Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech K780 (Comparison Review)

At times, you just feel as if your keyboard is giving up on you. In this sense, you are not satisfied with the actuation force or operation force. Whether you are a professional gamer or a regular user, you would like to have a keyboard that has soft keys and is durable.

More importantly, you want the unit to be affordable. Can you have all these qualities in a keyboard model? Yes, there is. Today, we have compiled a review between two amazing models just for you.

They are the Logitech – MX Keys Full-size Wireless Bluetooth Membrane Keyboard for Mac vs the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. Logitech has been producing some awesome products lately.

It is not surprising to note that. Probably, the designers want to take full advantage of the pandemic that is causing a surge in work from the home trend among workers. If you notice, the WFH phenomenon is taking over globally.

The demand for computer peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets have shot up. One brand name stands out in every segment if you see the market. It is Logitech. The brand produces opulent products are that have fantastic qualities in them.

The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is one of them. It comes infused with several amazing features. The model is able to perform quite nicely and similar to the Craft keyboard. However, the only difference is the crown found in the Craft unit.

It offers you with amazing products, and the wireless connectivity enables you to pair it with three devices. This aspect is possible with the Bluetooth connection or its USB dongle. Users can switch from the devices that are paired effortlessly.

This feature is small but useful in saving time for users. Its typing is eloquent. You do not feel any kind of difficulty when you are typing because of the gentle actuation force that is the most crucial part of any keyboard model.

It is responsive and light because of the short pre-distance scissor keys. There is a low operation force, and the keys are spaced nicely so that you do not make errors when typing. Of course, it is quite silent, ensuring that nobody is disturbed when using the model.

The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard is a cheap and budget model from the maker. Though it may not come with too many features, it is worth reckoning for most users. Besides the affordable price, it comes with a NumberPad, making your life a lot easier.

It is similar in appearance to the K380 model. You can work using the keyboard on your smartphone and tablet as well. It is somewhat large and heavy, which does not make it travel-friendly.

Let us read to find more about wireless keyboards. We have named the winner at the end.

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The unit is well-designed and has a sublime design on it.

The model comes with a good typing experience.

It can be paired with up to 3 devices.

It comes with an exceptional battery working life.

The keyboard works effortlessly on any OS.
The model has a fully equipped keyboard with soft keys.

The unit supports Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

It comes with a type and switch between 3 devices.

It has an integrated phone and tablet stand.

The product offers you with wide compatibility.
The keyboard has a latency that is too high for reaction-based games.The keyboard comes with no Caps lock or Num lock indicators.

Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech K780: Keyboard Specifications

The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard has a top-notch build quality and design. The maker has really outdone itself with the MX Keys model. Though it is the first MX Keys series, consumers are astounded by its design quality of it.

It appears very elegant and premium because of the lavishly done metal build found on it. This model is a complete-size keyboard, and you can find all the keys on it. That itself is an advantage for some users.

It means that you can also use the arrow keys and Number Pad. Since it is a properly sized model, you may not find it suitable for travel. But you can have it at home or in your office. That aspect of it need not be a major concern or anything.

Very few users think about portability when choosing a large-size keyboard. You can notice that the rear of the unit has sufficient rubber grips. They provide an opulent grip to the keyboard enabling you to type & work efficiently on it.

For fast typists, this feature is helpful. Sometimes when you type quickly, you can notice your keyboard swaying from one side to the other. It can immensely affect your work. Unfortunately, you can’t find any adjustable legs on the model.

The height is acceptable. At the top of the unit, you can find power on & off switch. Besides that, you can note a USB-C to the USB charging port. Similarly, the Logitech K780 wireless keyboard comes eloquently designed and has a sublime build quality.

Besides, the finishing is also quite premium. For the price point, it is nicely done. This keyboard is somewhat heavier than other models got in the market. It is a good thing because the keyboard will not fall over if you place a smartphone or tablet on it.

It is heavy at the bottom. You can notice it comes with a rubber present at the bottom of the unit. Otherwise, the model may move around on the table when you begin typing on it. At the rear of the model, you can find a flap in there for placing two replaceable AAA batteries.

Please do note that the model is not a full-sized keyboard. If you are in search of a complete size model, then you might have to look elsewhere for it. You can find that there are 97 keys on it.

Of course, you can find the arrow keys and the NumberPad on it. But it is smaller than most of the models you can see on the market. But using a small keyboard comes with its advantages, as you can place it in compact spaces like your vehicle, sofa, or bed.

You can work anywhere you want to with it. The keyboard is produced from plastic and has little flex to it. Our tester felt that the keycaps felt light and kind of cheap. However, the model is priced under $70 and is reasonable for the features found on it.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech K780: Typing Abilities

The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard has good typing abilities that are suitable for regular users and gamers. You can find a USB dongle that allows you to connect it through the USB- C charging cable.

It works fantastic with any device that you want and platform. That is the main feature missing out on most units. You can use it on Mac, Windows, and also Linux devices. So, that part of it is covered.

This feature is present on most Logitech products. That is a benefit of using the brand. The switches are quite lightweight and have a good actuation force enabling you to type on the model efficiently.

