Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60 (Comparison Review)

The Master Dynamic brand screams quality with it. Their models are quite elegant in design, come infused with extraordinary build quality, and just about a decent sound performance. Today, we decided to choose two popular models and review them.

They are the Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60 wireless over-ear headphones. The Master Dynamic MH40 wireless over-ear headphones come with an amazing design and are wonderfully crafted.

It comes with powerful features, and the Bluetooth is of unmatchable quality. The frame is quite light and can deliver to you a clean and amazing sound quality. However, we noticed that they take hits in a few areas, making it a tough one selling at $300.

Like the bass was quite lower than the earlier models. Besides, noise cancellation and mobile app support are not featured in the unit. You do feel that they are slightly outdated. Apart from that, they are a spectacular unit to own and work with.

Similarly, we have the Master Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth headphones with elegant features embedded in them. This model is the successor for the MH40 and other models from the Master Dynamic.

You can find that there is immense wireless technology development. These Bluetooth headphones are proven to be exceptional in their own way. You can notice that designing and coming up with wireless headphones is not something that every maker has an idea about.

Though there is no skill shortage, engineering has to be unique and enthralling; everybody cannot come cheap. Most makers have tried to produce eloquent models that come with the Bluetooth feature infused in them.

Unfortunately, only a few have managed to make it to the top level. If you have perhaps visited the Apple store, then you might have viewed the MH40 headphone. The design of the latest MW60 headphone is amazing and comes with elegant features in them.

Critics highly praised its dynamics and audio clarity. Though the model was initially priced at $550, they have trimmed it down to $300. As elegant as it looks, you would also wonder about the detailed sound that blasts as you travel.

There is plenty of sound isolation for focus, relaxation, and productivity. You will want to make use of the 16 hours of battery working life that is available from using a single charge. The model remains charged for all-day listening.

Master Dynamic MH40Master Dynamic MW60
Master Dynamic MH40Master Dynamic MW60
The headphone is quite comfortable to wear for prolonged hours.

The construction is very dazzling.

It offers you with a detailed audio performance.

It provides you with exceptional noise isolation.

The wireless quality is second to none.
The unit has an elegant design that is extremely superb.

The model comes with solid built quality.

It has a remarkable audio performance from the headphone.

It comes with an exquisite Bluetooth signal range & a 16-hour rechargeable battery.

There is splendid noise isolation that can help block the sound.
There is no active noise cancellation, or it does not come with a companion app.The headband is quite slim, giving you issues in the fitting.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Design & Comfort

There is no problem with the commitment of Master Dynamic towards the design of their products. M&D have always done what it could to ensure that their models stand out from the crowd.

These units come with refined taste and style. It comes with amazing aesthetics, and the materials used on producing them are sublime. They are designed as handsome as possible and come infused with outstanding features in them as well.

When you unbox them, you can hardly help but notice the blend of top-notch materials that have been used in making them. The premium elements of aluminium, leather and the canvas on which they have been coated are truly breathtaking.

We felt that the aluminium that is present on them are nicely done. Besides, the finish of the model is also quite good. The earcups are produced beautifully from leather, and the lambskin leather used in there was splendid.

It makes the MH40 attractive with these details. The extenders have opulent marks on them and the metal grille at the earcups. These are trademark features on the models of the M&D units.

When you take a closer look, you can see the barrels present on them in a cylindrical shape. Consumers were quite impressed with the carry bag that is made from canvas. Though not the best, it is quite elegant.

There is also the tiny Velcro strap that is provided, giving more organization features in them. Likewise, the Master Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth headphones come embedded having an elegant design.

You can notice the leather and metal used in the build of the headphone. The refinement done in the aesthetics of the headphone are truly admirable. When you compare it to the earlier models, this one is quite to the least.

We were quite surprised to notice that it is priced much higher than most of the models in the stack. The best part of holding an M&D model in your hands is the fact that the buttons are quite tiny but viewable.

They are quite portable, and the earcups can bend instantly. We are quite happy to use them because of the metal that is used in them. They feel quite a par to the Bowers & Wilkins models, if we may.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Build Quality

The quality of the build in the Master Dynamic models are a thing to be felt to be believed. Most users do not trust the build quality because of the slim handles that they come infused with.

However, once they hold & feel them in their hands, they are quite confident of the build performance of the models. The same can be said here. You can identify the model from a distance away.

That is due to the metal and plastic that is infused nicely in them. Besides, we also liked the carry bag that comes with it. You can place the headphones and other items inside it. Additionally, the material of the headphone is produced from aluminium and steel.

The same can be said about the Master Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth headphones. Our tester found them to be embedded with immense metal in them. It comes having sturdiness besides that the aluminium and the leather in them provides you with a stunning design.

You do not have to worry if you drop them. It will not break and get damaged at all. This feature is standard in most M&D models. You can find the features and a Bluetooth chipset featured in it.

Apart from that, it comes with eloquent compatibility with other devices that we found helpful. It comes with a blind interface that can behave awkwardly in some units. However, there is exceptional noise isolation that is brought in the headphone.

On the whole, the build quality found in them is starry. These are typical of the M&D models that come with stunning metal designs. They are definitely worth their price of under $300. We dare say you may not be able to find this kind of quality even in Sennheiser or Bose units.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Audio Performance

Since they have been in the market, they have produced stunning models. The audio quality comes with marvellous performance, and the tone is quite simple and intoxicating to say. The Master Dynamic wireless over-ear headphone is quite breathtaking.
The audio quality is excellent and can be said as the best sounding wireless unit under $300 in the market today. Yes, it is good, but surely a step down from what you can be used to from the maker.

