ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Today, we will be comparing two excellent gaming headsets. They are the ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger. Now, these two models are budget units priced under $50. Isn’t it exciting?

What can you expect from under $50 models? You will be glad to know that these two models blew our minds away with their performance. The ROCCAT did not lack any feature, and it came loaded with features, with the capability of putting a top-end model to shame.

ROCCAT has always managed to make a mark in the market without putting in too much effort. That is probably because they read the customer’s minds and then release their products. If you take a look at their earlier models, you will notice that they came with just the right amount of elements in them.

Besides, they have never overpriced their devices, which makes them even more attractive. Users know that they are holding a value-for-money product when they purchase a ROCCAT. What about the Cloud Stinger?

Is it a worthy competition to the ROCCAT? In 2016, a few years ago, HyperX wanted to design a cheap model and came with all the features infused in it for the price. Having this in mind, they produced the Stinger unit.

The under $50 gaming headset comes with a decent look, thanks to the plastic material besides, that we could not really find many improvements from the earlier version of the Stinger.

You would notice that the microphone is not detachable. Though the maker has brought out many products, the main design remains the same in all of its models. While that might be a good thing for the producer, it is not necessary consumers feel the same.

Of course, our readers would want to know that Turtle Beach has a merger with ROCCAT. Their first production is the Elo product lineup. They want to focus more on the budget gaming units, giving intense competition to an already overcrowded market segment.

Which budget gaming unit deserves your money?

ROCCAT Elo X StereoHyperX Cloud Stinger
The headband is made from metal and adjustable.

It has a ProSpecs glasses relief system.

Users can enjoy the stereo sound precision-tuned 50mm drivers.

The microphone comes with TruSpeak technology.

It is cheaply priced under $50.
It provides an immersive audio gaming experience.

The steel slider can be adjusted.

Battery life can work for 30 hours.

It is compatible with the PC, PS4, and PS5.

The price of the unit is under $50.
It comes with poor noise isolation.The unit has a limited control scheme.
Product NameElo X Wired PC Gaming HeadsetCloud Stinger Wired Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWiredWired
Water ResistantNoNo
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseNoNo
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Warranty1 year limited2 years


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

We will take a look at the design & comfort of the models. The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo is one of the most comfortable units in the market today. It is ideally balanced, thanks to the suspension system infused in it.

It comes made from metal and plastic that gives it a sublime appearance. You will be glad to know that the earcups can be rotated to lay flat on your neck. We also like how they come with shape in ovals.

The fitting was sublime, and we did not feel cramped at all. The earcups were quite comfortable. The headband sort of jumps out of your head if not worn at the proper angle. But it comes using a smooth clamping force.

Few users have complained about the fitting of the Elo X Stereo on their heads. Sadly, nothing much can be done about it. The design is such. While it may come as a flaw for some of you, our tester did not feel that way.

You can find a mute button present on the left side of the earcup, along with a volume wheel. The HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a similar design pattern that we find on most of their models. There is no update on this one.

HyperX is known for its comfortable models, and they also come with a boom microphone. We also saw a strip of metal that is placed inside the adjustment mechanism. You will love the volume slider option found on the rear of the right side of the earcup.

You can easily reach it. Besides, it comes with a flip for muting a microphone. We liked that feature coming on a budget headset. The buttons on the Cloud Stinger were easy to reach and use.

Besides, we loved the experience on of using it. It was quite satisfying. Overall, both the units come with exceptional design & comfort features in them. These are budget headsets, but they made us very happy using them.


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Both the models come with adequate build quality ensuring that they do not get damaged easily. Users were hesitant initially because they thought that under $50 might not be durable. That is not the case.

The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo comes made from plastic and metal. We loved how the frame of the headset is created and designed. It can easily withstand force without getting damaged.

Thanks to the fact that you can rotate the earcups, they can be sublimely placed on your neck. You get a premium feeling as you take a look at it. The oval-shaped cups and the classic design shines when compared to similar budget units.

Our tester had no issues with the fitting because of the ProSpecs system provided courtesy of their merger with Turtle Beach. Though the memory foam is sufficient, we felt that it is not that soft as the Cloud Stinger.

We found that the leatherette placed on the padding gives it a nice feel and touch. It comes with thick foam and offers an excellent seal. Only when you get the seal are you able to hear opulent sound quality.

This was a notable feature in the Elo X. So, whether you wear glasses or have long hair, which should not be a problem as far as this model goes. Please do note; we are talking about an under $50 price gaming headset.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a classic design that makes it appear elegant. The frame is made well, and so are the earcups. They can withstand falls and those accidental drops. The headband comes with a strip of metal on it.

This adequately protects when in use. But the entire body is made from plastic. The main complaint that we have is HyperX tends to make use of a similar design. Even updated versions come with the same layout and quality.

