Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2 – What is the difference?

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Are you a MacBook user who is constantly fed to the Trackpad and wants to go the traditional way of using a mouse? If then, you are reading the right post. Because today, we are going to talk about two phenomenal models from Apple.

First things first. You would want to know that Apple was never a contender in the gaming mouse market. That is right. We will go down through history to get a better understanding about their gaming mice.

For two decades, Apple had a single mouse with only one button. Apple engineers did not feel the need to design another mouse for their users, and they managed with the same model for many years.

Amazing, isn’t it? While they kept redesigning and updating their MacBooks every 5 years, they did not worry about the mouse. However, this trend did not work well with most consumers. The mouse finally got its name, the Apple mouse, in 2005.

In 2009, Apple decided to finally redesign the mouse after noticing a slight downward graph in the market. Most of their users switched over to Logitech and other affordable models. Well, there is the new magic mouse from Apple.

Will it be able to satisfy the users? Is it worth the hype and the money you will spend on it? That is for us to find out. Today, we are going to be compare the Apple Magic Mouse 1 and Apple Magic Mouse 2.

The Apple magic mouse is the original version. It is a popular model and comes with tremendous features. The unit is a fantastic accessory that you would consider yourself working and operating on Apple devices.

It works splendidly on the MacBook, iMac, Mac. It comes with a flat design, and some consumers may need some time to get used to it. However, the design and comfort level of the mouse is acceptable.

The Apple magic mouse 2 is another decent model from the maker. There is not much of a difference in the design or features aspect of it. In fact, if you place both the models together, you may not be able to tell which unit is which.

The whole mouse is the button, and it will not operate on the Windows PC, which is a typical feature of most Apple devices. You cannot blame them. Of course, you want to be somebody who owns Apple devices to consider getting one for yourself.

Can these two models resurrect the number one spot that Apple has been keeping for so long? Are these two mice capable enough to take on the traditional models in the market? That is what we are going to know through this comparison.

Enough said already. Let us read what is the difference? and find out the winner at the end.

Apple Magic Mouse 1Apple Magic Mouse 2
Apple Magic Mouse 1Apple Magic Mouse 2
The unit comes elegantly designed and is pleasant to use.

The sensitivity of the mouse is very accurate.

It comes with the wireless Bluetooth feature.

It has the ability to work on several operating systems.

The product comes with laser technology delivering 20 times speed of optical tracking.
The model comes with a multi-touch surface.

The unit has a rechargeable battery.

It can automatically pair with your MacBook through Bluetooth.

It comes with a lightning-to-USB cable.

The product is good for both left- and right-handed use.
The magic mouse is extremely costly.The magic mouse has a shallow design that might not be comfortable to hold.

Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of both these gaming mice is quite interesting. That is because they are unlike your typical mouse. They are a lot smaller and compact. Besides, they come with a smooth and glossy texture that all may not prefer to use on a daily basis.

You will definitely need some time getting used to it for those of you who are new to the Apple mouse. The Apple magic mouse 1 comes with a flat and nice minimal design on it. The flat design and the aluminum body on it make the model comfortable to use.

However, it could have had a small thumb rest, as found in most ordinary models. Besides, the palm area could have been slightly higher. There is no scroll wheel. This model is a no-button mouse that only has the logo on it.

You can find the logo at the end of the mouse. The sides of the mouse can be seen without any interruption. Its bottom part has the sensor. It comes with a very low profile for any mouse. Those who want to use the lower part of the model on your palm can be disappointed.

Below the model, there is the battery compartment where you can find 2 AA batteries. The mouse also has laser optics at the top of the mouse. You can also note the power switch and two plastic rails using which the mouse can move around.

A simple, but elegant design, unlike what you usually can see. The mouse’s comfort is further enhanced with the help of multi-touch technology. This aspect is something you can find on most MacBook trackpads.

It acts as the scrollball for your mouse. A distinctive feature of the mouse is that you can make use of the entire surface for finger swipes. Users can swipe down, left, right, up, and also diagonally as well.

Similarly, the design & comfort of the Apple magic mouse 2 is quite similar to the previous model. You will see how minimal the design is coming with the touch-sensitive glass. The surface feels nice and elegant to touch and use.

It allows for certain gestures for users depending on their needs. That was a good thing. Below the mouse, you can see an aluminum enclosure coming with new black plastic rails. These are meant to create some friction for the mouse.

However, the rate of friction is not that much. Sometimes, you do not feel like you are moving it without resistance. That feature makes it smooth to use and work. The magic mouse weighs close to 90grams making it one of the lightest models.

One of the major gripes that most MacBook users around the world have with the Apple magic mouse is the short battery working life. While some models require new batteries every month or lesser, the Apple mouse needs batteries every three weeks.

Thankfully, the mouse 2 comes with rechargeable batteries. The movement is quite smooth. Their similarities are obvious and evident. We could not really tell both the models apart. Maybe Apple should do something about that.

You can find a pair of low-friction strips similar to the earlier model. The movements are precise and highly accurate with the optical sensor found at the bottom. Users can effortlessly adjust the sensitivity and tracking using the mouse system that is found on their MacBooks.

With the help of the multi-touch commands, you can now move left and right, perform a barrage of functions seamlessly. In this model, underneath, you can see that it has no battery-access door.