Our tester listened to the music of different types and sounds. They came quite well off and presented to him the best reproduction you could hear. The midrange was spot on and almost on par with the skating that comes with the percussive production.

You could also make use of the jazz sound that came from it. Unfortunately, the bass sounds are not up to the mark and come with less EDM on them. They were not par with WH-1000XM3. We found that units like Grado GW100 offer immense lows and high mids.

The wireless model comes with the 45mm drivers found in the wired model. We found that it has a second to none audio quality. The audio is splendid, and the quality of the music that you hear is highly sensational.

More ideal for use in orchestral recordings. Bluetooth sounds way stronger than most of the headphones in the market. Likewise, the Master Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth headphones have powerful features in them.

The noise cancellation feature is not present that provides better fidelity. It is possible because of the closed-back design present on the earcups. It is able to provide a tight seal. Users can work where they want without having to feel left out or stand out from there.

On the whole, you can use wireless headphones to listen to what you want where you want to. Similar to everything that you can hear, the noise on the roads, the office noise, and the kitchen sounds do not distract you that much.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Microphone Performance

The Master Dynamic MH40 wireless over-ear headphones have a good microphone. You can make calls using it but might not want to consider using it for communicating outside. That is because the noise outside can be slightly overbearing.

The person at the end of the line can hear everything that is moving around quite clearly. Most of them include wind, automobiles, others talking around you and so on. Basically, noises around can be heard quite well.

But you can consider making calls with clients, parents, friends, and colleagues from inside your home. We can say that connectivity is not one of the best fortitudes of the M&D models. That is also quite apparent on the MW60 headphones.

It comes embedded, having an omnidirectional noise-isolating microphone. There are also the control buttons present at the bottom right side. You can find a second cord having the microphone and the buttons for volume controls.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Compatibility

The compatibility of any headphone is quite a critical factor for ensuring that you have a pleasant time using it. The Master Dynamic MH40 wireless over-ear headphone does not come with the ANC.

But you can find that the external sounds do not enter inside when you are listening to music or working. The experience was good, and you can make calls or go about your own thing without disturbance.

The leakage was bare minimum and did not bleed sound during high levels. Though they have rated the battery life at 18 hours, it works actually for more than 15 hours, which is quite impressive with calls and streaming did use it.

The research team at Master Dynamic have come up with a new feature that turns off the headphone when not in use for more than 10 minutes. That is quite nifty to say. These minor features do make a difference at the end of the day.

Similarly, the compatibility of the Master Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth headphones is quite stunning. It does not have Bluetooth 5.0 with it. You are given a powerful connection along with the wireless range.

You can make use of it for 40 feet at least, which is quite good. It is able to pair with many devices. There is multi-point technology where you can connect 2 devices at the same time. Though it works well, the few seconds delay is noticeable switching from your Mac to Pixel.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Price

The Master & Dynamic MH40 wireless over-ear headphones are priced under $300. It comes produced from top-notch materials like anodized aluminium coated canvas. Additionally, users can find the usage of the lambskin leather giving it an elegant appearance.

The battery working life is astonishing, coming with an 18-hour operation on a single charge. Besides, you can make use of the quick charge that provides you with a 100% charge within 80 minutes, and it can get 50% charged within half an hour.

The Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless Bluetooth foldable headphones are priced under $300. It comes infused with a Bluetooth signal range that is considered as second to none. Additionally, the battery operation lasts for 16-hours.

Its audio performance is sublimely providing you with an amazing noise isolation feature in it. Consumers can use it at their homes, studios, and when they are travelling. It amazingly helps to block the outside noise.

Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60: Verdict

We have come to the close of our discussion on these two great wireless headphones. Have you made up your mind? If not, then we suggest you read the post again. Both these models come with their features that are quite exceptional.

The Master Dynamic MH40 wireless over-ear headphones come with opulent sound performance. When you spend close to $300, you would expect it to have it. But there are several other outstanding choices that you can consider if you want more value for your money.

They are the Beats Solo Pro, Sony WH-1000XM3, and the Bose Noise Cancelling 700. However, the MH40 does have some excellent reasons for considering it. Besides the headphone looks, it comes with a blend of eloquent craftsmanship with good wireless functionality.

But it is not a powerful upgrade as we see it. There are a couple of drawbacks to headphones. They include shorter-than-average battery life, subdued bass, and a few more features absent. This model is going to set you back by $300, and users feel some features lacking sometimes.

The Master Dynamic MW60 headphone offers you a superb experience than the wired unit. That is because of the wireless implementation on it. It is a known fact that Bluetooth headphones are not cheap, as they come with superior materials used in them.

It comes with a die-struck brass infused with enamel and also palladium. The Master Dynamic MH40 headphone could be the better one as it is infused with smashing features like 2Hz lower low-frequency, a 40000Hz higher high-frequency, and comes with the in-line control panel.

The Master Dynamic MW60 headphone is a magnificent unit because it comes with features that can be used wirelessly, is 15grams lighter, has a rechargeable battery, can be folded, and has a battery level indicator on the model.

Our winner in this comparison review between Master Dynamic MH40 vs MW60 headphones would be MH40 wireless over-ear headphones. There are several features that come embedded in it, not to be found on the MW60 unit. Besides, the comfort and fitting were better here.

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