Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5 (Comparison Review)

The battle of the gaming consoles between Microsoft and Sony continues. That was quite obvious with both of the manufacturers producing sublime products for the market. We will be taking a look at their latest consoles in this review.

We are going to be discussing about the Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console vs Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console. Of course, we do not advocate for wars between two reputed brands in the world.

However, we should know the best product that suits our needs. We can find that out by comparing their features and performance. Besides, we will take a look at the price and the capabilities too, along with the pros & cons.

It can be a tough spot choosing between two next-generation consoles that come with similar kinds of specifications. When you are not confident about getting the right kind of product for yourself, then this review can help you out.

However, before we move on, you might want to know that these models come with a problem. That is, they are not available like before and are hard to get. But the good news is that the stock of the Series X has improved considerably over the year.

We are not sure about the PS5, but you can try reputed online retailers, you should be able to lay your hands on them. The first thing is that they both are not winners in anyways. That is what we learned as we researched more on them for this review.

We are astounded by the fact that they both came with stupendous features and performance. We could not confirm which is better. The Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console is a stunning model.

It comes nicely designed and provides you with a wide range of awesome games for you to play. Besides, you can also make use of the 4K gaming at up to 120 frames per second. You will be glad to know that it supports ray tracing as well.

They can boast of the remarkable load times. Besides, the maker has also provided you with some subscription plans that you would truly enjoy. You will be glad to know that Microsoft has purchased Zenimax associated with Bethesda.

The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is a good model. It comes with tremendous features along with stunning capabilities. The PS5 model comes with a fantastic DualSense controller. You would enjoy playing games using the controller.

Sony has provided you with stupendous games like God of War and Horizon Forbidden West. Let us read the post to learn and understand more about these two awesome gaming consoles. We have given the winner at the end of the post.

Microsoft Xbox Series XSony PlayStation 5
The unit is compact in design and shape.

The model allows you to play thousands of games from 4 generations of Xbox.

It comes with the Xbox velocity architecture.

It offers you with more than 100 top-notch games.

The product is the most fastest and powerful console from the maker.
The model is slick in design and portable.

The unit has the latest AMD Ryzen processing unit.

It has an exceptional storage capacity and memory.

It comes with a quick dual controller charging for under 3 hours simultaneously.

The console has an 8K gaming controller featuring real-time sound & tactile feedback.
We really couldn’t find any flaws, but the gaming console is expensive.This unparalleled gaming console is priced quite high.

Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5: Design & Features

The design & features present on the gaming console are vital. Depending on them the users will decide on their choice. Let us read and find out further. The Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console comes with an opulent design and features.

It is quite a large and boxy sort of a look. Though not very visually appealing, but it is acceptable. We felt that it is much larger than the earlier Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles. However, it comes with a power button and disc drive that is present on the front.

You can see that the top of the console sort of droops inside slightly. That is because it comes with holes that are designed for better ventilation. Perhaps, that might help in ensuring that the model remains cool during extended games.

Users may want to place them horizontally so that they can fit inside the entertainment centers. We can feel and notice that the controllers provided on this model are much different and ideal than the others.

You can also find it comes with a new share button that has a similar button to the DualShock 4. It is present in an updated directional pad that is mostly based on the One Elite 2 model pad. Besides, it has a different design that is not very noticeable on the new share button that is present in the center.

It serves as a method for you to upload and manage screenshots. The good news is that it can be compatible with most models and accessories. Those of you who own the Xbox One can easily work on the new unit.

We get a feeling that the manufacturer is going in a different direction from Sony in many ways. This is on par with the design of the model. They are showing everyone that designing them in a user-friendly manner is of the order.

It is good to note that the Series X controller comes with a USB-C port. Earlier, they had a micro-USB port on most units. The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console comes with an eloquent design and features.

Immediately, you can see that it has a blend of white and black colors on it. This gives the gaming console a very soothing appeal to it. There are several curves found on the sides of the model.

You can make use of it in the vertical position. However, if you want to, you can place it on sideways. We did not feel that they appear like most of the earlier PlayStation models. You may want to know that it has a diskless version, similar to the disc-based model.

You can interchange the white panels present on the side. They provide you with a barrage of colors like black, blue, purple, red, and pink. You can consider using the faceplates. They are priced at $60 which is quite expensive to say as it is the price of a new game.

The controller is fantastic and known as the DualSense. We were glad to know that they have dropped the DualShock moniker for good. It is not that it was bad or anything, but this is way better.

The maker had already revealed in several news posts that they would be opting for the new haptic feedback. It allows for particular responses in the games including the resistance that is present in the analog sticks.

It is nice to learn that the triggers provide you with stunning resistance. You can now work on them and play games without feeling fatigued. That is a good thing. The earlier models came with controllers, which were not as exciting as this unit.

Moreover, they come with a higher performance than the earlier models. However, the controller seems to be somewhat bigger than the DualShock 4. You can find see that they come with a similar basic button layout with few changes on them.

It does not come with the share button. Additionally, you can instead find that it comes with the create button. There is a headphone jack and a built-in microphone. The PlayStation VR was designed for PS5 having a new controller.