However, you can find a lightning port at the base. You will be glad to know that it takes only two minutes for you to charge the Apple magic mouse 2 that can last you for 8 hours. The maker says that it can work for a month if you leave it charged overnight.

We recommend that you use it accordingly. On the whole, the Apple gaming mice come with a beautiful and elegant design. It takes some time to get used to because of the sleek and compact shape.

Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2: Mouse Performance

We read about the design & comfort of the model. Let us now find out the mouse performance. The Apple Magic mouse 1 has the on/off switch for Bluetooth on the underside. There is also a little indicator light that allows you to know when it is switched.
You can also find another switch that can help you to take out the battery cover. Since you will be working on the MacBook, the settings can be done using it. There are several options for users to swipe between the documents.

Since it does not come with the usual right and left-click buttons, that does not mean that you cannot do it. You can use several options to swipe with either one or both of your fingers. That is a fantastic feature that has to be done to be believed.

As you swipe between full-screen apps, you feel that your model is similar to your MacBook or the Apple device. With the Apple mouse, you can use both of your fingers and not the usual three fingers that are present on your MacBook.

You can work on mission control. You can operate it by double-tapping on the model with both your fingers. The feature is suitable for opening several web pages and documents on your iMac simultaneously.

Likewise, the Apple magic mouse 2 works splendidly with the MacBook, iMac Pro, and iMac. The unit works exceptionally with your Apple devices once you are connected with the Bluetooth.

We do want to mention about the two AA batteries provided with the mouse. Once you completely get it charged, it can work for a month. As we said before, if you keep it for two minutes, it can work for 8 hours.

That is helpful when you require to work on your mouse on a project or complete assignments. You can set the buttons according to the tap sensitivity of your fingers. This model is one of the best precision cursor control you can get from the unit.

Those of you having large hands may find it a tat bit challenging to use the mouse. Your large hands might cramp soon if you use the mouse for two hours or more continuously. You can do the editing on the final cut pro with small hands.

It is suitable for light browsing and writing. You can also perform mild work on it, including some gaming. Once it is plugged into your MacBook, it automatically connects with the help of Bluetooth.

It will work just fine unless you plug the mouse into another Apple-compatible device. Those who need more than 2 buttons will have to look elsewhere. Likewise, the Apple magic mouse 2 appears the same as the earlier model.

It has rechargeable batteries. Our tester admired the simple design of the mouse. The model has a bad click latency. But you may not find it noticeable when you use the model on a regular basis.

It is completely compatible with the MacBook but partially compatible with your Windows devices. We may not recommend that you get it for yourself to use on the Windows system. It is not worth it because you have other awesome models for that.

Most of the gesture controls will not work, and scroll gesture. You can make use of the Windows drivers, but we are not sure about them. Additionally, the installation process does not appear to be straightforward too.

Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2: Price

The Apple magic mouse 1 is priced under $75. It is somewhat expensive for a mouse. The mouse comes infused with some exciting features, including laser technology that can provide you with close to 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking devices.

There are miniature sensors that are able to detect the slightest movement, the top-shell design blends with most of Apple devices, and the Bluetooth technology and touch-sensitive technology are useful.

Whether you are a gamer or a regular user, you will find the mouse quite helpful for your cause. The Apple magic mouse 2 is priced under $80. There is a small price between the two models, which must reason users to sway to the other unit.

The model is completely rechargeable, and you do not require the usage of traditional batteries. The mouse is quite light and has no moving parts because of the in-built battery. You can also note that it has a continuous bottom shell with an eloquent foot design.

This aspect allows you to move the mouse easily without having much of resistance on the table. Besides, the multi-touch surface lets you quickly make simple gestures, including swiping between pages and scrolling through documents.

Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2: Verdict

We have come to the end of the Apple magic mouse 1 vs Apple magic mouse 2. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to decide on the gaming mice. They do not have to be necessarily termed gaming mice because they can be used for a wide range of tasks.

The Apple magic mouse 1 is a fantastic option for using on your MacBook. You do not have any issues with the transmission as such when you use the Bluetooth from more than 30 feet. You notice that the mouse can reconnect with your MacBook after sitting idle long enough.

Though the model is in sleep mode, when the Bluetooth is working, then this feature works. You will also like the tracking of documents and other web pages. That was a pleasant surprise. Though it is not much different from other models, the cursor gives accurate movements.

Perhaps, the only drawback of the magic mouse 1 would be the manner it moves around on the table. The model rests on two plastic rails, and you have enough grip on the surface for it to remain still.

You can work on macOS 10.5.8 or later and install the wireless mouse software update 1.0 software. It blends the eloquent design and the flexibility on it immensely. However, users may find it annoying with only 2 buttons.

A notable feature of the unit is the lightning-to-USB cable for pairing the mouse. However, the spot could have been changed. When you have worked with traditional models, then you may find working on this unit slightly complicated.

The lightning port may not be placed properly, which can be a botheration. Our winner in this comparison is the magic mouse 2.

It was a closely fought comparison, but we felt that the latest model comes with awesome features. We could not find much of a difference between the two models overall. The newest model is better from Apple’s point of view as it feels somewhat sleek and easy to handle.

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