Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Comparison Review)

If you are on the lookout for a decent smartphone, then today is your lucky day. That is because we are going to be reading about two phenomenal smartphones that are sold in the market.

The smartphone/tablet industry has remained one of the most sought-after markets in the world. You see, the sheer volume of products that are being sold surpasses the amount of demand that is being desired.

Thanks to the pandemic, the demand for these models has only increased and shows no sign of toning down. We are going to review the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone.

As you know, Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturer. They have been in the market for several decades now and know what they are doing. Besides, smartphones & tablets, they also produce other items.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model comes with decent features including a huge screen. It is almost 7” in display and offers you with some tremendous specifications. The price point can make you slightly unhappy, but it is, unfortunately, that way.

It comes with a nice design and provides you with exceptional performance thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip. There is the primary 108MP camera that comes with a glass back, phenomenal RAM, and decent display capacity.

You do not have to be an Android fan to choose the smartphone. You will want to know that it is more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro Max by $100. We need to read the entire review and find out whether that is worth it.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model is another magnificent smartphone. It comes with decent features that can put a smile on any Android user. You do not have to be somebody who frequently uses a phone.

But this model provides you with everything that you may need. It is slightly cheaper than the S21 Ultra. That should not be a reason for choosing it. But it comes with the S pen support and also smooth operation.

So, is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model worth $1000? We will have to read the review to understand that aspect of it. We may not want to compare it with the Galaxy S22 Ultra because they have their own style and purposes for different users.

Let us now read the review and figure out which model we need to get for ourselves. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraGalaxy Note 20 Ultra
The model is designed elegantly.

The unit comes with a huge 6.8” AMOLED display.

It offers you with dual telephoto lenses.

It comes with a sharp quality 8k video.

The product has an exceptional battery life & S Pen support.
The model is designed opulently.

The unit comes with a large display of 120Hz 6.9”.

It comes with interesting specs like the fingerprint reader feature.

It offers you with a stunning 50x zoom camera and laser autofocus.

The product provides you with an outstanding battery & a good S Pen support.
The smartphone comes with no charger or microSD card.Unfortunately, the smartphone is extremely pricey.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Design & Features

The design & features present in any smartphone plays an important role in users choosing it over the other models. Samsung has been known to design some attractive smartphones over the years.

Though they are not on par with Apple or Sony models, their models are quite elegantly designed and opulent to see. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is eloquently designed with its nice & soft edges.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is phenomenally designed and comes infused with tremendous features. You can notice the camera design combines well with the camera bump that is present on the glass at the back of the smartphone.

It weighs more than 8 ounces and measures close to .3”. You would want to know that the S21 Ultra model is heavier and thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro Max unit. It has a slightly curved display, and you may not by mistake also touch the screen.

The unit measures around 6.8” that is quite large for a smartphone. You have tablet models that come in a 7” size. It is a dynamic AMOLED display that is vibrant and bright. You do not have to select between high resolution and the refresh rate too.

We liked the fact that the viewing capacity of the smartphone is exceptional. It comes with super smooth scrolling and gameplay. Besides, you can also get quad HD resolution and 120Hz on it.

It helps you save on the power as well. This feature allows you to use it outdoors as well. You have the eye comfort shield that ensures eye fatigue is reduced thanks to the decrease in blue light.

We do agree that Galaxy S21 Ultra is quicker than the Note 20 Ultra, but the other model comes with the stylus built-in. However, as you read the full review on the Note 20 Ultra, you will find out that is an exceptional choice for you to make.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model comes with a massive 6.9” display that is 0.1” bigger than the S21 model. Of course, it does not necessarily have to make much of a difference, but you will want to know that it comes with a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate.

There is also a sharp 108MP camera having laser autofocus. You can find the model coming with an S pen that is more responsive. It is an ideal option for those of you who do not require the 120Hz display.

We may want to say that the maker has done an excellent job with the design of the model. The edges are square in shape giving the smartphone a fantastic appearance. Our tester admired the fact that the unit does not retain the fingerprints on the smartphone.

We did notice that the smartphone can cause you to make accidental taps even though you did not intend to. It provides you with exceptional visuals and stunning images that are ideal for content creation.

SPECIFICATIONSGalaxy S21 UltraGalaxy Note 20 Ultra
Voice Assistant Built-inBixbyBixby
Wireless Technology2G, 3G, 4G, 5G5G, CDMA, GSM
Operating SystemAndroid 11Android 10
Internal Memory128 gigabytes128 gigabytes
Screen Size6.8 inches6.9 inches
Water ResistantYesYes
Phone Memory (RAM)12 gigabytes12 gigabytes
Processor BrandQualcommQualcomm
Front-Facing Camera40 megapixels10 megapixels
Rear-Facing Camera108 megapixels
SeriesGalaxy S21Galaxy Note20

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Specifications & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is a second to none smartphone that is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip. We liked the fact that you can power your way through the games without flinching one bit.

However, it is slightly behind the speed and performance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That was slightly disappointing, but for an Android device, it did pretty well. The video editing feature found on the smartphone was pretty good.

