Angel 65 Keyboard – Everything You Need to Know

When you are on the lookout for a new, premium, smooth keyboard, then the Angel 65 keyboard could be the answer to your prayers. Let us read and find out more about this amazing keyboard model that is present in the market.

Whether you want to admit it or not, getting the right keyboard model for your needs and requirements is something beyond us. With a variety of keyboard models that are available in the market, it can be overwhelming at times.

That is why, we have written this post, just for you. Based on our research, reading, and analysis of the keyboard market, we found that the Angel 65 keyboard model is a standout unit. It is a top-notch mechanical keyboard that features a pin mount mounting style, comes with Cherry MX switches, and has Winkey or WKL PBT keys.

You can also find that it comes infused with three different plate options, a metal chassis, and fully customizable QMK firmware. We do admit that the 65% keyboards are something that takes some time for getting used to.

This is especially for new users. Besides, new users also felt that the RGB lighting feature came on the muted side. This model is a function-over-form keyboard whose main aim is to not provide a smooth typing experience for you but provide a flawless experience.

What are 65% keyboards and are they worth your time & money?

Angel 65 Keyboard

The 65% of keyboards are keyboards that come in a compact shape & size compared to traditional keyboards. They do not come with the function & arrow keys on them, and that is because they have 68 keys and not the usual 108 keys.

Thanks to the compact design & size, your table is presented quite neatly and cleanly. Moreover, this provides you with a clean working or gaming space. Though the keyboard lacks the function & arrow keys, they come with all the functionalities required by programmers and gamers. So to use these keyboard you need to learn how to use arrow keys on 60 keyboard.

Through this Angel 65 keyboard model column, we will try to find out, learn, and also understand more about this awesome product. We were read the price, build quality, switch type, ergonomics, and user experience to know why this keyboard is currently so popular.

The first time we heard about this amazing model was we were going through the internet for highly customizable mechanical keyboards. Though we were not keen on a top-end model, this name appeared sooner than expected.

We were quite taken aback when we saw many users recommending this superb model, and that made us interested in finding out why. Since we have penned down this post for you, let us read and learn more.

Price & availability

We always start with the price & availability of the product. The Angel 65 keyboard model is priced under $450. The top-end model can go further than $500. But in the end, it comes down to the keycaps, switches, and PCB, you choose.

Unlike the PS5 gaming console, this model is available in most of retailers. You will be glad to know that the model is fully compatible with Mac OS, and you can change to the Windows PC system if you want to, and when you want only Apple models, then use the WKL configuration.

Build quality

Angel 65 Keyboard

The immediate thing that you can notice when you lay your hands on the keyboard model is that it is immensely sturdy. That is what many users have felt, and we certainly agree with them. This is, after all, the main attraction of the model.

It is produced from a solid aluminum alloy that feels quite robust. We noticed that the plate comes made from polypropylene material, and it is not light, but extremely durable as well. You do not have to mount the plate onto the case with screws, fix it onto the place.

This unit makes use of the pin mounts that lets some amount of movement, which results in a smoother working experience. All in all, the build quality is simply amazing, we may want to call it a masterpiece from the makers.

Switch types

The Angle 65 keyboard model comes embedded with the standard Cherry MX Switches, and you can also find them with the Gateron Brown switches. There are also the red and the blue switches provided as well.

They are smoother, quieter, and better for typing, browsing, and programming as well. They come with no lag, or bumps, and are linear in placement. Sadly, we did not some bumps in the brown switches, so you may want to have that in mind if you want to choose them.

The blue switches are nice, and we liked the sound of a click when we pressed on them. Moreover, the actuation force is pretty pleasant actually, and much better than the red switches.

Lastly, the Gateron Brown switches are simply the best. That is because, these switches feel great for gaming, typing, and coding. There is no need to get annoyed by the constant noise from the keys because these don’t come with such kind.

RGB Lighting

Angel 65 Keyboard

Yes, we can find the RGB lighting feature on this model. This is found on most of the top-end models. Every key found on this mechanical keyboard comes with its own RGB backlight, and you can customize them with the help of the firmware.

We are delighted to inform you that the backlight comes with a variety of lighting, and color effects as well. They are quite bright but don’t come with any RGB LED strips on them. The keyboard does have RGB lighting, but as far as the effects go, it just gets things done.


The ergonomics of the Angel 65 keyboard are simply flawless. You can’t find any error in them, even if you want to. Though it is compact and slim, it is a slick model. You will find it extremely convenient to use no matter how big or small your hands are.

The keys are placed in a liner position, and close to each other, giving you the right placement. We felt that it is quite simple to reach the keyboard without you having to stretch your fingers. However, when this is your first time, then you might take some getting used to.

However, we can assure you that once you become used to using this keyboard model, then there is no looking back. The model comes with a slight angle to it that provides you with some position freedom.

Besides, it also decreases the strain on your wrists and makes your typing experience, quite enjoyable. We felt that the layout is just ideal for programmers and gamers. All in all, you will notice that the ergonomics are perfect.

