Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Comparison Review)

If you are in search of a powerful smartphone that can perform a wide range of regular tasks, then today might be just the day. You see, we have some good news for you. We are going to review two phenomenal models that are sold currently in the market.

Today, we will be reading about the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960U 128GB GSM Unlocked smartphones. They are expensive models but come power-packed with amazing features in them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone is surely a fantastic option for anybody looking to upgrade to a new model. The maker seems to have a lot going on in its hands. Probably, that could be the reason for them not marketing the Note series models quite aggressively.

With too many releases between 2020-and 2022, Samsung has its hands quite full, to say the least. The Galaxy Note 20 model was released into the market in the year 2020. The previous year in 2019 saw the maker releasing 2 smartphones simultaneously.

There is the Note Ultra too to be thought of. But we will forgo that model for now in this review. Of course, we will compare some of its salient features to these models for you to get a better idea of what you may find useful.

The Note 20 comes with a decent display, refresh rate, and a powerful battery. These are some common qualities of any Samsung model. You can also find some other interesting specifications in the form of the S Pen stylus that does a decent job.

The Samsung Note 9 smartphone is another exceptional choice of model for you. It comes priced within the same price point as that of Note 20 under $700. Some retailers may have quoted more for the Note 20 model.

But they are being sold for discounts now. More on that later. Though the Note 9 model is the older choice, it is able to give sufficient competition to the Note 10 smartphone. Like the Note 20 unit, it has an improved design, amazing internal specifications, and stunning camera ability.

The main worry here is that if the Note 10 is able to capture more sales, then Samsung will have to reduce the price of the Note 9 model significantly. That could be good news for new buyers looking for a new upgrade on their models.

You could potentially save close to $200-$300 with the older model. You get more inspired using the Note 9 model because you like to jot down things, draw stunning images, and click precise images, using the S pen remote shutter.

The 6.4” model comes with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, razor-sharp display, and an extraordinary 4,000-mAh battery. The maker offers a microSD card. Let us read and learn more about these models. We have given the winner at the end of the review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 20Samsung Galaxy Note 9
The unit has a phenomenal overall design.

The model comes with a vibrant, flat display.

It offers you with an outstanding performance.

It comes with an exceptional camera.

The product has decent battery life.
The model is a massive & slick smartphone.

The unit offers you with eloquent display features in it.

It comes with phenomenal internal storage.

It has exceptional features like a stunning battery.

The new S Pen works also as a wireless remote.
Users have complained that it gets hot if used for lengthy periods of time.The smartphone does not come with a charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Design & Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone comes with a good design and features. You can notice that it is a 6.7” display model that comes embedded with an AMOLED monitor. Consumers can also make use of the Ultra model if they want to use a large monitor.

We actually did not like the fact that Note 20 came with too much of plastic. If you look at the price of the unit, it is going to cost you a lot. You are going to shell out close to $800 for a new model.

We are pretty sure nobody would appreciate using a plastic-infused smartphone. Though some of you might not be able to see that, once you begin using it on an everyday basis, you can easily find that out.

The resolution of the model is also not something that was quite impressive. The manufacturer seems to have taken a few steps backward. It comes with a resolution of 2960 x 1440 which is Full HD resolution.

It is good but could have been better. Likewise, the refresh rate on Note 20 is not as smooth as you expect it to be. The same story is got in the Note 9 model also. There is the punch-hole cut out for the front camera.

It helps the unit to reduce the bezels found on the smartphone. The unit comes with a screen-to-body ratio (18.5:9) of 83%. It is almost the same as what is got on the earlier model Note 8. You can find some small changes like under the camera module is the fingerprint reader.

You can also find that they have provided you with a large S pen holder. The model may not fit inside your pocket comfortably. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone comes with efficient design & features.

It is able to help you by switching to Infinity O displays. The model comes with a desirable bezel that is present at the top & bottom of the smartphone. You would also want to make use of the fingerprint reader on the rear of the model.

Our tester felt that the model despite its large display is simple to hold in your hands. When you have large hands, then you would find using the smartphone quite easier. However, using the buttons might be somewhat smaller.

You may want to ensure that you place your Note 9 carefully inside your pocket or use a backpack for that. It is surely not going to fit inside your front pocket. We loved the design of the S pen.

Like found in Note 20, the S pen here too is fantastic. You can do a barrage of activities using it. You can write, draw, and navigate. You can also do presentations using the S pen. Additionally, Bluetooth Low Energy helps you to adjust the settings.

You can now customize your actions using the dedicated settings menu. The AI software is good and is able to detect things faster. It helps for efficient camera activities. You can make use of 20 options using the camera.

We can say that the maker is above the line in this aspect. The internal speed of the phone is something that we might want to shed some light on too. According to the benchmark tests, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor offers you with a decent speed.