You can adjust the backlighting to low and high. Depending on the usage, you might want to use it because you can use it for several months if you do not use the backlighting. However, that is not a necessity.

A detection feature is found on the keyboard that lights up once you place your hands on it. Likewise, it switches off when you remove your hands from it for a few seconds. This aspect is a top-notch feature that is found on most premium laptops.

A distinct feature of the keyboard is the soft keys. Most units come with a hard touch to them. The depth of the clicks is close to 20mm, which is quite good. You won’t find yourself fatigued using the unit.

A notable feature of the model is the typing quality. Besides being soft, it is quite silent too. Though there is no wrist rest, you can type on elegantly. It does not cause discomfort after you have typed on it for a prolonged period of time.

The keyboard has a low profile, and there are no incline settings too. You can find several programmable buttons on the keyboard, but they can be assigned to preset functions, not macros.

Since the latency of the keyboard is high, you may not want to use it for playing games that have quick reactions on them. You can use it for other typing, writing, and programming purposes.

They should do fine. The keyboard is nicely built and designed. It is ideal for programming for users who prefer to work on Apple devices. Additionally, you can connect with 3 devices using the model.

A minor flaw in the model would be that you cannot reprogram any of the keys using macros. That might be a problem for some programmers. Overall, it is a fantastic keyboard that you can use for typing and programming without any hassle.

The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard provides you with average typing performance. That is because the model uses keys that need some amount of actuation force to make them work. You can use it with the USB dongle and Bluetooth.

It comes using tactile scissor switches. The short pre-travel distance makes it feel quite light and responsive. You can notice that the actuation force is slightly high but acceptable. It would help if you did not have fatigue using the model.

Besides, you can pair the model with 3 devices together. That means you can switch to any one of them whenever you want. It also comes embedded with macro-programmable keys and backlighting features.

We felt that the latency should not impact the typical PC usage. But is not ideal for gaming use. It works especially on your smartphone and tablet. You can take it with you because of its slim profile.

You can connect the model using either Bluetooth or the USB wireless receiver that comes in it. There is space above the function switches to place a smartphone or a tablet for your convenience.

It is an excellent option for those who want to use several devices. Unfortunately, you cannot find the indicator light on the caps lock. That was a slight disappointment in there. Besides, you can see light indicators for 3 buttons on the top and the power light indicator.

Our tester found the pairing process to be smooth and easy. Some devices can take a lot of time, which can be very pleasant; however, we noticed none here. Besides, the pairing process is quite the same on both Windows and macOS as well.

All in all, the typing is good, and some users might find the circular switches a bit odd. But they are most comfortable to use and work with. It has a low profile, and the spacing of the keys is fantastic, which helps reduce typing errors.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech K780: Price

The Logitech – MX Keys Full-size Wireless Bluetooth Membrane Keyboard for Mac is priced under $120. It is compatible with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Those of you who are keen to use it on your Apple devices will face no issues using the device at all.

You can type on several Mac PCs with the help of the MX keys. You need to make use of the cursor and begin typing. The keyboard is USB Type-C rechargeable because you can now use it for 10 days or even close to 5 months by switching off the backlighting.

The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is priced under $67. There is a price difference of $63. It is almost double the rate of the unit. However, it comes embedded using sublime features.

The multi-device wireless keyboard is smooth to type and use. You can work on it with several devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones through a USB or Bluetooth smart wireless connection. You can switch and type between the devices for additional comfort.

You can type on 3 devices and switch with the help of an easy-switch button. The typing becomes quite comfortable, and you can do it using a full-size and completely equipped model with a large keyboard, soft keys, and a convenient number pad.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech K780: Verdict

We have come to the end of our review between the Logitech – MX Keys Full-size Wireless Bluetooth Membrane Keyboard for Mac vs the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. We hope that you enjoyed reading the post.

If you have yet to decide, we suggest that you read the post again. You will find something of your liking in it. The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is a fantastic model that is a splendid choice for gaming.

The unit is infused with scissor keys with a short pre-travel distance. Additionally, the operation force is very low. That means you can type efficiently using the keyboard. Sadly, the latency is slightly high, making it unsuitable for FPS gaming.

Users won’t find macro-programmable keys. The keyboard has backlighting, enabling you to play games in the dark. It is a fantastic option for office purposes. The model does not come with incline settings, but the low-profile design helps you type without the wrist rest.

The typing experience is opulent because you can quickly actuate the keys. It comes with wireless connectivity that decreases the number of cables present on your table. This aspect is a useful feature for those who do not like to clutter your table.

It supports multi-device pairing so that you can pair 3 devices together. The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard is a fantastic choice for gaming. The scissor keys come with a short pre-travel distance but need some force to actuate.

Besides, the latency is high, and there are no backlighting or macro-programmable keys. It is ideal for office usage and offers you a splendid choice for typing, and there is no noise when typing.

Users can connect the keyboard when they want to work on it with the USB dongle or Bluetooth. Like the MX Keys model, you can pair 3 devices together and switch easily between them.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard vs Logitech K780 wireless keyboard is the MX Keys model. The MX Keys unit comes embedded with soft keys and backlighting, and the pairing is also good.

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