Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Comparison Review)

If you are searching for a smartphone that can meet your requirements, then this post might be helpful for your cause. Today, we are going to read about two exceptional models that a reputed manufacturer produces.

We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone vs the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. These two models come infused with magnificent features and specifications in them.

Besides, they are manufactured by a South Korean producer that has a reputation for producing some of the best products in the market as of now. They have overtaken Apple in most countries by a considerable margin thanks because their reliable and affordable model.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model is a second to none unit from the maker. Initially, the smartphone could not generate the sales that they were expecting. Typical user mindset, but they have managed to convince several top-end users over the years.

Probably the big price point of $800 for the base model and $1000 for the top-end unit could dent the purchasing aspiration of buyers. However, you are using one of the best 5G models in the market.

The smartphone comes with a large 6.9″ display. You would be delighted to use a fluid-scrolling technology that provides you with a breathtaking visual. 5 cameras can help you capture 108MP photos, 8K videos, and also the 5G antennas for getting you intense signals.

You do have some inconsistencies in the form of overexposure and autofocus. Besides, you can also make use of a decent battery. On the other hand, we have the opulent Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model.

It comes with a marginally smaller 6.8-inch screen, having more power, exceptional camera performance, and Samsung’s S Pen stylus. However, it is slightly more expensive than most of the models that you can find in the segment.

You can find some exciting models in the market for you to choose from. The S21 Ultra model has been on the market for a few years now, and we can safely share our thoughts with you. If you see the specifications, it is a phenomenal model that comes embedded with dazzling features.

The phone is not just about outdoing all the competition that there is for it in the market. But we need to know whether it is fun to use, providing you with magnificent camera features and a lengthy battery.

Let us read more about the models and learn about their features & capabilities. We have given the winner at the end of the post.

Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
The model comes with an opulent design.

The unit has one of the largest displays yet.

It has an exceptional camera zoom range.

It offers you with a breathtaking 5G speed.

The product can work with most the service providers.
The model provides you with an eloquent design.

The unit comes with an outstanding bright 120Hz display.

It comes with a flexible camera system.

It offers you with a phenomenal processor.

The product provides you with a magnificent battery working life.
The smartphone’s camera quality is inconsistent.The smartphone does not come with the charger.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Design & Features

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model comes with a good design and comprehensive set of features. The unit has a large 6.9″ display, and at times, it can cause some challenges in reaching to the ends of the display.

You may feel your thumb also lost in the depth of the monitor. This unit is much larger than the S10 Plus model. You can make use of the grip using one hand and use the other hand to do your regular tasks.

Of course, you need to have a deep pocket to place it inside your pants or trousers, and ladies can put them nicely in their handbags. The Super AMOLED display is elegant in display and provides you with spectacular image quality.

It comes with a 3200 x 1440 QHD resolution. You can also make use of the fine picture quality provided by Full HD+ resolution. You will be delighted to use the lower resolution because it helps you save the battery life.

However, you can utilize the Full HD+ with 120Hz turned on. You can witness some exquisite image quality in the form of the Razer Phone 2 & Asus ROG Phone 2. Besides, you will want to know that the screen fluidity offers playing games an exciting affair.

You will be glad to know that the maker offers you with smaller punch-hole on the front camera. It helps in the selfies. This is for those of you who like taking selfies with friends and colleagues.

The software is good, and the phone worked pretty intensely with so many tabs and other tasks open. It has an excellent screen-to-body ratio, support for display standards, and brightness levels. You will want to know that the model has the best display on the market.

It is produced from glass and aluminum. The model is also shaped nicely and elegantly. It feels pretty solid in your hands. Compared to the S series models, this one is quite special. There is a curve on the left and the right.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is ultra in terms of features and size as well. Consumers can notice that the model has an eloquent design to it. The size of 6.9″ is quite obvious, and you can find a huge part of the metal-infused on it.

You can also see the cameras placed at the rear of the smartphone. But the design is elegantly refined, and we feel that the Note & S models seem to be designed by different sections of the company.

Our tester thought that the model finish was superb. It is elegant and nicely done, and you don’t have to see any visible fingerprints on the model. Typically, the model comes in matte black and is slippery to use.

Though it is slippery, you would want to know that the model’s weight compromises that. You can use it in your hands safely without much hassle. We also liked the way in which the camera blends with the model’s shape and design.

At the front, you can find the tiny bezels, along with the dark gray antenna. Some users might need some time to get used to the phone’s weight and size, which should not be an issue. We loved the design and the build quality of the model.

It should not break if it falls from a small height from your table or the pocket. Unless you are somebody who is not acclimatized to using a heavy model or doesn’t want to use a large unit, then you might want to search somewhere else.

Sadly, we did not like the pinhole that could be used to speak on it. We felt that the microphone is quite closely done near the SIM tray ejection tool. The design is confusing and not as the way most of you would want to have it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Setup & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smart phone comes with an exceptional setup & performance. The Ultra unit comes with the mmWave and sub-6 technology, and it provides you with the best download speeds and a good range.

