Logitech K780 vs K580 Keyboard – Detailed Comparison Review

In today’s review, we will be reading about two awesome keyboards from the maker, Logitech. The manufacturer has a niche for making some of the best models in the market. Most of their products are popular and have wide acceptance among users.

They come with sublime features and are infused with tremendous potential. When you are somebody who is a desk-dweller who does not like clutter on your table, then we think we have the models just for you.

Today, we will be reading about the Logitech – K780 Full-size Wireless Scissor Keyboard vs the Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. They both are stupendous models that come infused with unmatched features in them.

The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard is a compact model that is a flexible unit. That is because you can connect it to several devices. You can operate the keyboard on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Unfortunately, it is a little bulky, which can make some of you find it difficult to take around. There are scissor switches on it that need a certain amount of force to register. While this feature can be a good thing, not everybody might accept that.

But the typing is responsive. Users can work on the USB dongle or Bluetooth connectivity. The model also comes with the multi-device pairing feature. You can now connect close to 3 devices together and use them.

It is useful for projects and discussions. There is no backlighting on it; that was a huge letdown. Not to mention, it does not come with any macro-programmable keys. It has a decent latency, and it is not suitable for gaming.

The Logitech K580 wireless keyboard is your answer to a basic model. It comes with stunning features and is priced under $100. You will be delighted to know that the unit is one of the very few third-party models that were produced for working on the Chromebook.

If you are a Chromebook user, then you have your answer to the wireless keyboard. They come with a slew of features, system control keys, a dedicated Google Assistant, and also search buttons.

You can find a built-in elegant kind of stand that is there to place your smartphone and keys. Users can find the switch from the Chromebook to the smartphone effortless. The keyboard has amazing portability features, and the battery working life is simply amazing.

We are not sure if you are a heavy keyboard user, but this model is still a helpful keyboard helping you to operate on the Chrome operating system. Let us read further to find out more about the Logitech wireless keyboards, and we have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

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Logitech K780Logitech K580
Logitech K780Logitech K580
The keyboard has an elegant and durable build to it.

The unit comes with seamless device switching.

It has exceptional battery life.

It can easily connect to 3 devices.

The model comes with Bluetooth and Logitech Unifying Receiver connections.
The model is light and compact.

The unit comes with a Chrome OS layout.

It has a smartphone tray.

It comes with dual wireless channels.

The keyboard is compatible with a wide range of devices.
The keys on the keyboard are not backlit.The wireless keyboard comes with no Caps Lock or function keys.

Logitech K780 vs K580: Keyboard Specifications

The keyboard specifications of both models are good and outstanding. Let us read about them. The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard comes with 97 keys. Typically, a standard keyboard model has close to 104 keys, but it is much lesser here.

Nevertheless, it can be considered so because it is almost similar to a laptop keyboard. That means it is slightly smaller than most keyboards, and you have space around your desk. We find that a good thing.

You can find the crucial keys of the NumPad and arrow keys. Coming to the build quality of the keyboard, it is quite nicely and elegantly done. There is some plastic around it that does not make it flex.

The phone stand that is present on the keyboard feels robust and durable. It also comes with a firm texture that ensures your devices do not fall off from it. But the keycaps feel cheaply done. Unfortunately, it does not come with any incline settings, and there is no wrist rest either.

However, you may not require a wrist rest for a compact keyboard. You would want to know that the model does not come with backlighting, and hence you cannot work in the dark. It is a wireless unit and does not come with any charge cable.

The Logitech K780 can be used wirelessly with its USB receiver or via Bluetooth. You can either pair it via USB or several Bluetooth connections. Besides, you can use three Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them using the F1-F3 keys.

The keyboard has AAA batteries that the maker claims to have a working life for more than 24 months. It comes with a few hotkeys that can be assigned depending on the other commands that you can find on the presets.

You can also detect the kind of device that you want to connect and adjust the keys. Its main feature is the stand where you can place either your smartphone or tablet. The packaging is also neatly done.

That itself shows the dedication that the maker has to users. Inside, you can find the Logitech K780 keyboard, USB receiver, and also 2x AAA batteries. The Logitech K580 wireless keyboard comes elegantly packaged.

That is the first thing that most of you might notice. Though it is a budget model, the elegance of the packing is sublime. Users can notice that it has a logo at the bottom of the box. This model is not a gaming keyboard, and the standard Logitech logo is used.

Like the packaging of the K780 keyboard, this one too comes with user documentation, AA batteries, and also the USB Dongle. Instantly, you notice how small and compact it is. Like the K780, you cannot call the K580 a large model.

It comes with all the required keys present on it. You can find a smartphone and tablet tray at the top of the keyboard. You can also notice a power switch that can be turned off when you are not considering using the model.

As this is a wireless model, you work on it like traditional models. You can use it for documents, browsing, and just about your normal functions. The keys come with a low profile, ensuring that they are quite comfortable to type and use.

Besides, they provide you with admirable portability and an amazing typing experience. We will read about it in the next segment. You can use the model to work on Windows, iOS systems, and Android devices.

This enables you to use the setup that you wish to. Once you have established connectivity between two devices, you can switch to the device you want to use by pressing F11 or F12. You can switch between two devices effortlessly.

But it takes some time. In this sense, you may have to wait for a few seconds before it happens. Some users were slightly annoyed by that. However, there is nothing to be concerned about because it happens all the time.