User experience

Angel 65 Keyboard

The Angel 65 keyboard was put to the test by some team members & participants to find out the best possible user experience. They choose to perform some tasks like typing, writing, and general browsing.

Of course, we did take gaming into consideration also and played some of the most popular games in the market like COD and League of Legends from eSports. This is when you can actually get to find out the true capabilities, and abilities of the keyboard model.

Besides, we got to also find out how to use the shortcut keys instead of the function and the arrow keys. Can this lack of keys break the deal of an otherwise splendid keyboard model? There is only one way to find out, by reading this brief user experience feedback.

First the game session. It was quite smooth, and fast, and users were able to move around accordingly. The users were quite happy and claimed that they instantly knew they were onto something very special.

The keys are very smooth and responsive. Besides, the model also occupied less space making it easy to place other devices & peripherals like the mouse, laptop, and others in there as well. Some users felt that the 6-degree tilt angle gave them maximum wrist comfort, after gaming.

Besides, gaming performance improves significantly. You can feel the smoothness once you glide on the surface of the keys of this model. Some users also worked on it very aggressively, when they wanted to, by pressing the keys hardly.

But the keyboard was spot on and did not disappoint any of them. It was able to hold its ground and did not move around on our table. this is something that we do not see very often. We may want to mention that the keyboard model is light.

We have not yet experienced something like this before, and it felt amazing for the moment. Like we emphasized in the space of this unit, this medium-sized keyboard provided ample area to work & play.

You can move around and place your arms also comfortably. Now, we come to the built quality, which is simply magnificent. The keys along with the entire keyboard feel sturdy and fabulous. There is no creaking sound, or even squeaks in there.

Besides, you can’t flex the body of the keyboard, which is a good thing. The unit feels like a tank. The RGB lighting, though not the best for its price range, is good enough for RGB enthusiasts. Their customization of the keys is a flawless experience, and the user comfort is fantastic.

It is nothing short of remarkable, you may want to use this model. We may have to warn you that, the initial phase might be annoying and frustrating, if this is your first time using a 65% keyboard layout, and you may need some time to adapt to the keys.

To summarize, we had a fabulous working & gaming experience with this keyboard. Moreover, users did not feel tired after a long gaming or working session. Besides, the keyboard is flexible due to its small, but elegant size.


We highly recommend the Angel 65 keyboard model. So, if you are in search of a new keyboard or want to replace your current keyboard model, then you might want to make use of this unit. Besides, it is a good option for writers, programmers, and gamers.

The model comes with an opulent design, solid build quality, terrific RGB lighting, and slick typing abilities. Moreover, you would find the native support for the QMK firmware, extremely helpful for your cause.

Not to mention, several users have claimed that this model has enhanced their productivity. Sadly, the model has a high price tag that can put off potential users. But we can say that it is a worthy investment as it could last for 6-8 years if you used it properly.

When you want to use a model that comes with a sublime design, build quality, and eloquent performance, then we feel that the cost of $450 is justified to the core. So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, and get one of these and notice your typing move like the breeze.

Is the 65% keyboard model good for programming?

Generally speaking, any keyboard model should get your work done. But when you are looking at a 65% keyboard model, then you can use it for programming & gaming as well. You should not face any issues when typing, browsing, and reading.

Please do note that they are smaller than the traditional keyboard models that are there in the market. Moreover, these models do not come with the function or arrow keys. Writers and programmers have experienced better typing and immense convenience when using the model.

What are 65% of keyboards good for?

The 65% keyboard model is good for performing a wide range of tasks, and work activities, and enables you to enhance your productivity. Moreover, it occupies less space due to the compact nature of the unit.

When you are searching for a slick model to be placed on your table, and want to experience speed in typing or programming, then this model would be suitable. However, as we have mentioned in this post several times, they do not come with the function & arrow keys.

What are the keys on a 65% keyboard?

As we have mentioned the 65% keyboard model does not come with the arrow and functions keys. But you can find most of the other keys on the keyboard. As the name implies, they are way shorter, slimmer, and lighter than the ordinary keyboard models.

In total, we could find around 68 keys on the model. But there are other key options that you can make use of when you want to operate on the function or arrow keys. That may take some time to get used it but is filling a niche that is becoming very popular.

How many switches do you need for a 65% keyboard?

Most of the 65% keyboard models come with 68 keys. They are compact in design and have a good build quality that can help you last for several years at least. It also depends on the configuration and the layout.

However, some of the 65% keyboard models are usually split in between with the use of the spacebar. This provides you with a total of 68 switches. But they do not come with the function & arrow keys.

Is a 65% keyboard better than the 100%?

The main benefit of using the 65% keyboard is that you are saving on space. Besides, it is portable, compact, and easy to move around as well. If you are short on space on your table and want to place other peripherals like your mouse, and headphones, then this kind of model is most useful.

Not to mention, it also provides you with an ergonomic posture for writing, programming, and gaming. Writers, programmers, and gamers can strategically place the keyboard on their desk, due to its compact size and use a comfortable posture for them.

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