Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 (Comparison Review)

Smartwatches have been gaining popularity over the years. They are a must-have for most people because of their health features and apps. Today, you can find a wide range of brands that produce these smartwatches.

Among them, the most popular model would be from Apple. Today, we are going to review two phenomenal smartwatches from the maker. Let us find out which one of them is better than the other.

We will also see how they stack up against the competition. It is evident that the rivals are keeping a close watch on what Apple produces. Their products are second to none and come infused with stupendous features.

Today, we will be looking at the Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) vs the Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm). Both smartwatches are still popular among a wide range of users. This element is especially true for the Series SE model that is still in great demand.

Isn’t that amazing? The Apple Watch SE is a decent model from the Cupertino manufacturer because it not only replaces the Series 5 model but comes with unique features. It is affordable and consists of some low-end specifications along with key features.

A notable feature would be diabetes monitoring. Those of you who require an affordable model might want to consider this unit. When you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or just about the MacBook, then you might consider this a worthy investment.

Similarly, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a notable smartwatch to consider when you are above 40 years of age. That is because it comes with amazing features like the always-on display and blood oxygen monitoring.

Besides the opulent design and top-notch strap, it comes with an optical heart sensor and water resistance. Of course, the price point may disappoint some of you. But that is a known fact about Apple products.

Though they are priced way higher than most of their competitors, the products are highly durable. You can effortlessly use them for 8-10 years without fault. Having said that, this is an early stage for you to decide which model is better for you.

Do you want to go with the cheaper model that comes with lesser features or the model that is priced much higher but comes with sublime features? We will do our best to answer your questions through our review to decide on the best model for you.

It is safe to say that the Apple models are challenging to beat, period. We are yet to come across any other model that has terrific features and can provide a great all-around experience. Of course, you should be able to afford to pay for it.

They are both ideal purchases, and when you require something that comes with a larger display, then the Apple Series 7 is worth looking at. However, you might miss out on the massive discounts that the maker is giving right now on the Series SE and Series 6 models.

Let us now read to find out more about the models. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

The smartwatch lets you attend calls and reply to messages from your wrist.

The model allows you to track your daily activity.

It comes with a hike smarter and built-in compass with real-time elevation readings.

It has a stay on top of health with heart rates and irregular heart rhythm notifications.

It comes with an exceptional battery working life.
The model allows you to take calls and reply to texts.

The unit measures your blood oxygen with a sensor and an app.

It enables you to easily check your heart rhythm with an ECG app.

It comes with an Always-On Retina display that is 2.5x brighter outdoor.

The product comes with 5GHz Wi-Fi and U1 Ultra-Wideband chip.
The smartwatch is pretty expensive.As with all Apple products, it is priced on the higher side of things.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6: Design & Features

The design & features are the most crucial aspects of smartwatches. They are not worth your time or money unless they are comfortable to wear for long hours and come infused with stunning features.

How did these two tremendous models fare? Let us read and find out. The Apple Watch SE model comes with a space grey aluminum case with a midnight sport band. It is designed elegantly and is quite comfortable to wear for prolonged hours.

The SE model comes with the retina LTPO OLED display with a brightness of 1000 nits. That means you can view everything clearly. You will face no problem when using the smartwatch outside as the figures are pretty readable.

Some notable features of the SE unit would be the optical heart sensor, which monitors heart rate and gives details on your health. It has an emergency SOS, noise monitoring, and fall detection similar to the one present on Series 6.

The Apple Watch SE does not come with an always-on display. You have to raise your hands or tap the display to view the watch. Besides, you do not find the blood oxygen level. You also do not have to use of the electrical heart sensor, but it can record your health data.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is nicely designed. It has a space gray aluminum case with a black sport band. You can notice it comes with an always-on display. It means you can view the watch without having to raise your hands.

A small but handy feature to have in your smartwatch. If your wrist is faced down, then it is not a problem because you can still use the control center, tap on complications, swipe to change faces, and a notification center.

A notable element in the Series 6 would be blood oxygen monitoring. It quickly helps you know your oxygen saturation. It also has a blood oxygen sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation levels.

You use a health app on your iPhone and view your health statistics. Besides, you can regularly monitor your health data. It makes use of the electrical heart sensor for taking the ECG. You can know whether your heart is beating correctly or not.

When there are some irregularities in your heartbeat, then you are quickly notified. You will be delighted to know that the readings taken are accurate and on par with ECGs taken in hospitals or health centers.

Finally, the model has the U1 ultra-wideband chip. So, what it does is that you can easily connect to Bluetooth and other devices. Unlike most smartwatches that find it challenging to do so, this model can seamlessly connect, offering stunning compatibility.

As you know, smartwatches are worn for extended periods of time. In some cases, users can wear them for 24 hours, except when having a bath or wash. Otherwise, it is always on their hands.

We may not recommend you wear the smartwatch the whole time. Of course, it is your desire and comfort. You can wear them when performing sports activities, including swimming. The Apple models are waterproof and should have any difficulty in protecting from the water.