We felt that the maker had provided users with a model that utilizes multi-device wireless connectivity to be able to enhance their regular work. Both the models come with a simplistic design and elegant appearance that makes your time worth spending on them.

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Logitech K780 vs K580: Typing Abilities

The typing abilities of any keyboard are the most crucial aspect for a user. The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard comes infused with tactile scissor switches. It comes with a short pre-travel distance that makes it responsive.

It is a good thing because you do not want to find yourself struggling like you may on the mechanical keyboards. Our tester noticed that the bump before the actuation needed some force, but it is light and easy to type.

After using the wireless keyboard for a few hours, you will not have any fatigue. The model provides you with a good typing experience. It might feel a bit odd for those of you not used to circular keys initially.

However, you will get used to it instantly. The keys are stable and have a low-lying profile. It comes with a nice spacing that enables you to reduce the typos that happen. As the bump of the keystroke requires some force, users may find it difficult to press a key accidentally.

We also found the typing noise is quiet. However, we noticed that the spacebar is slightly louder than most of the other keys. You may find several customization options on the models. They are compatible using on other Logitech options.

While you can create a lot of different profiles, you can also remap a few functions depending on the applications you use. The model has splendid compatibility due to the Bluetooth connection. The unit can be used on any platform that you want.

However, you cannot work on Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Linux. Similarly, we also have the Logitech K580 wireless keyboard that comes with awesome keyboard specifications. The battery of the model is good and lasts for 24 hours.

Users can also work on it for longer if they use the battery charge efficiently. There is a Bluetooth feature that comes infused in it known as Bluetooth low energy technology. The technology enables you to keep the battery going longer when it is powered up.

You can charge the device when using the model. Though the keyboard may not look very robust in design, the model is durable and definitely worth the money spent on it. You can also work on it not having the USB dongle on it.

You will require your Bluetooth dongle to do that, and the signal can vary on the antenna. However, you might want to use the USB dongle to ensure the product’s full compatibility. When using Android devices, you will be glad to know that they can pair easily.

You do not have to configure the keyboard. A distinct feature of it is the keyboard and mouse connect to work on wirelessly. That is a very useful feature to have today. The keyboard specifications are suitable for those of you who do not like to have items on your table.

Besides, it is a wireless model and provides you with the ability to operate on 3 devices simultaneously. We may not suggest the keyboard for programmers too. But the model can be used on your smartphone and tablet as well.

You can easily find it responsive to navigate on your smartphone for writing down your programs. Remember, it has no backlight and does not allow you to set the macros. That would have been a nice feature to have in here.

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Logitech K780 vs K580: Price

The Logitech – K780 Full-size Wireless Scissor Keyboard is priced under $65. The unit comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It can also provide you with multiple placement options without a wired connection.

Its range is pretty good at more than 32 feet. You can work effortlessly inside your home or office. Besides, you can navigate through your tasks easily from a distance. It works seamlessly on your PC, MacBook, Windows, and macOS-compatible devices.

The Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is priced under $82. There is a small price difference of $17. That should not sway users from this model to the K780 unit. Besides, the unit is a Chrome OS edition keyboard coming with Google Assistant, search, and launcher.

You can find that it has media keys for easy access. The profile is slim, and the design is very modern minimalist that offers you with a visual statement at home or in the office. You can switch the model between multiple devices effortlessly.

That means you can work on your PC, tablet, and your smartphone without much hassle. The pricing of both the models is decent & affordable. We feel that Logitech has got it right this time in the keyboard segment.

Logitech K780 vs K580: Verdict

We have come to the end of the comparison review between the Logitech – K780 Full-size Wireless Scissor Keyboard vs the Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to make up your mind.

The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard is a fantastic model that enables you to do a wide range of tasks and comes with several features. The unit has an array of buttons and is slightly wired on the top row of the keys, which may not be the best in the market.

However, it is ideal for multi-tasking and operating on several devices together. The pricing of the keyboard is not that high either. A wide range of users can afford it. A model is a fantastic option for office use.

The typing experience is fabulous and offers you with little or no noise. You can use it inside your office without much hassle. Besides, you can also connect using the USB dongle on Bluetooth with its multi-device pairing feature to pair several devices easily.

You can also use it on tablets and smartphones. It may be slightly large for those devices but manageable throughout because of the slim profile. Additionally, the keyboard is compatible with most operating systems.

Likewise, the Logitech K580 wireless keyboard is an amazing model. The model is able to provide priority to the Chrome OS. Our tester feels that it is most ideal for travelers because of its compact profile of it.

Besides, the features are quite travel-friendly. When you are somebody who is constantly on the go, then you might want to consider using this model. The buttons present on the keyboard match with the operating system functions.

If you prefer some serious writing on the device and want something suitable, then it is fine. When you are looking for a compact and lightweight device that comes with several features and is cheap, then this is your model for today.

Our winner in this review between the Logitech K780 wireless keyboard vs Logitech K580 wireless keyboard is the K580 model. Logitech has produced two phenomenal models in the form of the K780 and the K580.

But the K580 seemed to have the upper hand in this review. The compact profile, stunning array of features infused in it, and the travel-friendly nature made it get the crown here. The K780 is also worth a look when you want a cheap, decent, and reliable keyboard.

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