Moreover, the model can last you for a few days if you use it sparingly or for 3-4 hours. Users have claimed that the phone lasted close to 12 hours in browsing. In watching videos, it came down lower to 10 hours.

Please do know, that the maker does not provide you with a charger. So, be prepared. This is the first smartphone that supports the S Pen. It is optional but allows you to do a barrage of activities on the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have a charger and microSD card as well. This is highly ridiculous considering the fact that the base model costs around $950. The manufacturer really needs to think about it and provide users with the primary items along with the package.

Besides that, we did not like the fact that it is quite cumbersome to hold. It is fast to operate and comes with a barrage of features, probably just behind the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We liked the camera performance, and the battery capacity makes you want to fall in love with it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unit offers you with a stupendous performance. You can get amazed at the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. It comes with a clock speed of 3.1 GHz.

Moreover, the graphics of the model is also fantastic. It is much faster than most of the regular Snapdragon 865 chip models that you can see. It does well because of a powerful 9ms response time from the S pen.

If you are in search of an S pen that gets the job done, then this model is one of them. You feel like writing on paper. Not to mention, the processor comes paired with plenty of RAM and storage space.

It does well in most of the games. You can play several of them without facing any lag. That is a good sign. You will be glad to know that the unit did pretty well compared to other top-end models in the market, like the iPhone 11 Pro.

You can make use of the 5G model also if you want. They can provide you with the sub-6-GHz networks and mmWave networks easily. We did find some uses having an issue with the heating of the smartphone.

We did not notice that. But yes, it does get a little warm after continuous use of 2-3 hours, which is normal. You can leave it to rest for a few minutes or 10 minutes at the most. You will be delighted to know that the model comes with a multi-layered graphite thermal pad.

When you want more power, then you may want to choose the S21 Ultra because it comes with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor. However, the Note 20 Ultra smartphone comes with the Snapdragon 865 chip.

In video editing on a 4K clip, the S21 Ultra model required close to 1 minute to complete the task. However, the Note 20 Ultra model needed around 1 minute 20 seconds. Again, it does not have to be a major difference.

We felt that the S21 Ultra smartphone could be the ideal choice for content creators and gamers. Several users have claimed that it performs well in almost all tasks. Besides, you would be delighted to know that the model has better visual effects.

All in all, the specifications of both smartphones are good. The Galaxy S21 Ultra model comes with amazing features like the camera, display, and superb battery working life. You would be delighted to know that the processor is also good.

The Note 20 Ultra smartphone on the other hand comes with a better video recording capability. Its S pen felt a little better than what was got on the S21 Ultra model. We felt that it is a good option for content designers and movie editors.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Price

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone is priced under $1200. It depends on the kind of storage capacity that you are looking for. If you want to choose the 256GB model, then it will cost you $1250.

Likewise, if you want to select the 512GB model, then it is priced at around $1380. Don’t get surprised because you may not be able to find them on most online retailers in the US or UK. However, they can be found in abundance in the Asian market.

Do make sure that you do not shell out more than $1000 for a model because you have the latest Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some interesting features in the S21 Ultra would be a high resolution of 100X zoom.

You can now make use of the dual-lens combo of 3X and 10X optical zoom and the 100X space zoom. It comes with a fabulous battery working life. Now you can utilize the device without having to recharge it again.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone is priced under $1120. You can get the 256GB model for $1050, and the 512GB model for $1100. If you get it during the discount period, then you stand to get it cheaper.

There is plenty of storage space in the form of 12GB+256GB (Dual hybrid sim slot, 2 physical sim or One nano sim & micro sd card). You can also find that it has a front camera of 10M F2.2 and a rear camera of 108M F1.8.

Its display is massive at almost 7” infused with a dynamic AMOLED 2x. Besides, it also comes with the Infinity0O, 3088×1440 (WQHD+) 496ppi HDR10/HDR10+. It comes with a phenomenal battery life that enables you to use it for 2-3 days without having to charge it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Verdict

We have come to the conclusion of our review between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone. We hope that you enjoyed the review and were able to make a decision for yourself.

If you have not, then we suggest that you read the review again. It will help you make up your mind. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model is an exceptional choice. The maker seems to have designed a second-to-none product for users in the market.

The unit comes with an amazing display, the cameras are stupendous, and the specifications found on the model are unparalleled. Moreover, the S pen support was fantastic and quite smooth.

Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model is a fantastic unit that comes with everything that one could ask for. We normally do not say that. However, we are impressed with the near-flawless design, the features present in it, and the amount of power that it has.

Its 120Hz display was eloquent. The S pen was much better than the S21 Ultra and we found it highly engaging. Besides, the camera quality was awesome. Would you go in for a device that costs the same as a MacBook Air?

That remains the question. But from what we have read in the above review, the devices are worthy of the pricing and the features present in them. They form a formidable duo that should be able to take on the competition effortlessly.

However, the maker might want to reconsider the prices of the devices. They are simply ridiculous to point out. Our winner in this comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone would-be Note 20 Ultra.

The Note 20 Ultra model comes with a larger display, phenomenal features in terms of the camera, processor, and battery life. We liked the video recording capabilities of the Note 20 Ultra model.


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