Apple has come a long way from the Apple Watch 3 series, which was a major hit among people with health goals. The 8 series should come with a new fresh design having flat edges on par with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Size Options

The watch may come with a larger display that can help you see the details elegantly. While previous models have a smaller display, the new one will come with a 1.9" display.

Rugged Apple Watch

Unlike most of the previous models that focused on a sober, simple, and elegant design, this one might have a rugged look to it. This could help improve sales among hikers, trekkers, and outdoor sports.

S8 Chip

It will come with a new S8 chip, almost the same as the older S7 chip. However, there will be more specifications in this model. You can note that the efficiency and the speed would be slightly better.

Low-Power Mode

It will come with a low-power mode.