Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – What’s the Difference?

The smartwatch segment is turning out to be a hot spot for many brands & makers. Some of them include Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin. They are known to produce some exceptional devices for users.

However, Apple & Samsung, though late entrants into this electronic segment, have managed to give the other brands a run for their money. They have produced a gem of smartwatches that are truly incredible and come infused with exceptional features in them.

In today’s review, we will compare two amazing Samsung models. They are the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 models. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a second to none model.

Though it may not be on par with the Apple smartwatches, it still packs a punch. You do not want to underestimate this elegant model. The unit comes with an attractive design, exciting user interface, and an amazing 4-day battery working life.

Yes, it may not be the latest Galaxy model, thanks to the Watch 3 that we will be reading about shortly and the Watch 4. There was no earlier model than the Watch. The Watch unit is a competitive model that can rival some basic Apple models.

One way would be the pricing. It has been reduced since 2021, and you can get it cheaper by $50. Likewise, we have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 model. The maker has a small but fruitful affair with the Wear OS.

Today, they have thankfully decided to move on from the Google platform for their own good. Sometimes, some partnerships don’t work together for the great interest of the masses. This gave birth to new compatibility problems, and Samsung eventually got through it.

Samsung has always been known to produce sublime units. The same can be said about the Watch 3 unit. It comes with a slim, light, and eloquent design. You can find impressive specifications on the unit.

Probably, it is because the Watch model was released in 2018, and it gave them ample time to produce an exceptional device in the form of the Watch 3. There are some additional specifications like blood pressure tracking and SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring.

This is when we will want to find if the Watch 3 really comes with what it claims to be. Is it the real deal? Does it have sufficient improvements on it to be the smartwatch of the decade? There is no simple answer to that.

Only if you are conscious of the price then you already have an easy answer. However, when you are keen to push ahead and find something that blends with the current trend, then you should go ahead and read the review. We have given the winner at the end of the post.

Samsung Galaxy WatchSamsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy WatchSamsung Galaxy Watch 3
The model comes with an elegant design.

The unit comes with a rugged build quality.

It has exceptional core smartwatch software.

It comes with rotating bezel cycles.

There is an incredible 4-day battery working life.
The unit has a slim design.

The model comes with the robust build quality.

It comes with a physical rotating bezel.

It has FDA-approved ECG readings.

The display is protected by Gorilla Glass DX.
The maker has to work on Bixby.The battery life was slightly disappointing.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Design & Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a good design & features. The unit comes with a decent design and builds quality. Our tester preferred the larger model because of its opulent size and operational abilities.

It can fit elegantly on your hands when you don’t mind wearing a large watch. We can feel that the unit offers a fashion statement to the understated Apple Watch. The smartwatch is quite large, circular, and slightly aggressive in appearance.

It stands out from other models sold in the market today. The large model comes in different colors that are attractive to look at. Coming to the smartwatch’s monitor, it provides the 1.3″ Super AMOLED and comes color-rich & bright.

You can use it easily outside as it provides you with exceptional viewing capabilities. The background has a few blacks that reduce the pixels with a resolution of 320 x 320 on the unit. Unfortunately, users complained that it takes some time to wake up.

It should not be something to worry about. We liked the functional rotating bezel that comes with that makes the model kind of rugged in appearance. Moreover, the monitor of the smartwatch has a Corning Gorilla Glass DX+.

It helps protect the unit from getting scratched. You can find two physical buttons on the side of the smartwatch. They are not in the middle position, meaning they do not have to be accidentally pressed when you bend your wrist.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch has an excellent design & features. You can find it to be thinner than the previous Watch model. However, the 45mm variant is slightly big. Like most users felt, the massive design was the main issue with the Watch unit.

The maker has heard them and reduced the size of the new Watch 3 model. Now, it comes with stunning bezels, and it is safe to say that Samsung has turned things around with the Galaxy Watch 3.

The 45mm model of the unit has a 1.4″ AMOLED display. The display is pretty eloquent and provides you with spectacular display capability. The views when you are using it in outdoors are fabulous.

It can work for two days on a single charge. When you have the always-on display turned off that does not work often, you can use it for one more day. You can also make use of the features found, including the recording GPS-enabled workout & sleep tracking enabled.

You can make use of it for jogging, but it tends to drain out the battery. We thought the model takes its own time for charging, which may not be exceptional. You will notice that the magnetic charging puck present on the model is not too powerful.

You can use the leather strap that is provided for you on the smartwatch. Though we found several takers for the strap, we felt the original strap was quite comfortable. This is entirely your preference.

We feel that Apple got it right here. The silicone straps offer you with more grip and are quite exceptional in their own way. They become workout models for many users and only come having a leather strap.

But it is something you find in typical budget models under $200. However, the Watch 3 is not cheap; it is priced close to $400. You may want to have these things present with the package that it comes.

Overall, the design & features of both the models were good. We were pretty happy seeing them present. However, the Watch 3 comes with more features and several benefits for the users, unlike the Watch unit, which is somewhat larger and heavier.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Setup & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a fantastic setup & performance. It comes with many phenomenal features. It has the together tab on the Samsung Health present on your smartwatch that allows you to compete with friends.