It offers you with surround speakers. You would be delighted to know that they provide you with eloquent music to listen to. Thanks to a decent battery, you can go on with it. When using the model, please do not place your hands on the speaker.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Setup & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone provides you with an outstanding setup & performance. The maker has created confusion with the processor by offering two options in the form of Snapdragon and Exynos.

Surprisingly, the Exynos is much quicker than the Snapdragon processor. You would want to know that the model’s 3DMark score is much better than that of the Exynos 990’s Mali GPU compared to Adreno GPU from Qualcomm.

However, you can feel it run somewhat slowly when you are moving around with numerous tasks on hand. Sometimes it did struggle with the games because of the slow frame rates. That was really a shame.

Sadly, the main cause of worry could be the heat of the phone. If you are a professional gamer or like to play games for hours non-stop, then you may not want to. The model tends to heat up faster than most other units.

You could, however, use the power-saving mode that is present on the smartphone. The model provides you with adequate support for wireless charging. Besides, the camera abilities were also pretty good.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone offers you with an amazing setup & performance. The unit comes embedded with the Exynos 9810 processor for European models. The model provides you with close to 20 hours of battery testing, which is pretty acceptable.

However, most other units tend to drain quickly, but this one does not. We were pleasantly surprised by that. The internal speeds of the smartphone are pretty good too. You can make use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that is available in America.

You will want to know that regular tasks can take time to perform like shooting photographs, playing games, and performing other tasks. Sadly, the model takes extra time to charge for at least 2 hours completely, and 15 minutes more for an emergency top-up.

It does not come with the in-screen fingerprint reader that is found on some Android models. Moreover, it cannot catch the insane speeds that are found on the 5G connectivity. We felt that the maker is holding back on the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

Overall, Note 20 comes with higher battery power, 3 times more megapixels (main camera), and 25% more megapixels (front camera). You will want to also know that it has 1 more microphone, is thinner, and has a 3nm smaller semiconductor size.

The unit also comes with a 228MHz faster GPU clock speed and a 1400MHz higher ram speed. The Note 9 is a good product having 30.79% higher pixel density, 1 times higher resolution, and has an external memory slot.

Besides, it comes with a better video recording quality (main camera), 20% faster downloads, and also has a radio. It also comes with more than 16% wider aperture at a minimum focal length and has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Price

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone is priced under $850. It comes priced at $550 at the time of writing. So, if you are keen to own this unit, then you can place an order today itself and avail the massive discount.

The unit comes infused with tremendous features including a fast processor. Multitasking becomes easy with the help of the Note processor. You can also quicken your process and transform your gaming into a more immersive experience.

With the help of the 5G, you can perform tasks that are of the next level. You can share more things, play more games, and experience plenty of fun & excitement. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960U 128GB GSM Unlocked is priced under $550.

As of now, it is priced cheaply at $364. You may want to order a model today for yourself when you are inclined to get one. It comes with features like the S Pen stylus that comes infused having Bluetooth features work.

Its battery working life is good and provides you with stupendous powers and has proved itself in actual testing. Users can take things down on the model. You can also make use of the list that you can pin on the lock screen.

We also thought that the colors stand out as it comes in both black and metallic copper. They are extremely attractive and optimum to look at. All in all, both the models come having several exciting features that make them magnificent smartphones for the price point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Verdict

We have come to the end of our comparison review between the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960U 128GB GSM Unlocked model.

We hope you liked the above post and found it helpful to make a decision. If you were not able to decide on these two phenomenal models, then we suggest that you read the post again. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone is a good model.

There are several differences between the Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra. The Note 20 Ultra is considered as a complete package, unlike this model. We feel that it is way too underbaked. The glass sandwich needs to have a rethink, the high refresh rate is at 60Hz in 1080p.

We do not appreciate the Exynos SoC for North American buyers. Though the smartphone is massively overpriced, almost costing you a Mac Air model, the reduction in the price as of now, can cool things down.

However, we did feel that it does not come with the wow factor features for the price point of a top-end model. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is an expensive model. However, it also happens to be a second to none smartphone in the market as of today.

If you cannot afford it, then you might as well go for it. But if you already own a decent model in 2020, then it would be quite difficult for us to recommend the model for you. You might as well wait for the maker to release the Galaxy Note 10 successor before making your purchase.

Our winner between the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the Note 9 model. It comes with pleasant features and a price that is drool-worthy. Though the Note 20 smartphone is a decent competitor, the Note 9 unit seemed to have the edge in it.

The maker, Samsung seems to have done some magic and infused charm into their new models. They come with everything that you are looking for. After the release of the Note models, the R & D team has done an exceptional job here.

The Note 9 comes with a quicker processor, better camera, and large battery for you to get the tasks done efficiently. However, in the case of the Note 20, you have a decent working life. Users have commended the reliability of the unit.

Moreover, Note 20 comes with a poor build quality with a lot of plastic in use. But they come with better internals. They both are evenly balanced and have very stupendous qualities. Ultimately, you need to decide what to upgrade, and how much you are willing to spend.


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