of the model are produced from rubber. You can find it on the feet and the scroller of the wireless mouse. You can note that the plastic that is placed on the model is top-notch.

It is quite glossy in and may have shine if used frequently. That does not have to be a concern. It has a curve that is present outside, where you can place your thumb nicely. This aspect is a small but nice feature to have on a mouse.

This aspect ensures that those of you who are left-handed can work on the model comfortably. It does not come with any rubber cushion in there for you to grip. When you require that feature on the unit, you can use the M331 model.

Those of you who have large hands would be delighted to use the model. It will work out properly, and those of you with small hands can use it nicely as well. This model’s comfort factor is essential as it comes contoured and rubberized design.

The only flaw in this model would be that it is a right-hand unit. You do not have the left-hand model. It comes with a small size, though it could have been slightly larger than what is found on most cheap wireless units.

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Logitech M590 vs M330: Mouse Performance

The mouse performance of the Logitech models was excellent. It is something that they are popular. Let us find out about these models. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse comes with decent features in them.

The notable among them would be the 2 thumb buttons. It provides users with the additional control that they require. The wireless mouse is programmed to move forward and backward. You can now browse through documents and web pages efficiently.

You can customize the features accordingly to operate on your Windows and macOS devices. This feature can be done by using the Logitech Options software on their website. Another exceptional quality of the wireless mouse is the 2-year battery working life.

The model can work for 24 months on one AA battery. Isn’t that fantastic? Additionally, the mouse also comes with automatic sleep mode and an on/off save power switch. There is also a battery indicator light that offers you the proper battery level.

It comes infused with the right kind of technology that helps you switch between two systems. Using that feature, you can now use the model on two PCs. There are buttons on the mouse’s side and a scroll wheel.

You can test the model by silently clicking on its buttons of it. You would be highly impressed with its click performance. When you click the mouse in normal mode, you can’t hear anything at all.

However, the side buttons can be noisy, which you might not often notice when using them. The mouse offers almost 90% reduced noise and is also silent, which is fantastic. You can connect the mouse to your device in two modes.

You can connect it through the USB adapter, and when you do that, it takes up your USB ports. You can also connect your wireless mouse through Bluetooth; that is a lot easier. The Logitech M330 wireless mouse has fabulous mouse performance.

It comes with an advanced optical tracking feature with a wireless range of 33 feet. The mouse provides magnificent precision and excellent cursor control on any surface. The mouse is quite small in size.

Some users said that the mouse sticks out a bit. Though it does, that is alright because it does not come with the Bluetooth feature on it. That means users have to make use of the wireless feature on it.

As you turn the mouse on, you can notice the LED indicator lighting up. That means it is working. The invisible laser feature present on the mouse tells you that it can support close to 1000 DPI.

You can use the feature on any kind of surface that you want. There are no visible optics. Those of you who do not have a mousepad need not worry about it. The model works just fine. Once you are done, you need to turn off the power button.

After that, you can remove the cover and place the received into it. This aspect of it gives you a convenient method of keeping the receiver safely as you will not lose it. The main reason that many users get the model for themselves is due to the Silent technology present in it.

Yes, you can hear some sound, but it is muffled. Those seated around you will not be able to hear anything at all. Unless you listen hard, you can listen to the noise coming out from the mouse. The USB nano receiver has a pretty exceptional range of 10meters.

When you own a product from Logitech, you might want to go ahead still and download that. You can also install the software on the devices as it provides you with the best customization for the products.

The software enables you to adjust the tracking speed of the model to the scrolling speed and also set the scrolling direction to be standard. The customization options are plenty on the mouse as it comes with a middle button, which is simply awesome.

You can use the plug and play feature that lets you plug the USB mini receiver into the device. Users can work on their Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Additionally, the mouse works on several wireless devices that are compatible with multiple USB ports.

When you want to work on the Chromebook, then you will be glad to know it is compatible with it. Not to mention, the mouse is quite compatible with Google standards and works terrific.

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Logitech M590 vs M330: Price

The Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Wireless Mouse is priced under $45. Yes, it can be considerably expensive considering the fact it is a mouse. But it is a wireless model that comes infused with amazing features.

The unit has a pointing device wireless technology embedded with Bluetooth. You can find the optical movement detection and movement resolution of 1000 DPI. There are close to 7 buttons present on the mouse.

The Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse is priced under $18. There is a price difference of $27 between the two models. That is not a reason to sway to the cheaper model. The unit comes with a quiet click thanks to the SilentTouch Technology.

We are not sure about the quiet touch feature, though. But it is extremely comfortable to use. Its contoured grips are produced from soft rubber. The unit is ideal for right-handers and those wanting to use a comfortable model.

It comes infused with a 24-month battery working life. The best part about this wireless mouse is that it switches off automatically when not in use. This helps in saving the battery, and you do not have to change batteries often.

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Logitech M590 vs M330: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review between the Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Wireless Mouse vs the Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to decide on the unit of your choice.

If you have not, then no worries, we suggest that you read the review again. We are sure that you will find something to your liking. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse is a fantastic choice for all kinds of users.

It is slightly expensive for a wireless model priced under $50. However, it is infused with phenomenal features, including pointing device connectivity technology and wireless technology Bluetooth.

It is a quiet mouse in operation, and you can barely hear it click. That is a nice thing. Besides, it is a good option when you want to connect with a single PC. Using the software, you can effortlessly connect to the devices of your choice.

Sometimes, though, it can work slow if you do so. The software comes with minor issues in connecting to two devices. The buttons enable you to switch between machines but, for some reason, do not synchronize as they should.

The Logitech M330 wireless mouse comes with a specific niche for certain users only. When users want a silent working mouse, then this model is ideal for serving you the purpose. However, you can get cheaper models that can do the same for you easily.

It comes with average tracking, and some of you might find it behaving weird on different surfaces. Other units provide you with the ability to adjust the model’s sensitivity, which the maker has not provided here for some reason.

You can consider using the unit in the office as it is quiet. Users have commended the mouse for the grip and the comfort factor. Those having medium hands would love to work on the mouse for several hours, and the scroll wheel is firm and smooth.

Besides the SilentTouch technology & comfort aspect of it, there is nothing really much that we can discuss about the unit. Unless you are really bothered by the clicks of the mouse or are looking for a comfortable unit, you can look elsewhere.

Our winner in the comparison review between the Logitech M590 wireless mouse vs Logitech M330 wireless mouse is the M590 model. It comes with exceptional features, a comfortable feeling, and an excellent battery life.

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