The range is remarkable, and you should not face any issues at all. It ranges from 200Mbps to 500Mbps and comes with a decent range. Moreover, it provides you with a decent connection for you to work indoors nicely as well.

It has impressive internal specifications, and some of them include a 7nm chipset (Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 in America and Exynos 990 in Europe. You can find that it comes with a microSD card slot for expandable storage.

The One UI 2.0 software is useful and comes with remarkable features infused in it. You can search for the choices that you want. There is also the Google Duo that is available on it, and you can now integrate it directly into the app.

Using that, you can make HD video calls and chat with several people at a time. There is also the Quick Share. It works only on the Galaxy S20 series as of now. The battery life of the model is good.

You may avoid using the 5G often as it consumes a lot of battery. The smartphone does not come with any charger in the box, and there is no provision for expandable storage as well. That is quite ridiculous for a model that is priced at more than $1000.

If you are alright with these drawbacks, then there is no reason why this model should not be on your purchase list today. Having said that, the Galaxy S20 Ultra model is an exquisite model, too, coming with stupendous features of its own.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone comes with outstanding setup & performance. We can say that the latest flagship model from the maker is the quickest and the smoothest smartphone you can lay your hands on.

The UI is pretty good and works flexibly. It also comes with terrific speeds and good performance. You can note that it comes with a powerful 5000 mAh battery that works stupendously.

The maker has done a splendid job. You would love the one of a kind ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that are present on the smartphone. Though the initial smartphones released by Samsung had them, they were somewhat slow and did not do their job well.

However, in this model, you can find that they work smoothly. That is the way it should be. There is a vast difference between the sensor on this model and the other models. You can also make use of the face unlocking feature present on the model.

This makes use of the front camera only. The speed is also good, and you can adjust some of the settings on the model to make it go quicker. What about the update? As you would know, the maker is not the first among those who release the updates.

You will be delighted to know that they are providing you with 4 years of security updates. This is for those who purchase the flagship models like the S21 Ultra smartphone, and this is something that other makers might want to learn from Samsung.

The performance on updates in general on the model is good. It depends on the kind of security update you are planning to do on your model, and it is the security update speed to release of the major Android versions.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Price

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone is priced under $770. This is the base model we are talking about; you may have to shell out $1000 if you want to use the top-end smartphone here. Though the maker does not provide you with expandable storage, you can make use of the cloud storage space.

Moreover, there is the 5G connectivity that can help you pull down remotely stored data. Besides, the S20 model comes with a microSD slot that can help expand your storage by more than 1TB space.

It comes with a powerful rear camera of 108MP & front camera of 40 MP. The unit works with most of the service providers in America, including T-Mobile, MetroPCS, AT&T, etc. Besides, it can also work with Sprint & Verizon.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is priced under $1200. The model comes with a phenomenal camera that has exceptional features infused into it. The pro-grade camera has a zoom-in close with 100X space zoom.

Additionally, you can also take photos and videos with opulent features like the easy-to-use, multi-lens camera. There is also the sharp 8K video present in it, and it comes with a vital cinema-quality 8K video.

You can also make use of the multiple ways of recording the videos. You can also make use of the share-ready videos and GIFs with the help of the multi-cam automatic & recording professional-style effects.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra unit and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model. We hope that you liked reading the above post and were able to make a decision.

If you haven’t decided on that, we suggest that you read the post again. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone comes with a good design, large display, and some fantastic camera abilities.

You can find that it has 100x camera zoom, 108MP rear camera, 40MP front camera, and a 120Hz display. The internal specifications are almost on par with $1000 laptops, which should be that way.

Unfortunately, you may come across a few bugs that can ruin your experience of using the smartphone from being able to reach its complete potential. This is a mixed package to say, and however, the scale can tilt to the good side because of the numerous features found in it.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is a fantastic choice for those of you looking to upgrade your existing model. But it is expensive, and you have to pay under $1200. However, when you see the specifications infused in it, you can’t call it overpriced.

It comes with a 10x optical telephoto zoom, remarkable performance, a great design, and lengthy battery life. The Galaxy S20 Ultra unit could be the better model as it comes with more megapixels, 108MP & 48MP & 12MP & 0.3MPvs108 & 12 & 10 & 10MP and has an external memory slot.

It does not come with an HDR10-enabled display. The Galaxy S21 Ultra model on the other hand, comes with a quicker CPU speed, 1 x 2.9GHz & 3 x 2.8GHz & 4 x 2.2GHzvs2 x 2.7 & 4 x 2.4 & 2 x 1.95GHz, and twice faster downloads. It also has 3000MBits/svs2000MBits/s, has a dual-tone LED flash, and a new gorilla glass version.

There are also 32% quicker uploads, 422MBits/svs318MBits/s, and a 2nm smaller semiconductor size. You can find remarkable camera features that come in the unit, including laser autofocus & 6x greater zoom range.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra unit would be the S21 Ultra smartphone. Though the price difference between the two models is not much, the upgrades provided are intense a lot.

You should expect better performance in low light conditions. Unfortunately, it does not come with a charging box, and that can remove some of the shine from an otherwise extraordinaire product. Having said that, the S20 Ultra model is an excellent smartphone.


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