Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) vs Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Apple is a very popular company all over the world and we don’t think there are anyone who use smartphone or internet does not aware about the company. Apple is popular for making a top class tech products such as mac, iPhone, iPad, smart watches, headset and earbuds. You might be already aware about the Apple company and its products, So let’s not waste much time and come to the point. Today we are going to talk about the Apple AirPods 2nd generation and 3rd generation. We will check out both the earbuds to compare and discuss about its design, build quality, sound, battery life, microphone and more to give you better understanding about these earbuds. This detailed comparison will help you know which earbuds are better between Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) and Apple AirPods (3rd Generation).

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)
Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)
Comfortable and secure fit
Decent audio quality
Quick and reliable Bluetooth pairing
Activation by voice command
Up to 5 hours of listening per charge
More than 24 hours with the charging case
Customizable ear tips offer a better fit
Adaptive EQ provides improved sound quality
Improved Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for better pairing
Enhanced Siri functionality
Up to 6 hours of listening per charge
More than 30 hours with the charging case
Stem design may not appeal to everyone
Fixed ear tips may not fit everyone perfectly
No active noise cancellation or transparency mode
Primarily designed for iOS devices

Apple AirPods 2nd Generation

The Apple AirPods 2nd generation is a upgraded version of the AirPods. These earbuds comes with wireless connectivity which allow user to effortlessly connect to their devices through the custom-designed H1 chip and integration within the Apple ecosystem. You can easily connect and switch them between apple devices. The hands free “Hey Siri” functionality give you options seamless voice control for task like changing songs and checking the weather. Apple AirPods 2nd Generation comes with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity which provide improved range and stability. The improved battery life gives an extra hour talk which was lack in the AirPods. It’s give best wireless experience whether you are listening music or talking on call, or interacting with Siri. These features make the the AirPods 2nd Generation popular choice among the user until the Apple AirPods 3rd Generation released.

Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

As these are next generation earbuds, so we can expect that Apple AirPods 3rd Generation will be better that the Apple AirPods 2nd Generation. The sleek design with advance features gives the improved audio experience. You will get the best comfort which user can expect from the Apple. These earubds comes with a powerful H1 chip which provide fast pairing and allow user easy switching between different devices. The Apple AirPods 3rd Generation come with a force sensor on the stem which allow users to easily play, pause and skip the songs and you can activate Siri with a very simple gesture. As it’s an upgraded version of AirPods 2 and you will very easily noticed that upgradation in the microphone technology. These earbuds come with beamforming, voice accelerometers, and noise reduction capabilities which will give you clear audio during calls and voice commands even if you are at the noisy place. Apple AirPods 3rd Generation earbuds support spatial audio which will give you immersive sound experience during movie watching and music listening. The IPX4 water resistance will add an extra layer of durability and convenience.

SpecificationApple AirPods (2nd Generation)Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.2
Battery Life (Single Charge)Up to 5 hours of listeningUp to 6 hours of listening
Battery Life (with Charging Case)More than 24 hoursMore than 30 hours
Hey Siri SupportYesYes
Adaptive EQNoYes
Force Sensor ControlYesYes
Active Noise CancellationNoNo
Transparency ModeNoNo
Customizable Ear TipsNoYes
Spatial AudioNoYes
Sweat and Water ResistanceYes (IPX4)Yes (IPX4)
Charging Case CompatibilityWireless charging optionalWireless charging
CompatibilityiOS devicesiOS devices

Apple AirPods 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation Detailed Comparison

As we talked about both the products, Now let’s come to the comparison part which is main part of this post and we will check out each prospect one by one to understand everything about Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) and Apple AirPods (3rd Generation). Let’s start with design and build quality.

Design and Build Quality

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Whenever we buy any things from the market specially the tech products or gadgets, the 1st thing we see it’s how they look. So when it come to the design of these earbuds Apple does not disappoint. You can clearly noticed that improvement in the design compare to the AirPods.

The AirPods 2nd Generation carries forward the iconic design and look which they introduced AirPods. The stem-like extensions that hang below the ear, the AirPods 2nd Generation adheres to a minimalistic, no-frills design. Which make it a low profile appearance with ample room for essential components. The stem on the AirPods 2nd Generation serves multiple functions. It houses various sensors and microphones that contribute to functionalities such as voice recognition and noise cancellation during calls. The stem also work with a touch sensitive which will give you an option to do the task like play/pause, skip tracks, and activate Siri with a double-tap gesture.

Well, when it come to the AirPods 3rd Generation design, It’s take the inspiration from the AirPods Pro. But as it a upgraded version, so you will notice the that it’s more compact and refined design. One of the important design changes is the shorter stem. You notice that Apple has reduced the length of the stem by about one-third, which give these earbuds more streamlined appearance. So we can say that the changes in the design not only improve the overall aesthetic but also make these earbuds more comfetable.

