Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Comparison Review)

Are you looking for a top-end smartphone that can help you with your regular tasks? If then, you might be inclined towards a $1000 model that comes with it all. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra models.

The South Korean maker has been in the market for several decades now. They know the mindset of the consumers very well and have been producing aggressive products. In the smartphone segment, you can find they almost dominate every country, including the United States of America.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus model showcases why the maker is popular. They were the pioneers in aspects of a large display that even the numero uno maker in the world, Apple, did not come up with.

Additionally, they came with spectacular battery life and camera performance. Of course, Apple is doing just a bit better in those features and clinging to the number one position. But we were slightly unhappy with the fact that the S21 Plus did not come with many changes.

That is right. The unit comes with most of the features found in the earlier models. It might make it slightly harder for consumers to be attracted towards the model. Otherwise, the smartphone has a sturdy display, opulent battery life, and amazing performance.

You will be delighted to know that the 6.7″ display model comes with a phenomenal refresh rate. It offers you with a magnificent appeal to everybody who prefers using a model that comes infused with tremendous performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model could be the best smartphone in America at the moment. It comes with a large screen, better battery working life and stunning S Pen compatibility. However, the previous model, the S20 Ultra, was quite good.

The S21 Ultra comes embedded with the Exynos 2100. Our tester was truly impressed with how powerful the phone felt when using it, and that is how a premium unit should behave. When you are on the lookout for a large unit, then Samsung will spoil you with its choices.

The S21 series comes with large displays, eloquent picture quality, and are able to perform better than most units. But, just because the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is larger than the Galaxy S21 Plus unit, does that mean it is better?

Maybe, but we will never know if we put them to the test and compare their features. That is what we are going to do in this review. Let us read further and find out about exceptional models. We have given the winner at the end of the post.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 PlusSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
The model comes with a beautiful design.

The unit provides you with a good performance.

It has a phenomenal 120Hz Amoled display.

It offers you with an elegant zoom feature.

The smartphone has an outstanding battery.
The model has a stunning design.

The unit provides you with a remarkable display.

It comes with exceptional camera quality.

It has a stunning battery working life.

The product comes with S Pen support.
The smartphone can be bulky and difficult to place in compact spaces.The smartphone is prone to heating fast.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Design & Features

Samsung models are known for their opulent design and features. Most of their smartphones come with amazing designs. They are flawless, elegant, and lightweight. Let us read to find out more about these models.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone is a lot similar to that of the Galaxy S20 Plus model. The slim bezels are extremely appealing as they come with a single hole punch cutout. Moreover, you can find the front camera at the unit’s top edge.

The color you have chosen does not matter because the design is quite visible. It makes the model appear beautiful. We thought that the main change here would be how to the screen appears, as it is not curved but comes with mild touches here & there.

It is quite large for a phone with a huge display. While you may be a fan of large displays, they come with a flaw. They are notably heavy. You may not be able to use them in a single hand. Those of you who have large hands may not mind the additional weight or the handling powers.

The Galaxy S21 Plus comes with a glass back with Gorilla glass. It provides you with an elegant appearance. You can order the color of the smartphone on the Samsung website if you are keen on more colors.

The resolution on the S21 Plus comes at a decent 2400 x 1080, offering you with opulent image quality. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone comes with exceptional design and features in it.

Unlike the S21 Plus, the S21 Ultra has more flexibility in design. That is good to see. You are not paying $1000 more for anything after all. In addition, you can find opulent touches here and there that make the unit appear nice.

It also comes with a monitor that has flat edges. Moreover, it is much taller than the other models that we reviewed. The model is quite heavy, coming at more than 8 ounces. But the refresh rate is amazing on the Ultra model.

It is something that the S21 series has continuously displayed. It does not matter which model you are using because they come with a stunning display property. It has a 120Hz refresh rate. This helps you to browse well, play games, and watch movies with a good experience.

We felt that the resolution on the S21 Ultra is quite sharp. However, you have it coming at close to the 3200 x 1400. Overall, the S21 Ultra comes with a better design and features. That justifies the $1000 price difference between the two units.

You can find a wide range of specifications, including an amazing display, stunning refresh rate, and a reasonable rate of $1000. But the S21 is slightly more affordable than the S21 Ultra. So when you are particular about features and design but don’t mind the price point, you can go with the S21 Ultra model. Besides, the S Pen capability is provided on the Ultra model, which makes it a better option.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Setup & Performance

The S21 series of smartphones come with a very powerful setup and performance. So you can be assured of getting a phenomenal performance irrespective of the model you choose. However, the S21 Ultra may be slightly quicker than the S21 Plus.

Let us read and find out. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone sold in the USA comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip. In other countries, the unit comes infused with the Exynos 2100.

The Snapdragon 888 comes with a better CPU performance and an enhanced GPU speed improvement. In addition, there are upgrades to AI abilities. Furthermore, the maker has blended this device with 8GB RAM, making the unit quite powerful for you.