However, they are a rumor that Sony might produce a new controller that might be released in 2022. There is data having minor diagrams about finger tracking. As of now, there is no news on new PSVR headphones.

Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5: Setup & Performance

The Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console comes with an outstanding setup & performance. There are amazing specifications. It is quite bigger and way better than most of the previous models that were released by Microsoft.

The CPU of the model is good. The same can be said about the GPU of the unit. Both these components need to work in tandem to ensure that the model is able to provide you with a stunning performance.

It can offer you with awesome visuals and stupendous ray tracing. Microsoft has decided to provide you with AMD. Moreover, you can see that they offered you with SSD for quick loading times.

Earlier models did not have this and hence the loading time used to be a few minutes. Now, you can experience the speed of the loading time. This could be a game-changer for this model. Not to mention, you have the quick resume that ensures the model is always on.

When you have played a game and moved on to another game, then you can come back and play the same game, where you left off. Isn’t it amazing to know, and see? If you are somebody who plays a lot of games, then you would delight in using the Xbox Series X model.

You can store several games on it without having to reboot. The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console comes with exceptional setup & performance. It comes infused with a fully redesigned DualSense controller.

That was something that was truly amazing giving you with generous playing abilities. Moreover, the games are stunning too in their own way. The visuals are amazing and provide you with truly genuine views of things.

If you are somebody who uses headsets, then you would delight in using the PS5. When you have played on the PS4, then you would be amazed at the power of the PS5 model. When playing games on the PS5, you can play the game that you were playing.

However, when you are playing another game, but want to play the earlier game, then you have to reboot. That can be slightly annoying and frustrating to say. But thanks to the quick improvement in times, you can play the game that you always wanted to.

Talking about the size of the PS5, it is massive. You can notice that the height and the shape of the model are stupendous. We were truly stunned by it. You can place it in any way you want to either vertically or horizontally.

Overall, the setup of both models is easy. We are quite impressed with their performance of them. But the PS5 gaming console seems to have the upper hand here. Right from the looks and the performance, it slightly has the edge for now. Having said that, the Xbox Series X is somewhat cheaper.

Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5: Price

The Microsoft Xbox Series X model is priced under $750. The Series X gaming console is much cheaper than the PS5 model. We have already seen the features and capabilities of the Xbox Series X.

But you will want to know that for the first time, the manufacturer has introduced a subscription-based model. It is known as the Xbox all access program which is a monthly contract service.

The contract service lasts for 2 years and includes the console. Besides, it provides you with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass. It depends on which region or country you are living because they can charge you likewise.

For the Xbox Series X, you have to shell out $34.99. Moreover, it does not come with any hidden fees either. This is an interest-free investment when you are short on funds and do not want to pay for the entire gaming console.

The Sony PlayStation 5 model is priced under $960. The price difference between the Xbox Series X and the PS5 is close to $210. So, if you are short on finances or budget, then you know which model to rake up.

However, the PS5 has immense demand in the market. You would be amazed to know that the features offered in it are stupendous. Some of them include an 8K output latest gaming controller.

It also supports 8K output using HDMI 2.1 support. You would be delighted to know that the controller features real-time sound & tactile feedback. It also comes with a stunning resolution of 120fps with 120Hz output.

You would be amazed to know that there are authorized with MarxsolDual controller fast charging dock. It helps in the quick charging of the controller. You can now get it charged within 3 hours. There is no requirement to charge them individually because you do them together.

Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review between the Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console and vs Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console. We hope you liked what you read and were able to make your decision.

If you found it difficult to make up your mind, then we suggest you read the post again. You may find something you missed in hindsight. The Microsoft Xbox Series X model is a fantastic gaming console.

It comes with outstanding gaming titles like Forza Horizon 5 that you can enjoy. We were not impressed with the boxy design of the console. If you lay the console horizontally then you may not like what you see.

The maker’s commitment to the opulent backward compatibility support spans further. Moreover, you can also enjoy the additional accessories from previous generations. The Xbox Series X does not have Halo Infinite during the early launch that did hurt its marketing prospects.

Besides, they have also reduced the price of some of the sublime acquisitions. The model is priced cheaper than the PS5 and that should work in its way. The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is an exceptional choice for gamers of all kinds.

It comes with several features that can make you smile broadly. The PS5 model comes with a stupendous dual controller that allows you to experience real-life like gaming scenarios. Moreover, its user interface is second to none.

The console enables you to have fun with the wide range of games that are present on it. Besides, it operates quietly and is quite phenomenal in performance. Besides, it comes with a sleek design and is nicely done.

We liked the design that makes it appear elegant. You can place it in any room that you want, it would enhance the appearance of the décor. Sony’s pursuance in the SSD field means, that your games would load quicker providing gamers with an immersive experience.

Unlike, before you do not have to wait for several minutes, as it is done faster. Our winner in this comparison review between the Microsoft Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5 models is the Sony PS5 unit.

It was a close deal. The Xbox continues to be an in-demand product and users from America are obsessed with it. However, it needs some minor tweaking that can make it on par with the Sony PS5 which seems to be well-ahead for now in a competition that is likely to be fierce forever.

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