Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus (Comparison Review)

The Bluetooth speaker market is gaining prominence. It is not surprising to note that the demand for speakers has immensely increased over the last few years. Probably, it has to do with the fact that users appreciate the usage of these models.

Today, we will review two amazing models, the Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker vs the Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker. Tribit is a popular manufacturer in America, and they have been in the market for quite a while.

They know what they are doing because their products are affordable and durable. It is a brand that has been owned and operated by Thousandshores Inc since 2010. The company was known earlier as Hisgadget Inc., which manufactures top-notch electronic items for consumers.

There is something special about the Bluetooth speakers as it lets you listen to high-quality music from anywhere you want. That is right. Earlier, these models did not come with the water-resistant feature, but today you can find them with that feature.

Probably the makers did not anticipate that speakers would be in rage among users of all ages and genders. Talking about these models, the Stormbox and the Maxsound Plus, they come with similar designs, but the features are slightly different.

Though the sound quality is almost the same on both the Bluetooth speakers, you can find some qualities that are lagging in the Maxsound. This aspect is a normal thing in all products. There are pros & cons of the product.

The Tribit Stormbox model is a good choice for those who want to use a lightweight, portable, and affordable speaker. You can also take it with you anywhere you want to because of its weight.

The sound quality is phenomenal and probably one of the best we have heard in a very long time for the price point. It comes with IPX7 water resistant feature that can also stay submerged for 30 minutes in more than 5 feet of water.

It has a powerful battery life of 20 hours, which is average considering its company in the market. You will be delighted to know that the speaker comes with an 18-month warranty. Likewise, the Tribit Maxsound Plus model is another exceptional option to choose for yourself.

It is the successor of the Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker that comes with an impressive sound performance. For the small size, it has an amazing audio quality. It is quite lightweight and portable.

You will be glad to know that this unit is also waterproof and can remain underwater for quite some time. It comes with 20 hours of working battery operations. A distinct feature of this model is the bass boost that most speakers do not have.

Want to find out more? Let us read the review that we have compiled for you and learn more about these splendid models in the market. We have given the winner at the end of the review.

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Tribit StormboxTribit Maxsound Plus
Tribit StormboxTribit Maxsound Plus
The model is lightweight and small in size.

The unit is quite portable and easy to take around.

It comes with an exceptional sound & bass boost.

It has a USB-C charger for quick charging.

The speaker is resistant to dust.
The model has lengthy battery life.

The unit comes with the IPX7 rating.

It comes with an amazing soundscape.

It delivers a rich and clear sound.

The speaker is easy to connect with any device.
The speaker has no 3.5mm port, only Bluetooth.The speaker comes with a similar design to most units from the maker.

Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus: Design & Features

The Bluetooth speakers usually have a similar design. They are mostly rectangular shapes and come with a good design that makes them portable. The Tribit Stormbox is nicely packed for customers.

That was the first thing that we noticed. It goes to show the dedication that the company has to its users. Our tester loved the way in which it looked. The speaker was elegant in design. The model was almost on par with the JBL flip Bluetooth speaker.

But it has its own standout looks and is quite abundant in design. The radiators that are present at the bottom appear like glass material. It is done that well. But they are made from plastic. The design quality is highly impressive.

It is nice to have a speaker that is eloquently designed as it gives your room or environment a top-notch feeling. The handle is produced from neoprene, and it has a raised top on it. This feature enables you to listen to the music nicely.

That is a small but nice feature to have. Most of the other speakers do not come with this feature. You can also find a plus and minus button on there. Besides, you can also find a button that is multi-function.

This feature gives it a classic appearance. It is something found on the UE brand models. They not only enhance the appearance but give it a stunning appearance. Not to mention, the buttons present on it enable you to adjust the settings as you prefer.

The model comes infused with decent features like a good battery working life. You can listen to music for 20 hours that can work on 4 hours of charging time. That is a bit too high to charge, but when it is done, then you have 2-3 days of charge left on it.

This aspect of it makes the unit ideal for traveling and long journeys. At the rear of the speaker, you can find the power button. You need to press it just once, and it starts to work. You can also find the 4 LED lights that indicate the battery’s level there.

You can make use of the aux cable that needs to open the flap. Since it is waterproof, you can notice a mesh present around the model. The design of the Bluetooth speaker is simply top-notch.

You can choose the model from the 3 available colors. It comes in black, blue and red color. Usually, Bluetooth speakers come in black or blue. The color options are very limited. It is good to see that Tribit has provided users with some more options than usual.

They all look fantastic and do not make too much of a difference. It is entirely your choice. Similarly, the Tribit Maxsound Plus model has a similar design to most of the Tribit products. That wasn’t very pleasant because you do not feel like you are using a new product.

Design-wise, it is slightly more compact than most other models. The finish and the texture found on the speaker is fantastic. There is a logo found on it, with the metal grille and matte black color on it.

The product is quite light, weighing in at more than 620grams. You do not notice any flex on it, meaning that it is durable. You can find 4 rubber feet to place it firmly on any surface that you would want.

In the back, you can find the rubber seal. This aspect is the water-resistant feature present in the model. You can make use of the 3.5mm audio through the cable. There is a charging feature in the form of the micro-USB port.