Though the Galaxy S20 Plus came with a 12GB RAM option, it is not present here. But you may not require that kind of memory in an already power ready phone. However, the A14 Bionic chip found in Apple smartphones was much quicker than the Snapdragon 888.

The video capabilities of the smartphone are good too. You can watch pictures and enjoy movies using the 4K that can be seen in 1080p resolution. So it is safe to say that the image quality was good.

You can also play a wide range of games using the Android phone. We found the model to be the best in the segment among most others. That is a nice thing to see. Besides, you can play games from your Xbox if you own it without much hassle.

It works well with the Razer Kishi gamepad. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is built on a 5nm process. The unit is based on an octa-core processor that is able to provide you with amazing performance.

It is thanks to the Cortex X1 core, 4 Cortex A55 cores, and 3 Cortex A78 cores. These are suitable to beat the Snapdragon 888 quite by a margin. But the Snapdragon 888 is a powerful chip.

However, we did notice that it has some heating, and you can also have it throttled. We were amazed to see that games can increase the temperature immensely. But you can perform ordinary tasks like photo and video editing.

Sadly, the model does not come with a microSD card slot. That is not a good thing, but you will also want to know that most Apple models don’t come with either. But the base model that is sold in most Asian countries comes with that option.

You will love the fact that the model comes with the OneUI 3.0 interface. You do not have any problems when you are browsing or using the model. When you turn on the power mode, you can instantly make the adjustments.

A notable feature in the S21 Ultra is the S Pen. Unlike the previous models that provided you with the S Pen, this one was quite smooth and flexible. The other S Pen were quite difficult to handle and write.

This one, however, is good to hold, write, draw, and perform a wide range of other activities seamlessly. You don’t feel as if it is holding you back. We highly recommend this model for those of you who are involved in plenty of writing tasks.

We liked the latest One UI interface. The model comes with several customization options, lock screen widgets, and the object eraser photo feature. It helps in removing those whom you do not want from the images.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Price

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone is priced under $1000. That is the price you pay in America for the 128GB unit. The model has similar pricing to that of the iPhone 12 Pro. We also felt that the smartphone is similar in specifications to the Google Pixel 5 unit.

Though it comes with lower specifications, the camera powers tend to take it above most of the models on the market. However, if you are using an older USB-C charger, then it might not work with this unit.

Otherwise, you have to get yourself a new 25W charger that will cost you around $18. But they provide you with a USB-C cable with the unit. In addition, the model comes with an exceptional battery that can run all day.

You can work with your smartphone without having to keep it for a charge. In addition, you can now share more information with the help of 5G. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is priced under $1200.

You can utilize the nightography & portrait mode. That means you can now take the images as you want in the night that appears clear. It is because the mode detects the light and adjusts. This feature is ideal for photographers and hobbyists.

Besides, it comes embedded with a powerful 8K super steady video. You can now take videos with the 8K recording resolution. There is also the autofocus video stabilization feature on it. Finally, the 108MP photo resolution and the bright display provide you with stunning photos.

The $1000 mark can be a psychological barrier for shopping for both models for users. However, you will want to know that Galaxy S21 Ultra provides you with better options than the S21 Plus. There is not a lot of difference between the base and top-end model.

They are both excellent smartphones that you might want to consider. You can get the smartphones from the Samsung website or your carrier. You might also want to verify the latest Galaxy smartphone deals to save money.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Verdict

There you go, we have come to the end of our comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus smartphone vs the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. We hope you have enjoyed reading the post and have made your decision on the model of your preference.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus model may have come down on the features. Maybe that is why it is priced a little lower. You may want to know that S21 Plus comes with only the Snapdragon 865. Otherwise, it is almost the same as its S21 cousins.

You can note that it comes with a phenomenal display of 1080p that works wonders on the model. Besides, the battery life and the performance are acceptable. When you already own the Galaxy S20 Plus, then this might not be worth your time or money.

But you still get a fantastic display, amazing camera abilities, and a decent performance that can keep you very happy. However, if you own a really old smartphone like the Samsung S10 or a 10-year-old unit and are looking for an upgrade, do go ahead.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is another exceptional choice that you have, albeit for a larger price. So when you are in the market looking for premium aesthetics, then this model could be your answer.

The model comes with an elegant dark black finish to it with a bold design. Moreover, if users want amazing camera power, then they get it. The unit provides you with a wide range of shot variety.

You can make use of the two telephoto lenses at the rear of the smartphone. They come with 100x zoom and are almost on par with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Lastly, when you are somebody who loves to store media files, you will appreciate the storage space on the model.

Moreover, it comes with a large battery operation that makes it the ideal companion for reading, listening to music, and movies. However, it weighs close to 227grams and is a very massive device to place inside your pockets or handbags.

Our winner in the comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus unit and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is the S21 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone takes things to new heights from most of the Samsung models that we have seen in the past.

You can find new horizons in the camera technology, improved battery, and awesome performance. You will like the new chiseled design and image quality from it. However, the lack of charger & expandable storage is disappointing from an otherwise incredible model.


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