Looking for the best wireless with the best noise cancelation feature headsets at an affordable price? Razer opus and the Sony wh-1000xm4 are the best options for you. Razer opus is a wireless and the best headset due to its affordable price. It does not stop to manage standing out of its competition. Sony wh-1000xm4, with its high trusted sources such as the laptop mag, pc mag, tech gear lab, wire cutter, and CNET, has impressed all its customers.

Sony wh-1000xm4 performs best in the closed black headset round-ups since it pairs with the ANC. Because of the differences between the two products, it’s good to note that a comparison between them might not be the same since most sources do not value money in the account when registering the scores; therefore, they tend to rate more products better.

Both Razer opus and sony wh-1000xm4 are good headphones though some research sources prefer the WH 1000XM4, while her sources like Razer opus more. This article has given you the advantages and disadvantages and some key features, thus making work easier for you to choose the headset that suits you better.

It has a well built-in design and is compatible with to use.

Comes with the best price and the performance ratio.

Has an outstanding ANC.

Has a high-frequency clarity and a balanced sound signature.

For lower frequency, it has a solid noise cancelation.
Has the best noise cancelation.

Consists of multi-point pairing.

Has a conversation awareness and auto-pause and play.

It has an extreme audio upscaling.

Comes with an improved calling voice.

Can pair with two devices same time.

Has a good battery life.

It’s comfortable when using it.
Has a weak base.

For the higher frequency, the noise cancelation does less.

It cannot be used while charging.
It’s a little bit expensive.

Does not have an IP rating.



Razer Opus has become one of the largest flames in gaming for a long time in the industry since they were invented. It also has a good reputation worldwide. The Razer headsets have led lights and feature conspicuous and bulky designs. The Razer opus is a wireless headphone designed to fit right in using the high-end Bluetooth earphones perfectly. They look almost identical to the Sony wh-1000xm4. Howsoever, the Razer opus is less costly than a cheaper imitation.

The Razer opus features a metal strip on the inside that gives it a solid quantity of tension. They support both Bluetooth connections of up to 4.2 and give a high quantity of Bluetooth codecs, which seems excellent for the Apple products and the apex and is also great for everything else. Its battery can last up to 25 hours with active noise on a single charge.

The Razer Opus has a good neutral frequency response of up to 2000 kHz; this shows it’s good for casual listening but not mostly on the die-hard audiophile. These headphones work together with the thx to form a certified audiophile through the opus app. This app can switch the EQ presets, including vocal, enhanced bass, amplified, and enhanced clarity above the thx settings.



Sony is an official company that features the newest precise voice pick-up techniques and controls up to 5 microphones in the headset optimally. It performs innovative audio signal manufacturing to precisely pick up the voice for both speak to chat and hand-free calls. Sony has lately made a few incremental steps forward, which addresses a lot of people. It’s the best noise-canceling handset for the past two years.

Sony wh-1000xm4 comes in silver and black color options and also at an affordable price. It has slightly larger earpads, which have a wide oval inside it and a smooth paddle. The wh-1000xm4 is an improved headset and adds multiple connections to the expense of the apex. This multi-connection feature makes this headset more convenient in daily uses by allowing you to pair to one or two devices at once. It makes its effortless transition in listening to music at the same time working watching video2on your laptop.

Sony wh-1000xm4 offers the multi-connection feature and has some innovative features that one can download using thee Sony headphones connections. These features include the speak to chat function. This feature treads a good line between both annoying and useful, mostly when looking at how sensitive its detection ability is.



The Razer opus comes with soft ear-ups that are big oval-shaped and angled with a slight black for them to fit comfortably in the ears. They appear decidedly low stated for Razer. There are no green slashes, no bold circles, no big angles, and no glowing lights among the design elements. It is a simple, sleek pair of black-colored headphones covered in faux leather and matte black plastic.

Razer Opus has a stylish appearance that seems different from the industry headsets like the Kraken kitty edition. It has thin buttons, and they seem different from each other. It is designed, although the multi-functional button is a little bit lower than the volume buttons. This makes it easy for you to find it at your fingertips.


Sony wh-1000xm4 is feature-rich in on-release, intelligent applications of the noise technique’s cancelation and is full of inventive control schemes. Although the WH 1000XM4 has an added slew of modern components in the headphones, there are no big differences between them and their predecessors in the aesthetic part. There are two control buttons for paring /power and a button that circulates through the noise-canceling modes on the outside of the ear cups.

Sony has forgotten one of the old systems on a chip for the modern one that assures the best noise cancelation. Its processor constantly samples the ambient audio to help adjust its level of noise cancelation reactively. This is a genius design and setup which separates it between the one size fits all noise cancelation algorithm from the products. However, these headphones are not waterproof or water-resistant, and that means one should keep them dry to avoid any damages.