Another key feature which they carry from the AirPods Pro is the force sensor embedded in the stem. You will get this feature in all the AirPods versions. This sensor enables touch controls give users very easy ways to use the earbuds. The force sensor make your task easy when you wanted to perform task like play/pause, skipping tracks, and interacting with Siri.

Winner: AirPods 3rd Generation, for their updated and more stylish design.

Features and Functionality

There are so many features and Functionalities you will get with both the earbuds, So check out what are these and how important are these.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

We can simple noticed some improvement in the AirPods 2nd Generation compare to the AirPods, Like they use the H1 chip in the AirPods 2nd Generation which improve the connectivity and give the hands free options to talk with Siri. They also upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 which improve the connectivity and range of these earbuds. Now you can switch them between devices faster compare to Airpods 1st generation. But these earbuds still have lack of customization for double-tap gestures and limited Siri integration.

When you see the AirPods 3rd Generation are a follow up AirPods 2nd Generation. You will get the same H1 chip with same Functionalities and feature they give in the AirPods 2nd Generation. The main extra feature which you will get with the 3rd generation is force sensor on the stem which will allow you to control the earbuds very easily and you can perform the task like play/pause, skipping tracks, and talking with Siri. You will also get a adaptive EQ which will improve the audio quality.

Winner: AirPods 3rd Generation, for the improved controls and adaptive EQ.


Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

Apple always make the products targeting mainly apple users. The AirPods 2nd Generation provide optimal integration with iOS devices, Macs, and Apple Watch. They also can be paired with Android devices, but you might not get all the features which will you get with IOS. The AirPods 3rd Generation also work like the 2nd generation as they are mainly for the apple users. You will get the seamless pairing and enhanced features with iOS devices, macOS, and other Apple products. But may not get the same compatibility with Android devices.

Winner: Tie, as both generations are optimized for Apple devices.

Sound Quality

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

You will get the decent sound quality from the AirPods 2nd Generation along with clear vocals and balanced audio. However, they lacked active noise cancellation and noise isolation due to their open-ear design. The AirPods 3rd Generation incorporated custom drivers and adaptive EQ for improved audio quality. While they don’t provide active noise cancellation, their in-ear design and adaptive EQ contribute to a more immersive listening experience.

Winner: AirPods 3rd Generation, for their improved audio quality and adaptive EQ.

Battery Life

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

The AirPods 2nd Generation provided up to 5 hours of listening time and an additional 24 hours with the charging case. The AirPods 3rd Generation increased battery life to up to 6 hours of listening time, with the charging case providing up to 30 hours of total use.

Winner: AirPods 3rd Generation, for their longer battery life.


The base model of the AirPods 2nd Generation, which includes the standard charging case, was priced at $159. For those seeking the convenience of wireless charging, Apple offered a version of the AirPods 2nd Generation bundled with a wireless charging case. This option was available at a slightly higher price of $199. The base model of the AirPods 3rd Generation, equipped with the standard charging case, is priced at $179.


In the comparison between the Apple AirPods 2nd Generation and the Apple AirPods 3rd Generation, the latter emerges as the winner in several categories. The updated design, improved controls, adaptive EQ, and enhanced battery life make the AirPods 3rd Generation a better options for those who wanted to upgrade and anyone who wanted to purchase AirPods first time. But still we can’t ignore the AirPods 2nd Generation, as it can be still a solid option. We can say that whether you prioritize design, functionality, sound quality, or compatibility, the AirPods 3rd Generation offers a well-rounded package that aligns with modern wireless earbud expectations.

Alternative Products for Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) and Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

As you were looking for the Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) and Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) comparison, So your preference must be to choose between these two earbuds. But still we think, we can provide you some other options which you can look if you are thinking to checkout the earbuds from other brands as well which have the similar features and functionalities. Here are a few alternative products to consider with key specifications.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for immersive audio experience
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for seamless pairing and range
  • IPX7 water and sweat resistance for active lifestyles
  • Up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge (with ANC), up to 18 hours with charging case
  • Ambient sound mode for awareness of surroundings
  • Customizable touch controls and voice command activation

2. Sony WF-1000XM4

  • Industry-leading noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for stable connection and LDAC support
  • Up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge (with ANC), up to 24 hours with charging case
  • Adaptive sound control and Speak-to-Chat features
  • Touch controls and customizable equalizer settings
  • IPX4 water resistance for protection against splashes and sweat

3. Jabra Elite 75t

  • Secure fit with multiple ear tip options for comfort
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for reliable pairing and stable connection
  • Up to 7.5 hours of playtime on a single charge, up to 28 hours with charging case
  • Sound+ app for personalized sound settings and equalizer adjustments
  • IP55-rated durability against water and dust
  • HearThrough mode for selective ambient sound awareness

4. Google Pixel Buds

  • Adaptive Sound adjusts volume based on surroundings
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with quick pairing to Pixel devices
  • Up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge, up to 24 hours with charging case
  • Real-time translation and Assistant integration
  • Sweat and water resistance for active use
  • Customizable touch controls for easy navigation

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