You can now find out who can burn more calories. Your friend or anybody can make use of any device that they want. However, you cannot compete with too many people because it is only a one-on-one challenge.

It has a new stress management tracker that comes coupled with breathing exercises. You need to breathe in for 15 seconds and then breath out for 15 seconds. The sleep tracking feature, though good, does not work like it is supposed to.

The design and the feature provide you with the feeling as if you are wearing a genuine watch. The software is fantastic. Yes, the cumbersome design might be annoying for some users. We can say that this is the best if you are using a Samsung smartphone with it.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 model comes with several new additions in it. You can note it comes with the SpO2 monitor that is able to track your oxygen level in the blood. You can find it in most of the Apple Watch 6 series and above.

It also has the electrocardiogram (ECG) app. Moreover, you would benefit from blood pressure monitoring. Of course, in some countries, you need to have medical certification. Only then will you be able to use the smartwatch.

You have several workout activities that bring you close to 40 features. You can also now make to use the Samsung Health app for Samsung TVs. With the training mode, you can also customize the features that include the stride and the VO2 in them.

You can now keep track of your sleep with the Watch 3 model. The maker has consulted with the National Sleep Institute when they developed this feature. It can provide you with a report on your sleep patterns.

The fitness capabilities are beyond the Watch model. However, everything comes with a massive price. Unless you are a fitness freak or somebody who hits the gym twice or thrice a week, then you would want to make use of the Watch 3 unit.

It comes with the same Exynos 9110 chipset that is present on the Watch model. However, users can find the new storage of 8GB, which is much better for solid apps. Unfortunately, the battery is one area in the Watch 3 that fared poorly against the Watch.

The 46mm of Watch unit comes with a 472mAh battery that can work for 3 days without having to charge it. The Watch 3 could do only 2 days without charge. This is something that the unit is lagging. Otherwise, it is okay.

The battery life on the larger model of the Watch 3 did quite well. We are not sure about the 41mm model. However, the battery is slightly larger on the Watch model. The Watch 3 unit comes with a 247mAh battery, whereas the Watch unit comes with a massive 270mAh battery.

The Watch 3 is a splendid model, but it is just simply quoted too high, no matter how good it is. You can note that it is almost $150 higher than the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 model. There is not much change in the software aspect of the smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 7, which is the latest from Apple, could be Watch 3 biggest competitor. They come with similar features and connectivity options. It is evident that the model is only good when used on the Samsung models and Android devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is also out now. You can get more sensors and better hardware from it. Yes, the Watch has its limitations, but when you see the Watch 4, it is priced much cheaper.

All in all, the setup & performance of both the Watch and Watch 3 smartwatches are almost the same. However, the Watch 3 comes with better performance due to its new features; the Watch is not a bad choice.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is priced under $330. It was released in the US market in 2018, which also happens to be the exact date of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

However, the prices are fluctuating at times, and you can find them slightly cheaper today. You can get it in the US market under T-Mobile. Today, you can get with the other service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

It has unlimited data and 1GB of extra internet for the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 starts at $399 / £399 / AU$649 for the smaller 41mm model for its lowest option and only goes up from there.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is priced under $400. This is for the smaller model. Of course, the larger model will come higher priced under $430. The larger unit also provides you with smartphone connectivity, if you prefer.

There are also some exciting colors that the model is available in. You can choose it when you are placing the order. For now, these excellent Galaxy smartwatches can be found for the same rates or lesser, but the Watch unit is priced substantially less.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Verdict

This is it. We have reached the end of our comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 models. We hope that you liked what you read and have made your decision.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an exceptional choice for any user. It comes rated as one of Samsung’s elegant models due to the features’ high standards and the 4-day battery life. The build quality is good, along with the display.

Besides, it comes elegant in design and offers a rotating bezel that enables you to navigate the menus effortlessly. You might be warned that a third-party app does not provide iOS support if you use the iPhone.

We are yet to come across any smartwatch that is as good as the Watch 3 model. You would be delighted to find out that the hardware and software were quite good. They do have some work left on the fitness tracking accuracy.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes as a phenomenal product. Though it is priced somewhat higher, the ECG monitor, rotating bezel, and fall detection make it worthwhile. You will find it difficult not to like the model.

It looks way better than the earlier Galaxy Watch. Moreover, you will love that it is lighter than the previous unit. That does not have to be a concern for the Watch model. However, you feel lighter when wearing it.

Do these enhancements warranty a massive hike in the price? As you know by now, the larger model comes under $450, which is almost close to $500. Is it worth spending close to $500 that close to getting an Apple device?

Are there other considerations? We have given you some worthy contenders for the Watch 3 model in the performance segment. You can read all about it there. Our winner in this comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches is the Watch 3 unit.

Our tester felt that the Fitbit & Garmin smartwatches come with better fitness and health. This model should be on your list when you want a perfect smartwatch that gives you the basic tasks. However, it is not a massive update from the earlier Watch model.

You can think of owning the Watch unit on a budget. But the Watch 3 is a workhorse with features like improved fitness, ECG, and SpO2 tracking that can be worth your money.

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