They might want to work towards it if they’re going to excel in the market. It comes with buttons on the right side that can be easily accessible. All in all, the looks and appearance of the Elo X Stereo and Cloud Stinger are dynamic.

We felt that for the price range, the makers had done a decent job. However, the Cloud Stinger retains most of the design features, while the body aesthetics of the Elo X Stereo has sublime features.


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo comes with a loud sound profile for the price range. This should be sufficient for providing you with special sound effects. We did not feel that the sound is overpowering the music anytime.
It was sublime and balanced correctly, unlike most units in the same category. Both the mid and treble range was outstanding. When you want to fine-tune the according to your liking, then you may want to use the ROCCAT Swarm companion software and a graphic EQ.

It also comes with a middling frequency response. Our tester felt that the audio performance could depend on how you have worn them. That, of course, depends on whether you wear spectacles and have long hair.

Once you can garner the fit and positioning, then the audio was pulp in nature. Otherwise, the bass intensity is affected. It comes with a V-shaped sound with the upper treble and the lower bass sounding slightly higher than they should.

Overall, we felt that the Elo X Stereo has a smoother sound. On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud Stinger has exceptional treble and bass range. We thought that it enhances the sound profile nature.

Thanks to the V-shape, the bass and the treble is boosted, not to mention the midrange is recessed. We find it weird to know that audiophiles do not seem to appreciate the sound quality, thanks to the shape.

We liked the artificial boosting infused in them, giving you realistic music. You will be delighted to know that the bass on the headset is prominent. The highs are induced to prevent the user from having fatigue.

Both are pretty good in the sound profile department. This is the best one can purchase at this price range. When you want to have more bass, you may want to use the Cloud Stinger. However, the Elo X Stereo comes with a natural balance.


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo microphone is natural, and your voice sounds exceptionally well. We were also impressed with the noise handling ability of the microphone. Your teammates can hear you clearly.

On the other hand, the HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a great microphone with excellent recording quality. The voice is clear, and the individual on the other end can hear you audibly. There is a bit of sensitivity in both the microphones of the models.

We also liked the fact that they come with a powerful built-in noise cancellation. You can use the models for gaming, chatting online with friends or your clients, and even podcasting for the given price.


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Can these budget units excel in the compatibility segment? Yes, they can. The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo can work on most of the gaming consoles available in the market. The headset enables you to adjust the sidetone settings, which we felt were a great option.

The ROCCAT’s Swarm software offers you equalizer settings that enable you to finetune the audio effortlessly. Sadly, many gamers have complained about the capability of the software. They have branded it as a bane.

We did not feel that way. The software helped us get the best out of the gaming unit. The HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with audio cable for listening to audio. Besides, you can also communicate with your teammates effectively.

Whether you are using it on your consoles or laptop, we were highly impressed with the sound quality. Not to mention, the headset comes with an extension Y-cable for more than 5 feet room. Please understand they are wired headphones and can be plugged into the audio jack of the gaming console for microphone usage.

It does not come with a dock, which we felt is a minor handicap for the unit. However, the overall design package made up for it. We thought that the eloquent audio quality, comfortable padding, and leatherette made up for these minor flaws in it.


ROCCAT Elo X Stereo vs HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Both the ROCCAT Elo X Stereo and the HyperX Cloud Stinger are priced less than $50. This makes them both winners in their way. They come with unique features that we just read above.

For example, the gaming headsets come with ample room in the earcups enabling your sufficient breathability. The mechanism of the headband is also sturdy for a $50 gaming headset.

ROCCAT makes use of the suspension headband with massive padding on it; the HyperX comes with slight padding with an adjustable arm system. As we said, these are budget headphones, and they cannot get any better than this.


We have ended our comparison review between the ROCCAT Elo X vs HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headsets. It is not often that we come across budget models that can be impressive. ROCCAT has made a winner here.

They researched the market and then produced it. The winner of our review is quite apparent. The model comes with intuitive designs like the Stinger. Besides, the fitting has been enhanced using contoured pads, comfort suspension, and glasses relief foam technology infused in them.
We felt that the sound quality was sublime, and the build was exceptional. The microphone is detachable, offering ease of use. The Cloud Stinger is not a flawed model either. This model also was an update of the previous unit.

However, nothing much was done in the unit that disappointed us. The build and design were almost similar, and the aesthetics came with outstanding leatherette. We did experience intense audio quality and the microphone sound profile.

However, the budget level units are only made for gaming purposes and do not decrease the background sound. This makes them difficult choices for using when you travel and want to use them inside your office.

It is safe to say that despite fierce completion in the low entry market, the ROCCAT Elo X Stereo is a new gold standard for budget gaming headsets. We just found that through the review. You now know which one is the better choice for you.

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