Sadly, they could have given the USB-C that is modern and approachable. At the top, you can notice the buttons that are elegantly designed. You can also find a microphone present in there.

It is next to the play button for making calls, and you can also use Google Siri on a paired device through it. Isn’t it amazing? Like the Stormbox model, this unit takes 4 hours to charge. But you can use it for 20 hours.

The IPX7 feature works splendidly on the speaker. As we already said, it is a fantastic choice for travel because of the light feature. Not to mention, you can use the speaker when it is in charge.

If the battery is less than 15%, you can notice that the LED power becomes red. That is a standard feature that you can find on most of the Bluetooth speakers available on the market. Unfortunately, the model does not come with any NFC pairing.

We also notice that the model does not support multi-pairing, and you may not be able to connect to another speaker. This lack of feature was highly annoying for a price point model. Otherwise, it is a speaker that you can consider for outdoor activities.

The model is available in two colors. Depending on your choice and preference, you can choose it. However, there is a small difference between the color options. You can get it in black and blue colors.

The black model will cost around $60, and the blue model will cost you $62. But the important thing is that the sound quality is the same, and so are the features. Its bass powers were phenomenal, and users have commended the model for that.

Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus: Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bluetooth speakers in the market is the most crucial element present. The Tribit Stormbox model has a small speaker, but it sounds simply flawless, and you can hear everything you would want.

It has an amazing form factor. That is also an essential element of any model. You can place it inside your backpack and just carry on with your regular chores without bothering about it. There are base radiators on the sides of the model.

Besides, a single driver is found on one side and another driver in the middle of the unit. This component found in it gives the ability to sound like stereo music. You need actually listen to believe.

If you increase the full blast, you can see that there is a small enhancement of the bass. Some users may not like it on full volume. So, you may want to adjust the volume accordingly. Our tester found that reducing the volume makes it sound better.

It is because of the bass that sounds clearer to us. Similarly, the Tribit Maxsound Plus model comes with good sound quality. That is because of the drivers. They are a decent 45mm, which is acceptable.

Our tester noticed that it was quite well-balanced. You can listen to any kind of genre you want. You can find no distortion even when you are using it at maximum volume. However, we recommend that you use the X-Bass provided on it.

This element makes it sound better and clearer. You can listen to vocals and instrumentation. There is a lot of bass to the sound that offers good highs and mids. You cannot find an accompanying app that can control its EQ.

We do want to say about the battery life because it is able to go the distance up to 20 hours. You can make use of Bluetooth 4.2, though the 5.0 would have been much better on it. However, the signal was good, and you can use it for 10 meters at least without issue.

You can provide a room with full of great music to hear and enjoy. Besides, it would be nice to use it during a birthday party or swimming pool function. Though popular brands like UE and JBL offer you stunning models for the same price, this unit provides you with better value.

Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus: Price

The Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker is priced under $78. The speaker comes with fantastic XBass technology. This feature is ideal for those who are interested in listening to the bass.

It is an IPX7 rated model. That means it can handle water and withstand 30 minutes of underwater 3 feet in depth. It comes with an amazing 20hour playtime. You can make use of the large 2600mah rechargeable li-ion battery.

The Upgraded Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker is priced under $65. It comes with having an amazing audio experience. You can find the large drivers present on it that provide awesome music to the unit.

It has powerful amplifier modules that are able to optimize the sound found in any volume setting. The small speakers give you fabulous audio performance. The bass amplifies when you press the button, giving the low-end bass lines incredible depth and synth.

The model is waterproof and comes with the IPX7 rating. Now, you can place the Bluetooth speaker beside the swimming pool and enjoy the music depending on your need. Not to mention, you do not have to be concerned about the weather conditions.

We felt that the price gap between the two Bluetooth speakers is not much. That means you can make your decision quite easily. Yes, some features are missing on the Maxsound Plus. But that does not make it a bad choice because the sound quality is second to none for the price.

Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus: Verdict

We have come to the end of the comparison review between the Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker vs the Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker. We hope that you liked what you read and could make your decision on the speaker.

If you haven’t, we suggest that you read the post again; you will find something useful. The Tribit Stormbox Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic choice for those of you wanting a simple, portable, and affordable unit.

It provides you with phenomenal sound qualities, and you can place it inside your backpack without any hassle. Besides, it is water-resistant and can withstand a range of more than 60 feet inside the water.

The Tribit Maxsound Plus Bluetooth speaker is a second to none model for sound quality. Our tester was highly amazed by the audio reproduction from the small unit. Besides, the speaker provides you with a sublime IPX7 rating along with a battery working life.

The Maxsound Plus model is more expensive than the earlier model, XSound Go. It also does weigh a little more than that. However, the features and the sound performance are much better than what you can find in the previous unit.

Unfortunately, users cannot work with the USB power bank provided with it, and they can only pair it to a single device. You have no stereo pairing either. Not to mention, there is no aptX or NFC support.

You can make use of only Bluetooth 4.2 and micro-USB. In our opinion, both the models are amazing speakers that come embedded with remarkable features. Choosing the winner in this review was quite a task.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Tribit Stormbox vs Tribit Maxsound Plus would be the Stormbox model. It is a terrific speaker that comes embedded with some awesome features like build quality, sound performance, and waterproof.

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