In the design & features segment, Series 6 is the clear winner. That is because it is ideal for those having medical conditions. When you are keen on monitoring your health and want to ensure that your body is in perfect shape, you would like to use the fitness features.

Though you cannot compare the model with Garmin products, which are even more expensive, but it is second to none in that aspect. Please do note that the Apple Watch Series 6 has been discontinued by Apple.

In this segment, we read about the SE model and the features that the budget unit was able to provide you. Though they are pretty low in comparison to the wide range of features offered in the Series 6, the price point is way lower than the latter.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6: Battery Life

The most vital feature or element in any smartwatch, for that matter, is battery life. The battery life should take you all day without much hassle. Otherwise, there is no point in getting one in the first place.

Apple products are popular because of their battery working life. You can verify that on the smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The smartwatch, too, comes with decent battery life. The Apple Watch SE model has a good battery life of 18 hours.

It can take you for a few days depending on your usage. Like we said in the above segment, you do not have to use the smartwatch throughout the day or night. It can be used for a major part of the day.

The SE unit comes with a dual-core processor that provides high-speed performance. This processor is found in the Series 5 model and is thrice faster than the Series 3 model. This element is where the SE model shines over the Series 6 in terms of performance and the quote.

We do not really feel that the Series 6 is more powerful than the SE in terms of features unless you have health ailments. The Apple Watch Series 6 unit comes with a similar battery working life of 18 hours.

It is what the maker calls as all-day battery life. Moreover, you are provided with quick charging. You can completely charge the model in less than two hours. Isn’t that amazing? Thanks to the always-on display, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

But this alone cannot be a reason for favoring the Series 6 model alone. You can also find some meaningful features present in the SE model that are worth the pricing. Besides, they sound more practical than the barrage of elements you have in Series 6.

The Series 6 are meant for those who consider themselves athletes, health professionals, patients with heart or oxygen-related ailments, and so on. On the other hand, the SE model is a splendid watch that comes infused with remarkable features.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6: Price

The Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) is priced under $280. Though it is expensive, the features infused inside it justify the product. It is priced in between the Series 3 and Series 6. But it offers you with a magnificent display and a fantastic processor.

You can do a wide range of activities with it. For example, you can take calls and reply to texts using it. You can also track your daily activity and see your activities using the Fitness app on your smartphone.

Besides, you can also track new tai chi and Pilate’s workouts and note some activities, including swimming, dance, yoga, and running. There is the hike smarter using the feature as a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings.

Moreover, if you are concerned about your sleep patterns and a heart condition, you can use the high and low heart rate and irregular heart rhythm notifications. Apple smartwatches are known for their accurate readings and figures.

The Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm) is priced under $400. This model is slightly more expensive than most models in the market. But like the SE unit, it comes with some amazing features that are challenging to replicate.

It comes in two sizes and is priced likewise. For the 40mm model, you have to shell out $500. For the base model, you have to pay $400. Please do note that the model is currently discontinued but is still sold in most retailers because of its popularity.

Though the Series 7 smartwatch comes with more features, the Series 6 is equally good. It becomes a value for money when you can find it on sale, which you should. Using the GPS model, you can make calls and reply to messages as well.

The blood oxygen and heart rhythm features are stunningly good with immense accuracy. Besides, it comes with a new sensor and app. The ECG app and Always-On Retina display are also more than 2.5x bright when you use them outdoors.

Moreover, it comes with the S6 SiP, which is more than 20% faster than Series 5, 5GHz Wi-Fi, and U1 Ultra-Wideband chip. You can also make use of the smartwatch and find out your progress made on the iPhone.

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between the Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) vs the Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm). We hope that you enjoyed reading the post and were able to make your decision.

If you haven’t, then we suggest that you read the post again. Perhaps, you may make up your mind. There is no doubt that the Apple smartwatch models are second to none in the market. Consequently, it is almost a win-win here between these two fantastic smartwatch models.

The Apple Watch SE model has a competitive price point and stunning features that still make it one of the most popular models from the maker. It provides you with some limited but stable features that you should be able to manage to get you through.

There is the blood oxygen monitoring feature that is quite popular among users of all ages. Moreover, you have a host of other exceptional features on the model. The Apple Watch Series 6 model is a suitable device for those of you who can spare the cash.

When you feel that you can afford this $400 model, then you might as well go ahead with it. The good news is that, since it is not the latest model from Apple, it is going on sale right now. You can find it much cheaper on most online retailers if you want.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 is the Series 6 model. That is because it comes with the latest features, better pricing, and is more reliable in terms of features.

Being the upgrade from the Series 5 model, it has much more to offer to you. There are some exciting features like the U1 & S6 chips, blood oxygen monitoring, and a new altimeter. Besides, it comes infused with some vibrant colored straps.

Whether you are keen on monitoring your health or want to blend your smartwatch with your clothing, you got it. However, the Series SE model is also an outstanding smartwatch to own. Users would be delighted with its pricing, decent features, and reliability of it.

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