The modern speak to chat feature is quite impressive. It allows you to chat naturally without no taking off your headphones. However, there will be a short pause then the music resumes back. It’s a multiple-edged weapon, and this is as it is almost too effective. The Sonys microphone is good, although there is a slight difference in WH 1000XM4 and WH 1000XM3. If you want an improvement in noise cancelation headsets, then the wh 1000xm4 will suit you the most.



Razer Opus does not have any adjustments for the ANC. However, this shows that you can not tweak how heavy the noise cancelation is. The Razer opus is an app for iOS and Android and gives you some customized options. These headsets feel limited when compared to the other headphone apps. One can easily switch between 5 different EQs, including enhanced clarity, enhanced bass, amplified, and vocals.

However, one can create a custom EQ preset even when it only shows a five-band EQ to show what the curve appears like for every preset.


Sony control app is effectively a need if you want to utilize the WH 1000XM4 to all its potential. Sony makes sure its app is available to all its operating systems. One can use the headphones as it is right out of the box. The beginners will require the app for map selection buttons, including activating your smart assistant or toggling noise cancelation.

The noise cancelation optimization and the 360° sounds are app-exclusive features too. This noise cancelation functions better directly from the box, although you will require the Tha app to fine-tune your settings. An app is also needed if you require to adjust the ambient pass-through intensity when it’s allowed.



RAZER OPUS delivers a mid-low boost along with a controlled low end that can be in spades with being overwhelmed. This high-end is controlled, although there is various high-end sizzle which offers various songs some harshness. This looks like a Razer signature sound. However, the two (the low end and the high end) sizzle has some ethanol qualities experienced in some Razer products, such as the Razer hammerhead duo and the Nommo pro.

These headphones also consist of a wide sound stage, good enough since it makes you feel immersed when listening to the music. These headsets are also excellent for movies. However, for games, the headphones do not give virtue surrounding sound and some other tricks used in gaming for a more advanced experience.

Razer opus is not a slouch when it comes to its battery life. Lit of headsets gives you up to a maximum of 20 hours of life, while Razer opus offers up to 25 hours. They are still more advanced although, these headphones are supposed to get you all through your gaming requirements while you are away from your gaming rig at your home.


Sony wh-1000xm4 uses the dual noise sensor tech on the noise-canceling front, thus making the use of the two mics in every ear cup in sucking the sound and analyzing it using the QNI noise cancelation processor. This enables the headsets to easily adjust the noise cancelation response faster within more than 700 times in one second. It is awesomely powerful and does not get I the way of your tunes.

Sony uses similar 40mm riders in the WH 1000XM4, the same it used in the WH 1000XM3 interns if mix and tonally. It’s a balanced and warm sound that functions well in offering a wider Soundstage when needed and the information which can penetrate through a strong bass performance. The headphones are put through their paces, a mixture of streaming services, spoken word clips, and file formats, and these features impress the users worldwide.



The ANC does not show any easy-to-notice sign. This is an improvement above a common weakness in its price range. This a little bit affects the price performance. Howsoever, it is not an unpleasant or a significant change. When this noise collection is switched on, the bass sounds more strong, which is a great feature.

These headphones lessen the rumble of the air conditioner as it pumps out the air. You can still hear people buzzing away in the distance. This active noise cancelation is great at tamping the lower frequencies, though it does not block out the higher frequencies.


For performance maximization, Sony has included an ANC optimizer used in measuring your ears, thus creating the best listening environment based on the head’s size. The atmospheric pressure optimization feature adjusts pressure depending on the altitude, although it’s most suitable when an airplane or when ski resorting up on high mountain tops.

Sony has spared no expenses to enhance the ANC technique. Sony, wh 1000xm4, has employed two feed-forward mics and its proprietary dual sensor technique, which functions together with the QN chip to analyze the most ambient sounds and filter them out.

Wh 1000xm4 does not have the ten levels of noise cancelation the same as the bise 700 though it contains 20 levels of ambient sound to listen to your surroundings a bit more clearly with no need of taking off the headphones. The adjustment levels imply the initiating noise every time one makes a smoothie in a blender, and it just shows how this feature is.


Both Razer opus a Sony wh-1000xm4 have an awesome feature set and great sounds; there are no many customer lever over-ear headsets. There out to choose from apart from the Razer opus and the Sony wh-1000xm4. Razer opus does not only create other nameless alternatives here. The best Razer opus ANC wireless headset offers you the best, using its warm, wide sound stage, great noise cancelation, bells and whistles, minor flows, and well-balanced sound. These might be the best valuable noise-canceling headsets at the moment.

On the other hand, Sony wh-1000xm4 gives an awesome noise cancelation too, has a compatible design and an excellent sound quality in less weight. It does not look significantly more different from the predecessors, a few quantities of the innovative features. Those features include conversation awareness, multiple paring, auto-pause, and play, and DSEE Extreme upscaling using its built-in sensor.

However, both Razer opus and the Sony wh-1000xm4 are great heats with the nest noise cancelation, and so the choice is yours. Choose the best products that suit you and choose wisely.


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